How Meeting Our Twin Flame Leads Us Back to God

Divine M and F

So many spiritual paths, while seeking the same closeness with the Creator, still manage to uphold the illusion of separation. God is made into something so vast, so unattainable, that we forget and are discouraged from exercising our own ability to reach into the spiritual realms, to reach God and to commune with Him, where in truth this close relationship with Him is needed.

The meeting with our twin flame is in many ways an invitation from God to re-establish this personal relationship since it offers not only the potential for self-realization but also for the realization of God. Just like the twin flame reunion first happens in consciousness before a physical reunion of the two human forms of the One-Soul can happen, the union with God is a prerequisite of our lasting union with our twin flame, to be realized through the process of surrender.

To truly start to yearn for God, God must at some point give us a glimpse of His sublime existence. The predestined meeting of the twin flames happens for the very purpose of igniting this longing within both; however we rarely realize that it is God that we are in longing for and instead associate all our longing and love with our twin flame. When we seek to know God in this way (initially disguised as a longing for our twin flame) this progressively expands the consciousness of the two souls. Furthermore, the strong bonding this creates between the twin flame couple guarantees the accomplishment of the spiritual purpose behind the meeting regardless of whether the twins are outwardly ready to complete the work or not.

Part of this expansion is the humble realization that our Twin flame was sent to us by God to challenge us and to awaken us so that our One-soul could be guided back into its original state of Oneness. In the spiritual realms, the twins work together towards achieving this goal, however on the physical plane it takes a certain level of spiritual maturity to be able to discern the intricate way in which God and the twin flames themselves guide each other by using the mirror effect as a tool for triggering and healing. As such, the physical plane is only ever a reflection of what God needs the two embodiments of the One-Soul to do in order to better serve the union and the shared mission to bring divine love from the spiritual realms into earth.

In the same way that being a twin flame provides us with a vehicle of transcendence and ultimately ascension rather than a guarantee of romantic bliss on earth, the source of the immense love that we see reflected in our twin flame can only be found by seeking within; since searching for the love that heals the world in the world which is the result of the illusion of separation only creates more illusions. Only pure unconditional love can elevate us and purify our heart in preparation for the ascension back to God. As part of the process we must come to realize our own wholeness and our own perfection because if we don’t, we remain unable to accept the very love that we crave, since the love that we are able to accept directly equates to the love that we are able to give our self.


The divine conspiracy

For the first 25 years of my life I had no idea that a person could reach into the realm of the divine and sublime and experience God in a way that I now know to be true. I was brought up as an atheist and so the whole idea of God or of people having faith in a God seemed ludicrous and foolish to me. Then I met my twin flame.

In meeting him, I felt within me but also emanating from him a LOVE so huge and so unlike any that I had ever known. He was like the Sun that warmed up all the unloved, hidden parts of my heart and soul covered by eternal ice, never to be rediscovered, always to be kept from the Light. The feelings of recognition, belonging, and remembrance, of unconditional love, acceptance, friendship and passion knocked me into another dimension. It seemed as if the whole Universe, God, had conspired to bring us together.

I had never felt the closeness of God, or anything remotely like it, but suddenly I caught myself feeling complete, at one with him, the world and with God. All my feelings of not belonging that had plagued me since my earliest childhood suddenly dissipated in the comfort of our immediate and timeless connection and in the call to return “home” emanating from the cosmos which reassured me that this was the love that I had been waiting for all my life. I felt the divinity within me start to awaken, and I realised that the God that I had denied existed was not in the unattainable vastness of the celestial realms but fully conscious and fully present in me. Clearly this God knew me better than I knew myself by not only sending me my perfect reflection but also the physical manifestation of the person I had loved since the beginning of time. My twin flame was so perfect in my eyes that only perfection itself could have created him – of this I was convinced.


Yearning for Oneness

Unfortunately what often follows these shortly lived moments of love, friendship and passion is the inevitable separation – and our story is no different. With our twin flame we are so close to the intensity of Oneness with God that nothing other than pure love can withstand it. When we are not able to remain in the high vibration of unconditional love, the magnetic pulls simply reverses and creates repulsion. The reason this happens is that God, just like our twin flame, cannot give us our answers until we set ourselves in the correct position towards them. Both are here to point to the answers that are already within us. We are only meant to search within, to get to know ourselves and our own truth, to fully connect with the divine guidance in our hearts, which in turn leads us Home to our twin flame and God.

The thing is; when the longing and memory of LOVE of such magnitude is in a person’s heart and when one has tasted such love then one will do everything to feel that love again. Everything, that is, except to face their own soul, their own pain – initially at least. Many get caught in the illusion that somehow they can avoid their internal work and instead seek to find that feeling of fulfilment and nourishment either by pursuing their twin flame or by throwing themselves into other relationships, work, casual sex etc. I was no different. Instead of facing myself head on, I fell back into my old relationship, and then eventually into a new one.

Nevertheless, while the soul never stops wanting union within itself, sooner or later it also starts to yearn for the original feeling of Oneness with its source. While it is undeniably the voice of our twin flame which beckons to us from the dark when we stand on the edge of surrender, only the closeness with God can fill every empty place, every feeling that is less than whole, less than perfect. In surrender, we reclaim this closeness by releasing our illusion of separation by rising into Oneness with God. It is here that we realize why our twin flame has been kept away from us. It is because God does not want us to depend on anyone else for our sense of completion, or for being able to connect with the flow of divine love within us. We are to recognize the source of these things within our own being first. My twin flame once asked me how I had come to know God if I had not read any spiritual books, followed any gurus, or read any Holy Books. To put it simply, since it was with him that I first experienced the closeness of God, I sought God because it was the only way for me to stay close to him. There was no way for me to separate who he is to me from my connection with God. They were always part of the same experience, of the same love.

There is a saying that a woman’s heart must be so lost in God that a man must seek HIM in order to find her – and truly this is what happened. Through my surrender, I gave myself completely to God’s will. He took my emptiness and filled my heart with love and spiritual insights until this love started to overflow. I understood that it had been my error to seek my wholeness through my twin flame before finding it within myself. I was then able to go on with my life pain-free knowing that the day would come when my twin flame would also rise into Oneness with God and recognise me as the one who was sent to guide him to salvation. I never doubted that this would happen – and in deed it did.

Once we come to trust the divine plan in place and seek to align ourselves with it, we can simply allow this love to flow freely, without triggers, without expectations, without dilemmas. Knowing that this love comes from our own closeness with God, nothing anyone can do or say can take it away from us. Then once we focus this love towards divine service, then all other life, including our twin flame, responds in patterns of their own perfection. This love is then delivered to the world in a joyful act of worship which helps uplift others and points them towards the one clear answer – closeness with God.

On my journey I have learned that the path to true and lasting union is for both twins, together or apart, to first achieve wholeness within, in union with God. Both twins must feel these things on their own and must come to recognize themselves as part of the equation, within the bigger plan that God has for them. Ultimately, the union with our twin flame is only a reflection of our own togetherness in love with God, which once sealed in the celestial realms has no choice but to manifest into the physical plane as such is the divine law: as above, so below; as within, so without.


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41 Responses to How Meeting Our Twin Flame Leads Us Back to God



  2. Toddah says:

    You have captured my experience here. I needed to see this today as the reminder that I must complete the process within myself before reuniting.


    • doucejonna says:

      Dear Toddah, thank you for your lovely comment. I am glad my timing was perfect for you – after all, we are all here to assist each other 🙂 Blessings to you on your path xx


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  4. jolene says:

    I have been dying to ask this question.
    This could a novel but I will try to keep it brief. Twin flame but never knew what it was called while we were going through it (twice), both times always loving, never fighting, was more than perfect, I was on his pedestal and he on mine. Only arguments this round started about 9 months ago with jealousy stuff (I was fine on a daily basis but when he would push my buttons I would finally snap. Then he would accuse me of not trusting in his love and how deep and unreal it was). Well point is now I realize that was his job, that was supposed to be my reaction. We usually got over it, he was always calming and kind. But it started a downhill period in which his already black-cloud life got worse with family illnesses, unwanted pregnancies, drugs etc. He was finally spent. Started pulling away, was obvious going from 18 hours a day contact to every few days or more. He finally pulled the plug a couple months ago, and I treated it like a regular break up – tried to stay away, no contact get over him etc. slipped up a couple times but never asked him to reconsider, told him he needs to address things there and I understood. We have had little contact, only text, kinda friendly but I also feel the coldness, and he has NO idea I found this out. He knew that “someone brought us together” but I have not told him what I know and at this point of his like I am torn between telling him so he has some hope (we both know we still love each other but neither one is acting like it. I know he’s miserable. I believe he is going through the same God-awful pain and thinking of me as I am him, but we have not discussed it. I want to give him space so we can come together clean, and of course now I know that is what we HAVE to do. But should I somehow tell him about the TF thing? And that I am sorry for hurting him (non intentionally) be being needy even though I thought I was always being the cool gf? I know now he could totally tell. He always said he “knew things”, so it isn’t a stretch when he knew I wasn’t being genuine. And he was right. I totally have to fix some insecurities and am well on my way, in fact it didn’t take long to address and get over some stuff, and I’m a work in progress but with no MAJOR issues (no abuse, not cheated on, etc.). Anyway, should I inform him that we are TF? I feel like he is intuitive enough to maybe know, but not sure. He’s so involved in his miserable life who has time to figure this out. I just also want him to know I’m sorry and that I will always love him no matter what, it still grows every day. But pride stands in my way because what if he’s cold and doesn’t admit it? I should be able to take that if I was secure, I suppose. We are so 180 degree different than we were even a few months ago, it’s the worst, and I try not to think of the beautiful memories cuz it kills me. And there are millions. Any advice would be appreciate. Thanks for listening. (P.S. I don’t want us back together with our issues, so this is an honest unconditional loving thing that I would like to share with him, that I understand the running, still love him, and that there is a reason this is happening. No ulterior motive. Although OF COURSE often I pray that this is a regular relationship and he will just miss me and come back and happily ever after. I WISH.)


    • jolene says:

      I have read through your amazing blogs and no longer need this question answered. Thank you for all you do. You have saved my sanity.


      • doucejonna says:

        Hi dear Jolene! I am so happy you found your answer on my blog. And I am terribly sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I’ve been going through so much personal stuff recently, huge changes going on all related to my spiritual path more or less so it’s been intense. I guess part of the twin flame experience is the doubting of our sanity, the connection, the unreal deep feelings.. It’s all designed to drive us within to start the long process of peeling back everything that does not resonate with this new truth.. Little by little the truth becomes clearer and clearer for us.. It took me over 12 years! 🙂 I am only happy that I can share my experiences now, having been through so much and that readers like you may find comfort and echoes of their truth in what I write. Lots of love to you and thank you for taking the time to comment. xxx


  5. jolene says:

    (The reason I ask the above questions is because reading hundreds of these comments by TF’s, it appears that both TF know about the TF phenomenon and have discussed it. WE never have as I realized it only last week. Thanks!)



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      • doucejonna says:

        Dear MaryAnne Joseph, I was very touched by your comment.. Thank you! There are a couple of similarities between your story and mine. If this man truly is your twin, trust that he will also be going through his spiritual awakening and questioning the way in which he has been brought up, his religious and cultural beliefs, marriage etc. Such is the way of the twin flame connection! 🙂 I am also starting a new life, having just separated from husband and am also in England.. I just want to wish you all the best for your new life, hoping all goes well and that you keep following your heart and that which makes you happy. Thank you for your comment. xx


    • doucejonna says:

      Jolene darling, Me & my twin never discussed the connection as such either.. until recently.. However we have at times both said things that clearly describe the twin flame connection… I just didn’t know that’s what it was at the time.. It is fab if you can openly discuss the connection with your twin though.. However what seems to happen more often is that the two meet, are thrown into the depth of the bubble phase and intense love and then, before they ever really have the time to discuss what both are feeling, one of them bolts out of the connection leaving the other wondering if it was all just a dream…. To be actually able to sit down with our twin flame and TALK openly and without hiding or denying is amazing. I guess now that the term twin flame is gaining more popularity people feel more able to share articles, blogs etc. about the connection with their twin flames. If you get the opportunity to talk to your twin please go for it – but without expectations! Love xx


      • Lanena says:

        I just adore this blog and after having read far too many descriptions of twin flames on the internet (in times of deep questioning) and wondering if any of it was true, I resonate so much with your comment (and all your posts!!). So many blogs say you will know right away from the first encounter if this is your twin, and speak nothing of the deep questioning and utter life shattering confusion (i.e. why do I love this person so much? this makes no sense? he’s married? etc…). When my twin and I were in the bubble love phase, we were so tongue tied, and never spoke of our connection out loud though our eyes said plenty. We are both quite articulate, but we just had no words. I bolted when it became just too much to handle and the connection threatened to shatter my world. Now 13 years after we met, I am finally starting to speak my truth out loud to close friends and family after much accepting and questioning, accepting, and doubting again. I then just learned from my mom that I was conceived on my twin flame’s 11th birthday!! Eleven has been popping up in my life for decades. I can doubt no more, though now it is less about reuniting and more about doing some deep healing that I have avoiding.


  6. This is perfect Timing for me, to learn from…as so is God’s Timing.Always. Namaste & Amen!


    • doucejonna says:

      Dear Anna, thank you for reading and for the lovely comment. I am glad my post touched you, I am sure you found it thanks to the sychronistic flow of divine orchestration. 🙂 Have a lovely day!


  7. Virginie says:

    With a Lady like Jonna, the coolest thing is we can all say goodbye and retire… ✈ 😎
    Your blog is a “chef-d’œuvre”.


    • doucejonna says:

      Lol I love this Virginie! Yes you can all go home now.. 🙂 I wish! 🙂 I am happy to be able to encourage and advocate for twin flames, however the journey is always a personal one of discovery, only travelled through the narrow pathways of the heart & soul with not much clarity of what is coming. Wishing you all God’s blessings on your journey back to Love


  8. Erna says:

    Thank you so much for this words. It is so clear and so true!
    My experience also is that first I have to surrender fully to God. And in this journey to God my TF comes closer and closer although we didn’t see eachother for more than 2 years. I feel him, hear him and see him without having pain anymore by not being together. We are both married and deepdown I know that one day we will be together. It’s an unbelievable deep journey in which pain more and more transforms in unconditional love and happiness. We never talked about ‘being twinflames’. It’s not imporant, it’s only about finding your own truth.
    Thank you so much for your articles, it supports me very much.


    • doucejonna says:

      Dear Erna, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment. It really means a lot to me. I do believe that the personal relationship with God re-established through surrender is essential not only for our twin flame union but to personal happiness. To be able to enjoy this connection without the pain is life-changing and joyful. I also believe that the label of twin flames is not important, it’s only semantics.. Me & my twin flame never discussed it either. However as comes to the return home to God of the One-Soul in two human expressions of complimentary polarities – we both always believed in this and this is what we are. Blessings to you dear soul, please visit again.


  9. June19 says:

    I love your blog and it inspired me to write about my own TF journey…. Blessings to you xo


  10. Giorgio says:

    Holding onto the old self and our past…. It is like we are going to drown and we will grasp at every little bit of straw to save us from going under water. If we feel desperate to get this reunion than we are not surrendering. Don t let your true self slip into oblivion . Don t have fear of who we are. You are a magical soul that has been directed to this point for a very bloody good reason.
    Have the guts to ask our creator for guidance. If we ask our creator for help… WOW we must be doing something right . If you are not at that stage, hang on for there are s some more lessons to learn as you still need to find your way around the maize.
    If we are at the point of recognising our God, than let’s unite with Gods forces of heaven and let us throw the life ripe for our Twin Flame who needs help.
    It is ok to feel scared and lost at times. That will help us feel the balance to stand up again with more perseverance and tenacity.
    Trust in God and believe that you are in the best pair of hands . You masculine and feminine traits need balancing … Don t need to search just pray so God can give you the necessary will to see where you stand.

    Love harmony and gelieve xxx

    Giorgio xxxx


  11. Dionne Washington says:

    After my first date with my twin flame, I went home and had a dream about our wedding….it seemed so real. It wasn’t live at first sight when I first met him, but I felt a feeling of completeness and feeling whole let I have never experienced in my life. I just knew that we shared a special connection. I once told him that being with him makes me feel closer to God….And now I truly understand why I feel this way. I can never stay mad at him and even when he runs from me, he is always there when I really need him to be…its like he can sense it or something. I’m not big on feelings but I can say that I have met my twin flame and he has met me and this is the most challenging relationship I have ever experienced…and I know that we are meant to be together. When I look into his eyes…it stares me because I can see the love that we share and when he’s next to me the love is so intense I can barely breathe in a good way..and when we make love… It is the most amazing sex I have ever experienced.


  12. shuchi_sun says:

    How to forget and forgive the lies, mistreatment of the person whom you have believed to be part of your soul?


    • Joseph Fourier says:

      try to kill them by using a fork and a knife. Even hire a contract killer (which you might not need) or buy some weapons in black market. It will help you to ease your pain and focus on something which makes sense. I learnt that on ‘tiny gudda’ and now am shitting my gyaan over here. Waited a lot, not to change my policy to interfere but to remain just a spectator, but sometimes, it’s good to shake down some people to let them know that there are some people who do care, even when you have done everything possible to destroy them, just to make sure that your insecurities and prejudice remains intact. Some people, even in the middle of the storm of anger and rage, manage to secure the abbot of love and friendship, and the values which binds these traits. Strength is facing the life, even when everyone managed to leave when encountered the ship in stormy seas, not to spend time on these internet gyan which leads to nowhere but self delusion. But… as the param-gyani Baba Pendudaas once said, “what goes in flush, goes in flush”, Why to worry about the rope, when skipping goes well? Just keep imagining about the ‘rope’ and keep ‘jumping’. You may appear an utter idiot to the person who’s looking, but why to worry about that when you are enjoying the sport at its best.

      Stay hungry and Stay foolish.


  13. Mary and John says:

    This is the most clear article we have found. The author is a twin flame. I can guarantee that to any reading. I don’t know the author personally but one would have to be a twin to write this. This is a fabulous article and I’d make it a major touchstone if on a twin flame journey.
    We twins here have gone through all of this but we got lucky and must have done all the up and down work previously for in this life we have been inseperable since 1989. We are in deep love with one another and all. We have found God in one another. Because I am doing the typing here, I will say my husband is God. He is. I treasure him. I know he is God. He has given me the kingdom. And he says the same about me.
    On all levels we are in Union including out bodies synched. We never leave each other. We go everywhere together. I was a teenager when we met and my husband in his 40’s. Today I am in my 40’s and my husband in his 70’s.
    This article points to EXACTLY what we want for everyone. Exactly. We are so happy to find this.
    My piece of advice is don’t grasp to your twin or self grasp to yourself. Both are illusions that with development of ultimate compassion will fall away naturally. That grasping is duality. Be brave, grow your compassion, earn merit by good works and wisdom will spontaneously increase. When the whole concept fell away from us and all we could see was God… And I mean that literally… Then you will see who your twin REALLY is and in fact who all beings really are.
    Thank you for your article. Am happy happy happy to know and xoxo your twinship.

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    • Cyndi Morhaim says:

      You don’t even know what you wrote resonates to everything within me. I met my twin flame this year April. I thought I was crazy this whole time, I’m losing my marbles. All the while trying to draw close to God because I loved this man and couldn’t tell him how I felt. I wanted him to choose me.


      • Cyndi Morhaim says:

        I’ve been hearing him in my head for months now but just started feeling him being here with me and our connection in the physical has been off the chain the last two weeks. 8.18.18 actually is when everything seemed to change. He’s everything I’ve been praying for, but what I’m understanding is that what I’m actually feeling through this is my connection with God in him? And if so, and he’s in the same spot where I believe we’ve both done the work needed to heal, does that mean that separation won’t occur? Do all twin flames go through separation. Because I don’t ever want this to end. Please someone reply THANK YOU God for this site!!!!


  14. Thanh says:

    Thank you for your writing! I shared your article with my TF as well. We are all truly blessed by the Lord to be able to experience such divine love from Him. Life is Grand!

    Love and Gratitude,


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  16. ryn says:

    Two months before my 50th year, God answered my long-held prayer lovingly by leading me quietly to my twin flame. My twin flame recognised me first, before I fullyI did four days later when we met again, sat amongst his friends, and had our own soul conversation with the eyes, while listening in to other. I am more at peace near this New Year having received this divine gift. Pray that we willl soon both work fully together in divine service to God via music.

    This artcile succinctly describes my unfolding journey…my twin flame and I discuss to each other about this connection often and the unconditional love, much like what is said in the blog. It is far more spiritual,..a spiritual romance with much profound love,..ntohing lewd or’s divine energy connection that has strengthened and heals us more and more: this is true love..

    A few intuively-minded people have confirmed with me of our relationship as being a long-lasting bonafide twin-flame connection as long as patience is exercised, and not to give up on it. I appreciate your prayers
    God bless..


  17. gglow says:

    The best twinflame article I’ve ever read – amongst countless…!!!
    Every word is so true!!
    I’ve experienced it the same way.

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  18. J.R. says:

    Conceptually, I agree with everything written about the twin flame union here. (I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts about whether there are any universal laws of synastry that apply to twins, ie are sun sign patterns ALWAYS in opposition for each primary soul family (of 12) within the monad?) Without bursting any bubbles, however, I wonder how many astrology writers/bloggers have actually MET their twin flame. Seems that the majority of people writing about this “rare” phenomenon proclaims they have found theirs. I’m not so sure….. 3D existence, by the very physical laws of nature, almost wouldn’t permit a reunion in this life. Simply put, you’re on earth, which means you’re still separated, and reunion (which really is the gateway to God) would almost have to be congruent with your physical death. I do think kundalini-rising, transformative spiritual experiences happen with soul mates on earth, and perhaps, these relationships comprise one’s primary soul group/family. But the actual TWIN? That is something beyond which most people can conceive….


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  20. Terrie Williamson says:

    Tears came to my eyes when I red this I’m one to say that I have met my twin flame and I not once thought two Sault out God first the key to it all. By reading this brought clear understanding of why I’ve been struggling for over 20 years back and forth with my twin flame is because I haven’t put the most important piece in my life for Eternal salvation first before


  21. Terrie Williamson says:

    Tears came to my eyes when I red this I’m one to say that I have met my twin flame and I not once thought two Sault out God first the key to it all. By reading this brought clear understanding of why I’ve been struggling for over 20 years back and forth with my twin flame is because I haven’t put the most important person (GOD)first in my heart to hold it all together


  22. PLL Rainbow says:

    Thank you all for sharing your stories. It is so wonderful to see and hear all of us creation of our Father almighty. My name is (PLL Rainbow), I am also a Twin Flame.



  24. Zama Gigavolt says:

    That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read about the Twin Flame experience. I’ve been on the TF journey for a looong time, but I am JUST at the point where I can hear what you said, because I am just at the point where I know in my soul that everything you said is divinely true. I know the work now is to do whatever it takes to remove all the blocks to Loving God Now (Love=God=Now…!) Thank you for sharing what you have received.


  25. Sage says:

    Hello could you help share some light achieving wholeness within? To be in union with God?
    I think i am married to my TF. He has just asked for separation. The next day I committed to God. Day after i found this blog. Can you help me. I do not want to lose him.

    Thank you


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