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83 thoughts on “The Power of Surrender as a catalyst for Twin Flame Reunion

  1. Danae says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for writing it. Very helpful to learn more about the reasons for twin flame relationship.


  2. C. Penland says:

    It’s been twenty years. Two failed marriages for me, one for him as far as I’m aware of. I absolutely did everything imaginable to overcome it with my “brain” and personal power. The angels kept coming to me and whispering, even when I didn’t want to hear it. Even when I pulled my car over on the highway telling them to LEAVE ME ALONE!! IT’S OVER!! He’s not back yet – but I believe he’s on his way. God moved me out of my element, to live my purpose (writing about narcissism) and to overcome my “ego self” and my personal power that I developed as a survival mechanism with two narcissistic and abusive parents. )My best parent was my extremely alcoholic step father. He passed last year with liver failure.)
    I’ve surrendered and I feel him all around me. And I didn’t conjure it up – it wakes me at 3am. I see 11:11 at least five times a day. It’s wonderful!! And crazy!! And freeing. And kind. Whether I ever see him again or not, I am completely in joy just loving him. And I always will be. I finally look forward to my future. I’m happy and I’m whole. Lord willing – I will rejoice with my twin one day.


  3. Khaleesi says:

    Hallo everyone! Jonna, this wonderful post came to me at the perfect moment. I’m really struggling with letting go and trust God and the universe. I really appreciate also all the comments and the stories other people are sharing, it’s so helpful and comforting to read them. I met the one I think is my twin in summer 2005. I was 17 and he was 14. I’m realizing now that, at the beginning, I was the runner. The first time he touched my hand introducing himself I literally “saw the light”. It was like someone lit up another sun above us. I felt rushes of energy straight through my heart. It was overwhelming at the point that I suggested to go introduce himself to my sister (same age of him, that actually had a little crush on him). He looked at me as if I was the most beautiful girl in the universe. His eyes were so deep and hypnotic. No matter how much I tried to keep away from him, we always seemed to attract each other as magnets.
    I came back to my hometown (he lives 1,5 hours of flight away) feeling extremely lonely and sad and I couldn’t explain how could it be possible to miss a boy I barely knew so much. He kept trying to talk to me by phone, I never answered. We met again the next summer. Same thing. The light, attracting each other like magnets, losing in each other’s eyes. But I kept holding on, never revealing my feelings for him. Neither to myself. Back home again. He started calling. This time I answered. We started a distance relationship, our connection grew stronger and stronger every day but I kept holding my feelings back. I couldn’t open up completely. But then we finally met, in august 2007. We embraced in the middle of a crowded street, breathing on each other’s skin like we had been without oxygen until that moment. The world disappeared.
    And all those feelings I was trying to keep inside , erupted like a volcano. We had the most amazing days. I stayed hours watching him sleep, thinking he was the most perfect thing in the universe. But then I started going crazy. All of my shadows , fears and insecurities started to come out and I poured them all over him. When I came back again to my hometown, he disappeared. I felt like a part of me had been torn up. I was devastated. He came back in 2009. Then disappeared again. I promised myself to move on, to delete him from my heart forever. I met another man, I married and had a son. But, guess what? I’ve never stopped loving him. I really feel like I’m missing a piece of my heart. It doesn’t matter how much I try to stop loving and missing him. He keeps coming back in my dreams and thoughts and a lot of signs keep coming up to remind me of him. Sometimes is so painful.
    So, thanks again for sharing your beautiful stories.
    Blessings to you all!💞


  4. Nawazaki says:

    Beautifully articulated and concretely reaffirmed everything I have
    Learned through my own TF journey of self acceptance and surrendering to God’s will. Love and light to you, and all. ❤️


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  6. Marie says:

    This is the most comprehensively helpful thing I have read so so far concerning myself and my twin flame. Thank you so much for writing it and sharing your experience 🙂 My twin is the one in another relationship right now, and it can be very lonely. I especially appreciate your words about it not being our place to give our twin the answers – that lifts a huge burden from me despite the pain sometimes. I am often too willing to kill myself trying to make things happen, and needed to hear that that is not only not required in this case, but that it just won’t work. So, I can put aside the ingrained martyrdom. Wish you all the best, and thank you again!


  7. Marie Navarrete says:

    I wished I had found this advice sooner. But, in reality everything happens according to divine timing. I thought that acceptance was surrendering. But, I now understand there are key points I have missed. Everything, the love, the magic, the miracles, the transformation all returns to the source, God. I also understand that holding back the light and the love is a mistake. Thank you for your beautiful words that so eloquently explain this twin flame journey as a journey of self and the return to God.


  8. kharavanim says:

    Recently I have become fully awakened and finally understanding of what we call the twin flame journey. It truly is the beginning of something so wonderfully beautiful and divine that not a soul can this from you. I came across your blog post and it resonated with my soul. It is so divine finding others who are also on this journey. Thank you for your post 🕉 Unconditional love to all ~ You can follow my (new) blog as well for your journey. We can all come together in this knowing and help one another.
    Awakened Ethereal @ WordPress 🕉


  9. Jack Frost says:

    What a profound and beautiful discussion clearly relating the role of God in the Twin Flame relationship. In Case other Twin Flames are reading this article, it is important to know that by remaining on the path to God is how we achieve the Joy that is to be found not only in our reunion with our Twin Flame but the joy and happiness we find in the life of this frenetic and corrupted world. The time for global healing is now, the time for love is now. “I believe it is peace in our time.”… Neville Chamberlain.

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    1. sweetlemuria says:

      Thank you Jack for your lovely comment. ❤️


  10. Leonard says:

    Great read thhankyou


    1. sweetlemuria says:

      Hi Leonard! Thank you for your comment. Sending love & blessings ❤️🙏


    2. Marie says:

      Your story is amazing and inspiring. Much happiness to the both of you…Marie


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