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When our search for The One leads us Home


As we progress on the spiritual path, we begin to seek a deeper integrity with ourselves. For those on this path, this often exposes the deep inner conflict between the knowing of our heart and what we recognize as socially acceptable, or morally correct. This is never more so than when there are other partners involved in the meeting of twin flames. Such intense love towards someone who may never be ours makes us question what true integrity really is and how and why to pursue it if it is bound to cause so much pain to us and others. What is it in fact that we should seek to align with; is it our inner knowing which fills us with LOVE but seems so elusive and unattainable, or a passable life which comes with certain benefits (security, companionship etc.) but leaves us spiritually lukewarm?

Meeting our beloved gives us a glimpse of the “real” us and as amazing as this is, it is the realization of what aligning with it would entail that often sends one or both parties running back into their old lives. The changes required are simply too big and the consequences on their lives and the lives of their loved ones too far-reaching. So, instead of following the life call to become who they truly are (which would likely include pursuing this amazing experience with the beloved), they “canonize” their spouses out of guilt, no matter how codependent or lacking in love that relationship is. No wonder then that so many couples never make it – it’s not that the other isn’t aware of the connection; it’s that the shock of being faced with just how unkind and dishonest they’ve been to themselves and others makes them pull back.

Clearly when our beloved flips on us like this and leaves us questioning whether our amazing, soul-deep togetherness ever even happened, it is easy to place all our hopes on them leaving their marriage; after all, they are not holding onto it out of integrity but rather out of a perceived duty to care-take, or out of guilt, or simply because it would be a shame to “throw away” a number of years spent together. Yet if we are really concerned about integrity and how this applies to us (not only our beloved), we will see that we must allow this relationship (their existing relationship, and/or ours) to run its natural course. In fact, whether we are the one cheating on an existing partner or whether it’s our beloved, all we are really doing is cheating ourselves out of integrity – and as long as we remain on this trajectory a true reunion will always remain out of our reach.

So how do we know that we are living a life of integrity since for many of us we can only relate this to the rules, behaviors and beliefs that have been passed down to us from our parents, schools, church and communities? Such integrity often means that we live our lives trying to be “good”, or in a cycle of sin and repentance, striving for what the outside world tells us we should be. Yet trying to please others at the expense of our own values and feelings is not the way to integrity. True integrity, in fact, is not obtained from the outside in, but discovered through aligning with who we are from the inside out.

Unfortunately few who stumble upon this path immediately know that “who we are” is a beautiful and unique being with a divine spark and purpose. Instead we think that we are a wife, a husband, a daughter, the perfect son etc. We compromise our own truth in the hopes of being loved and accepted. Yet we are not here to live anyone else’s life or dreams, or to play the martyr and protect our spouses or parents from disappointment or hurt; in the same way that we should not pressure on our beloved to leave an existing relationship. When we act like this, we are in fact showing God our resistance to the flow of life; to destiny, to Truth, to our Union with our one true love. It is telling the all-powerful source and guardian of ALL life and love that we do not trust in it to look after us, let alone the ones we claim to love.


Ultimately, it is only once we allow our light to shine from underneath the layers of other people’s expectations, thoughts and opinions that we discover what integrity really is: it is being true to OUR SELF, and the moral and spiritual values and beliefs we hold. After all, honesty with others always starts within. There is an even deeper meaning to integrity which relates directly to any chance of physical Union in this lifetime. In addition to being defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”, the dictionary defines integrity as the “state of being whole and undivided”. In fact, the original Latin word translates as “whole or complete” too, as does the Hebrew word translated as “integrity” in the Old Testament. Therefore, we must understand integrity as a central pillar on our quest for wholeness, which in turn brings about Union. Once we reunite our minds and hearts in the Truth of who we are, there is no question about what the next steps for our Union are. Therefore integrity should be a priority for anyone seeking Union.

So for those with the “married twin” dilemma, is it even possible to be honest and live in integrity with our beloved, ourselves and our spouses without dividing ourselves or without causing pain? Indeed, it can take years to come into any clarity about how to show integrity in our lives when the one that we are so closely bonded with refuses to do so in theirs. Often the realizations only come once we’ve delved deep and long enough into our own Self to find out who we truly are. Therefore the unanswered questions have their purpose; they are the catalyst which drives us within to discover our own being.

Once we shift our energy into fully embodying our truth, this sets into motion the energetic ripple effect which shifts a lot of things in and around us. Committing to living in integrity gives us the courage be more of who we are, aligns our actions with our heart and gives us clarity that shows us our best truth to tell others. It becomes easier for us to respond to and initiate change since we know who we are and where we are going. Eventually, if we persist, we come to see that our only REAL duty and responsibility lies in the discovery of our true Self and in the fulfilment of the divine mandate for our lives.

While the connection to our beloved does not need to destroy other relationships, it always stirs up the already existing issues in them. While it is often temporarily possible to keep the relationship going, further along the path we realize that to really be in integrity we must somehow find a way to integrate the intense love for our beloved into our life; after all, they are a part of us: energetically, spiritually, emotionally. In fact, once the spiritual merging and energies of unity with our beloved are felt WITHIN in a very REAL way, integrity takes on a whole other dimension. If we are truly aware, we are shown the division within ourselves: the one part which knows that the connection is real, and the other which says it’s OK to be disconnected and do this with another person. It is very hard to live permanently with such an inner conflict.

At the very least, this inner division is emotionally demanding and keeps us in spiritual limbo about where to go with the connection. In fact, when we lie in bed night after night next to our partner feeling our beloved with & within us, even seeking their energy out, we are faced with a choice. Do we remain blissfully aware of this energy in those moments of 5D connection, yet deny the very real person in 3D who embodies this energy for us while remaining married to another? Or do we owe it to ourselves and others to seek absolute integrity by fully allowing this energy and person into our lives since internally we know this is what we are being asked to do, no matter what this means for our other relationships?

The thing is; if we do pursue this inner call to align with our Truth, we often find our own wholeness. This opens up a pathway out of the karmic wheel of relationships, towards a real chance of experiencing sacred union, as God intended it. Of course this is not always possible, however it is rarely completely ruled out once we reach this point. Nevertheless, when we take the decision to step up into embodying our highest qualities, it is often better to be alone and to allow this love to flow through us, rather than to be in a relationship where we have to block the very energy that nourishes and inspires us to give more of ourselves to humanity and God.


Leaving my marriage

For me personally, I had known my beloved for over four years when I met my husband. Since he continued to choose his marriage after our short reunion, I had no choice but to surrender my need for a relationship with him to a higher power. When I married I was so in love with my husband that I genuinely thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. Because of the how much I loved my twin and our history as passionate lovers, I could not consolidate our friendship with my new life and so I kept him at a distance. It was only 8 years later, as my marriage was falling apart for unrelated reasons, that I realized just how I too had used my marriage to escape the intense connection and my beloved’s “rejection” of me.

I knew after about five years that my marriage wasn’t going to last, yet it took another three for me to finally leave. During that time I came to understand that my husband never really loved or knew the “real me” and if he had, more likely he would not have fallen in love with me; after all our inner lives and values were vastly different. I understood that he had come into my life as a reflection of my own inability to truly love and accept myself. In the final years of my marriage the pull within to become the “real” me was increasingly strong and in such conflict with the life that I was leading that I felt only one of two things could happen: either I would give into it or I would end up dead – if not physically then at least spiritually. I had already tried to evolve within my marriage but ours was a low vibrational match – after all, I married him in order to start a family. Eventually it dawned on me that I would have to pursue the truth of my heart regardless of its impact on my marriage.

Unfortunately everything about the separation seemed so difficult. I had no idea where to start and it was only once I started making self-loving decisions that I was able to discern my own internal guidance. I also found that speaking my mind and not sacrificing what I needed made me feel more empowered, although it created conflict. Despite this, I avoided the subject of divorce for as long as I could. The previous relationship I had left after meeting my twin had ended up with my boyfriend attacking me with a knife and then later hanging himself while waiting for trial. It was a horrendous time in my life and inside I still feared something like it happening again, even though my husband was nothing like my ex.

Nevertheless the pressure for me to leave was mounting – in fact; I could hardly stand being in the same room with my husband. I felt the pull to ascend, to embody my higher self and all that, and his vibration was simply draining me. In one way I was lucky that he was away a lot (ironically, this was one of the things which contributed to the demise of our marriage), yet on the other hand this just made the process drag on longer. In the moments that my husband was there I felt energetically “held back” and it was only after the emotional release of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – which I blogged about here- that things shifted within me.

What followed was nothing short of an otherworldly experience. Instead of feeling fearful or hesitant, one day I simply I told my husband of my desire to separate confidently and calmly, and even if my voice was shaking and I sometimes spoke through tears, my words were loving, clear and full of understanding for him. I felt at peace, fully supported, connected to the highest guidance and protection, like I didn’t even have to find the words myself. My husband’s kind and calm reaction was the complete opposite of what I had expected and although the separation did not immediately follow, this was a starting point.e92cc3e3da6604936462a13cf7755b87

In the weeks that followed I initiated several such conversations yet my husband refused to move out and with three small children it seemed impossible for me to simply leave without knowing where I was going. Since no divine hand was going to come down and make the separation happen I knew I would have to take some kind of action, however when I tuned into my guidance I was told to be patient and to prepare. It would be easier for me to leave if I started organizing my finances, discretely packing certain things and selling others on Ebay – this was all part of the preparation. Little did I know my beloved had received this same “order” too and had started to do this very thing: he was preparing to return to a “life on lighter feet” and a “life with less possessions”, as he said, selling items he had stored but no longer needed.

The final six months of my marriage saw the return of my beloved into my life, even if only through emails. Although it would have been easy to allow myself to get into all sorts of fantasies about a life together once I left my marriage, I knew this was not how it worked. So I viewed his encouraging words and presence more as internal validation for the choices I was making rather than promises of a future together. I knew I had to take these steps for myself, regardless of whether he chose to follow me or not.

By spring of this year, the situation at home had become difficult and I wondered what would be the “right time” to leave. The guidance was that I would know when the time came – and when it did, I would be left with no other option. So, I practised patience despite the mounting pressure to leap into the new. And just like my guidance had told me, when the time to leave finally came, there was no mistaking it: the message from Spirit was so pressing and clear (like someone shouting “go, go, go” at me), and the events that unfolded left me with no choice other than to pack my kids in the car and drive away. That was the end of my marriage.

Almost six months have now passed since then. Although I am still dealing with the aftermath of the separation, I am well on my way to embodying my highest truth; no longer torn between my heart and mind. The strides that I have made spiritually and emotionally have been amazing and could never have happened with my husband’s energy around me. And while I certainly did not leave my marriage to be with anyone, especially my beloved, we are the closest we have been since our first summer together 13 years ago. Since he is still married (as am I technically) I would not even dream of pursuing anything other than a friendship with him at this point, yet I know and feel the love between us (in its abstract form and abundant expressions) every day and I trust that these feelings will never disappear or change.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, for him or us; all I know is that I am excited to see more of this journey as it unfolds. Ultimately we cannot fight ourselves and if we seek true integrity within ourselves we WILL find peace from the endless questions and restlessness of not knowing how to deal with it all. It is within our gift to live a life of purpose, love and abundance. It is what we came here for. For me, to be with myself in absolute truth, integrity and love, is to be with my twin. To allow this love to flow freely is to be with him. To love myself fully is to love him, to be with him. I have complete faith that if we are meant to be together we will be. In the meantime, I am happy, free, whole.


145 thoughts on “Spiritual Integrity and The Inner Conflict of Married Twin Flames – How to find your way

  1. Giorgio says:

    This is one of the most beneficial articles for all those like myself. I have written something very similar on my second book about the integrity between one free Twin Flame and the other still married.
    I cannot hold more support for this article as I have experienced all of this myself with my beautiful Twin. I must admit I ran and then I chased again. I tried to make her commit totally to Us.
    “What A BIG mistake.”

    Our Twin is. The deepest and most dear to us than we could ever imagine.How can we not love ourselves.? Our Mirror image and soul. ..?

    Having integrity, knock on your heart night and day, day and night and every time we were together, walking, shopping and just even holding hands, it just did not seem right enough. The bond was without a doubt something that no other, even myself, had no words good enough to explain what I felt or what our unity meant to me and US.
    My Twin told me one day, looking at me holding my arm and cuddling , snuggling against me as we walked in the rain, she said ” I am so so content
    We use to be emotional about our actions. We would discuss and try and reason why are we so.? Why could it just not be so easy to just be together for life and eternity?

    It just tears ones heart away. It just does not last, to give us enough time together, no matter how long we were together for. She would tell me to enjoy the moment, that I was unhappy when she is with me because I start counting the minutes when we depart again, and yet I miss her terribly when we are apart and could not wIt to see her and be in her arms again. I was not needy and I told her that I did not need her or her money, but I wanted her to be with me and I just loved her so deeply.

    We would be together and the heavens open as there would just be silence. Most times when we are together we would get comfortable and organized then , we would eat the food that I loved cooking for us, or at a cinema every now and again because it was too risky to be in public.

    Well, the time was coming, I had been pressuring her to unite and get things together. It was killing me to depart after every time we meet. The time just vanished away into oblivion.
    The love we have is incomprehensible and as I chased I was accused of Being obsessed and anything one can imagine. Then an apology, as my Twin tried to release herself of our togetherness and a situation that I tried the mist ridiculous thing to try and make her commit. Not to make her jealous but through my way of showing her that I loved her.

    It was something very weird that I did and how it all happened. There was a purpose for all that transpired and it was an act of God, which ended up in me saving someone’s life. Meantime, my Twin leaves me to let me be free and gave herself her way that she called freedom. Going to the old habits does not work either but this was necessary. I realise now more than ever.

    It just does not work and the pressure eventually makes one buckle with guilt or both do eventually. However, I tried to explain that she did not love her husband because we would not be doing this . Was I right, NO I was out of line very very ” WRONG”.
    I judged out of frustration which is certainly out of character for me. As we all make mistakes though the love only grows deeper and more hurtful every time we hurt our Twin, we hurt ourselves and than again hurt because we can connect so well as we feel what they are feeling.

    It is not the love, it is the integrity that plays on our mind, but at the same time one realises that because of the implications of having a Twin who is married and they have an obligation to care for others, we make all excuses as it is too hard to leave the wealth, comfort of our commodity and what we think at the time that if we leave it is wrong to divorce. So we stay out of obligation to our years of being in an untruthful marriage. We accept the indiscretions and even to stay have a an open marriage agreement.

    I discussed it and tried to lay out that I reached a stage where I am not going to hide anymore. I am fed up of the” life of a lie ” that both of us were living. It was all done the wrong way. We know who we are to one another and it ended up in words of ” I will always love you.”

    I was asked to let her go. I explained how much I loved her and yet, ” my answer was, ” ” Go,go but remember that I am your Twin and I could not ever be apart from you. Go and mature and when you are spiritually ready, come back to us.”
    When I realise now, after our disastrous and sad departure, that we needed to have this separation. We have “NOT SURRENDERED YET TO OUR CREATOR. ” we both have so much to learn.

    My Twin is determined to go to her old habits to seek comfort of what she recognises as passion and love.
    I expressed to her what I thought, but I realise now, that I have no right to tell her what I think. It was something that I should have understood, kept to myself and let her experience the truth . It took me a while as I blindly felt I had to do something and this pushed my Twin to the point of really getting annoyed as she had made up her mind.

    I not only stopped the chase, but Now, I have surrendered. It has taken me a while and in the midst of all that transpired, that came across and misunderstood in such derogative misconstrued ways, I am now on a journey of spirituality even more than i had ever been.
    I am very much contented myself with God knowing that I have been honest with God, my Twin
    And myself.
    I meditate more than ever before. I pray to my creator to keep my Twin well and healthy. Above all, I pray for her to be happy even, if God did not have it in his plan for both of us to reunion. I leave my destiny, in his hands now, to deal with me in the way that God decides to do with US. I pray that all I desire now, is what God decides, and I pray that the most important thing for me now is a place near my creator in heaven, after I leave this place on earth to the true life. I am after eternal love and honesty. I feel this illumination within and my body goes into such a spiritual feeling of surrender to my God that it fills me up with grace and this urge to pray and commit My All to God even more than I gave ever before. I have no idea what , NEXT. However, in saying that , i have now committed my soul to our creator no matter what I desire or what the future holds for US. ”

    I do believe though that my creator has a purpose for US , both my Tein and I. I don t know how , but all I know is that I feel something so powerful, reverend within. I feel my Twin more than ever as I connect with her telepathically and my love for her is so intense and true. Loyal and honest, because of which, we are where we are.

    I would not lie to anyone especially my Twin, about anything.
    Honesty is one of the tools we need to start our ride to surrender, mature true love With true faith in our God . It is the only hope to reserve a place with God in eternity. Certainly integrity is more than just a word but all that we need to take a step forward , pushing through the mental and physical pain to realise it is the start of our truest of truths. When we Surrender, we are moving forward, to the realisation that it is the only way to reach a mature path of unconditional love with ourselves, God and our mirror Twin , what I truly call, Our better half.
    God knows the past, the present and the future, without whom we get no where, but through whom we achieve what seems, unachievable. .
    Your guess is as good as mine now, about what I think and feel.

    My heart never lies to me. It tells me when God speaks to me. what I hear from him is ” LOVE”
    Compassion and his acknowledgement of my honest truth. I made my God happier with my actions. I feel that as much as my Twin got upset with my truth, and my self critique that I should not have said anything to her, I feel that she will love US, even more. Time will tell.

    Thank you . Your article speaks the Truth and Purewords of heavenly bliss.

    Love, harmony and believe xxxx
    Giorgio xxx

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    1. Heather says:

      This is awesome. Thankyou for sharing. : )


    2. Dear Giorgio, you sounded very much like my twin that I have to leave him hanging there by himself while being with my husband. As for your thoughts through your writings, I can tell you in my case that I truly love my husband, although I know who my real twin is and how painful is the life he has to live and how he forces and penalizes me for still staying with my husband to the point now that like you, he has stopped trying but still loving me from a distance. My question is, can you love her while she’s being married to someone else? Does she have to divorce to be with you to be loved by you? Naturally you have already love her even she’s married, right? But I understand it’s the human part of you that is suffering, if things being reversed I would have hate that he still stays with his wife after he have met me. But unlike your Twin, I have a plan. Of course the plan is not divorce, but to establish something, a business or a project, for me and my twin to work together, so we can see each other more frequently in 3D and love each other in a more legitimate way. I do not know if this is another self-delusion, but according to my understanding, twin flames meet to show the world what true love is, together we are supposed to propagate love and service to community at large. So if there’s something else to focus on rather than only towards each other, wouldn’t two-bodies-one-soul be more powerful and contributive? Just my thoughts.


    3. Lisa says:

      Thank you. I was just recently introduced to this concept of a Twin Flame and it is crazy how it is helping me understand so much in my life. I am starting to accept a kind of peace and acceptance now that I am learning what this dynamic is. And I am not losing my mind… thank goodness. 🙏🏻


  2. Giorgio says:

    I would also like to share and comment about what has transpired around and within me.
    As a hu an being I try things, question and explore asking Why?

    I did and every time I meet someone there was this s very very strong feeling that built this protective wall between them and I.
    Nothing was going to happen , NO WAY IN THE WORLD.

    I am convinced even more within my heart, that there is a higher purpose for my Twin and I.
    It is not my imagination and I hear it and feel it. As the sayings go –
    “Sometimes you wonder why it did not work with anyone else!”

    ” Being someone’s first love maybe great but to be their last, is beyond perfect.”
    By Lessons learned in life.

    Thank you all.
    Love, harmony and believe xxxx
    Giorgio xxx


  3. Julie says:

    Wow……….. I feel I could have written this article myself, it is almost verbatim of my own journey. It i amazing to realize there are others going through exactly the same steps, thoughts, feelings and growth ……Many blessings to you and your twin as you continue on your journey!


    1. Giorgio says:

      Julie, we must All of us, believe in the power that is within us, everywhere and anywhere we look and feel. The calling is genuine and real. Connecting with our Twin will be of a benefit not only to ourselves but to the world. The world needs integrity and True Mature Love.
      We all need to learn from our mistakes and others. Our Twin is our mirror image, we must unite our soul. Persevere and believe in God. God will make things happen as it is written. There is no other way. This article is a very good path.
      As I said to Vita… We are like a group that is understood only by US. We know what we feel. It is real.
      If our Twin is in denial, don t try and convince them. We can t. It is too close to home. God is the source and the way to reunion. Our job is only to surrender and pray as well as believe.
      The X-men

      They all work together .

      Thank you doucejonna.

      Love, harmony and belief xxxx
      Giorgio xxx


      1. doucejonna says:

        Thank you Giorgio for always supporting my work and giving the readers here the Truth. I love your long and comprehensive comments which always capture the essence of this path: our own journey back to our Truest Self and back to God. Thank YOU for the light that you shine around you and that we all reading this blog benefit from. Love, Jonna


      2. Giorgio says:

        I thank you.
        What I write is the truth of my experiences. The words are mine but the spirit that I write it all from is the connection I have found even more now than ever before, is from God.
        I have surrendered and I am so happy within.

        I compare this to what we desire. Yet, if we desire to be with our Twin Flame and we believe in them of who they are, God is the corridor through which we can get to our Twin from.
        We need to support one another. Believe in the power of the almighty.
        I have realised that the third dimension is NOT where I want to be.
        I want to take my Twin with me. I want God to hold my hand and guide US, to have a place in heaven.
        The fifty Cosmic rules of the universe, the Bible, The Koran, the Hebrew scripts and all that Budhists preach and believe is all on the same frame of understanding. They cannot possibly be All wrong. After All our guts are on that path as well.
        God is the source, Jesus is the way, the holy spiritual is the over all observer and the power that will make all possible.
        Triangle through the third eye. The holy spiritual triangle.
        You are welcome doucejonn. We are one together . Meditate and connect with our respective Twins and rise to the dimension of our calling from God.
        The rest is already planned, there is no doubt in my mind.
        God is ” OUR FATHER”
        He holds ALL POWERS TO BE. Xxxx
        Love, harmony and Believe Xxx


    2. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Julie for taking the time to comment and for reminding me why I write this blog: it is to show everyone that we are not alone on this path and that no one needs to be lost: we can support each other, guide each other, empower each other. We are a family 🙂 Thank you for the well wishes! Sending you love & blessings on your path. Jonna xx


      1. Giorgio says:

        Just a metaphoric thought.

        The fifth Dimension is our calling. Irrespective of what is happening in the third Dimension a higher calling requires a stronger manifestation of our belief.
        Duality, surrender, belief and above all faith in our most Beautiful God of the highest powers unimaginable.
        Since I gave surrendered I cannot tell you all the happiness I feel and the gratitude I express to my God every second I breath now.
        I don t ask anything of God really. I just pray and worship my God because God knows exactly what he planned for us All.
        I know that as my beloved eternal creator and Father, God WILL BRING MY Twin to US.
        Don t worry about how it is going to happen for us, just believe in it and let the powers plan it as it is meant to happen.
        When you feel pain it is the Demons around us that do this. So I tell you all how I deal with it-
        When bad thoughts come into my mind , I say the our father.
        Remember what Jesus thoughts US ” Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done , on earth as it is in heaven. …… ”

        After I say this I feel God inside me, like shepherd that looks and protects after his sheep from the wolf. The Army of my Angels, Archangel comes down and surrounds me as well as my Twin.
        “What We think we become, what we believe in, comes to fruition.”

        I know deep down in my heart that God has called upon US to go to him.
        I am feeling the transformation within , and I also am realising that if my surge of my power is connected with my God, there is only one path and one other that it will flow into- ” My Beautiful Twin Flame of Violet Fire.”

        I found my Twin because it was meant to be. It would s what it is.
        God said ” I am That I am”
        I also say ” I am love I am”. ” I am reunion I am” ” I am with You my God I am”

        ” I am yours my God I am ”

        Feel and say this with your hearts and in your minds
        ” God , who is always within, if at any time we doubt him, realise he is there with us. God. gives us the nod, as if to say, stop doubting me. I am here with you always, have faith in me. You are on the right path , stay on it. Believe in me, I am your guide to eternity.”
        I feel Gods energy, it is the best feeling ever of protection as it fills my heart with contentment.
        I know that my contentment will flow into my Twin as well. This will bring them to us. It will all happen as is written.
        Doubt in Gods abundance and we only prolong our reunion. So please remember –

        “The roots of education are bitter, but the result is sweet”. Aristotle

        “Where there is love, there is life”. Mahatma Ghandi

        Thank you doucejonna . We are one in love and spirit. DO NOT DOUBT the power of our creator. DON T EVER PLEASE
        . Love, harmony and believe xxxx

        Giorgio xxx


  4. mivida says:

    I was wondering if you can elaborate on the following from your post…
    “Nevertheless, when we take the decision to step up into embodying our divine feminine, it is often better to be alone and to allow this love to flow through us, rather than to be in a relationship ….”
    I am interested in what you mean by embodying the divine feminine as I feel this really relates to my journey right now. Thank you xx


    1. Amor says:

      The divine feminine relates to my journey as well. In my experience, being my true self was not allowed to emerge within my marriage. Spiritually it almost killed me. That is when I met my TF. For me, it shows how God wants to help us and that we are beautiful women who can shine on our own. We are not here to let a man who does not honor the divine feminine to overshadow us. Energetically, my TF stands by my side and we shine together. There is no better than or less than. Equal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear Amor

        Thank you. I gave the example of the religions earlier in the piece in another comment about the divine, when I bitingly started on this beautiful site.
        I cannot agree that all of us agree with such profound spirituality that God has a Devine purpose for us. My solidity slits is getting stronger and stronger every day. I see no division in the Twin flame entity. All I see is a spirituality that just bonds, excels and unites with such grace that the Devine force will bring more and more Twin a Flames to unite.

        I am so positive about it and reading your comments only reaffirms what I believe is time to have more and more Twin Flames come to the realisation of the fact that God is holy and loving.

        Without judging I will keep loving my Twin Flame unconditionally so I will compliment what God has in store for me. I want to be there for my Twin no matter what.

        What you say as the divine feminine is only the mirror compliment of your Twin. You are both one part of God’s creation from the male of Gods creation as well. God does NOT differentiate but he sure created an amazing feminine compliment. If your previous soul mate did not compliment you then your Twin obviously does. Of course you would feel free to do so, he would want nothing better for you but the best in you to shine with pride and support.

        It encourages me to look positively in my Twins and Mine future even more than ever.

        You are lucky that you are in a more graceful and spiritual dimension.

        I am so happy for you both.

        Thank you for sharing your situation with us.

        Love, Harmony and belief xxx
        Giorgio xxx


      2. Amor says:

        Hi Giorgio, Thank you for your response and kind words. This TF journey is a God given gift. I physically experienced such strong energies and sensations that there is no doubt. I pray for trust and faith to keep going. I am thankful for the energy of love that I receive from my TF’s soul. I feel it even though we are not physically in contact. Our hearts our entwined and the synchronicities are abundant – that is what I feel that brings me comfort. Yes, we all need to strive to look positively. Sometimes it is not easy, but it seems to be part of the challenge. Your twin is blessed that you are willing to love unconditionally and be supportive. I think of the strong love between Kings and Queens! 🙂 With pure Divine love in our hearts, there has to be a way. Sending you love and light.


      3. Giorgio says:

        Thank you. This is something that I take my valuable time to answer on. All because you are all worth it. We all are to each other as much as our Twin flames are as well, to have our unconditional love. True Mature Love does Not only Not die, but it never really leaves us.
        If my German shepherds could love me to death, I have more ability than they have to love my Twin Flame. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS ENDLESS, PRICELESS and GODLY.

        Only another Twin Flame who is experiencing what I am, can understand what I am feeling.

        I am a Roman Catholic and yes, I have issues with how the representatives run the departments, through my own personal experiences. However they are NOT GOD. They make mistakes and they have faults as well.
        We all do.
        So I always say that I am Spiritual. Because that way I open a path between God and I that no other can disturb me in. When I connect, which is all the time, I really talk to my God and he comforts me. I am true to myself and I love my creator with such a deep love.

        I ask my God that he can do what he wishes with me , of course I do adore my Twin Flame and I add that it is his will only, if I am to reunion with my Twin. I do feel I must physically and Spiritually connect with her, but I believe that it can only happen through a miracle . Only God can, his choice .
        I feel he will because I have this unbelievable surge of energy that boils my body and shakes my body through such uncontrolled conditions , I don t even want to believe what is happening to me.

        Now, I pray harder with love through the believing Not just hope that my Father in heaven does what is best for us. I CHOOSE to deprive myself of a relationship with someone else.
        They could not even come near matching the love I have for my Twin. In my eyes, that is unkind so I made my decision to stay alone and wait in case she returns.

        I don t hope much anymore but I pray, shed some loving tears as I miss her terribly. But my heart is at peace and in the right place.

        With my Twin Flame of Violet Fire. In unconditional love I will remain until (feel really good when I say this) we walk down the isle into the heaven club . I will wait at the doors of heaven for her. She is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Xxx
        All our Twins are , they must be, they are our mirror xx

        Love, harmony and believe xxx

        Giorgio xxx


      4. Giorgio says:

        Mistake correction – I cannot agree MORE sorry


      5. mivida says:

        Amor, thank you for sharing your perspective with me. I too have just left a relationship where my spirituality had taken a back seat. Now that I am alone I am focusing on embodying the divine feminine, I suppose this is the work we must do within in order to fully merge our energy with the masculine of our twin, so that we can become One (physically) – as energetically we already are.


      6. Amor says:

        Hi mivida, I agree with you. We must embody the divine feminine which will inspire other women as well. And God willing we can physically reunite with our True Loves. Energetically he is with me, and I am thankful.


  5. lotuswoman says:

    dear jonna,

    thank you for your article and openess and integrity of sharing. your doubts, vulnerability and pain mean a lot to me, as i recognize them as my own.
    after my twin rashly ended the relationship that we shared for some years, i have been deeply confronted with all the aspects within myself and my life that lacked love, awareness and were out of alignment with my soul and deepeat truth.
    i met a new man who pursues a relationship with me and although i could not forget my twin, i finally gave in, as i did feel love for this man and felt we had a journey to make and complete together. about a year into our relationship i start to feel the pressure building inside me. i still connect to my twin throug dreams and telepathy, even though we are not in contacf physically now.
    i know i am – and have to be – preparing myself to come into full alignment with myself, which also means rounding off my current relationship, even though i still feel love for this man and don’t want to cause any hurt. and i may end up alone for sometime, i don’t know what will be in store for me. but my faith and trust is growing, along with feelings of self love. also, there is no way i can deny the special connection i feel with my twin anymore, despite the many times i’ve told myself that he broke up and doesn’t want to be with me anymore, my heart and dreams keep telling me the opposite and magic an synchronicity happens when i connect to this whispering wisdom within.
    just like now.. finding you blog a few months ago and now reading this article from you which seems to mirror my current situation in many ways.
    i thank you from my heart, as this comes right in time. deep down i know what to do, although i am still overcoming fears that keep me from it.

    sincerely yours


    1. Giorgio says:

      It does not sadden me to listen to your story. Yes you can reflect to what jona writes and I cannot agree with you more. If I may comment and somehow reaffirm what you are saying about your Twin Flame.
      My Twin Flame is running and although married she is in another relationship of convenience as well. I tried to push our reunion and it backfired.

      Recognising what you are saying in human terms, is very sad and disappointing. We would expect our Twin Flame to understand us , after all they are suppose to be our mirror image.
      Your deep connection is what “I FEEL AS WELL LIKE ALL OF US ON THIS SITE.”

      Yes, you will feel this urge to connect with God and the feeling of this Spiritual Energy that we feel is beyond the ” Normal” human reason of our minds. Our heart is what makes the difference.
      Today within the community we don t have many people who have much ‘ Integrity’ amongst us, when we compare it with the world population.
      What I am saying is this: You are on track within your own personal journey. Don t worry about your Twin Flame. He will have to reach his own spiritual peak before both of you are allowed to have a reunion. Why? Because you are one SOUL you will have to unite before you can both enter into heaven as one again just like the beginning of your creation.
      Stay focused, I can feel how your soul is thinking and feeling the seperate on from your Twin. I feel axactly the same but knowing what I know that she is doing, I will NOT GIVE UP ON HER.
      I feel my love for her to such depth that only , US, as Twin flames can understand you and your pain. We are with you on this and I would like to assure you that whoever reads the words and the beautiful articles on ” mirrors-of- my-soul” would support you . It is how we all feel, how we all love, how we all NOT judge our Twin. The late Patricia Joudry has this explanation of the Twin Flame journey: it is a Twin who journey’s on along this path up this mountain. A difficult journey that ends him up at this mountain stage. He was looking at what he had achieved that took a lot of hard work and endured a lot of pain to get to where he was. He was in fog, and as he decided to look down the mountain’ s edge, from this point where he was, he realised that there was a mountain that equaled in height, right on the opposite side to him, same height even, one that mirrored the one he stood on. As he stood there the fog cleared enough for him to see another person standing on the other mountain, same level as he was. As the fog cleared even more enough for him to recognise that the other person on the opposite side facing him was no else but ” His Twin Flame.” we can deny all we want to our Twin. Accuse them that they are obsessed, that it is not going to work between them, and they would even ask us to let them go.
      We must let them go, but only in the physical. In the Spirit they cannot split from us, no matter how much they think that they must. We must let them go and that means that they need to grow and gain the maturity that they are meant to obtain before they realise the truth.
      Our job is for us to stay focused and stay on the track that God has created for us. Feel your heart and let nothing disturb you. Think about God because through him it is all possible.

      I tried to prove to myself that she was my Twin. I gave learnt the hard way. She ran but I chased. When we look back we must laugh at ourselves and realise as well how immature we are and how much we, ourselves need to learn.
      God will make things possible for a good reason and for our benefit we must believe in him as a father who loves his own children unconditionally like we love our Twin Flame.
      Surrendering is sour to start off with, but as the taste matures it becomes the sweetest sap of life.
      Love, Harmony and believe for when we do it all begins to happen. Others have experienced it and so would we.

      Love, harmony and believe xxx
      Giorgio xxx


      1. K says:

        TY for this. So little is written about the differences between married and single Flames. Married Twins just seem to have quadruple the work LOL Going through everything all Twins go through plus this tug and push of having spouses that (in my case) are good people Upon MUCH reflection and risking the ire of my twin I have decided to let go and let God. I KNOW that the pain he and I would cause breaking apart families and he has younger children would irrevocably damage US and our souls (that is just who WE are) So until we are able to meet in the way WE deserve in the light of vibrancy and pure simplicity. I will bathe myself in our love and continue to heal my wounds KNOWING someday I will feel and hear the beat of his heart.
        TY again, K


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear K

        I cannot pass by your logical, kind comments with honesty. I agree with you. I have surrendered to God myself. If your twin flame is happy in their marriage, you are right; the analogy that, there is no reason in demolishing one building to build another identical, with “Old Bricks.” would be insane. Certainly, demolishing his relationship that is serene and well accomplished does not provide the logic or the love that Twin Flame unconditional love represents. By demolishing something that is sound and healthy, is not what unconditional love is about.
        We said so many times, that Twin Flames love is unconditional. Twin Flame love also comes with Roses not just a plain flower. It carries a lot of thorns that sting and hurt whilst we exercise patience and respect for what the situation represents. Soul mates are a very important part for the spiritual growth for our Twin Flames.

        If your Twin Flame is happy and honest with their partner in their relationship, certainly we must show unconditional love by honouring their situation as it stands. Let God organise, harmonise and plan what destiny is to be. He and Yourself may need more growth and maturity before you can both come into union.God will be the judge of that NOT us.

        On the other hand, If your twin Flame is unhappy with their partner and is in an open relationship or being deceitful within his marriage, then that will show instability. It will show that they are not in the right frame of happiness. According to the fifty cosmic laws of the universal guide to happiness, honesty, integrity and spirituality form a sound guide to what we need as sound tools to gain personal spiritual enlightenment. The universe does not discriminate or take sides in this journey that we as Twin Flames are on. The road can be very treacherous; hard work is certainly what we face.
        May I suggest an amazing good book : The Art of Peace – written by Morihei Ueshiba (Translated by John Stevens) It provides a Very simple way to look at life. Selfishness and jealousy take a back seat. Integrity stands at the forefront. Some Twin Flame who are not happy in their relationships, still, are adamant that they remain ( what they see as) loyal to their partners; even though they play up behind their partners backs for their own physical pleasures because they are not satisfied within their sexual arena. We can all judge but, I have so many scenarios that fit this category of unhappiness. Yet we as humans within the 3rd Dimension choose to NOT change even when the Twin Flame arrives on the scene. The indications that you have met your Twin Flame represent a real challenge. Your pulling and pushing phenomenon will be happening together wth the Kundalini awakening within your Chakras in both of you. Embrace what is presented to you with honesty and a lot, a lot of love towards him. Make him happy that you will not push him to do what he is not ready to face, if he is happy. If “HE IS YOUR TWIN FLAME,” however, take a step back and enjoy the ride. Get ready to live your journey alone and accept the challenges that will make you as honourable and as strong as could ever be. Let him go and love him as I have done to my twin Flame. I love her unconditionally from far. We are not in contact, and I meditate and talk to her spiritually as I pray to our creator to guide her and fill her up with as much love as I can possibly transfer from my throbbing loving heart. I do this through God so I do not invade her privacy either. I live and love myself to be strong so I can love her more and more every day. If it is God’s will that we reunion, than so be it. A Twin Flame journey can be very lonely but please I ask you to find peace within you through God. It is the only truth through which we WILL reach what our creator has planned for us. Remember one very important factor though; If you met your Twin Flame there will be a very, very valid reason. Don’t ignore the calling but don’ t try and push events that are not meant to happen yet. Patience, and perseverance are a MAJOR key to your reunion. We cannot see what God has planned a this is a path to a 5th Dimension spirituality duality.
        HAVE FAITH, HAVE LOVE, Be SPIRITUAL, Be STRONG and grateful that God has created you both and got you both to meet for whatever good reason. If you really sep back perhaps you will see what you are in already but you mightn’t be recognising it. LIVE THE MOMENT and cherish what this cosmic beautiful universe has given us.

        LOVE, HARMONY and Believe xxx


  6. Giorgio says:

    Dear K

    Jonna’s article is also very personal but I am certain that we can all relate in more ways than one to what she is also saying. I think we are so connected as a group that this is a very beneficial site with such honest and very loving twin Flames as Twin Flames are. Through God we all believe and have the love to let things happen through Our God and feel OUR own Love grow to such a high resonance that our twin Flame is filled with the same unconditional Love that WE give to our creator himself for our own Salvation.

    There is NEVER EVER ENOUGH LOVE. Endless LOVE to our Twin Flame of Violet Fire and GOD, Through our God, For our God and back again to OUR TWIN FLAME. Create a Circle that symbolise serenity and perfection.
    Moriehei Ueshiba (Founder of AIKIDO- mining “The Way of Peace”)says this –

    “The body should be Triangular, the mind circular. the triangle represents the generation of energy and is the most stable physical posture. The circle symbolises serenity and perfection the source of unlimited techniques The Square stands for solidity, the basis of applied control.”

    I try my best to create some more belief in US as we all support each other through this journey of incredible, inexplicable Unconditional LOVE. We as Twin Flames, Understand this more than anyone. We are privileged and extremely Loving in a world within a journey of eternal enlightenment. God Is magnificent and limitless with his gifts. I am and could never be appreciative enough for what God has planned for me on my many reincarnation through which I have come to this awakening. Meeting our Twin Flame is Godly and could have only one sole purpose, one that will ultimately lead to reunion. This is what I strongly believe. We cannot possibly understand the word “INFINITY” God ‘IS’. xxx

    Thank you
    Love, Harmony and Believe xxx
    Giorgio XXX


    1. K says:

      As I am listening to Sade singing Nothing can come between US Feeling the blessings as I read these blogs Feeling him and that connection snake through me…of course you are correct “There never ever is enough love” for myself, for him, for ALL of us/US To realize I have been given this gift of KNOWING and SENSING eternal love….pure joy…life is soooo good TY again for your responses and I will take your suggestion and read The Art of Peace
      In faith and belief, K


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear K and Vita,
        Yes, you are both very very beautiful. We all have work to do. We must keep believing and give out your true self within your energy of unconditional love. It works. We are all at different stages at any given time until we reunion. It will happen and we MUST believe that will. Doubt is a product of the Mind not the heart. Unconditional Love comes from the heart and it connects directly with our creator not the energy that we are part of.
        God is the purity that treated all that we are, feel and be.
        The 5 dimension is Gods purity and the channel that leads US all to the source. God is
        “I am that I am.” We must become “I am reunion I am.”
        “My Twin Flame is a being of Violet Fire. My Twin Flame is the purity that God Desires.”
        Look up prayers for Twin Flames and pray, believe and make things happen. We all have the power, God is our light and Direction to the truth. Don t worry about anything that your Twin Does, show them the way through our exemplary ways of spirituality. Be strong for them and connect with our creator so they TOO will realise the beauty of our unconditional love for them. Jonna said things from her heart and so, “Am I”. Have vision and meditate your wishes and they too will transpire to a reality through our creator. I BELIEVE IT. I am going to be ready when it happen because it is only a matter of time. Remember, Time stands still and it is us who move along it. Bring it home.this is where their souls reside and we are their home. So prepare our home so when they return to the source we embrace them and we can rejoice, if not now, well if you choose not to believe, then wait at the doors of heaven for them. We can only walk through those doors as a united whole, One Soul, One spirit, One entity that has purified through so many challenges but the truth be said, Death could not even touch US because we are part of God. This is so Powerful. Tap into it. It is magnificently beautiful. Feel out Twins and lure them in with Unconditional Love not judgement. Feel them and love them with all their lies and love and hate and deceit, and all tat will make them tick until they do wake up. When they do, love them kiss them and ask No questions for they are “US.”
        Love, harmony and believe xxx


  7. vitaoglou says:

    Hello 😀 ‘ve been thinking there is no such thing as chaser and runner, it is just different and reflected coping with the same problem, which is not believing in ourselves and our desires, not believing that we are loved beyond measure and are worth everything. So as long we chasing we just putting more to this energy. We should just step back and live our lives loving ourselves, more sharing ourselves with people that are needing us and grow/generate more LOVE 🙂


  8. K says:

    I found this while looking for quotes about LOVE
    “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
    ― Lao Tzu
    Runner or Chaser it is all GOOD 🙂


    1. vitaoglou says:

      Hmm It is all GOOD, but in the same Time, we as Chaser acting like someone who DOES NOT deserve Love by choosing to be lied to, ignored, cheat on, put our Lives on the Line, waiting etc. still believing THAT IS LOVE and excusing all in our Neediness, in Reflection Runner acting like someone who DOES NOT deserve Love like Assholes, Liers, Cheaters, ignoring us, denying, refusing face consequences, simply not being worthy Love. 😀


      1. vitaoglou says:

        And so we both have to change that behaviour, if we want real Love, we cannot by continue that. Asshole/Ignorant/Liar needs to change urgently if they want to be loved, and so we, as victims, setting standards for others, act like someone who loves themselves, learning to accept only loving and caring Behaviour, it is not easy, but we have to do that first. ❤


      2. K says:

        Hmmm I think you and I are talking about different aspects of this journey. Agreed, human ego issues do not just POOF because we have been blessed enough to connect with our twins. These issues you seem to be speaking of are purely human ones and need to be worked on PERIOD regardless of whom we are walking the path with. That is one of the aspects of this blog I appreciate..no airy/fairy “life will be perfect now that I have found my twin” tales are written in here (at least not what I have read so far) I feel doubly blessed that I have been working on clarity and wound healing and grounding and every single tool I have learned in my years of recovery and therapy andandand have been used to keep my sanity doing these last few years.of twin reconnection…veryyy tricky business…having your prayers answered LOL Keep on keeping on Vitaoglou..CODA is a great group to start with Twin Flame or not
        In faith and belief, K


      3. Giorgio says:

        Lao Tzu is one of my favorites . I am using his comments in my second book.
        However, we are all human as much as we are pure energy.
        We need to realize though, that what we think and what we put out into the universe our Twin Flame feels and experiences. Please try not to feel retaliation in your attitude and your thoughts. I am guilty of this and I also, in return, feel that I personally need to wKe up to the true reality that I have a mirror image that feeds of my energy.
        Let is think and do proper actions rather than exercise weakness in our character. As much as Bernard Meltzer says that ” Hapoiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” We must understand that patience and perseverance are a pre requisit to our own development and especially a “requirement ” for us to have to grow towards our enlightenment which will help us to reach Mature Unconditinal Love.
        If we feel like criticizing we should think of God and pray every time we get a negative thoughts about our Twin Flames.
        It is a mirror that reflects back into US, if anything. Purifying ourselves is a hard challenge and if we expect from our twin flame to have love and understanding so should we learn from their behavior .
        There is this beautiful martial arts saying and it says this –
        ” The mind of a perfect man is like a mirror. It grasps nothing. It expects nothing. It reflects but does not hold. Therefore a perfect man can act without effort. ”
        by Chuang Tzu.
        ” The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”Bruce lee also says and for the record, these are words of My favorite philosopher . Yes , Lao Tzu –
        “To hold, you must first open your hand. Let Go.” Lao Tzu
        “Watch your thoughts. They become words.
        Watch your words. They become actions.
        Watch your actions. They become habit.
        Watch your habits. They become character.
        Watch your character. It becomes your destiny.” Lao Tzu
        “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, Whilst loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu.
        We need to practice and exercise this –
        “Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being. Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are. Compassionate toward yourself ; you reconcile all beings in the world. “. Lao Tzu
        Have a look at a book called ” Zen in the martial arts” by Jo Hyams and look up “Spiritualartwork.wordpress.com
        I admire what we do on this site. I thank jonna for her work and articles . All of you I. Expressing how you view things from all your perspectives and thoughts. Feel with your Hearts though , our hearts Never lie to us. True love stems from There. Once we start thinking too much we loose all perspective of reality. Too much thought creates confusion and doubt. We narrow our minds and close our hearts to purity. Try and be like a child ; as the Dalsi Lama says –
        ” If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”
        It all stems from our core. We are a reflection, let us be leaders not followers if we really want reunion. A beautiful tree shows it beauty, but the true work is done below and energy comes From below where the eyes cannot see. Yes..?

        Love, harmony and believe xxx


      4. vitaoglou says:

        Thank You both for Replies. I do not have retaliation for him, cant ever, he does it more to himself, which I feel as well, painfully. But the truth is, he will not be what I see, what I love, HIMSELF, that really irresistible Being, he wants to be something else, and that false something is NOT my Type, NOTHING I need in my Life. Of course, in reflection I am not what I want, and if I should put reunion to the Way I come to my Center, I give up, because I admit I CANNOT believe in it, been too traumatised, became something fractured, ironic? Yea. Stil cannot find a Job cause of mine social Phobia, cannot imagine a Life for me without Fear. I was given to that Love, I am eternally thankfull, and I chased, because it’s been/is incredibly beautiful and healing and powerfull, but I realize kinda, that is spiritual, there where he cannot lose me or leave me neither, not physical, we have not loved each other in physical right, so it is no need to make it up. I have to love and live in physical as well, without Drama and Expectations, I just wont yearning for Him. 🙂


      5. Giorgio says:

        Dear Vita
        Try and not think about how things are too much. This is firstly a spiritual connection from where all transcends all other things. What you are facing, he would be also. You are his mirror soul. Doing some work on your chakras would open up your health and perhaps do some work on you 3have rd Chakra which controls your confidence and personal powers. Your 7th Chakra is the connection with the divine power. It all stems from our creator whatever we decide to do. Blocking our feelings for whatever reason will mirror all the images and will send the same to your Twin connection. If I may suggest to you to try and let go little, pray as you close your eyes and don’t let the demons of frustration control your mind. think with your heart a God’s love is within your heart. The heart is the most powerful and the only true entity that we have when it comes to loving someone. “Unconditionally” means from every angle, under all circumstances and without prejudice. It will benefit you whatever you decide to do. Yes you must keep your own dignity and self love. No doubt however, show love to all around you in the physical and in spirit. Your thoughts are your words, your words are your actions and your actions are your character. We are all on a journey that is magnificently beautiful and we should not change because of what comes along within our path. Take the challenge and show it your love rather than judgement. Let God be the judge as he knows and recognises all that you have within your rolled carpet of life. As the carpet unfolds try and not think but accept and love for whether it is experience or factual it is all what you need to help you grow.
        Judgement is only what we need to recognise as positive self critique. Be humble as I know that you are. Hurting? Yes, I think you could well be, however as difficult as it is for you, it can be turned into a positive through the love that I see you have for your Twin. You are a beautiful person and also “UNIQUE”. Feel free from the burden and don ‘t get into the denial phase but control your emotions a little through prayers. It does work.Everyone is unique and worthy of love. Give him love and more love and as the saying goes-
        “When we love someone, we do not need to understand them, we just need to love them.”
        The journey, as I said a few times now, is not easy but certainly worth the work.You are a mirror of your Twin so if he needs work so do you as we all do. The more we realise that they do it is a sign that they are giving us to look at ourselves to improve ourselves astray too crave our unconditional love. Goes back to the circle, as the Circle signifies perfection of life in return “Perfection of our existence within LIFE”
        Love harmony and believe xxx
        Giorgio xxx

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      6. vita says:

        Thank you Goerge 🙂 Thank you All, I cannot even show my feelings so fake I am, it comes not out, because it all only fear and embarassing, it seems, so sad, somewhere I know I am so beautiful and lovely, but I cannot show it, because I don’t know how to shield me, afraid that I cannot be not sensitive and vulnerable if I am open, but it goes kinda better, I know I do it for Him, it makes it easier, way easier ❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymuWb8xtCsc&index=24&list=LLHxqD-0gUZNmn-7YO6wX9_A The Story of my Twin Flame Life 😀 and the ähm yea the final countdown tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9klUsh2etl8&index=25&list=LLHxqD-0gUZNmn-7YO6wX9_A Bless You 🙂

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      7. Giorgio says:

        Dear Vita

        There is nothing to apologise for. I know that we are all here to help relieve some of the pain and inconsistencies that surround this position that we all share so openly. We are all human. We are all imperfect and we should all exercise Love and more Love and More love to ourselves and to each other.
        Well, what are we about really, in this existence, if we cannot recognise that the world needs us to be at the forefront with this notion. Unconditional love…… it takes a very strong person to be honest and have integrity to admit to themselves first, that we accept self improvement in whatever way possible. Sad that we all must learn with our mistakes, but we all DO. If our Twin Flame is running or we have, so be it, lets move on positively with integrity and desire to love them no matter what. Eternity is Eternity… it is never going to end. Love them more than ever, unconditionally, I do.
        I am personally here to express, share and give my all to whoever needs this support because this is beyond the physical. I give from my soul and through my spiritual strength that I feel from our creator. You are all beautiful people and rest assured, that what we are doing is flowing into the cosmos and the universe. It is calling us more and more every day to throw into the world more love than anything else. Feel and connect within and with God. Be strong and believe that our calling is not a coincidence but a real act from our creator. We don’t see God but we feel him and he talks to us. Pain? Who cares about the pain really, we are stronger than the pain.
        Feel and understand that our “love” is stronger than Pain and Death even. I know that mine is and the unconditional love that I have for my Twin Flame, is undoubtedly stronger than anything that I have ever ever felt in my entire lives of reincarnations. Even my Twin could not see it. She is running, but God is holding my hand.
        I am in the safest hands ever. I want to go to God with my Twin and I will be entering the doors in heaven with her. I don’ t even want you guys to doubt yourselves in this. Connect with God and he will do what is supposed to happen according to, what he has planned for us.

        Doucejonna’s article is so beautiful. I could not write it any better.

        God is Magnificent, connect and have faith that he loves US all. He does with unlimited love, and that is why we are here a little frustrated because of our worldly desires and cravings. What our soul craves, it will get, once it is pure enough and we let go of our needs. It is what God wants for us that is best. All we need to do is LOVE ourselves and our Twin.
        There is nothing that we cannot imagine, realise and think about that will not make us happier than to know that our God is EVERYWHERE. God exists IN US.
        The more we connect the more we realise that he loves us. Our Twins are our Twins. There is nothing that will deter them from coming home. We must have Faith, belief and Love through God. The more positive energy we let out to God and them, the quicker things happen. Don’t worry about anything, use the power of positive thinking and believe in what cannot ever be changed. We are a mirror image with our Twin. They are one soul with us. Remember that the Love we have is much stronger than the pain.
        I adore my Twin and she keeps me going because, I just adore her all the way to “Eternity.”
        “Eternity is Eternity… it is never going to end. Love OUR Twin Flames more than ever, unconditionally, I do.”

        Love, harmony and Believe xxx
        Giorgio xxx


      8. Amor says:

        Giorgio, I love your conviction. This blog and your comments always remind me that God is the source of such Divine Love. Today somewhere in the world the date is 11/11 which I think is significant. I was writing in my personal journal that i deeply feel the love of a thousand years wanting to blossom for all the world to see – for my TF and I together to be that light, that hope. It is so possible for everyone to experience love, to raise their vibes a little higher. Yes, it is a lot of work and having to be truthful with ourselves and with our relationship with God. The comments I read from you today seem to echo that. Thank you for the confirmation. Peace and Blessings on your journey.


      9. Giorgio says:

        Dear Amor

        Your name Amor means LOVE. Vita ‘s name means LIFE.

        What better names do you two need to believe that even your beautiful parents have named you both so appropriately. (LOL,LOL,LOL) God is all that we are and much much more. Believe me I was brought up a Roman Catholic as I have said before but there is nothing that comes from some not all clergy representatives in words that I find stimulating enough to sway me to go to GOD.
        I have seen enough I what I have been through in my life to believe even with more conviction that God exists and GOD is “Eternity.”
        I am NOT a fanatic but I am sure within my heart that we are all unique. Even more when we find our Twin Flame. I met my Twin Flame 26 years ago now. She has been involved with me in a major event in my life when I was married. I don t really need to say much but everything points to one direction and one light the end of my journey tunnel.
        However, what “doucejonna” said in her article, it is so profound and holy. We cannot interfere with our married soul’s decision or their life. Trying to force or interfere with our Twin Flame married life.
        Yes, from a human perspective, I desire her more than anything in this creation. I love her with love that is impossible to express with words. As I right this I feel her and my love is inside of her and all around her persona all the way around her soul and spiritual world.
        I wish I could show all of you the Love that I have for God, for giving her to me on such a beautiful platter. I don’t mean I own her. I don’t need to, she is more part of me than her or I could imagine. I want NO other to make love to. I desire her and No other, until I close my eyes in this worldly death. But I know that I am with My God and when I go To the street of heaven, I will wait as God looks at me with amazement of what he created and smiles at me for the love that I have for my twin Flame is so Godly, so serene and so potent that only God knows the intensity.
        I am crying as I write this because I miss her in the physical and spiritually I still every day kiss her neck, her eye brows and every part of her body from her forehead to her toes, as I stop along the way to look in her eyes and tell her that I adore her and I love her So much.
        No, No one can love a Twin Flame more than their Twin Flame can.

        ” IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. ”

        As you said in one of your writings, that your Twin Flame stands by your side. That is truly beautiful. That is what love is made of, and that is what we crave and work hard for.
        Pain is no match for a Twin Flame’s Love. We must control it at all time and work harder than ever. Persevere and LOVE our Twins unconditionally for God sees this. God desires this in the world that has gone into an oblivion of greed and pretension. A premeditated act of ignoring our True values of Loving our neighbour as ourselves.We have become despots but the awakening is real. Things are on the way to be revealed that we are, the Mass who want LOVE not destruction.
        All with love though NOT war.
        Mahatma Gandhi said- ” An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
        Keep loving your Twin. it is the best potion of eternal Bliss. My God is so beautiful and Infallible.
        Thank you
        Love harmony and believe XXX

        Giorgio XXX


      10. Amor says:

        Giorgio you are going to make me cry. When I wrote that my TF stands by my side, I mean I can feel his energy. Physically we are not in contact. But in spirit we are together all the time. Thank you for replying to me. This journey can be lonely in that I don’t feel I can share this with others because they won’t understand. Reading what you write, I feel for my TF the same what you feel for your love. I make it a point everyday to connect with him spiritually since I can’t be next to his physical body at the moment. I send him love daily. Sometimes I get scared that I can’t handle this since it is so felt and unseen. Everyday I have to remind myself to breathe through the fear. You’re right that pain is no match, we have to persevere. I’ve pushed through a lot of pain already since meeting him so there is light and love on the other side. We just keep going and pray for guidance and strength. Thank you again for sharing your story with me.


      11. Giorgio says:

        Dear Amor

        I want to tell you something that has helped me. Do not think that you will not handle this. You will persevere, don t loose faith and don t stop loving your Twin ever. He is your Mirror.
        You must try to let go, Totally. Have faith in God. Let go and ask God to do what he has planned for you and your Twin. Try not to wish to be with him directly. Yes, wish for reunion but understand that the calling is Not a coincidence. God is with you and I feel him because everyday almost every moment, I pray to my creator.
        I have done this and I feel contented that, whatever God wants for me and my Twin , I let God do with us as he pleases.
        I am ready to not reunion, if God does not want me to. I ask God though, that I wish to have a place in heaven, so I can serve God for eternity.
        You must stop thinking within the (3)third Dimension. God created Your Twin and You out of the same Soul. He made a mirror Soul to you that fits perfectly into yours.
        “You are both inseparable.”
        If you believe what I am saying, than your role is to believe in your God and his magnificent powers. God is infallible.
        Anything that is within this cosmos and universe the physical, materialistic and spiritual is in God’s power to control. Not Ours.
        We have no power to control anything.
        However, your spiritual thoughts, unconditional love for your Twin and your faith that your creator sees and acknowledges the ” All that we feel, think and desire.”

        I do not Send My Twin My love directly. I Pray to God and I ask my God to send my love with his blessing to her. It might sound silly but my faith in my God has to match my wishes. I promised to my creator that she is the end of the line for me.
        Therefore there will be no other. I know she is my Twin Flame, just like you are certain of your Twin.
        With all this, in your sight, I suggest that your total surrender is to your creator. It is through our God that all is possible.
        All that we wish, that we are and will be is already planned. God knows and acknowledges your human weaknesses and strengths. God knows what you are thinking and also knows when your calling to leave this world is going to be. “Too Deep?” No, not at all.
        I believe that the energy we feel, the energy that we are surrounded by and our destiny is already Kaye’s out on the spread sheet of destiny.
        Have faith and control your emotions. This is our job to gauge our spiritual
        maturity, our belief in our faith and our total surrender with a Godly confidence in our Father.
        Feel the power of God in you, feel his hand guiding you, feel his magical unmatched spirit inside you.
        I said before, Not death nor any Demon can touch you or your Twin if you are with your father. This earthly wish to be with out Twin we desire because it is so heavenly, so spiritually magnificent. Yes, we feel God through all this and that is what Gid is, unconditional Love.
        Amir, this leurs us towards God to God ” First and Foremost” than our and our
        Twin . Have faith and pray for all that you wish but let your spirit be with God at all times. Then it will all unfold. Be adventurous and happy that it is your creators choice that you are here in the Now in contact with your Twin.
        Yes, cry with happiness and gratification of the acknowledgement you have going through this triangle of unconditional love.
        You, God and your Twin.
        There is Nothing more magical and unknown that you can have more than this event in all your many reincarnations.
        Pray and let your God show you how magbificent he his to us.
        Heaven is the ultimate destination not your journey.
        Heaven with God is where it All starts for eternity.
        Can you feel our surrender. Even jonna says this in her ways.
        That is surrender. God is our door to all that we wish and desire. We are human and think within the (3) third dimension but we get a glimpse into the (5) fifth dimension . God is the pass to go inside. Your faith is the money that you pay for It with.
        This is my analogy.
        I found peace to be stronger and hope.
        Let go ” Totally” within your faith and prayers.

        Love harmony and believe XXX
        Giorgio xxx


      12. doucejonna says:

        Giorgio, as always you write so beautifully, it goes straight into the deepest corners of my heart ❤️ I just wanted to say how much I resonate with what you are saying here that the way to our Twin and Union is through God. Like you say ” I do not send my twin my love directly. I pray to God ask my God to send my love with his blessing to her”. Oh YES this is exactly what I find myself also doing, for a long time now.. And the most amazing thing is, my twin has been doing it too and has told me about it.. We have both been praying for each other, asking God to support the other in their journey and bless them with all His love.. It is a thousand times more powerful than anything we could ever generate to send to them on our own. God is a powerful, THE most powerful ally…He is infallible.
        Amor, truly, put all your faith in God. Understand in your heart that He has decreed your Union, your life, your path. You can do this. Let go of thinking of this connection as a relationship, it can never be that, instead realize that the Union that you already are is true and sacred in every breath that you take. Like Giorgio says, God’s magical unmatched spirit is in you… Once you discover this, and I mean truly discover this, you will see how the yearning and pain transforms to the deepest peace and faith that things happen just as they are supposed to. Always put God first.
        Giorgio, I loved your analogy about God being the pass into the 5th dimension and our faith being the money we pay.. I believe this also. Surrender is the way we do this.. I believe with all my heart that if both twins learn to put God first and follow his guidance then God will bring them into Union without a struggle.
        Love you Giorgio for taking so much time to reply to the comments here 💜 You are helping so many. You have such depth, such radiance and humidity about you. Love and blessings, Jonna

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      13. Giorgio says:

        Thank you but we are all in this together and as much as I use to feel the power of God when I use to meditate within our martial arts classes with a Yigi that our master had invited a couple of times, I Now more than ever, briefly understand Gods amazing limitless powers.
        I know you understand jonna, I feel your words and we are very much in the same stage of the Twin Flame reality. It is Not a phenomenon , it is Gods love that we are here.

        Please, You all help me as well by saying things and by being here as a group. Now this is what I wish to suggest.
        Whenever we meditate as individuals let us think of all the beautiful Twin Flames, on this site. Let us meditate and remember that “ALL OUR UNIVERSAL POWERS FROM ALL THE COSMOS ” generate so much power and appreciation to God, that all we need to ask God is for us to have the grave From God to live God more.
        Yes, we have desires but God knows all that. As I said before, he acknowledged everything.
        We conserve Godly energy and we invest in Gods love so our Twins benefit also, rather than use energy that we can channel through God with God knowing what they need to get. Let God have our collective energies for God to give to our respective Twins what they need. Like working hard and giving our money to our father so he can buy a dwelling for all and each of us. Let God be the director and chief of our fate. Dignity, integrity and trust in the one father that ” WILL NOT EVER CHEAT IN US, ever”. God will give us what we deserve and need to engrave a place for our better half and Us all the way to eternity. Reunion, well let God decide for us.he knows it all. He is the power the love our Twins crave and we crave.

        Love harmony and believe XXX


      14. Amor says:

        Dear doucejonna & Giorgio, Thank you so much for your encouraging words and guidance. Thank you for making me feel comfortable to express my feelings on this blog. I truly appreciate the both of you taking the time to help me. This experience has definitely led me back to God. I admit that I had lost my way for many years. But ever since my TF and I locked eyes this whole new world opened up and I am learning and at the same time purging a lot of negative energy. I pray and ask God for guidance all the time. I’ve been on this journey for a little over a year and a half – so yes I am new to this, in comparison. So I am truly grateful for this blog and this community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


    2. vita says:

      To put it right, as I said to George, I didn’t see him as Asshole/Liar and so on, but He wanted me once to see this part of His Behaviour as well, he needed it, and me too, cause it is so, even I am not able to see it that way and have only Love for Him. ❤


      1. vita says:

        K what is CODA? If you may help me out. I have found a Prayer with George, we pray sometimes together, even I am lazy, he pushes me. Fun with that one, Bless Yall 😀

        I call forth My Beloved Great ‘I AM” Presence, Beloved Lady Qwan Yin, Beloved Goddess of Peace, Beloved Goddess of Harmony, Beloved Goddess of Purity for your Ascended Master Peace, Purity and Harmony through your Sacred Fire Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, passing through my mind, body and feelings, and ask you, Beloved Quan Yin, through your Own Christ Flame of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness – to take that struggle from my emotional body, so that I can feel the Twelve Attributes of DivineLove and use those Attributes to build a life. Now, more than ever before, my outer life shall gain as great an importance as my spiritual life. I now allow my outer life to be fulfilled. I hold a place within myself where dreams are allowed to be fulfilled and I dream a new dream, to reach farther than I have ever reached before, for what I wish to experience in my life, for what I wish to be, for what I wish to have. I command all temporal experiences from the Third Dimension, all human consciousness on Earth stop its action against the Light. I now dream it, I visualize it, I see it, and I know that aging — that everything that is temporary, everything that is the human dream can be undone in a moment and it but requires my authority. And I go out in life now and experience all the wonders and the beauties of life. I was not brought to this world to deny the world; I AM here to teach the world to do everything in a state of Love. I AM Love’s Eternal Flame. I AM the answer. I AM so grateful that it is so that I AM the fulfillment of my every call! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. K says:

    You have the right to see him,sense him however you see and sense him! My twin has human ego issues also (but I am perfect LOLOLOOOL) WE are dualities male and female human and soulful Having an imperfect human ego experience WHILE sensing the perfection of a beautiful joyful soul…lessons of a TWIN experience ??? FEELING and BEING fully alive and OPEN without judgements of our senses and observations (ours and others) may just be the point !!!!!!!
    In faith and belief, K


  10. K says:

    WOW that is amazing I wrote my reply BEFORE I saw your prayer somewhat the same hmmm
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this experience


  11. Giorgio says:

    Dear ALL

    Let us LOVE more and more and pray. Our prayers are stronger than the mountains, Rivers, Fire and earth. However be like the Mountain as the saying goes “No matter how much the wind hauls, the mountain Never Moves.”
    The 5 dimension is God’s purity and the channel that leeds US all to the source.
    God is “I am that I am.” We must say and believe, “I am reunion I am.”

    “My Twin Flame is a being of Violet Fire. My Twin Flame is the purity God Desires.”

    Love more it is the only way, without being selfish. Put ourselves last, now that is Mature True Love.

    “Don’t tell that you love me, Show Me.”
    Love harmony and believe XXX


  12. K says:

    Lovely sentiment EXCEPT if you have not experienced love mature or otherwise from others or clarified what loving yourself would even look or feel like. I see from these blogs people are at all different stages of their lives with different experiences The reason I point this out is because I really understand how lacking language is when it comes to defining and explaining the sensations of twin (re)connection. It is important to continue to keep trying and to keep sharing but it is also important to understand life and people are complex and multifaceted and that is BEFORE we meet our twins LLOLLLL Added to my personal situation.. my twin’s mother language is different than mine and I do not speak his at all…..the sensations of the connection become that much more important…sometimes there are just NO WORDS
    In faith and belief, K


  13. Giorgio says:

    This is about the limited powers we have and God’s limitless power of love

    In the martial arts we have a saying. We believe that “the student will always become better than his master.” ( We are limited in thought and understanding, so try and see my comparison between God and the 3 & 5 dimensions)
    Now, my analogy is this.
    Yes we are in the (3)third dimension but ” we will not ever be more capable than our creator.”
    Martial arts masters can learn phenomenal skills. All is limited within All dimensions but the one thing that we have limitless skills and power in, is ” LOVE.”
    God is so so smart that he has given us the unlimited power in one sole entity. LOVE.
    We are limited in everything else.
    Science, war, hate, greed, money, and everything else we have limits , in all controlled by ” Death” in the end. However, Love is what most revered people are remembered for with gratitude so their soul lives on within all those that acknowledge their love.
    We all DESIRE love.
    Those who have been cruel are also remembered but their cruelty will not live in our hearts. They are left in the cold for it is a negative energy.
    Even nature after a disaster and the land is devastated , greenery, flowers and beautiful new fauna replaces it all. If a fire destroys what we see, the ashes give a mineral boost to the land, opening a new door to rebirth to all things.
    God is the only source to our salvation. All God is, is ultimately “Love” above all else. We feel him but we cannot touch him physically. Just like love. We crave it more than anything. No one gets ever enough. When it gets too much we are scared because we are not use to its limitless powers.
    We fear cruelty as well but for some reason it has a limited life because no one wants it.
    We will not ever have the power to understand God’s full potential no matter how much we try.
    So observe with love, nature and let it teach us humility, death, rebirth and most of all “love.”

    So love God and ourselves, our Twins and all of what God created for he did all this in his image. Our Twin Flame most certainly.
    We are LOVE.

    Love harmony and believe XXX


  14. K says:

    I was raised an atheist, so the talk of God puts me off a bit but amore is something I can hold onto. LOVE is the reason I stay connected with my twin even with all of the human ego issues between us. Those moments when he and I feel that sweet lovely pure simple pulse through our bodies and we laugh and laugh and laugh with joy…this connection has allowed me an entrance to nirvana I suppose those are the moments I feel the closest to believing in miracles and angels and a power greater than myself 🙂
    Grazie per condividere
    In faith and belief, K


    1. Giorgio says:

      Cara K
      Condividere; con piacere.

      I admire you and if you do all this for love, well fantastic. Life is not all smooth though, and it can get very tough. The best thing to do is persevere and show more love .
      Ateismo, has its place.
      It is not a bad thing. It questions and criticizes (what I recognize as observations that emerge out of love)

      Love harmony and believe XXX



  15. Ange says:

    Hello – I’m incredibly grateful to have found this page and article about married twins. So many of your experiences resonate with me and I have been praying for a group where I can feel safe to share my journey with others who understand – so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I hope to share my twin flame journey with all of you very soon. We are both married, have known each other for 23 years, and recently discovered we live in the same town, a 10 minute walk from each other and that my best friend was his neighbour for several years. There was a time where we didn’t talk or see each other for 19 years. We do not talk right now – he is the “runner” and I was the chaser but I stopped long ago after realizing it was more detrimental than helpful to our reunion and for my spiritual growth.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know many of you and sharing our twin flame experiences and journey.

    Ange xo


    1. K says:

      Hi Ange..I am also a noob in here but I just wanted to welcome you. I do understand the relief in finding a safe space because in my experience most people think you are crazy and/or immediately go into the envy/fantasy place neither of which seem to be my experience. I was (re) connected with my twin 6 years ago with both of us being married and pretty established in our lives. We seem to be a good match with both of us taking the runner/chaser role equally over the years. I have vacillated between GUILT and ECSTASY around this relationship but to both of our credits we hang in there with each other with humor and love.I am coming to some peace (at least for today) knowing that being with him in any real way would be so injurious to my (OUR) soul (he has children-one that is still pretty young) it is just not worth it. I have always felt a responsibility for the care and feeding of this lovely connection..he is still prone to be self destructive and is active in his addictions (I am in recovery) I love him and US in that way only Twins seem to love but we are all earth bound (I think they call it being in the 3rd dimension or something) Both of us have made vows and agreements with others and being twins does not negate our obligations to these people. So I am content with hearing his voice on the phone and laughing and sharing via text and email for now. Your story gives me faith that destiny does NOT forget us. It brought you together and then gave you space to do what was needed and now has brought you back together. I admit a bit of voyeurism on my part..like watching a good movie..hmmm I wonder what will happen to you you next 🙂 PS Rest assured there are more knowledgeable voices in here and I am sure they weil help with guidance and support.
      In faith and belief, K


      1. Giorgio says:

        DEAR K

        THANK YOU . WE ARE all in different stage of this journey.

        However, we are here to support our actions and realisations whatever they are to each and every individual.

        Ride the waves of reality and Grace from our higher source. It all has a meaning and a message with a result. We face it all with grace and courage of honesty. it is the only way to be. Integrity is in us and it flows from us to US first and then, the rest.

        Thank you for sharing all of you. you all help in the most extraordinary ways.

        Love harmony and believe XXX

        Giorgio XXX


    2. vita says:

      I welcome You Angie as well ❤ And great Thank for doucejonna for the Opportunity and Sharing Wisdome, again and again so much Help and Love. Thank you K and George, who is so relentless in answering, just sweet. My twin and I omg, just crazy, never wanted something like that, and never looked for, even now have problem with lebelling it as Twin Flames. I have/had no possibility to see him, to speak to him, and even not heard his voice, He did, I spoke to him more chatting online. I am 35 and had my Karma life already gone tru with my Family over decades, I dont need soul mate, but would like have children. Dont know, I guess I will not, because too conscious. Thank you for being You, all of You, Bless you 🙂


      1. vita says:

        Yea and that is going for four years now, maybe more, the first year I been feeling only strange security feeling to him, he was subtly trying more, as I know now, and I was wondering but after one year when when he wrote to me, and admitted kinda, it blown over me, so powerfull, and I had those tingling in my all toes, all ten 😀 And then I had some incredible Orgasms even without touching myself nowhere, so whatever it is, it was/is crazy 😀


      2. Giorgio says:

        Vita and K, Jonna

        Everyone, You are ALL so special for it is a Unique Group of Unconditional loving people.
        Sharing Love and facts, feelings, reflections and the truth of our “WITHIN”

        Love Harmony and believe XXX

        Giorgio XXX


    3. Giorgio says:

      Dear Ange

      Ange, this site is an amazing connection. I am very supportive of what Jonna has done. I think instead of starting another blog myself, as passionate as I am about the love towards my own Most BeautifulTwin Flame, I see it more beneficial and sportive as a group to be united. In support, in the spiritual sense and harmony with so much unconditional love, I believe that the bigger the group grows the better we are as a collective group to connect with a single goal with our creator. This will energise our efforts and desires towards a reunion. We believe it will be more beneficial for most if not ALLD Twin Flames who are running. Being supportive towards our Twin Flames from a distance, wishing our Twins to be happy and in harmony wherever they are, with their own Soul mates even, is the most loving Twin Flame Love within our character we could ever present to them.


      I believe that the awakening “Is On”, BIG TIME. Today France is going through such carnage and such loss of life.

      I am very similar to doucejonna and it sounds , Now, yourself as well,being in this unconditional relationship, with someone who is engaged within a marriage. I am positive that there are so many Twin Flames who would be in our position. Yes, divorce is not what I wish for My Twin Flame so I can have her with me. NO, I pray every day that God transfers My unconditionalLove to My Twin Flame as I give it to God to do with it as God pleases. If and only if, God as it planned for My Twin Flame and Myself to reunion, than I wish that of US to have happen only through Our creator. This wold be the most beautiful and most beneficial universally. My Twin Flame and I will do a lot of work for the comment. I know it very well, that it would be.
      I don ’t know much about your situation but I will not be surprised if it would be much different.

      This carnage in France by such radical mind with such brutality is unacceptable. This is absolutely unnecessary and , Yes I love the French with a love that is limitless more so as the french people are part of my own heritage. Islam is a beautiful source of knowledge and we all recognise that these killers are NOT PART OF the LOVING WAYS THAT ALLAH OR GOD will want to see. Carnage of any kind is NOT supported by anyone, certainly not even in any relationship that is meant to be on Love’s path not jealousy or greed.

      Religions and spirituality are a duo that has nothing within it but a most loving ideal. Atheism is even a loved ideal in my eyes for it questions what happens and what is seen as not loving. Not believing in God for what ever reason is already an admittance into belief of some sort. If one believes that we are just going to dust after death in this world than, “they are half way there.”

      We all have a soul that never dies. It will keep coming back to the world or this life until that Soul will purify itself with So much love that it will become to think in a fifth Dimensional unselfish way.

      You sound very helplessly loving towards your Twin, LOL LOL LOL just like we all are. No matter what stage we are at of course, all somewhat different but all seeking True Love with a mirror soul, Our Most beautiful and most loving Twin.

      Human life is invaluable. We are on a beautiful journey within this amazingly unconditionally loving relationship with a soul that is literally ‘US’.Our own mirror image without whom, personally, I will not go into heaven if I am given the choice.

      I will wait at heaven’s door for her, if we won’t unite. We cannot reject the true “US”, so we must above all, before we even wish anything physical, “to have a spiritual connection with our Twin Flame in the most LOVING WAYS, UNCONDITIONALLY.”

      I do encourage everyone to love themselves and connect with our higher source of power (Our Creator) whose love is untouchable, irreplaceable, lovingly giving and above all uncontrollable, in a way that everyone will embrace.

      Ange, You are NOT ALONE. Feel welcome and at home as we advocate so many loving ways of what we should be doing in reality. We are almost in unison that we are about love. It is all the people on this site message and mission, that we are adamant about our direction and final wish of what we would like to see happen.

      If it is allowed by our creator that it is, so that we meet our Twin Flame and reunion, so BE IT. If Not than, we must support, meditate and wish our Beautiful Twin Flame to be at peace as we try to be so ourselves. This is where You, Ange can rest assured that you will find a lot of knowledge through all of US, to gauge your choices of thought. Your vision is as amazing as ours, I am sure the we can be supportive within your own personal vision as well. As I say that the Pain is no match for the unconditional Love that we have for our most beautiful twin Flame.

      I hope that you don’t mind my welcoming words. I am sure we will be sharing a few similar events and thoughts.

      Thank you

      Love Harmony and believe XXX

      Giorgio XXX

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  16. Ann says:


    I also found this blog to be so beneficial as I am a married to another but found my twin a year ago today. What a shocker that was. He is also married we live 40 mins away. We dated when we were 18 and 19 then he moved away. It was very intense then and when we met up it was explosive.

    Any how bc of my situation and his it’s very hard to deal with. It’s actually hard to go back to those painful moments when I thought I was losing my mind. How could I love this man like this but be married to another.

    Anyways I’ve fought it and now just an acceptance ( trying). The pull is very hard the heart chakra.

    It feels good not to be alone in this bc it’s very difficult to explain to people.



    1. vita says:

      Hello dear Ann, loving ur Story, we all in the same special Journey/Mission. I bless You all ❤


  17. Giorgio says:


    You are an inspiration of so much love and dedication. This is what true unconditional love is made of. We keep living no matter how much we miss our Twin Flame. réunion or not, we love our Twin with a love that goes into éternité. That is what unconditional love is: to recognize someone with such beauty from our genuine heart within us.

    Thank you. Just keep loving.
    God loves us very much and the more we appreciate God the more we feel the power of the self love that we need to overflow on to others.

    “For All those who have perished in the french misfortune yesterday, may we all join together and ask God to give them his love. May they all go to éternité with dignité for their loss is a win over Death. They have attained éternal love with the creator of such living loving magnitude. Through thèse Soul’ loss of life, may our own souls gain mumentum so we as Twin Flmes share and show more love to the world. A world that Lacks compassion. Yes everyone can talk but to make a genuine commettent in reality very very few can and do.”

    We as Twin Flames though, do recognize this with the utmost of love.

    I will pray for thèse beautiful souls so they will find éternel peace with God.

    Love is what bonds us from all angles.

    Love harmony and believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX

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    1. vita says:

      Thank you George for being so lovely, my Prayer was removed, I dont know if its too much, but I just let it to God, and put it one more Time 🙂 I will pray for all People who are going through Loss and Grief at the moment in France and all over the World. Let step back and let God and His loving Power purify and purge negativity and fear, replacing it with such divine Light and unconditional Love. I want to give a Promise for myself and my Twin, be reminded every time I stray, I promise to dedicate every moment of my Life to mine/my Twins Happinez. That Love God let flow through us and giving us every moment, giving and sharing that divine Love with others, healing and touching every one of them in a inexplicable manner, illuminate, enlighten, liberate and release them to Light and Ascension. I will do that out of Gratitude and Love by knowing that I reflect it back to Him. Amen I love You ❤ 🙂

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      1. Giorgio says:


        I think you are as much in tune as every one could ever be. Even more so dedicated with regards from your position. Most people would just laugh . As this Kiwi singer I met. She smiled and looked at me as she said – most people are not within that dimension. It is about material things and at the end, they will realize their past has gone without much of substance, just physical and materialistic events. Spirituality is where it all starts to be of substance with our source.

        You are in tune. I know that you are and …. You are human after all.

        Be who you are, change only if you wish to. All is within our reach

        Love harmony and believe XXX


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      2. K says:

        TY Both you and Doucejonna addressed very insightful and interesting and much needed topics for me right now. Sometimes I feel like I am a ping bong ball being swatted around the table of life !!! My TF beckons me to come to him..part of me really really really wants to…my healing human ego reminds me of old self destructive patterns that I have engaged with in the past (less so now) and reminds me to remember I ALSO MATTER in all of this bouncing around the table of life…MY spiritual integrity is my responsibility and needs my tender care and focus. So today I feel him sulking because I have chosen my integrity over his ( totally understandable) desires For today I am ok with him sulking and will work on not feeling guilty. For today I send him that violet flame and more love than ever and pray (yes pray.meditate, visualize) he begins to understand I only can save him through saving myself first. For today I can do that because I now understand NOTHING will ever separate he and i even our messed up human egos
        In faith and belief, K

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      3. vita says:

        🙂 Thank you all. Very insightful, I did not want to hurt someone, I just believe that God is Life and Love and US Higher Selfies ❤ That is the Love we generate and share and that is the only Answer to find out for humanity. As Jesus said You are my Body, all of You the same my Body. However, it is not easy to understand, and more to feel to love others, and ourselves. I am to sensitive for discussing something, I had always that problem online, and my Twin sooo much as well, even he is so lovely, I saw him to missundastand everything and being hurt, and hurting with his being hurt and discussing people who love him. My Twin is in the physical not helpful and even strange to me, because I been not having a relationship, not even normal friendship with him. I guess all I refer to Him, is his Love, wich is God for me more than myself, his higher self. In the beginning when I did not know about Twins anything, I just been asking God, if it I experienced, just had been a magnificent help to come further and has nothing to do with him, but he is always there related to the feelings, and I know him quite well, and saw too many parallels. I feel him too much as well, all His moods and soul experiences. Whatsoever right now I have a hard time and am busy anyways, with trying to conquer my Fear. I am doing some Callcenter for just jump over myself, discover by doing how can I feel one with just that, humans. 😀


      4. Giorgio says:


        Your words speak loud and clear . Be who you are. You are a beautiful soul . Keep connecting as you are. I believe it is your calling of calmness and integrity and your dedication to what is helping you as much as your Twin is doing you at least good. Even better if you are communicating spiritually that is fantastic.

        This is a difficult time for you. What you are feeling is important. No one can tell you what is right or what is wrong. No one can see your dreams. No one knows our future. But by positively thinking about it you can sway it your way if it is meant to happen.
        Further in saying that, it is helping you and your Twin. Believe in it, don t worry about what is, live the moment that is beautiful and keeps you happy to stay in contact. Those who find it hard to communicate is even harder .
        Your spiritual self is magnificent and as I know you better now, stay on track. It is exemplary to continue your amazing work with your Twin.

        Keep it up, grow and be happy of your gift of spiritual communication. Through our God all is possible.

        Love harmony and believe XXX


      5. Giorgio says:

        Dear k

        Yes, thank you.

        I think that doucejonna will agree with this. If the door of opportunity knocks , don t ignore it totally. You can communicate with integrity. Not stubbornness or Ego . You are right.
        Ignoring your Twin Flame is ignoring yourself, as much as Twins you can not be separated . Communicate properly with respect and try and keep a life line open. In any relationship communication is a very valuable key. Improvement in a positive way.
        This is vital and something that keeps both of you together.
        If you feel that you should not contact him and stay away, well I am not telling you what to do. I personally find that I made a mistake from a 3rd Dimension perspective . From a spiritual perspective because my Twin is married and off the rails , fine back to old habits , enjoying herself in what she thinks is passion and love, well in my case as much as I love her dearly, it is the only way to find out if she misses me and perhaps we will not ever come together again. I trust in God though that all is possible . We do not know what is around the corner.
        Look at Jonah Lomu, 40 years amazing athlete ” Gone”.
        Once the calling is at your door, ” answer ” it. Just be careful to keep your integrity and be gentle not destructive in your ways.
        We say in martial arts – “Softness always wins over hardness.”

        One thing is certain ” Love him”.

        Love harmony and believe Xxx

        Giorgio xxx


      6. K says:

        LOL I keep trying not to say this outloud but my twin is an Italian He wants desperately to “have” me I totally understand however I am married and I love my hubby who asked ONE thing of me …be faithful sexually At the time I thought NO PROBLEM and it hasn’t been UNTIL this… It is not that I do not trust my twin (even if my repeated suggestions of meeting for coffee have been repeatedly laughed at) I do not trust myself either. This is a very deep desire I do not want my first meeting with him to be trivialized by acting against my integrity and having to face the rest of my life with that kind of knowing 😦 I am better than that This connection deserves better than that and how do you ask an Italian NOT to think of sex LOLLOLLOLO On the other hand, I do have faith He and I will meet in the right way at the right time ONCE AGAIN, destiny and her wicked sense of humor In faith and belief, K


      7. Giorgio says:

        Dear K

        Try all you want. I am latino as well.However, in your soul mates defence, I ask you does he love you? Will he accept you back if you did sleep with anyone else?
        Will he allow you to spiritually grow? Physically accept knowing you need to have sex with someone else so you can choose where you truly belong?
        On the other hand – Do you need to have sex with someone else?
        Who is spiritually connected with you – Your Soul mat for your Twin Flame. ?
        (I am LOL ok ) but this is not funny at all. Whatever you will do is going to hurt.TRUST ME< I KNOW.
        I have to be honest as my Twin Flames partner is as well now living in a dream, not to loose my Twin Flame, his wife, he is turning blind eye to things. That is NOT LOVE. It is fear and insecurity. She claims that she loves her husband but still has her private life. (THAT IS LIVING A LIE)
        I hear people say that to last your marriage one must turn a blind eye.
        Yes, they do because they cannot handle the insecurity and accept that there is a lot more to us being here. I am not judging either but living happily and contented being IN LOVE, is one thing. Living in a marriage of convenience is another. Loving someone whilst you have the time of your life with someone else is not being "IN LOVE" that is chasing love , one that people never find.
        No one tricks the source or the universal love of truth.We can kid ourselves but in doing so we only prolong our turmoil in our journey.

        The love of a Twin Flame is like no other. It is the ultimate place of love, "A fifth dimensional Love." It has everything, what that means is that you will not know until you feel it and you are in it. even then you come to a point of denying it and you might run away as most do, before you reunite, Not because of the physical only though.

        These are not present in the Twin Flame relationship because it is not a physical relationship to start off with. Spirituality first which is the basis for a life time to eternity commitment. Do I make sense?

        This is where I can shed a little information for you. I am not anyone but a simple Twin Flame who has loved his Twin Flame for 26 years and had an 8 year relationship for the last 8 of those before it all backfired in this life time. When I tried to make My Twin Flame to commit by asking her to do so. It was wrong as the love of Twin Flames is mind blowing. You will submit to your twin Flame, sooner or later.
        When you do, its all over. You say that you love your hubby !!. Well, I understand that. I also understand that it is a massive leap of faith to leave and go with your Twin Flame.

        Whatever you have in your life, is probably not satisfying you. READ doucejonna's article and try to understand the truth.
        Secondly, you will never know what it feels like to have a Twin Flame in bed, until you do.
        I am latino as well, but this has nothing to do with it. Making love to your Twin Flame will be the ultimate in love making but more so, you will spiritually be connecting to a much higher love. It is not just the body. In actual fact your spirit is what is most heightened that is why your physical is out of this world. There will be NO BOARDERS what you and your Twin Flame will do with each other.

        This is not about a physical connection first. You are already engaged with your Twin Flame.
        Are you not calculating that you are dealing with yourself?
        Don't kid yourself.
        You have a number of issues here.
        1. You will not ever forget or get away from your Twin Flame.
        He is your image – Mirror. He is part of YOU. Mentally, spiritually and physically.
        2. You already have the utmost of desire to make love to him. Deny it to yourself and look in the mirror and say to yourself – I am not going to submit to my Twin.
        3. You think that it is going to work? NO. YOU will Fail.
        4. Don't oppose it. The door has been knocking for all these reincarnations and NOW, you are shutting the door on the most beautiful life – Spiritually first, the rest just flows.
        5. You want full integrity, hear me very loud – Personally, I am happy to live my life on my own.
        My Twin Flame is the ONLY, the ONE AND ONLY entity I would ever sleep with again ever.
        6. When you meet your Twin Flame, you had better think if you are "in love" or "Love" your partner soul mate.
        7. There is a Big difference ok.
        8. If you love your partner well, it is only a matter of time what will be happening.
        9. This is what I see, when this happens.
        "I left my partner and even tried to get back with her to the point of trying to re marry after I knew that my Twin Flame was the one I truly was in love with".
        10. My wife and I ended up in the most aggressive and hated break up ever. Trust ME you don't want that to happen to you.
        11. You must feel your most innate feelings and see what it is telling you. If you decide not to have any contact with your Twin Flame, fine. FORGETTING HIM? Don't kid yourself OK.
        12. Your Twin Flame will be impossible , impossible to forget. NO WAY.It is what you are doing as doucejonna said in her intimate article. Wake up "K".
        13 This is not a game. If you think it is, loose your marriage with integrity not destruction.
        14. You have already, already committed to your twin Flame. Holding back is depriving yourself and your soul mate a better spiritual and contented life .
        15. Sex is not the issue. I know you want to be with your twin Flame Italian or Not. I am a latino as well. I love my bedroom but my bedroom is ONLY for MY TWIN FLAME AND I.
        I have NO BOUBT IN THIS ETERNITY. I don t care who she sleeps with when she is growing in spirit, that means that she is not ready yet to reunion, because when reunion happens there are none of these games. It is the purest Loves of all. YOU OR YOUR TWIN FLAME will need no one else. If you did you are not ready to reunion, That's a fact.

        16. NO ONE WILL COME TO MY BEDROOM BUT HIM, can you do this.?

        17. Once you do this, you will experience heaven. Like you have never ever before.
        18.Once That happens you had better think what your next move is.
        19. I am done myself. My twin Flame is the end of the line for me. I have submitted to God and i might just as well become a MONK. No other will be touching my body. My soul and More so my spirit .
        20. I am spiritually and physically, totally loyal to my Twin. She does not think so, because she is looking for answers else where and she is in denial. Don't be in denial.

        Think wisely and spiritually, you can refuse the calling for so long. As long as you are both alive, it is going to have. Whether it has or not that is your knowing no one else.

        Respect you and I support you.

        Love harmony and believe XXX
        Giorgio XXX


      8. K says:

        I adore destiny. I am reading your response My twin is texting me and I am finally able to say to him…(after sending him a picture of the meal I am making for dinner) When he and I finally find OUR home v. his home or my home then it is time for dinner TY for the time and thought put into your responses I am digesting this (it is getting close to dinner time) LOL
        In faith and belief, K


      9. Giorgio says:

        Dear K

        Destiny is sweeter than you think. Be truthful to yourself, first. You are committed don’t ruin it.
        Laugh at this as we say that we are – My ancestry are french and italian so it is in my blood –
        we are lovers not fighters.
        One thing is true-
        A french man will take you out for dinner and gives you a gift and then he will make love to you. Next morning he will get dressed and leave you. Wondering when he will see you again. Yes, he will but he is proud.
        An Italian, well he is charming, electrifying in the most smoothest of all ways. He will dress nice and yes, he will touch you and kiss you and makes you melt with his eyes looking at you with a profound message thatch wants to take you to bed so he can make love to you.He will look after you and will kiss you before he goes and make love to you again to seal his comeback and leaves you hungry for more, love dripping with desire and he takes your heart with him until he returns.

        Feel with your heart not your mind. When you start thinking you will go into an ocean of doubt. DON”T DO IT.

        Love harmony and Believe XXX
        Giorgio XXX


      10. vita says:

        Love Love Love not quite sure if I can put it in words, but religions is the worst thing ever, is a separative constitution, because it teaches always separation from others and from ourselves. There is no separatioin, no matther who it is. We are all together the same, and we are all together God, as One or not at all. God is Us, as One Source, One Love, One Energy. If we put some parts of us in better light, or ignore weaker parts, or go for framing out, and searching God in spirituality but not in loving each other, we fail. It is actually simple, because religion is made by man, Love is God, not made but generated from the Source, directly and truth. Love is no confusion or missundastanding, in religion for always will be. We cannot go for God by framing someone out, and hating some parts of Us, that is not possible, cause people are needing Love that’s why they are doing what they do. God as we say that sometimes, without refering Him to Love, and Love all of Us, regardless state or faults, or image or position or or or, that is not God. We are One ❤


      11. Giorgio says:

        Dear Beautiful Vita,

        I have travelled so many distances since I have come to this site. I have been through so much since I have engaged with all of you, especially with some like yourself, TwinFlameDawning, Butterfly67 , K, Amor and especially jonna.
        Well, I have been surrendering even more every day. I am still getting the occasional frustrated moment, but as I have claimed to all on this blog, I take my frustration out with my prayers instantly.

        I realise that Spiritually I am connected with reasonable joy now. I wrote a quote yesterday for my second book which says –

        ” Do we realise that this world is about LOVE and the Development of Our “SOUL?”

        We need to think in a way to enlighten ourselves within our own self love.
        Loving ourselves as much as we could. Yes, so many of US have been through so much and yet our TF chooses to walk away from such deep Divine love to be with someone else and Not US. Well, if that is what they need to understand the true meaning by living life to its fullest, so be it. We are not here to exist nor are we here to control others. Goodness, we cannot even control ourselves most times until we realise what we are actually doing is just that. we want to control our TF when we ourselves need more work and more self love.

        So Vita I know you understand this and as we have spoken abut it, it is a true reflection of who we are as well. I understand now where I am. I am where I am supposed to be. Exactly, and the time is Now, Not the past of the future. Living appropriately and with self love, as doucejonna said to me a few times now, hinted by Butterfly67 as well, I am finding comfort in my reliance “IN” my creator with easy, with even more commitment now. It is out of my control to get to my TF. It is like that my work is already done between us and it is within the realm of the chase and the runner.there is none of that I believe now, as it is an illusional act due to our connection, just like an elastic band, which goes one way one moment and the other way the next. Trying to run away when neither of us can’t as we travel only so far away from each other with no result. All because we interchange ourselves within our TF as well. The mirroring is complimented and reciprocated by both the TF’s. We are running from ourselves. No one else, they are our mirror Twin.

        In fact, Just like when we stand in front a big mirror and we look the other way, just before we start running away from the reflection which is US. We run away from our own image and “THIS’, I have experienced with my TF. Many times I have, and it is just that I did not realise it at the time. Now when I reflect back, I laugh at myself. If my TF needs to go away and find herself, I want her to do so, as it then that she can find ME… “US”. I know she will. If it i not meant to be as God wants us to, then I will wait for her at the doors of heaven. I am going there, I must. I have no choice as I have asked God and he tells me in so many ways to wait.

        I feel very much more at ease, not apart but more united and togetherness as I have no expectations but more than anything I have Divine Love for my TF. I have realised that no matter where she is, we are missing out in a way to be together as she can never be apart or that far away form me. She is who she is, “MY Most Beautiful Mirror Twin Flame.”

        Now she is not an illusion, neither a Confusion but certainly some confusion and definitely she will see the true image as she wakes up, within the plan of our “Divine Eternal FUSION”.

        Love, Harmony and Believe XXX

        Giorgio XXX


  18. vita says:

    I am quite different or I feel that, I am not trying to fight someones opinions, never did, thats sad, I just have mine. And all of you have their insights, Doucejonna is so wise and healing and radiant loving. I just have my Sight, I’ve gotten a lot autistic, and have hard try to be sociable and communicate right. I was been left alone from everyone and everything for decades, nothing ever helped me, even I tried to ask for help relentlessly, and God did not help me too. I prayed every day and spoke to Him. I was diagnosed with shisophren disorder, psychose, had hard compulsions and stil have urgent phobias, have been hiding from people. I didn’t feel as human, cause they left me die, I couldn’t want to be human. Only nature, animals, water and books were there, but it was not enough, only when I met Him, my precious Twin, his love brought me back to humanity, slowly, cause it is a process. My Twin is in the same state and I love Him forever. Thank You All ❤


  19. vita says:

    I am quite different or I feel that, I am not trying to fight someones opinions, that’s sad, I just have mine. All of you have their insights, Doucejonna is so wise and healing and radiant loving. I just have my sight, I’ve gotten a lot autistic, and have hard way to be sociable and communicate right and I try hard. I was been left alone from everyone and everything for decades, nothing ever helped me, I tried to get help relentlessly, God did not help me too. I prayed every day and spoke to Him. I was diagnosed with schizophren disorder, psychosis, had hard compulsions and still have urgent phobias of people, have been hiding from people. I didn’t feel as human, cause they left me die, I couldn’t want to be human. Only nature, animals, water and books were there, but it was not enough, only when I met Him, my precious Twin, his love brought me back to humanity, slowly, cause it is a process. My Twin is in the same state and I love Him forever. Thank You All Bless You ❤


    1. K says:

      Vita… As I write this and after last night thinking about Paris and after reading Giorgio’s unwavering faith in LOVE and his relationship with his GOD..I am having a moment of clarity….LOVE..really is the answer. For people like me that struggle with feeling unworthy perhaps the reason I was (re)connected with my twin is as simple as reminding me what LOVE is and what it feels like inside of me. So many things are beyond my control but learning to love myself the way I love HIM..my beautiful TWIN I deserve this Vita you deserve this ALL of us deserve this KNOWING LOVE is ALL powerful and LOVE of self must be extra (only because that seems to be the most difficult love to hold )
      In faith and belief, K


      1. Giorgio says:

        All of Us remember that – love is the only way from here to eternity. When our weirdly bodies die we are victorious. No one can touch us or our Soul in ANYWAY .
        We move to eternity. This is our calling where we are. Yes, we need to have our other part of our soul. I even look at my Twin Flame’s photo. We look alike so much. In every way, then I listen to her heart and feel her soul. He beat the same drums , not for war but for Peace.
        Spiritually I am on my way to the 5 th dimension. Herself, hmmm maybe but look at Patricia’s Joudry’s analogy

        The mountain climb for both Twins. The journey is a long one full of pain and challenges.
        Our Twins mirror us in all ways.

        As my Twin use to say –
        ” Share the love”. I say “Love yourselves first”
        One must have enough for themselves to share it with others.

        Love harmony and believe XXX



      2. vita says:

        Thank You both and All, very lovely and I hope we will always chose LOVE, cause we do that for all the World, every tiny particle is us and it grows by giving. I said to my Twin once, “Love Yourself as You love me”, and have to remember that for myself. 🙂 <3<3<3


  20. vita says:

    ❤ I receive so much energies, and I feel like you Doucejonna think, assume that I fight ur opinion, of putting God first and not Twin or everything related. I never did, not here at least, but with others in my other interactions for sure. I experience it rather complementary, and very helpful, not to be stuck in my own View, to see helpful other Insights, as it is yours, or others. There is not only God and me, there is community too, which we cannot put aside, that is not all easy. Interfere with God alone and only is something different than trust people/oneself. I know what I am saying. Like I said been autistic in my coping, so I have problems to express myself, and get much things misunderstand, have fear of being rejected. We have to see that, we all same important the way we are, You see it that way, and you much better than me, and have your talents and ability to put it so loving and right. However You touch the normal people, and I maybe the few deeper disordered, or just with deeper mission, with solutions about humanity for example. I hope you understanding me, I trying, I am not good in being flowery, because try first be honest all the time. ❤


    1. Giorgio says:


      Please, rest assured no matter what this dimension presents to US all, you are so much part of OUR journey as well on this blog.

      Wow, you can be honest becUse we are too. We can feel how honest ALL of US are . You are as much part of US as we are part of you.

      Flowers are in the fields of life itself , and you my beautiful Tein Flame friend, are one of those flowers. Our Tein flames don t know yet what unconditional love is. God will hopefully transmitt his love to them together with ours.

      Vita, you express yourself beautifully . I know you are an amazing linguist with all the languages that you speak. But the best language we all speak with on this blog is ” Uncinditional love” for our Twin of Violet fire.

      Stay connected . We are one big family who understand our feelings, intentions of integrity, respect and above all Amazing Uncobditional love.

      Love harmony and believe XXX


  21. vita says:

    Hello all ❤ , I'ill risk take it with Doucejonna again 😀 , but I for myself don't think that we have to pond or dwell on God too much. God does not need us, we need each other urgently and essentially. All religions did not bring us far, not right direction at all. I guess because it's programmes separation, cause we think, being tought from religions only me and God as the most important, as it is in Islam, not knowing others same God?! Only christians and other not?! Even Jesus never said that, and preached Onenness, by saying what you do to the one of them you doing to me, he just showed us even more, that we Are Gods, and can go over and beyond Death. Buddists make it kinda right, and teach Onenness, You are me, and me am You. It is the only Solution for Humanity. To see that is no need to have Religions or even God, God is me and You as completely ONE. If we always knew that what I do to you, I do to my Body my Ghost for instance, I do in the consequence to myself, because we are One. No need for God. More than that, we are saved in being God together, finally fused. All other standards are disfunctional, and I experienced it myself, only because my Twin is Human, I learned to trust Humanity, it was only possible through being loved from Human. I love Him, His Love is God, not his identity and physical, I did not meant it. Amen ❤ I am open for Feedback for sure, or Critisicm, by the way. 😀


    1. akuna kumara says:

      Think you miss the point in the God issue…call this God or Source whatever we will it is as physic is now showing us the force of energy within all things and is not a Being but a All Knowing Consciousness Energy which is the source of creation and thus sends forth aspects of itself to experience and then return so it origin so it can consume all facets of consciousness of all experience….This TF is an aspect comprising of male & female essence energy with the Source Consciousness joining them at center point thus making one aspect…the purpose of the TF aspects which no longer goes forth as only one gender but expresses as the two genders separately with 2 incarnate beings at the same time, is to find it’s other self unit / merge as One which then expresses the Love of the Source in the perceived 3D world by melding their opposition of polarity to compliment the other rather than be an adversity…This may occur in what we perceive as human but all is energy and it is only we who perceive this physicality. The purpose is for humanity to apply what the TF’s create in the higher dimension we are moving into so as to experience a love base experience instead of the fear base of the 3D. ““ seems you are confusing the religions of man with the Spiritual which is the divine sacred energy of creation not a judgmental or law making being. Perhaps more spiritual or metaphysical or lightworker etc info would help clarify the difference so you can see the divine purpose over the physical experience it’s taking place in. Blessing as this isn’t an easy path for any soul to traverse…


      1. vita says:

        ❤ Thank you for your smack Answer. I think it is everything one, there is not a difference for me. I mean with that, we are called to see that we are God and to Love ourselves/others with full heart, there is no need to understand, just love, but we need to do this in 3d dimension not when we are dead. As long we dont see, we are not ready. But that is only when we see with a heart. Blessing you back.. ❤


      2. vita says:

        We try to explain and explain and be so wise smart, when it is no need and actually detrimental, we have to feel and love, but that is not easy. I been wanting to die every day, every moment of my life till I met my Twin. I’d spoken to God. I become Answers from HIM, that was natural for me, that was because I was for decades alone and as a gift, but it was not enough, to survive and come back to be one with humans, to want to be human, and to trust, it stops and become something else after my Twin, and that saved my LIFE. I just giving back my deadly hurting experience, I will not silent, life purpouse. 😀


      3. vita says:

        ❤ Again I did not want to hurt someone, it was said in joke, about taking with Doucejonna, I could have written it without. That is just my View about God and comes first from Interviews with God from a Book N. D. Walsh, that we don't need God. I mean did I hurt someone, just by saying my opinion, did I say someone misses something? I just said I think different, u hurt me kinda 🙂 but it is a risiko to be honest, like saying my truth. 😀


      4. akuna kumara says:

        Vita sorry but if your hurt then you should recognize that many will be offended by your saying we don’t need God ..You need to clarify a joke as a joke when it’s not a funny statement! This is a Divine quest with the Source of Creation at center point to lift the light of the world into Love. and to say God does not need us ….is stating separatism and duality which is the old paradigm view of God existing outside ourselves..and TF clarifies God is within we are God incarnate seeking Oneness . . .(Physics proves this today, just as awakened beings have been saying (AS ABOVE SO BELOW)… Oneness is Unity we are all One and all God….These are higher spiritual principals regardless of what you read = not all written comes from the Higher Consciousness which the Twin Flame is working toward as the endpoint. .


      5. vita says:

        🙂 I am seeing again, how non productive online communities are, I am having a lot of problems with. Humor and intentions are being completely missjudged, just on the state people are themselves, seeing only their worlds and not the other, cause is no other to see, just themselves. I am not having that problem in real life and I am gratefull for, even I am having fear, but I can always make other laugh. That is maybe a sign for me, actually it always was, cause we with my twin, completely hidden from the real life and real people, is so convinient, just having a fake life even with good intentions, is not what God wants us to do, and they are often just not answering, I know I am judgemental, but this is truth. 🙂


      6. K says:

        It is language Vita….GOD is just a word to describe a concept of a feeling for other’s to understand. Really, I think it may be the ONLY word or concept that cuts across to all and everyone (even me who was raised as an atheist) understands the POWER meant behind that word My Twin and this connection have pretty much done the same thing for me also..sooo…I can understand how people connected this with GOD. I have mentioned before the lacking I have found with language in trying to adequately describe this journey…like trying to describe a color to a blind person. Having a twin and walking this path is as life changing for me as GOD has been for others. Don’t use the word or the concept if it does not fit for you..what other words and concepts could you use? GOD is like a shorthand for me…just easier to use with fewer inadequate explanations needed…my journey has moved on and now I experience these sensations and KNOWINGS and time shiftings..people think I am crazy (another word for a concept not understood) but I understand and so I try to LOVE myself a little bit more and keep walking down the path while watching out for the pitfalls
        In faith and belief, K


      7. Giorgio says:

        Dear K and Vita

        K is perfectly right. God , Allah anything will do as long as people can understand the entity of the creator. Call the creator whatever you wish to refer to the most high as ” This Power” has created all of the that we are. ” I am That I am”.
        How much more powerful can that be. It does not matter about the words. People get stuck in the translation. People get all holy and they follow the clergy like sheep. We can see how clergy behave as well. ” NONE OTHER F US ARE PERFECT” , far from it. The materialistic world is panicking because they cannot make ends money. The truth of the matter is, all of us are subject to the carnage of living a life that most would change if they had an alternative.
        How much money do people need to go to their grave? How much destruction do CEO’s need to do to fill their Ego? How much of a blind eye do we all need to turn our backs to and pretend that it is not happening ? Is it too much to help someone. ? Do we help someone on the streets of New York if they fall? Do we think about t I s a trick and the hey might turn on us and take our money ? Is it worth loosing our life because of it? So so so many questions all because we have FEAR, Not enough faith and we don t have enough time for ourselves to achieve what we need to.
        What matters is that we need to get a grip of ourselves and stand high and believe that we can achieve things together.

        Pre ending that we are holy does not get us anywhere. However, here we are on this site standing firm with our Twin Fame of Violet fire and we are connecting with them. We love them like God loves US. There is that word again. ( I am happy for anyone to call “God” another name.)

        God does not mind. How did language come about any way. In my language we say “ALLA” is that a sin? Of course not. Being Roman Catholic I have had a sound doctrine that we offered to me . Drilled in some way, perhaps but it has given me ” A Choice.” I choose to read now the Koran as well. Why, to try and fathom this ” Outcasts Tirants” , the mind of these lunatic fanatics, irresponsible Demons and My Goddness what other adjectives can I use to; these beings who murder children and innocent people.

        God DOES NOT need us to kill on his behalf. There is no women waiting for these suited killers. There is certainly going to be a judgement and more reincarnations for the ones responsible.

        What is important is this: when I look at someone that I meet I look at them as a ” Soul” in front of me. I do not judge them, but I observe of how they judge themselves with their own actions. Yes, K, don t worry about who thinks you are crazy but r have lost the plot. Obsessed or unrealistic. Work to reach the highest level of the most serene 5 th Dimension. Our creator is the infllible, most divine, untouchable and yet most available, supportive and merciful.

        I pray that we ” WILL” be given the opportunity, to be with our Twin Flames at some stage.

        I read this a while back –
        ” Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their Last: is beyond perfect”

        Perhaps my creator has something better for us to do. I know deep in my heart that my
        “Twin Flame of Volet Fire” has a few Lessons to learn and so have I.

        This powerful entity that is so magnificent has created us. This powerful entity knows our past, our present and future. It knows our Feelings, Thoughts, Desires, Wishes and our Dreams.

        God also knows our path that we are yet to discover as he is the mastermind behind all that Unravels in front of our eyes. At times ” Unbelievable things” happen that we never expect that will happen. When I am with my Twin Flame I get to feel what being on the edges of eternity is like. The Joy, the serenity, the gift of life and above all the ” Unconditional love ” that God has blessed us all with to try and keep, the balance of life with.

        My friend and I were riding our bikes this morning and as we stopped to observe nature at this place he said to me – ( he also claims to be an Atheist)

        ” There are two things in life you should worship; living every day you live and loving those you love”.
        Yes, I appreciate his views and I respect him for he is a very kind and silent man. He has his ways and he is adamant in his thoughts and views, but that is a good thing. He is open to discussion and debate about life as we laugh at our disagreements of reason . Not everything because he shows kindness in many ways and appreciation of life more than a lot of people. He is a very beautiful man even though, we all have our reasons sometimes to think and do what we need to do to survive.

        Yet, no one can deny what beauty lies in front of us. The miracles that happen every day. God needs to prove NOTHING TO US.

        Our ego is a killer of humility.” Vanity has a lifespan, whilst humility is eternal”

        Just like what I say all the time to myself to remain loving –
        ” My unconditional love is eternal ” because when we consider love and hate as opposites , hate has a lifespan and dies when one physically dies, love remains in our soul because we were created with love, who is God himself. We were created in his image and that in itself is a miracle if love. Life is a magnificence of creation, beauty and benevolence to all in every bodies life.

        I met a very spiritual Kiwi singer at a weeding I went to. An amazing person and her son who is 9 also speaks with the spirits. I had an amazing conversation with her. It was amazing to connect with such presence.

        ” Spirituality” the door to all love and harmony with peace. The 5 th Dimension that is a cut away from the rest. ( observe I did not say Above the rest but away from the rest) God is everywhere and I don t know where heaven is, all I know that it exists. I have seen him and his actions as I hear his messages in my heart with love.

        Atheist is also JUST A WORD. Your heart and actions speak a different meaning and are as meaningful as they could ever be. Be who you wish to be, it is your right and God accepts everyone within his creation. We judge everybody whilst God: he smiles at our naivety.

        DON T EVER DOUBT ABOUT OUR TWINS, you want them bad enough? God will allow it.

        Thank you both.

        Love harmony and believe XXX
        Giorgio XXX


      8. Giorgio says:

        Akuna Kumara

        So right. Could not do better than you did. A good explanation of the reality so many cannot see it the way it is.

        We all will at on stage or other. Making love is love I suppose. With anyone…? No, that is not love it is lust.
        To be dedicated to a soul like your own and be truthful, that is true love.
        When I met my Twin flame it was a magnetic love without sex and when we did it was heaven not oust only. All the above as you know those who have had the experience. Not just the body, but it is all taking place from ” The source”.

        Oh ….. My …… God is right ” I am That I am “.
        My Twin Flamr ” IS THE END OF THE LINE FOR ME … US”

        Nothing compares to her.. Nothing.

        I am just happy to go to heaven and wait at the doors for her. I will NOT enter without her.

        I pray to my God to give me that last wish.

        Laugh at me all of you, but ” I do pray for her and I Pray to God to allow me, that is if he does not allow US to be together on this earth, that I wait for her outside heavens doors. ” as imaginary as it may sound.

        Love harmony and believe XXX



      9. Giorgio says:

        Your explanation is sensible. However, you are right there is no RELIGION in this. My purpose to write about God is to make some sensé in making this simple and understood. I think that Vita understands it very well. She does not express herself in words properly. Do any of us do.? We all try and express what is unexplained to anyone. we do not know what or who God or the source is for that matter. Yes, I was brought up as a Roman Catholic like some but that does not make me any wiser than any Muslim or other religious believing Guru. Buddhist or there. But what we do know is what we feel, what we do to ourselves and others. The source you are talking about is the same source that I refer to.

        As far as understanding the twin Flame theory, it is an entity that is Human as well as Godly. “My goodness.” What I felt for my Twin is Godly, Unconditional and incomprehensible. God created us and we are here for a purpose.
        Firstly to honor the source. No doubt about it.

        Secondly to honor ourselves as we are created in God’s image or the source as you so well put it.

        Thirdly we need to honor each other as non of us are any worse or better than any body else.

        What makes the difference is how we do that.
        Respect integrity and the rest that our most innate feelings show us. If someone is cruel to someone else, they know they are doing so. Whatever the reason is, they have to receive the results of that event on their conscience. Everyone if FREE and we all have Choices.

        Our path is planned already however, it is OUR choice how we behave and react to what comes in front of us.

        Pretend that we are at school.
        The bible and all other examples that Jesus gave and Mohammed as well and all the literature we can read…. it is not rubbish. It all makes a lot of sense when we reason how we should all behave.
        The fifty cosmic laws of the universe? Same as a guideline and so true as well.

        If we commit adultery, !!!!!! we know that we are doing wrong. If we kill….!!!! we know that it is not right. If we lie….!!!! we know we are not telling the truth.
        Even if we think maliciously God or the source knows what is going on. The source also recognizes that if we choose not to go the wrong way, it recognizes that we are learning and we CHOSE to do so.

        Jonna writes beautiful articles and so do yourself. We are all listening and evaluating the source and the words we write on these articles. We have a choice what to believe and decide to put in our individual perspectives. Are we doing the same as the scriptures say. Put our penny’s worth of what we as individuals believe?

        Of course we are.

        We mean well, and I am one that believes in GOD and his might and Yes, as I am human I have limitations. I ask for God’s guidance. Do I desire and want my Twin Flame of violet fire with me?
        More than anything in this Universe because I adore her. She was created from myself and I from her . I want nothing else that is more sacred that my source or God or the Creator has done for US, as it was the source’s choice to do so. Perhaps it is so so I can repent and learn through sacrifice that Must show unconditional love towards some one who is so dear to me without judging them, ridiculing them and hold them as close to my heart as nothing else in this world.

        I honor the triangle and for whatever it is worth, I don’t know all or even pretend that i do, I say it how I feel it, recognize it as the echo of my conscience and my heart speak to me. Love love love and I am hurting because the source has given me telepathic powers to acknowledge that my twin Flame needs to grow and recognize the source as I do, as WE all need to.

        Everyone can say what they wish. I am human and I don’t have the capacity to give my own title as God. I am not a God and in my eyes no one deserves that title. We are Goodly, of course we are. Gods, NO. We all agree it is just a word but when we put meaning to it, we need to be appreciative of the meaning and value of it.
        There is only one source (God), yet if it is put in the text that we are an image of our creator, ABSOLUTELY we are.
        God complimented the “Masculine with a femenine.”
        “Strength with Beauty.”
        God created us in his image.

        Scientists are Gods? Absolutely not.

        “IVF” yes it is what we accept in life. Now for those who wish to have a baby as mothers and as parents. Yes, I can appreciate that science has made these improvements but do we hear of the “IVF gone wrong?”

        Well, everyone has a choice and an opinion.

        Do we recognize Gays, Lesbian, and all within this creation? Do we have to have a vote to accept them to be married? Do any of US have to get married?
        We have this attitude that we have to categorize. Who are we to judge others.
        If we look at everyone through their SOUL, then we will not judge anyone. Everyone will judge themselves as we all do, every second we think and speak.
        Do I have to get married to my twin Flame?
        We were going to do a spiritual marriage at one stage. What for, for our human way of reason and because God stated that “let no man separate what he has joined together.”

        Love is what Bonds and marries for life. Not words, not the mind, not money, not personal greed and certainly not momentarily choice.
        True Mature Love takes commitment, integrity, honesty and resilience with a profound way of dedication to the other half. Our twin Flame, if we are lucky enough to be with, will be the ultimate one .
        FOR ANYONE.

        Why? For a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is that this world that we are in has lost all sense of reason for Worldly wealth and greed.

        I am Loving my twin Flame, UNCONDITIONALLY, as she grows in spirit and matures through worldly events, to eventually recognize OUR creator’s beauty spiritually. It is acceptable for me to guide her, love her and ask my source to send her my most intimate of love, to protect her and keep her healthy as we stand in this part of our holy journey.I ask the source to give her guidance and help her in her thoughts and needs as well as wants.
        To My Twin Flame

        I wrote that she is near me , even if I don’ts her.
        She is with me, even if she is far away.
        Every moment, she is in my thoughts
        always in my heart, In My Life,
        she is where y soul resides, always, eternally
        She is My Twin Flame of Violet fire.

        Eternally, Always
        My Twin.

        Do I love her? “More Than Anything In This Whole Life and Into Eternity.”
        Only GOD is Infinite and and Only God knows how much I love what he
        has so beautifully created for US.

        ” I join A triangle – My Twin Flame with God and Myself.”
        She is a part of the triangle of the trinity that make all things happen and in being.
        The source is right –
        “I am that I am’.

        Missing the forest for the trees. I saw what God is when I lost My own daughter.
        Even god made it that My twin Was there with Me. Spirituality..?

        I cannot express to any of you what God’s magnificence IS.

        As much as there is NO words in the Dictionary to express it, same with the
        love I have for my twin Flame. There are No WORDS WORTHY ENOUGH
        that mean enough, appreciate enough, gratify enough or even Praise Enough.
        Forget trying anymore.

        We must love All, and when we love Our Twin Flame we are loving God and His
        Amazing Creation, one that we cannot even, ever understand fully, let alone replicate.
        If God allows us to join together with our Twin Flame, wow what an even Greater Gift
        but what an even more worthy reason. To work for the world and strive
        with the utmost of goodness to give to the world more love by example.
        The only thing we All are capable to replicate is “LOVE”

        Keep LOVING.

        Thank you all.

        You are all beautiful. “All” From the most Beautiful SOURCE.
        The one and only, Without it we are Nothing.

        Love Harmony and believe XXX

        Giorgio XXX


  22. Giorgio says:

    Dear K

    I repeated myself with some spelling mistakes.
    Remember what you are dealing with. You will know when you meet your twin Flame.
    You cannot try and replace it, hide it or deny it.
    It will be hurtful and very very painful.

    Your choice follow your gut, but don’t try and hang on. Do it or leave it.
    Well, you know by now what the article says. Don’t stay in limbo K.

    It is a pain that you don t need ok.

    We love you, i understand you, very much.
    Judge me all you want but I know better now.

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  23. Giorgio says:

    Dear K
    I mean don’t think with your mind.
    Feel with your heart.

    Mark my words.

    Love harmony and believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  24. Amor says:

    Hi Giorgio, I really like what you wrote. What happens in the bedroom is just one aspect. The call is to nurture the union of the twin’s souls, the inner world, the love deep inside. That is where the foundation is. Physical activity is easy, many people seem to do it with no responsibility to the other person or themselves. It’s instant and fleeting. It is an energy exchange and each person needs to be responsible of who they give their precious energy to.
    As you say, this is not a game. This is a sacred experience, not to be taken lightly. Everyone has their own way to learn. For me, I want the easier route instead of struggling the entire way. In every moment there is a choice to make and that’s what continues to lay down the road to each person’s path. That’s how I see it. Peace to you Giorgio, I like your heartfelt messages 🙂


    1. Giorgio says:

      DEAR Amor

      I am going to share something with you all.

      Where I grew up is an amazingly beautiful place. It has lots of history that controlled the world war outcomes and where Christianity is today.
      In view of this I wish to say this.
      ” when I was a little boy about five I use to go with my grandfather ” Giuzeppe” to this enormous house called ” Il Museo” it was the place where religious doctrine was drilled into all of us little men. The women had their own.
      Anyway, my teachers changed from one year to anyone ther. But in all the years of tuition in our religious doctrines we use to have about 20 mins of slides on film of the stages of the story of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit , God and the holy spoiI use to love the paintings on screen. All very colourful and Jesus was always the best looking of them all. It was a replica of the veil that is so sacred of his face imprint left supposedly from his tomb. Well, I had this teacher in catechism who was a professional Gardner. It use to ran a lot in winter and I never use to miss a class.

      This man was a very holy man. Very private but kind and he always use to say the best stories from the bible about who God is and who Jesus is and the trinity.

      I was mesmerised by what he use to say and I was always inquisitive about this whole affair of the Source. (God)

      So I always remember these stories and they are godly. I use to always feel God and the holy Mary is my mother. I always ask her to help me. I would go diving and I would rest on a boulder about 30 meters down and watch the sea, piÿand I use to think, about how grand and infinite God is to create such beauty. I also imagined that’s I could have a house under water.

      However now I think about what I have done through these years of relationships .

      I understand that God is infinite. I understand that it all stems from the source whatever it is that happens. Yes, this is what it is to be. I said to K that it is not o joke because this is our most intimate of all loves and all more so because of who we really believe we are.
      K knows what I mean. Yes, it is funny because we CANNOT CONTROL THIS. No matter what we think or Do.

      Amor you are on track and please stay holy as can be because what we plant is what we harvest.

      Thr trinity , God, Jesus, Allah, Yehweh or else, all exist in the one entity. Let the others fight about what religions are the truth and the best. For me, the best reality is, what I believe in and it all points to one entity.
      Just like my Most Beautiful Amazingly fantastic Twin Flame of Violet fire, the mirror of myself who shares my soul, God and Us together is all I care about. It justifies one and the only most important factor for me, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. After all, that is what God has always been and always will be for US.
      Through him, in him, with him is where the power of the Holy Spirit shows me love , compassion and unconditional love for my Twin.

      God is all over within me and out, so it is resting in my dormant Twin Flame’s persona as well.

      Enjoy our Twins, through them we are closer to our creator as he created all of us, like it or not. It is all love . We are all ” LOVE” that is what we feel and look nowhere else as it is within US. Accept it, feel it and enjoy the presence for that is GOD.

      Love harmony and believe XXX
      Giorgio XXX


  25. K says:

    LOLLOOLOLLOLOLO What has my twin been telling me for 6 years…DO NOT THINK SO MUCH LLLOOLLOOLLOLOOLOLLO I love you guys (Italian souls) ps my twin is also married and has lovely daughters( one very young) The children are what STOP US in our tracks. As Italian as he is and that is a perfect description of him…he really loves his kids and because I love him I love them toooooooo Giorgio I think you may be more Italian than French (just my impression) Coming from me that is a compliment 🙂 Grazie per l’onestà
    In faith and belief, K


    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear k

      I am in the 5 Dimension.
      I know the truth. I am to be with my Twin Flame.

      It is your business where you are in your life.
      Your children are an excuse not the reason why you will not join with your Twin Flame.
      Yes, you can peopling your reunion. Well, I don t know what your future holds.
      Neither do I know mine. But I have faith in my Dio.
      Senza nessun dubio . La mia fede è pura anche con L’ amore che ce.
      La Mia gemelli Fiamma è l’unica entità che voglio.

      Now, remember this. I am more Italian. I was born close to Italy , however God has no nationality. Noir does the Twin Flames entity.
      Excitement of course there is you are even connected more so because of what and who you are. Same mould .
      My Twin and I look very much the same when I look at our pictures. It is amazing. We even write very similar and same identical writing methods and connotations.

      She is a very very intelligent lady.

      I tell you one thing I use to do when I was with her. She misses passion and love, she would want me near her. After a while I would want to go inside of her if I could and disappear within, inside of her, so I would never have to leave her.
      I could only cuddle her and put my head on her tummy and hug her as I closed my eyes. I use to talk to her and say , I think you must have been my mother at some stage. She was told that she is not to leave me. I have been here 27 times and this is my last journey.
      I lived in a beautiful island paradise and my Twin came with me once. I am at home there and perhaps I will return there to live in my own for some time. I want to give her the space she needs.

      I don t want to think what my future holds as I said, ( you sound like you don t mind a bit of suspense yourself ) I use to surprise her as I knew what she use to do.i expressed my feelings to her many times but for that reason she does not like surprises. I knew why but I never told her all that I knew.

      It is ad that my Twin is so insecure. I suppose I am as well to a point so I am growing. I have surrendered and I am ready to be with her but I must wait for her to realise this. There is no other way.

      Your time will come. It is actually here. You say he loves his daughter.
      You obviously love yours as well.

      Remember this when you make love to him, look in his eyes as he will undoubtedly look into yours and sigh. Feel what you both have for each other. There is no need for promises, there is no need of fear , there is no need to look anywhere else for what you hold beneath you, on you inside your body and your mind, is what you both hold as sacred within your very souls.
      NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY EVEN START TO IMAGINE LET ALONE FEEL What you both feel. That is unconditional LOVE.

      I would not replace My Twin Flame with anyone.
      Anyone or anything.
      IF YOU DELAY YOU MYST BE FAIR TO TOUR PARTNER. Give him the chance to find someone with whom he too can be happy with.

      God will show you the way.
      Trust in him. XX
      You can feel my love for her.
      Amore per eternità XXX

      DENTRO UN AMORE CHE NON HA , espressione umana. Ma, l’espressione e da Dio, infinita . XXX

      Love harmony and believe XXX

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  26. vita says:

    🙂 I write before work now, yesterday was hard day, I had to simulate call in front all others in my teaching group, Grh Gosh, but I am couragious, as long as they want me, I will expand myself and my limits even it is embarassing. I dont have another way, been for too long unemployed, have no talents for now working at home, my twin works at home with his internet pages. I been waitin for my Twin since I gotten 13, it was almost 20 years, 31 when I met him, it was almost 20 years alone, no relationships, no sex, not even kisses and no consolation. Only one joung kiddy love I had with 16, and one Time I was with my best friend together for 4,5 years, but he was very very physically sick so we did not have sex usually only once a half year fro a try :D. My Twin was shocked when I said him that, said he is not an Angel. I was writing him, without he replied normally, just with his videos, without him in it. Now it is continue like that, I am tired, at least, I work on myself. Blessings 😀


    1. doucejonna says:

      Hi Vita, the comment is still here, it hasn’t been deleted. I would never deny anyone their right to express their feelings and experiences here, I hope you know this. 🙂 I will try and find a moment later to reply with a longer response. Love all your comments so very much xx

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      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna

        This is for everyone. There has not been at any moment where any of you was meant to feel left out or ignored. Furthermore confronted by any text written here. I think that we all as a collective group need to acknowledge that we all put in time to share and express out difficult and happy times to get positive feedback.

        Doucejonna , makes a hell of an effort to put up all this beautiful and realistic articles that are important and directional that I personally find helpful to say the least.

        Please, I urge everyone to have empathy towards all within this amazing family that we are all part of. We all are amazing. Harmony and Love are the epitome of our journey.
        This brings us closer with respect and the courage that we all share to be able to be honest and understanding of where we might be coming from to assist in our support.
        It should be understood that although we come from different backgrounds we continue to show self dignity and respect.
        I acknowledge that we are Not perfect but in saying that it is fantastic to see that we all try our best with acknowledging our weaknesses. Text and words don t come across well within their meaning sometimes.
        I make so many spelling mistakes. MANY.

        Calmness please, and it is fine to write things and opinions. We all have them and it also brings a little imbalance sometimes. The best thing there is – “Our honesty”.
        Keep it up, and lots of respect to all of you especially doucejonna.

        Thank you for All your amazing written words.
        I am very appreciative.
        Love harmony and believe XXX

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  27. vita says:

    🙂 I hope someone can read it before it will be deleted again, it is just cruel to remove my postings. I write before work now, yesterday was hard day, I had to simulate call in front all others in my teaching group, Grh Gosh, but I am couragious, as long as they want me, I will expand myself and my limits even it is embarassing. I dont have another way, been for too long unemployed, have no talents for now working at home, my twin works at home with his internet pages. I been waitin for my Twin since I gotten 13, it was almost 20 years, 31 when I met him, it was almost 20 years alone, no relationships, no sex, not even kisses and no consolation. Only one joung kiddy love I had with 16, and one Time I was with my best friend together for 4,5 years, but he was very very physically sick so we did not have sex usually only once a half year fro a try :D. My Twin was shocked when I said him that, said he is not an Angel. I was writing him, without he replied normally, just with his videos, without him in it. Now it is continue like that, I am tired, at least, I work on myself. Blessings 😀


    1. vita says:

      Oh ok I did not found it, one can be removed, I always am terryfied of peoples rejections, because they are just normal and I am not, too sick, too alone, helpless nobody wants to deal with, that what I experienced even in hospital, so I am sorry, I thought it was removed 🙂

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      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear vita

        ” what you think is what you become” Buddha

        You are normal. You are a very beautiful soul and as a person as perfect as anyone can be. Non of us are better , but one needs to address that we all are on a difficult journey of the SELF DEVELOPMENT .
        To be kind one must think with their heart and live within the spirit. We need to connect with the universe and the source to be balanced.

        We are on a journey that connects us with our Twin Flame and our Mirror Soul.

        So please, feel our family bond and enjoy that you are a beautiful person like All on this Blog.
        Love our Twin Flame – it is a sign of self love: one that resonates into them as well wherever they are in whatever they are doing. I love my Twin like nothing else matters.

        I can see that all of you do as well. However I am at a point of a very clear path of my self journey to my own destiny.
        I know now where I need to end up. I pray that I do to my creator every day.
        My heart aches for her but my love for her is massive and greater than I could ever imagine. I just can’t .

        It plays within the integrity and desire to be with her.
        It is what is meNt to be, where we are meant to be and like to t or not , I choose to accept it against all the Demons that attack me constantly as I hold on to my belief and the enormous love that does not only get stronger for her but clearer for myself. I thank God for meeting her. Having had the opportunity to feel her, love her physically and crave her like nothing else until eternity.

        Yes, I miss her but through my God I connect with both her spirit and even more beautiful I do it through our creator. It feels good and secure as well as truthful.

        Perhaps you guys can feel the same?
        I am sure that doucejonba can write something or has some literature that resonates with my thoughts.
        Thank you doucejonna for your hard work.

        Very much appreciated.

        Love Harmony and Believe XXX



      2. doucejonna says:

        Dear Georgio, certainly yes loving mySelf equals loving my Twin. Giving myself the permission to love him no matter what and to allow the love to flow has brought on so much growth and validation – like you say, it is a journey of self-discovery – but what really forges us is not just loving our Self but loving another (our Twin) like we love our Self. It is so crucial to keep our heart open, no matter what the externals look like. I am grateful because finally I too am at a point in my journey Where I have clarity. I know where I am headed and where I need to end up. As I make this path towards my destiny, I know nothing can stop me. I love my Twin so much and would love nothing more than to share my life with him, however my sight is already turned towards the Eternal life. This is where we are headed, where we aim to be – so in a way I very much agree with the Islamic philosophy of how this life is mere preparation for our real eternal life, “home”. We are only visiting here. I know my Twin believes this too. The reassurance of this gives me so much strength. In the meantime, all is well here on Planet earth. Our connection is alive and well, breathtakingly beautiful and real through our protector God/Source. Love and blessings to you Giorgio, believe – as I know you do. Love always, Jonna


      3. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna

        I have contacted my Twin two days ago. She is the most beautiful person in the whole of création for me. I absolutely adore her. However, she told me that she will not ever see me again. She is back to her old habits and is identical with your article about the reunion, my goodness it is us to a T. It is to the latter piece by piece. The LOVE I feel for her is just like you feel for your own Twin. We talked for a bout 90 mins. I woke her up, as I was not thinking straight. It was 5.30 am.

        I am going through a very though phase at the moment. She accused me of being too religious as well. There is so many different things now in her attitude. She accused me of a lot of things. She is in denial.
        I feel that she is still fearful. I know that I am not crazy but she has other influences from someone she might be seeing. He is in the same position as her, and he needs her so … it is only natural to drag her away in the best way he could.

        However, my love for her is not only NOT diminishing, but it is actually increasing. I sent her a picture that we took together on New Years Eve, overseas in 2013. We have identical features as well, In many ways. We are so so similar. I said to her that, I have No doubt that we are Twin Flames. She never disagrees though either. She was the one who initiated all of this. We both knew this though, 26 years ago. I told her that she always made me comfortable, that is why I took the liberty to go to see her wherever she was after we separated (It was march this year.)

        In our conversation, I also told her that I do not want anyone else. I also don’t need anyone else. She replied and said to me , You are such a verile man you need someone, and if you do I will not think any less of you.
        I insisted that she must understand that I only wanted her. She is aware that I have always told her that, she is the end of the line for me. I know it , I feel it, I sense it and I am living it.

        My body is in constant shock. Yesterday though at about 1.30 pm I had this weight lift off me. It was like I could sense her thinking about US in a positive way.
        During the conversation I also told her that, “I do not love her because I need her, but I need her because I love her” .She admitted that I put pressure on her and she would not commit to US. I also told her that what I did was also wrong, to try and force her into reunion. However, Our integrity was one of the forces that triggered this. I dd not want to keep living a lie. She has been for a long time before me, and she was after something to quench her sexual passionate thirst. This is what she sees as Love and Passion… !!!

        This is where she is gone totally wrong now. She told me after we split up and said to me, “I am enjoying passion and Love”. It hurt me to the core.

        What is relevant to US is this: no matter what I think, she must realise her actions and position. She is fearful of me following her. She is adamant to have her life back. She calls herself a free spirit.

        She has, as I am not planning to see her as it is her wish to not see me anymore anyway. It is over. However, I got accused of being obsessed, too Religious and other things. She is scared of what she is accusing me of what I could do.

        All this has absolutely FLOORED ME. I am in disbelief of how and why she is thinking all this. I feel as if she is not residing at home anymore either, but I don’t know that as I have all these feelings going through me constantly. I also asked her “where” was she”, no reply. I asked her how her children were, as I love them so much as well.She reluctantly said to me “They are fine”. They are beautiful children. Well, I could feel her love and she is confused and hurt more than anything about how I did so foolishly to make her commit.

        I will not touch anyone but her. No more as I have no desire to sleep with anyone even, but her. If it is not going to happen, then it is done.

        In the conversation I said to her that, I will send her, her copy of my book, once it is published and I will send it to her MuM’s place. I love her parents, but, because of our break up, she does not want me to visit them anymore either. I helped her DAD to get a little more mobile as he suffered a stroke and is very fragile with age as well. I loved giving him so much of my time as I helped him with therapy to get more mobile. I have known them for a long time as well.

        Everyone around her is not religious, spiritual maybe but she will have to be the only one amongst them, who is most intelligent. She actually is very academic and intelligent.
        She had her birthday not so long ago as well, and I had left her two statues as a gift, at her MUM’s they are called the “Promise” and the other is called “Togetherness” .

        We had the most beautiful relationship which was out of this world when we were together.
        AS YOU SO WELL KNOW all you Twin Flames who are reading this.

        However, I sent her an SMS after, with our picture.
        We look alike. Green eyes and the rest. Even the same wrinkles when we smile. Eve the tilt of the head and chin, face nose and posture; identical.

        In my SMS I said to her –

        ” Look and see if I am right. Deny it all if you want”. I told her that I adored her ,and that I was not obsessed or Dangerous as she is indicating. (I chased vigorously and nothing was going to stop me. But I had to surrender and after a long chase, I did because I felt that there was someone else there as well. I could tell when she is with someone else, I feel it and it hurts like hell. Now I am accepting it as I look at it that she must do what she needs to do.

        Even Jesus sent Judah to do his work knowing fully what was going to happen. As I told her in the conversation that the “Carpet unfolds as it should”. I said to her that without spirituality we are nothing.
        I asked to meet her for lunch and she said to me, ” What For?’ I will not engage with you.

        I know she is what she calls it – In love and I can feel it. Well, I know that she is going to give it her best shot to have this relationship with this guy. She had already been in it before we separated.
        I felt this before we separated and I left to go to London, I felt it that is why I did what I did. But I was wrong to do what I did. I did not tell her and she did not admit it to me.
        When it happened though I knew what she was thinking. She took it that this was, what God had planned for her. Well, I will let it be ….. It is all new and I also hope that she will not be hurt to much if things go wrong.
        I told her to have a good life and that, I will be there for her if her parents or her needed anything. I told her that we were impossible to separate and that my spirit will always be with her.
        She is my mirror soul, she is my twin Flame.

        Her reply was short and she said to me –
        “Thank you…. You take care too … That’s enough now …..
        Let it be …. Let it be … Just Let it be …
        No More …. X ”

        I had to send her a beautiful Dress after this, which I bought in September, for her birthday. The dress tag had this on It ” Love only Pattern” “All love” . I did not know until I bought it and was going to send it anyway.

        I am hurting and I have to really let her go. She is happy doing what she wants to do.
        I know that she is in love with whoever. I am happy for her. I sent her the dress
        because it is a strapless tight dress and she has an athletic good figure.She would love it.

        As long as she is happy, I am. As long as she is healthy I am happy as well.

        She will always be My only True Mature Love , My true Twin Flame.
        All the events are identical to the twin Flame pattern and some of the patterns are
        unbelievably accurate. I know that there tis more to this, there is a purpose.

        Yet, the source is always there sending me messages of patience and resilience.

        I am trying my very best. It is very challenging. But I MUST.

        I am in a breakdown mode. When I hear her voice though, she sends this calming aura and I am in Bliss.

        Thank you doucejonna

        Love Harmony and Belief XXX
        Giorgio XXX


  28. Giorgio says:

    Dear doucejonna,

    May I with your permission post this for all those within this beautiful family. Just a reflection.


    Always with Spiritual Belief, Faith and Acceptance. It is through God, the only Source through The Traiangle of the Devine, All is possible. All will take place for what was United and Bonded let no other put apart. Let us lead the way so Our Twin Flames join Us in our Violet Fire. In the physical, Mental and in All ways Spiritual. It Must be the only way Spiritual beyond ” All Else First”. For Thousands of years we have loved them and searched as we grew to come together again and again for Now seems to be the ultimate time that we Must a Join for the World to see and follow the example of unconditional LOvE. UnCoNdItOnAl LOvE.

    — A Twin Flame Reunion is the ultimate in contentment. Both bodies, Minds and Spirits are a Mirror Of Each other. —

    To My Most Beautiful Twin Flame

    What you do, I Reflect.
    What You desire, I want.
    what You say, I acknowledge.
    what You lack, I offer.
    what You look like, I Mirror.
    When You go astray, I am there to guide US.

    There are No Words Clear or reverend enough to express My passion or Love for US.

    Hence, how beautiful is it that when both Join, it is the Peak of Spiritual, Mental and Physical Fulfilment, Surrendering to each other’s Own Spiritual ReUnion. There could be No other that completes the the “One Whole” into Ecstacy.
    It s the only path to eternity’s Bliss, one that travels beyond all Dimensions. So Powerful that it is Scary at First. That is why Both Run and Chase.

    It is the fear of restriction, yet what do we all seek really right through our existence? Love, unconditional love. It is beyond human Comprehension. It is So powerful because it holds All secrets to unconditional Love and the spiritual contentment that encompasses all the Body, Mind and the Soul.
    Yes, It is beyond the Physical. It is beyond the Materialistic worlds. It is the only vehicle that leads to the Ultimate Path of No contention. It is Not Needy, but a spiritual desire that bonds and above all when reunion takes place, completes Honesty, Dignity and incomprehensible Love. Unconditional Love encompasses All acceptance of the Mirror Self, Our Twin Flame within their Violet Fire that Both Feel.They are Insuperable. They are What is meant to come together Not Just for themselves, but for All humanity to See what Truly Unconditional Love represents within the 5 th Dimension. It is What will make them both complete As One Twin Soul.

    There Could Not Possibly be No Other for each other.
    It is the search through thousands of reincarnations through many rebirths.

    Life Is Beautiful …
    Das Leben Ist

    I Love You
    Ich Liebe Dich

    I travel along the sheet of Time,
    I long to be with You, intertwined.
    There is Non other I could possibly call mine,
    You Just happen to be half my other, My Very own Devine.

    How beautiful is it within to think,
    You and I are both always in sinc,
    Whether or Not we want to Admit,
    We, every day, to each other commit.

    For we challenge That Universal Pull,
    Incomprehensible magnetism that is no illusion,
    We crave our growth but it is blinded by Confusion.
    My beautiful Twin, let’s Not except any intrusion.

    We are Both a mirror , let us honour each other’s inclusion,
    There is No other that can fit this very spiritual Entity, “US”, No seclusion,
    There is Only One path We must take, it is not a delusion.
    It is the most beautiful, bonding beyond human, one infusion.

    Alas, “My Most” revered of all creation,
    Surrender we must, for we were joined in Total alignment,
    We worked very hard to arrive at this destination,
    We have come to out start of our New self realisation.

    Yes, I understand it is our death of the worldly life impressions,
    We are changing from what we have known for generations,
    Now the Time has come for us, one of spiritual Dovotion,
    It is our destiny, we must accept it is our inner self that is in motion.

    So now as I come to conclude these words of reflection,
    You are certainly the one, certainly NOT an imagination,
    I am ready to commit to us for a future reunion without contention,
    It is Now, without a doubt or any tension, it is Us, Our eternal Unification.

    This quote by “Lessons Learned In Life”.

    ” Being the first love may be great,
    But to be their last is beyond Perfect”.

    Amongst the blossoms of the spring time, I seek not just the scent of your passion, neither do I seek just your physical love which s mind blowing , but the one thing I seek Most of all is that we are Spiritually connected. This is our Eternal Bond. It is our pass all the way to Eternity. God is waiting as we are free to choose the path that the spiritual triangle has planned for US as one.
    Surrender my most beautiful Twin, let us unite and purify all worldly treasures for they are limited, let us release our Soul to the Source that is infinite. There is where we are heading. It is there we will find Eternal rest for the true meaning of ” Eternal Life”.

    Love harmony and believe XXX



    1. doucejonna says:

      Everything you write my dear Georgio is like poetry to my ears but I loved you posting actual poetry too 🙂 I especially loved “There is Only One path We must take, it is not a delusion. It is the most beautiful, bonding beyond human, one infusion”. This brings to mind so many beautiful conversations with my Twin and brings a smile to my face. You also say something that is so beautiful regarding “Eternal Life”, in which I believe more than anything and which means more to me than any earthly Union that I could ever have with my Twin flame. So yes, we are on the same page my dear friend. All my blessings to you xx


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna

        I am so so happy that you enjoyed my poem. I will have this in my second book.
        And lots more. Vita liked it as well. I love giving and I cherish it that I make some one happy in whatever way I can.

        My Twin is my inspiration.

        Thank you

        Love Harmony and belief XXX
        Giorgio XXX


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucjonna

        I agree. As much as I am human, it hurts me that I cannot see her or be with her. This is my test to believe that there is a higher source. My beautiful Twin is not thinking straight at the moment. She is blind with interruptions and I am feeling it all. My gut is just churning and it hurts a lot. I don’t know how long I can stand this as it comes and goes. It must be that she is hurting as well and it just reflects into me.
        I am trying my hardest not to think any more about it. It is very infused into my DNA and I cannot shake it.

        I embrace it though as it is my mirror Twin who is doing this. She does not want to see me because it hurts she said.
        I laugh inside somehow, as if I wan to say – “Why don’t we reunion then, Why cannot we just make all this pain disappear. For heavens sake, why NOT?” Hmmmm ….
        Funny, when I get accused I feel I want to run away to heaven and hide behind the cherubs as they will sing to me with their beauty and divinity.

        Imagination you ask me ….?

        It is a world that hold no clothes, no earthy food, No indifference, No death, No desire to drink or sleep, No negative feeling of rejection, No contention, No long hurtful and excruciating pain of passion and No other feelings that we cannot content with through our immaturity and worldly desires.

        I am hurting so much that I asked the higher source to take me where I can be more comfortable, perhaps soon. I hurt because I don’t want to leave her. funny how I pray to my daughter who’s soul is with the source and she is with me. My Twin is so part of me, so irresistible and so missed and loved unconditionally that I must wake up and say to myself, Damn you what are you thinking. You are in heaven, she is part of you and no one can take her away from you, she is your mirror and always with you in spirit and in thought.

        I miss her though and I will stay away as I hurt my fragile yet strong aching heart that is beating because of My Beautiful Twin. What is to happen…. I do not know, but I can feel things and it is all part of my journey to eternal contentment.

        I am hoping that the signs keep coming, to keep me alive inside as I am weakening in body, to the point of really having no energy to move, but somehow I am recovering again stronger and my heart just keeps aching, my chest aches and my mind in thought. Thinking of her just makes me tick, hope, and meditate to connect with her.
        Laugh all of you at me if you wish.
        This is the most hurtful Bliss of unconditional love that resonates within my unconditional big heart. My Blood, full of Love that my Twin cannot accept, but says that it hurts her immensely. I believe her but hard to comprehend why it is so. Is she being truthful, I feel that she is. Then “Are we supposed to know why”. I ask how and why is this happening? Why have I hurt her and she ran away to someone else, so she will not feel as much pain.

        I use to put my head on her tummy, as we lay down in bed for long periods, as I whisper to her “I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH”. I tried to get more of her and I lost the whole lot for being greedy. Well, integrity I suppose it is a lesson to learn that I might not see her again now. I want to and I do not know what to do, wish or not wish for her. I ask my creator and I leave it up to the universe.

        I have strong belief, but we all need a helping hand at times. I do now, if anyone has any idea, for I am not a woman.

        She is my twin Flame though, and having broken her heart, well one cannot fix a broken heart, but I can love her unconditionally and more, only if she gave me the chance. She is my mirror. If I may ask jonna, any idea with my situation or is it too complex?.

        I am listening.

        Thank you

        Love Harmony and Believe XXX
        Giorgio XXX


  29. Giorgio says:

    Dear All

    No this is no illusion. When she accuses me that I am loosing it, not exactly her words, she tries to push me away.

    I don’t have an ego but I have a big HEART.


    Thank you all
    Love harmony and Belief xxx
    Giorgio XXX


    1. K says:

      “No this is no illusion. When she accuses me that I am loosing it, not exactly her words, she tries to push me away. I don’t have an ego but I have a big HEART.”
      Giorgio….To paraphrase MY twin : BS!!!!!!!
      (at least around the ego part!!!!) You are being a bully and condescending to her by thinking that you KNOW what is right for her at this junction in her life YOU DO NOT YOU ARE NOT GOD. This is the work of Twins..I just KNOW it in my heart. For me..it is about understanding the humanness in not just our twins but ourselves and everyone else on this planet. You are all correct in stating that NONE OF US are at our goals..there is still much human ego work to do and Giorgio..yours is ALLLLL over the place 🙂 She is NOT going to fix you You need to fix yourself dude, as we all do. SORRY just no easy way out of this work..that is why we are HERE and not somewhere else with our twins living in bliss. Stop fixating on her and start looking in a mirror at yourself and go back and read everything (I could not it kind of frightened me) you wrote about her and see how you have projected youR stuff on her It comes out of our minds and mouths and hearts and souls and most things are allll about us (HINT HINT) BREATHE Giorgio stop thrashing around you will only hurt yourself and begin at the beginning What are you hiding from?????? PS For me it is switched around..I am trying to learn to love MYSELF as I love my TWIN..I do not need to learn to love my twin..that is already a fact 🙂
      In faith and belief, K


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear K

        Thank you. Yes Yes. I agree with you.
        I am so much in love with her. You are right. Thank you. I needed a shake up.

        All ok. It has been hard for her, very hard. She needs more love , true love and I took my frustration amongst you all to shake me up. As hard as you all can.
        WORLD THAT CAN REPLACE HER. YOU don’t have to keep bashing me.
        It’s fine. I have let go now anyway. Have sent her a beautiful dress as she desserves it
        and much more. Yes, looking at the mirror, well, she is paying me back for
        what I have done so Stupidly. I hurt her big time and I am so sorry inside.
        I have been hurting now since March and so has she. I was not thinking
        so things happen for whatever reason.
        I am glas I did spin it out to you girls. You are my sisters.
        She has replaces me now so, well…. I must suffire for my actions and I am big time.

        Thank you K.

        Love Harmony and BelieveXXX


  30. Giorgio says:


    One other thing, she knows axactly what to say and do to hurt me. My Goodness she has demolished me.

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX

    Georges XXX


  31. Giorgio says:

    Dear K
    I did not mean to be a bully at all. I never meant to hurt her in a million years.
    BUT, I DID and She Gave me, all she had to give me back.
    Now that she has taken it all away, WE ARE BOTH HURTING. There is nothing else to say.
    Pandoras box must remain closed.

    K Relax now please. Don’t worry. No matter what happens, My love grows as I make mistakes and she retaliates. She is so much like me. It was jealousy as well from both of US, now I am understanding very well. .
    She is a libra with an Aries rising and I am an Aries with a LIbra rising.
    Time wise we are not far apart at all. We are Twins without a doubt. She knows me axactly

    We are twins all right, In every sensé of the word. No
    It is all my faut. I don’t know what to say or do now.
    You are right . Just let me be. This is too much for me in my site of mind as I need to
    understand that she is who she is to US.

    I do and I am going away overseas to live. I have lost her in the physical so
    she nows where to find me if she wants to.

    I am just hurting so much that my body is in stock constantly.

    I am a fighter though and I want her back properly.
    I am Thank you anyway
    NOT joking, I am really hurting bad.
    The most revered and loved woman in this creation is HER. Cannot be otherwise.

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX

    Giorgio XXX


    1. K says:

      Giorgio…It is NOT all your fault.please..that is NOT what I said nor meant. ALL of us are human. All of us have our human ego issues All of us are here to learn and do better. That is the most beautiful thing about being a twin..WE love each other in spite of it all. Do we all live with each or have physical contact with each other NO. WE LOVE EACH OTHER..we share the miracle of LOVE 🙂 Does that absolve us of our character defects NO For me it has reminded me of what I am moving towards Why I am doing ALL of this Not to possess him Not to change him Just to love him and to learn to love myself the way I love him. Gives me faith and for an atheist that is saying a LOT!!!!!
      In faith and belief, K


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear K

        Please, I have had a 26 year relationship with my beautiful Twin, eight years of those in absolute heavenly BLISS. Now I have hurt US so much through my stupidity. She adores me I know she does. But I have hurt her so much and I am craving her so much that I am not coping.

        Is she paying me back? I don’t know because MY spirit is demolished. I adore her and I am feeling a void that is not just killing me slowly but increasing my love for her without limits. What is it you are talking about that I am not comprehending? Not much, I know what you are saying.

        I have been through so many emotional traumas that I cannot get enough of her. Well after an eight year relationship, l miss her physically, mentally and spiritually. She means the world to me. I am not obsessed, I am engulfed like water in a sponge, now I feel that I have been rinsed out and gotten rid off. I desire her back and she is gone.

        There are no words to explain my head pressure and pain. I feel upset for upsetting her and I love her more than ever.

        She cannot handle my desire of her, it is too much for her to handle.
        Well, she is gone, not running but Gone.

        I must mediate more and remain confident.
        Loving me from far and loving her from far is really an impossibility at the moment.

        I have had more accusations so, more rejection and hurt. Too much separation and it is killing.
        I understand, but ….. But …

        Thank you for your response. Thank you.

        Love Harmony and Believe XXX

        Giorgio XXX


  32. Giorgio says:

    SHE is a reflection of me.
    Stubborn, Extremely more beautiful than I could ever be, Her character is gentle and intriguing, amazingly sensual, passionate and very very loving. I am the same, mirror.


    Thank you xxK xxx

    Love harmony and believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  33. Amor says:

    Giorgio, I’m sorry to hear you are hurting. I can tell you truly adore your TF. I think the lessons we need to learn and the ways we need to shed ego come up in ways that do shock us to the core. Your TF has her own lessons to learn too. This journey takes total surrender. We all have human moments where we want things a certain way but then that is relying on our expectations. The love you hold, use it for yourself, radiate it out to others, and connect with her within. This whole experience is beyond what our minds can figure out. As hard as it is sometimes, we just keep going no matter what. Be thankful for the years you did have with her. Who knows what will happen in the future. Just keep going. This community is here to support you like you have for us.


    1. Giorgio says:

      Thank you Amor,

      I have too much on and I have turned to you guys for support.
      My I am strong but also have some weak parts that need some attention. Just talking aloud sometimes brings comfort and the support is very much appreciated.

      You are right. I adore her with a love that is unconditional, one like no other can give her, however she needs to see that. She has given me so much love and I hurt her badly through my own greed to have her to myself. Now I have her in spirit and I am hurting like I have never ever had in my lifetimes.

      Hurting her has been the most hurtful way to hurt myself more than anything.
      Thank your your support.
      I am going through withdrawals and it is very challenging and teaching me a lot of resilience.

      This is my last time on this planet. I know it is. She knows it to. We discussed it and she has been told that we should not separate or leave on another. we have had a few short break ups. Nine months, six months and this one from march till now. My god this is challenging and hurtful. I created all this not her.

      I am planing to go away overseas to live and give her her life back.
      it is hurtful but I want to show her how much I love her. I will give her her space and all that she needs. I will meet her after life somehow when she comes.

      It will have to be a miracle if she coms back. I swear that she is the most beautiful of all creation and I am just floored at the accusations from every angle . I can see her hurt and feel her pain so much that it is hurting night band day. I connect with her every day and i pray that we might come back together. we shall see.
      This is the biggest trial for her.
      For me, I just am missing part of my heat and half OUR Soul.

      I can feel everything she is feeling. And more .. .
      Thank you for your support Amor. XX
      Love Harmony and BelieVE XXX
      Giorgio XXX


      1. K says:

        Giorgio..I hate to be the “kick in the butt” girl butttt from where I am sitting
        OK you messed up but damn man…you spent miracle time with her..you are still a very lucky man. From where I stand…I doubt I will ever get the same chance My path is one of trust and faith that I am getting what I need…maybe just not what I want C’est la vie!
        In faith and belief, K


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear K

        I am appreciative. But she is my Twin Flame, not some unknown.
        I asked for support not criticism. I am aware of the situation.
        I am her Mirror image. I am not worried, I am just hurting. You must be as well. Hey, C’est la vie, est vrai, mais la vie e belle, tres belle.

        My twin Flame is the best there is. SHE IS THE BEST TWIN FLAME EVER.

        I don’t dwell in the past much. Sorry if I upset you. I am just missing her, as I am also very human and hey, I only wanted her to speed up the process and spend more time with her.
        The doors of heaven are there for us, she is the Best there is and guess what, if she does not come back – I am going to be there waiting for her to kiss her, hug her and go into the spiritual realm of heaven with her. I JUST ADORE HER. I am entitled to miss my Twin Flame.
        Hope things work out for you “K” for the better. I wish you nothing but the very best.
        I adore my twin flame and she is worth every moment of my LIFE.
        Yes, I made a big stupid move –

        I want and Need NO OTHER. NO OTHER IN THIS 3 Dimensional life of trials and aches, but it also has beauty.

        No one xxx NO ONE else for me.XXXXXX How lucky is she? XXXX VERY
        SHE IS IT FOR ME XXXXX As long was she is healthy and beautiful I am happy XXXX

        Thank you
        Love Harmony and Believe XXX
        Giorgio XXX

        Thank you xxx


      3. K says:

        PERFECT 🙂
        In faith and belief, K


      4. vita says:

        K 🙂 Thank You for your sharings, is not easy to open up and be honest with all of those going on inside, fears and pain, confusion and just troubles. I hope you are alright 🙂 Is not quite perfect all of it right? Even it feels so wonderful, but it stil troubles in there, I guess all we have to do as you said, love ourselves, be Twin for ourselves and Others 🙂 ❤


      5. K says:

        TY..it is the holidays but also….I am digesting the intensity of the communication and connection in here and honestly with my TF also. He hides it because he knows how I do life but I feel it simmering in there. This interaction in here has reminded me how much he and I need each other and to always remember that ALL of OUR (he and i) interactions are as much about him as they are about me…important for everyone but even more so for us/US. I have been thinking about Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (he and i do that dance) and have decided to try to find a balance of some sort. From this blog I am understanding that importance…this connection seems to eat one alive if left unintegrated . I am learning from him and all of you and trying to learn new dance moves or perhaps just bringing awareness to ALL of my life tango steps !!! All of this has brought me to a place a new place of awareness one of stillness. I react too quickly without reflection without a reminder that it is NOT all about me That every dance has 2 partners That stillness is not freezing in fact minute movements of quiet are needed to initiate the next moves in a dance. It is a new awareness but so far so good 🙂 Nahhh of course it is not perfect or at least how I was taught perfection was to be buttt maybe it IS exactly perfect.!!!! I keep moving and learning. I want my life dance to be as lively and lovely as it can be and even tho repetition makes perfection..new moves make it exciting!!!! TY for reaching out and I hope your holidays are lovely and bright…as you are Vita..a bright shining Twin!!!!!
        In faith and belief, K


      6. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna a day friends

        I am reflecting about my relationship with my beautiful Twin Flame.

        It is with immense pain and regret that I talk openly about my experience, one that is now, well and truly over. As sad as it is and with all the faith in the Source, that will not ever diminish in my respect and love to my creator, I have to admit that as you said K, newton’s law was right. ” For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

        Not only that. We WILL ALL pay for our misdeeds. We will all face our Demons and we will all balance our debts to and for our bad decisions and deceitful ways.

        I am very fearful for my Twin who is now well and truly on her way with her own agenda. I am certainly NOT in it. Her massive EGO is so big that she cannot see all the damage she is creating together with all the damage behind her which leaves the biggest trail of destruction, of which I was part of as well.

        Because I know what her past is, her present and her future? I can foresee. It is scaring me that she might be ready for the biggest shock of her life. I am praying for her so “just maybe, maybe” she can reflect on her actions. I don t see it happening yet. I don t know, but I understand that, at the same time I cannot do the work for her.
        I have a lot of work to do myself for myself.

        Jonna is very much to the point, quite in tune and holistically and Spiritually connected with how all this works. Our reflections from all our deeds and ,mistakes in our decisions of having a relationship behind someone’ s back. I have realised that as much as I was loved by my Twin Flame, she never really learnt or reflected, neither to stop to not engaging in her own dark side activities. It was that, that made me flirt to make her realize perhaps, to commmmit to us hoping to help her realise what she was doing. She is well aware what she wants and she is getting it as she planned as well. What is to follow, I don t know but I am also scared to think about it.

        There is more than just a lesson here, that being deceitful always carries a big lesson with it, at the end. Admitting or Not, one must understand that The Source will not just lay there. It is actually also a reflection of our own life, as well from The Source, a reflection into us, on our actions with our Twin and The spiritual Triangle connection.

        Our actions – well

        We can have all the EGO trips we want. Take advantage of the opportunities that we find or even create for ourselves. It ” WILL ALL REFLECT BACK TO US IN THE END WITH A VENGENCE”.
        It is so potent that we would find it so hard to deal with, so painful to understand and so mentally exhausting. I am doing a lot of self realisations, soul searching and trying to forgive my thoughts and my actions in all of this.

        Looking at it as magnificent as it was, it was something that I misunderstood and heavily miscalculated. My Twin and I embarked on all of this with a rage of highly intense love. I mean really intense honest love that Twin Flames can be engaged with. Madly in love.
        The reality is – No matter what we do, No matter who knows or does Not know, together with the lies that embrace such malice and passion, love and indecency, the soup of our lives get so intensely messed up that when it all bursts, one would not know where to start to clean the devastation.

        I was wrong to do what I did. Admit it or Not. The very thing that always ate me alive was my integrity. My honesty that was constantly challenged. I can see my Twin now on a spree of revenge as well. In pleasure now within her own sphere of Egoistic and lots of insecurity about accepting her ageing in her fifties now. She is not copping and is so fragile in submitting to see the reality of the facts. As beautiful and slim and fit as she is with fashionable outfits and shoes and sexual attires, the future holds much surprises and pain.
        Jonna is so right and observant of the facts. Yet, I can further see the big gaps in my Twins Soul but more still, in my own Soul. The reflective mirroring that I also have.

        Oh my , oh my. It just confirms the Twin connection. It is the loudest silence of all of creation.

        My Twin Flame and I both missed , passion and Love.

        We both seek the same thing within. We persued it and we confirmed that True Love and passion does exist and it is ” Powerful”.

        We forgot one very important thing though. Where there is others involved one MUST be considerate of what comes first.

        We talk about OUR OWN INTEGRITY FIRST. Before we even consider others, We are responsible to US.
        Yes, we are not perfect but we must tell ourselves that when we do something wrong, we better realize the consequences that follow.
        My integrity knocked and knocked every day on my heart. I ADORE MY TWIN FLAME like I have NOT EVER LOVED ANYONE ELSE…. EVER. There is NOT A DOUBT WHO SHE IS FOR US.


        We should have followed what we felt without getting physically involved. We were going to do a spiritual ceremony and unite spiritually. We did unite but being married to someone else in the meantime and ignore the reality of being where we were in our lives, should have been seriously looked at. With Honesty, truth and the dignity it deserves.

        WE DID NOT. Either of us.
        Now my Twin is off doing her own repeat actions, hurt and revengeful for my actions of what she saw as deceitful. Doucejonna explained it very well, however the fact remains that it, what we did was wrong from the start.

        Now as we stand, my Twin left her marriage. A younger person on the scene. Myself left to disintegrate within her mind and her well and truly, I am in the past of its history.

        I am working on my surrendering well and truly, it is so hard. All a very mixed emotions of let downs, also realising how my Twin is repeating her old habits now again and again. Still thinking it is ok now that she left her marriage. I realised that this man was already in her life as I tried to make her commit. He was already on the scene that is why she reacted so quickly to discard me and my wrong doings instead of communicating and stay together.

        Her comments were – ” We will get back together if I am not in a relationship”. Well, is love blind? Who was in love and who was in need?

        Leaving her marriage NOW for, what I believe is a younger, more verile man……. I am concerned but then, we cannot learn from most occasions unless we experience heavy wounds in defeat.

        I see that what she is doing is going to be a massive devastation and it is NOT GOING TO BE EASY FOR HER.

        Well, it is time for me to SELF LOVE rather than think about my Twin. I must try my best to mirror some good intentions and actions to help her in return to see what she is doing. I know she cannot see it . Not yet. Reflecting on our own wrong doings, well, how immature and blind was I !!!

        Neither of us have won any prises or can declare any winnings. There was defeat and I feel it, killing me for my deceitful ways.

        It hurts that what she is doing is not bringing us together, but I can see that, that is the nature of the beast . What we put into the ground is what we harvest.

        The future is not there. All encompassed in a bag of a massive concoction of mistakes.

        When I think about it, it will have to be a long time from now. Reunion will have to Be an absolute MIRACLE.

        I am praying very much, repentance and accepting my suffering and guilt of my wrong doings to the Source.

        I will have to journey on, on my own now. Letting go, surrendering and praying with a devotion that only sees me through my own path of repentance to aim at one thing now: a place in eternity. I will ask and wait for my Twin Flame to join me in heaven .
        Spiritual, of course without a doubt. In love ? Absolutely without any doubt in my mind.

        How can I not love my mirror Soul, My only Twin Flame of violet fire.

        Always hope always in faith that the Source is with us both always. I will to eternity embrace the ONLY true Twin Flame in my heart and Our Soul to be one again one day.

        Thank you All..xxxx

        Thank you doucejonna xxxx

        Love Harmony and believe xxxx
        Giorgio xxx


      7. K says:

        “The truth is that we cannot EVER expect to permanently jump from dysfunction straight into a new reality and vibration with our Twin flame. Some serious self-work is needed, including a deep-dive within to release all the patterns keeping us stuck in the very victim mentality which has made us give our power away. The new patterns which enable Union have to emerge within ourselves first before the higher call for Union can bring the Twins back together – after all, our Twin flame cannot come to us until we love all parts of our Self; until we are all that we seek.” DouceJonna says it all and veryyy clearly. The ego work MUST be done as difficult and painful as it is THERE IS NO EASY ESCAPE I am in recovery for 25 years now and it is a process that never ends…my TF has kicked up new/old stuffs for me..after reading DJ this month I am reminded again…I am doing the right thing for ME and my TF love…well…..I am not god soooo I will leave that between my TF and whomever I just keep reminding myself I AM HERE FOR MY HEALING THAT IS MY MISSION ******ME****** I can not help anyone until I do it for myself TY DJ for that reminder and that support Much appreciated
        Giorgio Keep your head to the sky but know the work is here earth bound or is that 3rd dimension whatever the ONLY way to IT is through IT!!!!! Keep shining brightly

        In faith and belief, K


      8. Giorgio says:

        Dear ALL,

        I wish to say a few more things as per my deep reflections through a lot of disturbing deep deep and realistic profoundness that surrounds me. As I write this, I am living a very very BEAUTIFUL LIFE, one that is about caring for me. Have I got a lot to offer, absolutely.


        Work or no work ,that I have to do or suppose to do, I am lost at what I can do next. It is NOT whether I accept what I need to work on about myself and understanding the SURRENDER.
        I am in constant prayers. Meditation and trying my hardest to understand what you all mean by letting Go?

        Does it mean I cannot think about my Twin Flame?
        Does it mean I should not wish her with me?
        Does it mean I have to forget her and WWe will not ever re Union?
        Does it mean that, because Now she has got a new relationship I have to MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE?

        Some say we are not meant to re Union.!!!

        Guys, I have , like all of you fed my Twin Flame’s EGO and instead of helping her to realise what is going on , I tried to do this in a way that she could not understand. To top it all up, I am lost within an abyss of self reflections. An abyss of opportunity that will embrace MY SOUL’s self love. Not like she is doing. She is all about her reason of financial security and a No drama life that she has found Full of Passion and Love with someone else as she so readily told me.

        She has now left her marriage as you all know by now, for this Guy, and committed to him whilst blaming me during my honest show of love to her and commit to us. She saw this as an opportunity to get out of our relationship and believe that what I tried to do, in asking her to commit to Us, was her ticket out of OUR relationship and a pass into the New. Was she jealous, yes and she has a new and younger version. It is Not my place to comment because I was am not a one who hates. I love with passion and more love that is why I am where I am in my life. Yet, I must also admit that I have hurt people with my decisions and ideas. That is NOT an illusion either.

        When I think about the whole deal, I helped her find happiness with whoever and however it is meant to be.

        I accept that and Now, I have seen enough to part away and be as far away as I can from her to not be near her ever again. Let her live her life of perfection and Passion and True Love with her New love of her life. To protect him, she is even ready to take steps and have a restraining order against me. LOVE IS A DILLUSION. Not the thing for Me. It has too much pain for my liking, I would rather love her for ever from far away with the least of pain and drama of rejection.

        I am moving away overseas now, to let her be as it is her wish that I will not harass her and let her go.

        I have submitted to God already anyway. My mission on this earth is done.

        I am exhausted trying to make this other mirror Soul see reality . After All what is reality?

        For myself, letting her go to enjoy her life is the best love I could ever give her.

        Whether this works for her or Not, it is her part of this equation NOT mine. If I love her from far as I have done, without her telling me and hurting me to the core, that she has found passion and love, whilst she does not realise that I KNOW that she has left her marriage for this Guy now and committed as well, being the very thing that I had asked her to do for US. Yes, in the third Dimension, and as you have experienced at some stage or other, utterly hurtful and Yes, all else but we cannot pray the martyr either. We are suppose to be happy and glad that we are where we are.

        I wrote an email for her, but I opted not to send it as It would mean absolutely nothing to her.
        she is totally committed to this new wealthier and more stable Guy.
        I have not finalised my settlement with my ex, so I am not an attractive future partner.
        Jealousy gets no one anywhere I have to face the truth in this life. Giving up, No just self preservation.
        Her famous words were that ” She will always love me”.

        I am moving away from this, I am trying my best to, as it is too painful, what too hurtful.
        I will make sure that she could not contact me and all I want is to have peace as she wanted as well to have for herself. I will mirror her so we can stay happy in our own worlds.

        I have work to do on myself and I must re adjust my life to get myself back on track.

        My emotions have been somewhat out of control and my brain is frying with intensity. I cannot stop feeling her, I cannot stop the messages and my body is just In a dillutional state of presence.

        I am NOT interested in anyone else.

        I look very young for my age and I am of an amazing good genes but even then, my Twin told me that I should find someone as I am almost sixty. Hurtful, yes it was, and I am human. She is also in her early fifties and has an amazing figure. We are five and a half years apart.

        My answer to this comment, when she told me this was that were Are Twin Flame and that “I adored her”.

        She has a younger partner now. Am I happy for her? The thing that hurts though is that she lied to me as I knew there was someone else and secondly that she would not commit and leave her crumbled marriage for us. Yet, she is doing this now, for the new guy on the block who has been there for a while.

        Jonna said so truthfully that we do have a lot of work to do, both of US. That I am certain and as I reflect, I have no other answer than that I agree with Jonna’s observations.
        Of course I am happy for my Twin with hurtful feelings as well. Yet, I am very humble but I am also a realist and we cannot Force anyone to be with us.

        That is not right. It is the Yin and Yang. Axactly matching opposites that she wants to be apart and I want to be with her. Funny actually when I think about it.

        I sent her the dress I bought for her for her birthday and she replied that she cannot accept the gift. I asked her to keep it as it hurts me to see it and if she did not want it, to give it to her beautiful daughter as they both have an amazing figure.
        We are all very fit physically, althletic and look after ourselves. We train a lot and we also have identical work and outside professional attributes.
        She is a school teacher, I am a martial arts teacher, she is Also in a holistic professional and I am a massage therapist. We also have the same job that we do in the public relations industry.
        A place of amazing opportunities in many Good and Bad ways.

        My Twin will always be the best there could ever be in my eyes , just Not with me.

        My journey Now, is with my creator. All I want is, out of this rat race world of dillusional egoistic materialistic crap, that some, in this 3 rd. Dimensional world, think is necessary to have to be happy in this Materialistic world and life. Yes, but materialism in this world does not seem to bring us a fulfilled life, but on the flip side does mature love do any different to all of US. ??

        I know the answer, it does NOT, but then, that is only my opinion.
        I wish that You all have an amazing Yuletide season and may the New year bring fresh pastures and beginnings, To you all.
        Thank you All, for such support and graceful ways of respect.

        Absolutely, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL …

        Love Harmony and Believe XXX



      9. vita says:

        Thank You K ❤ , so are You, bright, shining, loving, radiant Twin. I feel like I am the World, like I gotten through hell and inferno with the whole World, and now slowly come to my Senses and Ascention, thank Goodness, and because of him, but that is so slowly and difficult. Truth is, we have to really commit to ourselves and love ourselves. That what my Twin needs me to do, what I need him to do. Radiate into others, healing them, living our Live Purpouse. In the End is no duality, there One same Energy Source. The World survives by recongnising itself in the other, as we are tought from TF Paradigm. Blessings 🙂


  34. Giorgio says:

    Dear All

    I know that I might have sent somewhat of a mixed message with my reply to K.

    The only reality is that I MUST SURRENDER FOR anything to happen further. I need to work on my continual unconditional loving ways towards my Twin. I need work on a lot of things but we are not ever perfect.

    I also believe that when we as Twins accept our spiritual understanding of who we are , then and only then, we will be capable of reunion.

    I adore my Twin no matter what she does or what happens. I feel and believe without any doubt that she is my Mirror Twin Flame and that we MUST learn through our many journeys in whatever number of reincarnations as we mature to the level asked of us by the higher Siurce.

    The Kundalini process is a reality and if it is the will of the spiritual triangle, that we re Union, no matter what we all think or say, my Twin and I will re union. Not now, but as much as I cannot visualise it at the present moment, no one in this world can say for certain what tomorrow brings.

    I am not a prophet nor am I a wizard.
    The reality is that I must let go and surrender to give my Twin and I the opportunity for things to mature towards re Union.
    The Seperation and the whole process has been realistic. What follows is an unknown.

    I hope and pray for what I wish no matter what happens.
    I feel things though and they are all a reality as they will appropriately unfold.
    They are very real. I feel things and the messages I get are within my heart.

    Thank you xxx

    Love Harmony and believe XXX

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  35. K says:

    Become like water my friend.”
    In faith and belief, K


    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear doucejonna and K

      My love will not ever dwindle, my feelings will not ever be stale , my determination will be strong, without fear and powerful like water, my Passion and Love like the fire that no one has ever experienced, My devine love unmatched and to top it all up – I need to be in tune with My personal humility, honesty and Integrity that will not fail me again.
      The one thing that I have learned and that I MUST at all cost be truthful about is, to be loyal to myself in turn, to my creator. He holds all secrets to all mystical and the realities about the truths of all our lives.

      Achieving Eternity is real and I MUST work for it with blood and tears.
      When My Twin Flame reads my book one day,” Success Through Inner Strength In Daily Life”, that I am about to publish, she will have no option but to realise her integrity and humility. I want to help her no criticise her or humiliate her, I want to hold her hand one day, look into her eyes and as I kiss her I will hug her and bond with her beautiful body and her soul, make her feel my heart no just my words, make her heartbeat go faster. I want her to realise that there has never been any resentment but only True Mature Love that has always engulfed her to eternity and beyond.

      What I have to do is let go and feel the reality that I am in, accept the love of my own self love to our creator and acknowledge that I am on the right path of my spiritual life journey. I don’t wish to be critical of her but I must be supportive and I am visualising that surrendering will do just that. My own soul will compliment her own as she too will realise her own progress and work needed to follow a good path, to what we should or could be doing to mature.

      I am just saying that I must do the same, the quicker the better for us both. What lies ahead is a mystery, what will happen I have no clue about and re union is always a possibility once it is all done properly. There was a reason, a very very good reason for all this to happen and I feel that as much as it is all hard to digest. At the moment I know in my guts, soul and in my heart that our love and meeting was NOT a coincidence. It will eventually come to fruition for all around us to benefit from. It is amazing how accurate I am in my findings through my heart and intuition, feelings and soul deep knowing of all her lies. The same that she will have to face more sooner than later. I am saying this through LOVE not criticism.

      I was shopping yesterday in Bangkok and I looked at something that reflected her inner strength and something that she would love to have. I enquired and I know that somethings are meant to be. My heart drives me to her and I connect with her on all levels. All through our creator and I whisper in my heart through my creator, all the time to her “That I love her”. I know I will be heard and felt. I have no doubt about it. I am also doing what jonna said to me to do. The mirror is not saying anything but the truth, it always does. I am worthy of good things and many great realisations that, I am the best there is and I must be for the benefit of both my twin’s soul and My ownl.

      Thank you my dear friends, water, earth, Air and fire are my true living reality of where we come from. they all represents US as individuals and as a whole within this creation.

      Water is as we should flow as with all things within and out, Earth is as we should be to ground ourselves to calculate and find our directions, Air is what we should embrace things with, as it is our lives in action without Air, we could not breath and that we must appreciate it through the formidable Source. Lastly for me Fire, it is with this raging power and potency that fire rages with,through all in its path good and not so good, within its anger that it shows while it destroys all it finds in its path, Yet it brings New Beginnings and fresh birth and all will be Anew green and fresh and new to create beauty in life again. This I reflected even before all my sorrow and disappointments of these events. I should actually be grateful that I am not going to be the cause of what my twin is doing. I am not art of her mess now as I tried to ask her to commit within the lies that we were living. She has found peace after our separation within the same traits of lies and dishonesty. She is afraid that I go to where she lives and realise what she has been doing. The truth always comes to the surface just as oil comes to the top in water. It will be her surprise not mine. I must take advantage of the work that I need to do, to better my own spiritual self.

      Through all these four elements, I see where I should be not just could be. It is where I MUST gain my strength and be committed with determination of the illumination and enlightenment that I need to seek for my own integrity.

      What we are and what we learn is our bible. It is that we need to be engaged with for it s our reality of who we really are, “The self” and the one within this body and brain that continually challenges and creates situations that we need to always keep facing on a journey of self improvement.

      I still communicate with her, I still pray for US and I find it hard to disconnect with her energy. Do you think I should? I ask you both for your views and experienced advise from your own personal perspectives.

      Thank you XXX
      Love Harmony and Believe XXX
      Giorgio XXX


  36. K says:

    One of the many issues I have been faced with since my TF soiree began is certainly facing my many control issues. My TF is every bit a match for my stubbornness, and manipulation but he adds his own tactical maneuvering skills that most times leaves me lost in tall grass. Added to that mashup is the entire TF Kundalini thing that I have learned is sometimes his focus and sometimes something entirely not of either one of us. Obviously when you talk about disconnecting from this TF energy…I am not even sure one can do that..afterall I never ASKED to be connected with it to begin with For me this is a pure exercise in what my program calls Letting go and Letting god..I have NO control I am powerless and this is where faith and trust and belief come into my life.I KNOW that heaven and earth were moved, as well as, stars aligned to bring my TF into my life and I am cognizant of the power that took Far be it from me to even pretend to being that kind of powerful!!!! The only answer I have for you is Love Harmony and Believe
    they will show you youR way
    In my faith and my belief, K


    1. vita says:

      I’ll ❤ invite you K and Doucejonna if you want sometimes to speak or share with us and George, feel free to add me on skype under (viktoria.kiotsekoglou) We can even conference, if it's wished. Other TF's can add me too, if I am there for a hello 🙂 . I do like exchanging vibration of voice and energy, in writing I am scared unfortunately 🙂


  37. Giorgio says:

    Dear jonna

    In thèse days of the Yuletide season I wish to thank you for your most amazing input, knowledge and ever going support. I would like to Thank you jonna for being there and giving support from reflections of your own amazing journey, onre that I can certainly relate to. Your advice does not hinder my own judgement of what and how I think. It certainly does offer comfort and knowledge about all this very spiritual journey that all of US are on. You blend and unite our ALL thoughts, expériences, reflections and mixed feelings of pain and joy. Your knowledgble guidance is just that, as it never does have anything compliment and has only the very best genuine and good intentions. Your informtion and spiritual knowledge is truthful and realistic. I have never physically and spiritually experienced any such support and feeling the potency in loving my Twin Flame, loving someone so dearly in lifetimes. Perhaps now is a more realistic time that My Twin Flame and I are facing befor our réunion. When that might be or how, it is going to happen, I don’t want to guess.

    Nevertheless, Thankyou jonna an I wish you and your family the very best start for the New gregorian calendar year 2016. A year full of prospérité and further improvement in your own amazing journey ahead.

    Your Blog has been an amazing support for me and my Twiin Falme in more ways than one.

    THANK YOU So So much XXX

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  38. Giorgio says:

    Dear jonna

    I missed a very important word, my sincere apologies
    “Your knowledgble guidance is just that, as it never does have anything, ‘BUT’ compliments and has only the very best genuine and good intentions.

    Thank you XXX
    Love Harmony and Believe XXX


  39. Giorgio says:

    Dear jonna
    As I read this article in it entirety, I cannot help reflect on who I have been and who I have become at this stage of this Twin Flame journey within my existance. I would like to write this for the benefit of anyone who might be experiencing or might experience, what I am going through at the moment.

    This has been an amazing journey for me, one that would not ever make me doubt that I have not found my twin Flame. I have No doubt in my mind that she is my Twin Flame. The other thing is, that this journey has brought the ultimate in pleasure and utmost of loving ecstacy as well as pain in this present reincarnation. It has brought me hope and more divine love than I have ever ever experienced with any other soul that I have met in my entire lifetimes.

    My Twin Flame is most definetely the END OF THE LINE FOR ME. She is the connection I have with the highest Source and I am also very aware that God has prepared this for OUR benefit.
    I do believe that there is something a lot more valuable than the pain that I am experiencing at this moment of seperation.

    Dear jonna, the article below is so relistic that it has prompted me, as i am now, to write some of my feelings and processes of my actions, and thoughts, that have crossed my mind.
    As you know jonna, I adore my Twin Flame, even now in this most difficult time of seperation. It has really introduced me to the most amazing pain, somewhat confusion as well, but also a lot of determination in recognizing how to be loving to myself and how I must carry on within the spectrum of this irreplaceable Mature loving path of my journey.

    My married Twin Flame has now left her marriage.

    Alas, only to run as far as she can away from me, after my attempt to make her commit to us. My way was a challenging one with a twist, Yes, it was but that is the way things happen when one believes that they have a partner who can do NO WRONG in their eyes.

    As I loved and Love my Twin Flame with Divine love, my own actions floored me and brought me to a sudden excruciating halt. Accepting her as she is for what she is. No matter what she does, I see a completely Mirror reflection of myself. I cannot judge her but I simply embrace her with such potent love that, she is in disbelief. Whatever my Twin Flame has choosen to do in this part of her journey, has certainly heightened my True Mature Love for her. It has made me question so many contradictory questions about our Twin Flame connection. It has made me see the pain and above all feel all the chest pain, body aches, emotions of total body and mind break-down peelings. Literally feeling faint and helplessly incapable. A state of being, not only lost with disbelief of my twins Reacations, but to no surprise, myself being more determined to achieve stabilité in my own journey.

    This extract first if I may please –

    “As we progress on the spiritual path, we begin to seek a deeper integrity with ourselves. For us Twin flames this often exposes the deep inner conflict between the knowing of our heart and what we recognize as socially acceptable, or morally correct. This is never more so than when there are other partners involved in the meeting of a Twin flame couple. Such intense love towards someone who may never be ours makes us question what true integrity really is and how and why to pursue it if it is bound to cause so much pain to us and others. What is it in fact that we should seek to align with; is it our inner knowing which fills us with LOVE but seems so elusive and unattainable, or a passable life which comes with certain benefits (security, companionship etc.) but leaves us spiritually lukewarm?”

    Certainly not luke warm at all, but furiously angry at myself and my Twin. Feelings of asking continuously, ‘Why my Twin Flame misunderstood’ me, when I thought that she is the ultimate partner, soul entity that could Not ever hurt me or even more ‘Threaten me with an apprehended violent order’ asI take the liberty to go and see her at will, when she wanted to run away for worldly comforts with someone else.

    Complexity and drama, accused of it that I am myself dramatic, when my twin Flame also creates more drama in her own life. A MESS of involvements with others as she tries to manage the anger and feelings, which she sees that I have created for US. Then, My Twin Flame runs and finds comfort with someone else now, leaving her marriage and myself.

    I am now at a BIG MASSIVE loss. Emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. Left out in the cold with “lies” surrounding me from my Twin Flame leaving me, as she protects what she has in her own life now, of the “Free Spirit” as she calls it. Is this relationship going to last in her life? This new person is a much better value for her in her eyes now. Younger wealthier and more attractive. Yes, it hurts but my Love for her still and will be strongr than ever. Her determined and stubborn mind has certainly shown me that I am out of the picture, certainly very much part of her soul even more though as I connect so much with her in spirit. I am NOT wanted to be around. She has also strongly indicated to me that she does not even want me to live in the same state as her. Unfortunately we are employed by the same compny. Her friend now has helped her get a promotion which has helped her in having a stronger financial position. This in turn has brought them even closer together and helped her get re established in her own seperte place after her separation. Well, I am lost in the content of this separation. It seems complex and all came tumblig down to a point of choosing a more stable partner rather than work on the Twin Flame connection.

    I know that she has had this other guy already on the scene. That is why I did what I did to ask her to commit to US, and it backfired. Yet at that instance of her hurt, she asked me why I doubted her love for me. Well, it did not jell with me, her saying that I doubted her love and at the same time, saying so many conflicting statements and terminating our relationship at the same time. We were in the wilderness and she cried for over one and a half hours in disbelief. She asked me to go away for a moment and let her connect as she prayed on her own. I asked her in the last conversation we had, what was that she prayed for at the time: her answer was that she prayed for “Peace”. I know other wise. She was hurt and it was then that she thought that what I did, was her sign to choose this path that she is in now at this moment.

    Being a free spirit, which To myself, meaning that she has the right to do whatever she wants to do with her life, is everyone’s right. I cannot agree more with her. She has every right to do what she wants to do with her own life and journey. This is the very same thing that makes me go round the twist. Instead of communicating together, my Twin who lived a life of exploration within a big “LIE”, one that I also shared for 8 years after knowing one another for 26 years, has come to this disaster.

    It hurts like nothing else I have ever felt. My Twin Flame is at this moment very contented and on her own journey with someone else. Again trying to hide from what she is doing until she gets divorced. Scared that I would do something that would impeed her from having a smooth trnsition with her own divorce. Thebiggest Mirror of this isthat, My twin Flame has been the sole reason for my difficult settlement after my break up. It carries on. I am hopeing that I would finish it by march. It has been dragged on for 5 brutal years because I chose to go out with her. Believe it or Not, I have No regrets, I should have done it earlier. Butbthis is what was already there as my own carpet of life unfolds.And as I say this and all seems impossible, I don’t doubt that we might still reunion.

    My Twin Flame is scared that I would hurt her and that I would try to destroy her own plan. Alas, it looks identical now, with what we did togther and what she is doing now. That is ertainly the MIRROR IMAGE. The only thing is that we are the twins. I am upset, but if I do not realise that one of US must let go of this and not be competitive with each other, the chance of EVER getting back together will be out of the question. It is going to take a miracle to get to that point now anyway.

    Finding this new Guy who has been persuing her during our relationship, was meant to happen. On my part, Meeting this other lady was also meant to happen, as my partner insisted that I go to visit her, indicated to me that what I thought was going on behind my own back at the time was really happening. Yet, I was meant to go to see this lady as it turned out, within me telling her that I cannot do this as I am in love with someone else, within the hour, I saved her life. I was organising ambulances, doctors within the hour of my arrival. There is always a purpose for things to happen. Now, as much as things seem very twisted and impossible , I cannot sop to believe that God has a more and bigger purpose for US both. We must though, learn some more valuable lessons. I am learning that I must let go, not be jealous and at the sma e time let my Twin Flame explore and experience what she needs to experience in her life journey. She will marry this Guy as well.

    I am finding it hard now NOT to send her a christmas card or say hello to her or even have the slightest contact with her at ALL. That I must do and have No contact what so ever.

    The void of seperation is massive between us. I feel a big cliff that I cannot possibly, at this moment in time, bridge in any way shape or form. Letting go and surrendering has been the BIGGEST challenge for me.

    Will we ever reunion?

    I am NOT coming back to this life. I am certainly without a doubt in my mind, surrendered to my God and asked that if My Twin Flame and I are not going to reunion, I asked for God to guide me to stay with God in heaven. I will have to suffer as much as I have to not to come back to this life. I do’t know how things work with God and eternity, but one thing I do feel is that there is something that I cannot put my finger on: what plan has our creator have for us!! I have No clue about all this now, all I know though is that It hurts , really really hurts every moment. At times thugh I reason and let go even more after i read the kundalini process.

    The Kundalini process works. It is a Divine path of action that no one can mess around with. No one can touch it and no one can control it. Will this work in our Case?

    Jonna, if in any way you can shed some light in this instance I would appreciate your very valued comments on this jpurney of mine please.

    I am reading all the articles to try and get some sense into myself about it all, yet my last resort is that I don’t need to waste any more energy. I am trying to focus on loving myself more and more and let the powers from above reveal to me my destiny as I grow and move along my path.
    After all, what is ment to be will be, as the carpet unfolds as it always does and should.
    Ultimately I will keep loving my Twin Flame with devine LOVE and Passion.

    Jonna, if you can see through my messy emotions and expressions of frustration and can perhaps come up with some further insight and directions, I would certainly find some comfort in all this mess that I have created. Even though I believe it is part of the process, one that none of us have any real insight about of how it comes to fruition. Let alone a miracle for re union.

    Thank you so much XXX

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX

    Giorgio XXX


  40. Anga says:

    Hello! I am so thankful to have found this awesome article and am very eager to share my story with you all.

    I am 28 years old and I met and fell in love with my TF 7 years ago. I was sooooo obsessed with him (still am) and I never knew why! He’s just perfect. I am 3 years older, he was 18 when we first got togetehe. In our relationship I am the chaser and he is the runner. 4 months into our glorious but crazy relationship, I left my job (we worked together) and I guess he took that as an opportunity to cut me off COMPLETELY. he wouldn’t answer my texts or calls and yeah broke my fucking heart. We ended in march 2009 and in march 2010 I met someone knew. I waited for him for a year. In august 2010 (only 4 months after meeting new guy) I got married. Now I am a happily married mother of 3 and over the past almost 2 years my TF has been vaguely declaring his love for me on fb. Just by posting songs or poetry or dating a girl who is literally a knock off version of me. Its okay though my husband is A LOT like my TF too. Same profession, same nationality (FRENCH BOYS omggg), they would prob get along great if I weren’t in the picture. So this past September my dad passed so I finally reached out to my twin and wow did it hit the fan. He and I are very open about our feelings for each other and we dealt with a lot of hateful and spiteful comments about what we were doing. So of course this scared my running twin away once again. I guess that’s a good thing though cus me being the chaser I probably would up and leave my marriage to be with him if he wanted.. in an instant. And thats no good because I have 3 little ones. So I mailed him a gift and told him that I love him unconditionally etc etc not to feel obligated to do anything etc. We have come to the realization that neither of us are ever going to stop loving each other ever. But he’s still running. Its messed up because he’ll be all like I HATE MY LIFE IVE RUINED US and soooo negative about the fact that we’re not together but HE’S the runner!!! Ugh its so frustrating. But I love him so much. God he is perfect. Those sweet nothings he gave me help me battle some serious post partum depression. He inadvertently has been a good daddy to my kids. Lol creepy I know. Anywho here we are.

    That’s my TF journey in a nutshell! Look forward to getting to know you all.

    Giorgio your story is crazy. My advice? Maybe TRY to move on. Or pretend to?? I know it sounds shady but it was only when I moved on that my superior runner twin came around.

    Merry christmas!


    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear Anga

      Thank you, but as crazy as it sounds, I know that I do not need to pretend anymore. I have no fear of anyone hurting me because I am single now and I have been for 4 and a half years.

      Well, I am actually very happy that I am single. God is my guide and as much as it hurts that my TF Cannot see what I asked of her to do, in committing to us, it is like it was meant to be, that all this blows in my face with her. When we meet our TF we are on a destined path of reunion, from the start but not until all is cleared and calm. My settlement with my ex will be over soon and I will have a better year this year. There is always a storm before the calm as well. I can tell you all, that this has not only been the calm before the storm.

      I waited for my TF for 26 years to get us together. She knew this before I did, and I am certain. Now that she is running, that she needs to learn that what she is chasing now, will also be replaced by another shock of events that will be similar to what she has done to myself as well. Sad, but this seems to be the pattern hers and mine. She criticised me and told me exactly what I have done but yet she cannot admit that it is what she is doing to me as well
      Hopefully I am wrong, and she will be happily married to this guy and lives in peace and love ever after. I am not going anywhere, as I am convinced that the high source has lessons for me to learn even more. I was created for a purpose and I am closer to the reality of life more than I have ever been.

      I miss my TF terribly as I have always done since we met. Yet, if what I believe is true, that we are true TF’s, then we will be together again for the last trip of this journey. As weird as it might sound what I feel inside of me is a longer term but alate reunion, not now. The Ego and fashion trip of my TF will come to an end in time and she will meet me or I her, at some stage. What she is doing It is all based on money and comfort, but as I said, she thinks that she has found the perfect match for herself. She told me that she will always love me. Words don’t meet the facts but that is what is and as we say untruths it is another nail that we need to seal our destiny.

      This is the truth about life; We can never predict what is installed for us. We cannot see around the corner and as we move along in life, we need to be ready for surprises. What we do always catches up with us one day or other. What we are cruel with others with, always seems to come to us in return. The oil always comes to the surface no doubt about it.

      For myself, the oil was always come on to the surface. Hurting in a relationship or not as we all cheat one way or the other, we all seem to resemble the Adam and Eve story. Replicated over and over again. Learning the story and experiencing its repercussions over again as we try to chase happiness within the love that we seek relentlessly.

      What is it that we all seek really, if it is not love? We are made and created out of love, true love I mean, not the sex. Not the lust and not the ‘Ego fashion show’ trip.

      The magnetic pull that you have Anga is the pattern that you have chasing you and engulfing you with your true love. A love that as much as some adamantly say that the TF’s are not meant to be together, we still chase and run away from. It still makes us cheat and make love in so many ways with each other, as we eventually do leave our parters (soul mates)we are with at the time. The story keeps repeating itself through all of US and we are all on this pattern of pull and push.

      I have moved on and I have realised that this is my TF, also that she is the end of the line for me. She knows that and she is doing what she is doing because she MUST do this.

      Myself, as virile as I am and as much as I love my bedroom, there is only one person I would want to be with, and that is my TF. She is the ultimate in my eternal life. To F…k someone for the sake of just doing it is not for me. I have always been so though, and I am very very loyal. Once my partner rejects me, then I stray and end the relationship. I need to look at my sensitivity and so does my Twin. She is the same. She has chased for most all of her 27 years of married life to find peace and passion with love.

      I have known her for 26 years in this life time and I exposed her to the most passionate of loves, that she has known before NOW. However, because of my present situation she would not see the truth as this guy presents peace and worldly comforts for her.

      True love does NOT die. I am happy to leave this world as My TF to be the last of my loves. No, I am meant to suffer and learn what I must do in this life and understand the purpose of why i am here.
      Who knows what is around the corner and well…… it is exciting. It hurts not to be with her. It hurts like hell, more than anything that has happened to me in this time of my reincarnated lives. My entire persona is in shock and yet, I feel free of any burden of anyone, except my own. Lonely, well I am doing what I am suppose to be doing and taking the opportunity to write books and help others realise that – “life is beautiful….” – No matter what. ( There is a secret about this phrase and it is one that my TF and I truly understand) felt all that my TF does and now, I will move along the last part of my journey. Alone as I am and hope that my TF and I could talk about this later before I must leave to go to our creator for the last time. We both know this, as she has been told that I would not be coming back and I have also been told the same. However as funny as it sounds, I feel it more than anything and from a worldly perspective it is sad. From a reality point of view, it is part of my path towards the reality of the source that love and happiness at its core, is only found within the Source and it is the only Source that will always love us no matter what. We are only particles that float around looking for recognition and cuddles in which we find comfort. After awhile it will be our TF who is closest to our hearts no one else. It is our true mirror soul. It cannot be replaced by none other, no matter how much we try. So, we learn to adjust and make mistakes marking our milestones along a path that is either calm or turbulent according to our decisions guided by factors of insecurity in search of the love and passion that we desire so much.

      I found mine, I am contented as she runs away from me. She is the MOST beautiful of ALL.

      Love Harmony and Believe XXX

      Giorgio XXX


    2. Giorgio says:

      Dear Anga,

      I suppose easy to misunderstand what I wrote.
      But then, perhaps I am the one misunderstanding you.!! Move on, to…… another relationship, Sex, etc?
      I don’t understand what you mean?
      Nevertheless, I am sure that you mean well. Jumping from one relationship to another means that you need to do a lot more work to clear what is keeping you and your Twin apart. Old Contracts, family templates, dark energies, childhood wounds and much more like fear, Ego… etc.
      You invite more energies in what you have done and you will need to clear from your individual karmic life. I will question if I may where you are coming from. Being French ……. they are latin like all others. Only depends if “he is your true TF or Not”?. Are you sure he is your TF? Sorry if I have been too profound with my spirituality.
      I am curious though, Which part is crazy?
      “Divine Love” might mean something different to each of US.
      To myself, where I am in my life, I found the Ultimate…. My Divine Love, once you find that Soul… There is no other… no matter what anyone else thinks. I have learnt many lessons and there is a purpose for all that happens to each of US. Many more lessons to learn as well.

      Nevertheless, the journey for me means a lot more than just being perfect with my Twin… It means a lot lot more spiritually. Easy to get someone else. There are a many needy people around. I am happy like I am……. Each to his own.

      How can you replace the ultimate… the other layers of your own Soul? You will need to do a lot of work with your present partner as well. You have a contract with your husband and your children, yet you say that you will just jump and leave to go with your supposedly TF? Do you understand your role in this journey?
      If I may, There are a lot of other Twins on this site who can give you better advice than I can. I am sure of that.
      My story is about where Divine Love erupts from. Spirituality and the place it plays within this journey.

      Thank you



  41. TwinFlameDawning says:

    Hi Giorgio and everyone here,

    Wow, Giorgio, what a roller coaster ride you have been having with your Twin Flame!

    You and I are both Aries. We both have so much passion and drive – when we want something, we have to have that, and only that, nothing else will do – it consumes us. We keep going on and on, then when we feel we’ve hit a brick wall and can’t go any further, we ‘give up’. We’re upset and down for however long, but miraculously, only then do we find our resolve and strength to start yet again, differently. (I’ve also said I’m not coming back to the planet again, after this lifetime!)

    I only discovered my connection with a man who must be my Twin Flame on 18th December. That was after six months of wondering what the hell was going on with me. I/We had a moment of very brief magnetic chemistry in the summer when we bumped into each other for a few minutes. Five years ago we worked in the same office, but hardly knew each other to speak of, so when we bumped into each other again, we were only little more than brief acquaintances. After that afternoon, the almost constant astral communication and connection was driving me crazy (plus the reawakening within me to have a man in my life again – along with some passion – after being alone for seven years!) and so I contacted him with the psychic message I felt I was supposed to pass on (minus the attraction info). All my communication did was have the result of him telling me to never contact him again.

    I personally have to work on Unconditional Love, along with addiction (the desire and need I imagine to be with him – as I do not take substances in any way, shape or form, and never have in this lifetime) plus attachment: I imagine feelings to the man that is my Twin Flame. Until I clear and work through those issues, there will only be pain. (Info given to me via a personal reading by Agatha.) Please see her insightful video/s:

    I searched further and found Twin Flame therapists……I highly recommend working with these webinars. Since using the downloads this past weekend, they have helped me so much, understand my/our triggers and what is really going on, ancestrally, inner child etc., etc., etc., plus outside influences we may not be aware of, that are blocking/holding us back……


    Good luck everyone! We can get through this together! We are here supporting ourselves, each other, and as a support for our Twin Flame, but not as a means to heal/fix them. They have to work through their things/Free Will, marriages, finding their own self-love etc., themselves, as we all do. (I, as we all are in our own situations I AM sure, wish that our Twin Flames will find their way back to us physically in this 3D world, eventually, so that we may walk our life path of Love together, jointly side by side. As with yourself Giorgio, I AM so awaiting re-connection after separation with my Twin Flame. However, you’ve had more than most of us though Giorgio, at least you did share time with yours, which is why I can understand that separation for you is so much harder. One passionate Aries to another 😉

    Love Is All There Is!!!

    Much Love xxxxxxxxx


  42. Amor says:

    Hi Zachary, I read your comments and wanted to reply. I’m glad you found a place to comment on spiritual stuff and feel safe about it. We really can’t open up about this to just anyone, lol. I agree that life/love is everywhere! This journey is teaching me to be confident about my own experience, my own understanding and maybe down the line how to explain to others. I wish you and your twin peace and love.


  43. Giorgio says:

    Dear Twin Flames

    It has been a while since I have written anything.

    I have been praying and Spiritually searching for a way to find inner Peace, Harmony and the strength to keep going without letting the satanic and the demonic evils, the power of hell.
    Well, not the power of US. We have our own protectors and tis is what I wish to share with you…. whoever wishes to read and make your mind up. We are all advanced Souls, Soldiers of Peace, harmony and … Yes, “Divine Love”.

    “Divine Love comes from the Only One Source”.

    Have a look at search the “Diary” of “Sr. Faustina Kowalska”

    Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, Compact edition

    There are answers in this amazing “Diary”.
    If you wish to find answers and direction to OUR Divine Love that all of US know we have found? Well, there are open, clear and simple information as well as directions from Jesus himself to what is expected of US in this Divine and Amazing Journey.

    One can be as sceptical as one wishes. However, instead of wasting time to doubt, or even try and sever the connection that one finds when we meet our twin Flame, rest assured that this diary of this Saint is a must to read at least.

    This Saint only lived just 38 years, but in her time that she spent during her convent years before she passed away, Jesus talks about Divine Love, Our Sins, The ones who do not believe, the ones who hurt him badly when he was being killed and much much more.
    The world will not have Peace until all similar Spiritual groups unite into one.

    Jesus is NOT a prophet.

    The sooner we realise that what is happening is NOT a “Coincidence” the sooner we can surrender and connect with OUR inner Soul… US… as Twins.
    I understand what it is about even more now than ever.

    If one does NOT pray, believe and tries his or her hardest to get closer to Our Creator, ionise only US who are making this more difficult to come close to “union in the Physical”.

    The LOVE is “Divine Love” and it only comes from the only entity that is giving US chance after chance to get closer to him and recent form our sins.

    No wonder we are getting closer to GOD.

    “We need to stop running, expecting, wishing, fearing and doubting that we are NOT worthy of this Divine Love”

    We are “A mirror Soul” layers belonging to one body and the same Soul layers split belonging to another body.

    We are the ADAM and EVE. satan still is trying to distract US by tempting us in many deceitful ways.

    There is no contention between us. All there is is the Old templates, satanic and demonic constant interference, Fear, doubt and dark energies that surround us always to keep US all apart from each other. All so we can be lost, angry and resent our Twins through expectations.

    “Say No to satan”

    I have made a pact with the devil. I speak to him and satan absolutely resents my suggestions.

    Here it goes – This is what I have suggested to him after continuous interruptions, in all ways possible. satan makes me laugh NOW.

    I suggested to him this if anyone wishes to do the same.

    “satan, try and ask for forgiveness to Your God, your Creator. Our Creator is ALL Divine Love. Remember the fight in Heaven…!!!! Archangel Michael and the other Archangels who sided with OUR Creator; they chased you and those who supported you out of heaven.
    I suggest to you NOW satan – think about asking for forgiveness to Your Creator and turn hell into Heaven with his approval. Reflect on all the angels that followed you. All those angels are now suffering so much because of you.
    More so, the Souls whom you have convinced and blinded through greed, jealousy, fear, materialistic wealth and all other things that have No Substance or longevity… just like the riches you tried to give to Jesus, when he was on his (40) days of fasting.

    How could you be so cheap, disrespectful and of Low Vibration?
    Is that all you can fathom? Destruction, Fear, Greed, jealousy and negativity? And more of the same ?
    Let go of your fake EGO, dominance and the weak disrespectful ways, and take a real challenge on…. like I have… !!!”

    I feel satan, and he does not like it. (note as well that I do not spell satan in capital letter either.)

    Remember everyone, these points please.

    (Never, ever give up your power away. Do not be the victim by giving up either.)

    1. Understand that this is why God is with US. That is why we need to get closer to Jesus, in order to let Jesus give US what is planned for US from Heaven.
    2. Read this Diary as it explains what is going to happen from Jesus’s own words through this Saint.
    3. We have a choice, we need to believe that Jesus will come to US and WILL give US the miracle that we all seek from him.
    4. If it is for the “Higher Good” then your guess is as good as mine what is to be. But then.. do not guess, wish but pray more broadly for all those who are in need. In purgatory and in this dimension to get to Heaven through faith.
    5. satan is still playing the apple game, through our vices, be it sexual, monetary , Ego and much more to distract US all from our Divine Plan.
    6. When we unite with our Twin Flame, we are the most powerful entity on these Planes of Illusion. That is why we have to suffer and learn to understand what is our true purpose. to help the world return to “Faith”.
    7. One most important fact is this for all of you – Believe Me, No satanic angel can have more power than any of us if we are close to our Creator.
    8. However Jesus said to US all, “All those who labour and are in pain, come to me and I will refresh you”

    After all we are all wishing to unite with our Twins and unless we surrender we are the only ones who are creating “Division”

    We need ascension after so many deaths and hurt. so much is expected of US to better this world and its people, but to have the twins unite… WOW… WOW… what an honour to God to have such a strong Soul through US to oppose the evil within this Matrix.

    Ask yourself this – “Am I worthy of my Twin’s presence? Am I going to be on the side of truth, Integrity, humility, respect and belief that We are all created with “Divine Love” We are in search of – “Our other layers of OUR One Soul, in search for US to unite on the same vibration in honour to our creation.

    Eternity….. only comes through hard work and “FAITH”.

    Read the diary of this saint.
    You will all understand what I mean.
    No luck, No coincidence and NO tricks…. just pure devotion and Divine Love.

    We love these other bodies because we are their mirror Twin. We are ONE and the Same in the 5D. Get to work Guys and be strong and Loving.
    All through One Divine Love. Our Self Love and the love for whom has been very patient to create US.
    Work on Yourselves and then the Soul will yearn to unite … believe it.

    Peace, Harmony and Belief. XXXX

    Giorgio XX


  44. Nicole Saula says:

    This was such an amazing article to read as it spoke such truth that it radiated to my heart. I too am a twin flame. I met my twin when we were in high school. I had just moved in with my mom for the first time and was going through some very rough times. The moment I met him we started seeing the parallels in our lives, but we were young and had suffered traumatic upbringings so there was lots of emotional traumas that to needed to be purged and healed. When we broke up I was truly devastated. I wanted to die and thought about it, but also prayed to God and by his grace I continued to grow. I met my now ex husband right after we had broken up. The craziest thing about this journey for me has been looking back and remembering thoughts I had intuitively, but at the time dismissing them as nothing. Like thinking the first time my ex laid his hands on me that I was terrified by the soulless ness that I saw in his eyes, but having grown up and remaining quiet in an abusive home I chose to remain out of fear with my abuser convincing myself that it was ok bc I would never find another love like my twin so I might as well just settle. Flash forward 13 yrs later I had some traumatic events happen that finally caused me to look at my life with honesty, the first being the passing of my grandma. Being raised in a Greek Orthodox upbringing by her on her dying deathbed I asked her sort of haphazardly to guide me to my truths. Boy, did she ever. My now ex husband lost his job while I was pregnant with our 2nd child and was offered a job I. Pittsburgh. I picked a house that looked like grandma’s from off of craigslist and so my true journey began. I met and became friends with our catholic landlord who seemed to know more about me then she led on. The town we moved to had a powerful impact on me and I had my first spiritual experiences since being with my twin. The town was the home to a church that is the 2nd largest to the Vatican in st. Relics. I learned that there was a St. Saula in 4b.c. And that she was a virgin martyr part of the St. Ursula voyage that brought woman and children into the Christian faith. I had gone to school tfor law enforcement to help women and children whom were also facing persecution in their family lives. We left Pittsburgh bc my ex husband started stealing from his boss who my friend had gotten my ex a job with and his boss had taken him under his wing(he was also Greek Orthodox) Before we left my friend told me to follow water. I am an Aquarius. We moved back to Cleveland and within a year I had become a water treatment operator,like my Godfather, and confronted my father for the abuse that he had put me through and then tried to brainwash me into thinking it was not real, and to top it off had a house fire that destroyed everything in my home. It took all that yo happen for me to be strong enough to finally speak my truth and confess to my twin that I was in love with him still and had never stopped loving him. I left my ex husband and ran to my twin we had a brief reunion, but then things started to fall apart and so rather than being strong I fell back into the old 3D paradigm and went back to my ex. It lasted less than a year. I faked it at first, but felt like I was dead inside and things just weren’t going right, plus my exes immorality and gaslighting/controlling were stifling to the point I felt I was suffocating. I decided to leave once more this time even more abruptly and that’s when my enlightenment really took off. I had a rash that had shown up on my back and I was in the midst of reading John in the Bible, something I had really fallen away from and had just been getting more into. I went to my favorite nature spot and ignorantly baptized myself under a waterfall, then I got my chakras balanced as it was something I kept hearing in my head, even though I had no clue what chakras really were and I swam in the quarry. That evening I contacted my twin and told him I had to speak to him. I was waking up and all the puzzle pieces were fitting together. I went to his house and told him what I was going through and also noticed the rash went away(I believe I was possessed so to speak and it’s what was making me such a zombie) I told him that I was leaving my ex, that I was t suppose to be eating meat, that I needed to get mylife together and that I felt him and I were complements of eachother(I had no idea of twin flames yet) and explained why I felt that way. Both of our backgrounds and childhoods were similar, he even had a house fire, songs playing over and over when we were together(even one time when we weren’t and I was thinking of him), lights flickering, reading each others minds, laughing out loud at things we were thinking without saying what it was at first and then realizing they were off the wall things at the same time. He’s Roman Caplin, I’m Greek Orthodox. He’s right handed, I’m left handed. He’s of western heritage, I’m of eastern. Him dark hair, darks eyes, me light skin, light eyes, etc…That’s when he started to tell me for the first time that his birthday and last name are the same as the apparition in St. Michael. I was born on super bowl Sunday at kickoff(actually a few mins after, which is significant I have now come to learn) We had an amazing night together, but he expressed to me that he had just started seeing someone, an older women(which was another synchronicity) EVERYTHING about us is a synchronicity. EVERYTHING. I’d never get through to the heart of the story if I tried to point them all out. He told me a out Revelation’s 12 and I was astounded. Have you ever heard something and it resonated to your cute? I know you have bc you and some of your commentors expressed this. So I went back home and pack up my stuff and moved myself and my two children to my moms and began my divorce and my relationship with God. I was and still am at times terrified of my ex. That’s another part of the story. He doesn’t believe in God, had a Wiccan lady when he was stationed in San Antonio tell him he is a powerful soul and would do something very significant in life, but he would never tell me bc he said he couldn’t remember, but it seems that he moved to Cleveland intentionally and sought out A Nicole purposely, not getting the right one at first pregnant before he honed in on me and fed me ecstasy to get me so down right fucked up that I couldn’t possibly think or process things correctly and would have never been able to connect the dots without the grace of God. His favorite number and all his passwords-16, 161616. And so fast forward to now and where I am at. I have fallen time and time again. I get closer to god and pay attention to all the signs, especially miracles, numbers and the weather to stay on course. My twin and I briefly unite only to srperate as quickly as we come together. I still have a lot of work to do on codepency, remaining on the straight and narrow, my finances, and raising my children to be lovers of truth/God. I did in fact get pregnant right before the constellation the woman clothed with the sun unintentionally and lost it on Sept 23rd. Some people may say that’s manifesting, but I have read and studied deeper into manifestation and God plays a role in all events in life whether living on your divine path or practicing free will. I believe in God and I know our divine path. It is to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. So I choose now to be alone and love myself and my children and focus on aligning myself to be worthy to unite with my twin and finally love enough to do what God asks of me so that we can go to heaven and that others will believe and know without an ounce of doubt in their hearts that Hod is real, the Bible is truth, and that we all have a divine path that will lead us to heaven. Thank you and praise be to God. AMEN.


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