Mirror of my soul – Stories of you, me, the world and eternity

When our search for The One leads us Home

Awaken dear soul and release your illusion
Seeking love in the world only leads to confusion,
Instead put your faith in the grace divine
Trust the invitation with your destiny to align,
Hear to the silent voice that whispers in your heart
“I am always here, we are never apart”.

In the naked truth of our eternal connection
The soul recognizes its truest reflection,
After all these years you still have me awed
You are close to me like the breath of God,
And it is here in our closeness that we find
the elusive marriage of the heart and mind
where behind the story of our mind’s creation
lies awaiting the path to eternal salvation.

Love from the eternal plains descended to life
Planted between the hearts of a man and his wife,
What was born out of just one look from your eyes
with true love transforms to a promise of Paradise,
For it is only once we experience love for God’s pleasure
That we receive the guarantee of joy beyond measure,
In the celestial realms of beauty sublime
in our eternal home outside of space and time.

You have ignited in me the flames of desire
Now burning my senses with passion and fire,
So surrender your struggle and give up this trying
For your immortal heart can never fear dying,
Our love like the phoenix reborn from the ashes
Our illusion of reality into oblivion crashes.

When you finally accept there in your heart
The perfection you are, as I’ve known from the start,
Our love will have lived through its own resurrection
The immortal soul purified for its final ascension,
Then every measure of our love and affection
glorified returns to the Source of perfection,
For there in the Oneness of our souls entwining
Lies the pathway home to the City of Lights Blinding.

Jonna 22/04/2015

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