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  1. Awww … congratulations 🙂


  2. yumi says:

    Thank you so much.God bless you and your twin.


  3. anga1111 says:

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    A wonderful outline of a Twin Flame journey, and the crucial lessons we are to learn. ❤


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  5. rebcomad1 says:

    This is by far the most beautiful thing I have read on the TF experience. My heart is overflowing with joy for you. Thank you for sharing your journey and reminding me of what, behind all the noise and distraction, I know to be true.

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    • doucejonna says:

      Thank you rebcomad1 for taking time to read & comment on my blog. Your comment is so beautiful it made my heart smile 🙂 Yes. it’s good to be reminded of the beauty and magic of this journey from time to time. Wishing you all the best for your journey xx


  6. Erna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful en hopeful story of surrender and (TF) love.


    • doucejonna says:

      Thank you Erna for taking time to read my blog and to comment on it, it’s very much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed reading about the Power of Surrender. Wishing you all the best on your journey xx


  7. Melanie says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!


  8. goddesslaara says:

    This is Absolutely beautiful!!! You helped me overcome the fear of “surrendering” – I am ready to let th universe do what it wants to do all the time. I feel freed and happy – you helped me take the leap into trust and faith!
    Eternal love and thanks from me to you!


    • doucejonna says:

      Dear goddesslaara, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment on it. Surrender is such an important and essential part of the twin flame journey (and life in general) and I am happy to have contributed to this part of your journey in such a positive way. 🙂 Truly when we align with the Greater Mind that mind becomes ours and once we no longer restrict our mind to one outcome, we get what our heart desires in unexpected ways & waves. Wishing you all the best on your journey! xx

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  9. Ann says:

    I love everything you wrote! Not only cause it’s beautiful but also because it males total sense. Morally, spiritually, psychologicly. It really makes sense.
    I would like to know more about the whole thing of both twins being married to other people before the reunion.
    I see myself in a similar situation and I feel so afortunate that God gave me such a wonderful, loving and admirable husband after all I have suffered with my twin.
    But morally I couldn’t see myself divorcing from him to be with my twin. I love what we have, we have built such a strong and genuine wedding and we made vows, I cannot break those vows… I wonder: if I had to break a promise and cause pain to someone in order for ME to be happy with my twin, would it really be the right decision? I really don’t know… :/

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    • doucejonna says:

      Hi Ann! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment on it, and thank you for your kind words. I will be writing about twins being married to other people soon so look out for that! As you may guess I have lots to say on the subject. Lol 🙂
      As for your specific situation, you are very lucky to have such a lovely husband. I would never advise anyone, twin flame or not, to leave a loving, working relationship for another person. When it’s time for twin flames to come together, you will both know this, and circumstances will unfold in your marriage in the way that it becomes clear it is time to leave the relationship and move on. However when all is fine and you say you couldn’t see yourself divorcing your husband to be with your twin, then you should enjoy your marriage. Twins only really come together in their last lifetime here on earth and this coming together only happens when they have learnt their karmic lessons and feel a strong call to return to Source, to “home” with their twin flame. A twin flame can never be the only reason to leave an existing relationship; it may act as a catalyst however.. As long as you are true to YOU, whether this is causing pain to others or not, then this is the right way to go.. You are here to love and know yourself fully – and this is also what the twin flame is inviting you to do. As long as you are free to do this in your marriage, I do not see any reason to end it. If and when you do outgrow that relationship you will know.. for sure. I hope this helps.. Wishing you all the best on your path xx

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  10. Ann says:

    I love everything you wrote! Not only cause it’s beautiful but also because it makes total sense. Morally, spiritually, psychologicly. It really makes sense.
    I would like to know more about the whole thing of both twins being married to other people before the reunion.
    I see myself in a similar situation and I feel so afortunate that God gave me such a wonderful, loving and admirable husband after all I have suffered with my twin.
    But morally I couldn’t see myself divorcing from him to be with my twin. I love what we have, we have built such a strong and genuine marriage and we made vows, I cannot break those vows… I wonder: if I had to break a promise and cause pain to someone in order for ME to be happy with my twin, would it really be the right decision? I really don’t know… :/

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  11. furrera says:

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  12. I AM coming Closer to Him and him…TwinSoleMate…we both know but denial is easier due to distance. Gods Timing and will has arrived Today I decided to Surrender after years of being afraid. Love you God for always being by my side. and for you MarQus to be close in Soul and Mind. Lub You ( = CUsoonat Time-ish…UWMA

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    • doucejonna says:

      Dear Anna, thank you for taking the time to read & comment on my blog. You are so right, denial is easier.. no only due to distance but due to the so many distractions that this life offers. Surrender is such an important part of the journey and provides us a welcome respite after the restless search and seeking to understand the connection. I am so happy to hear that you have reached this stage of your journey and want to wish you all the best for the new reality which is unfolding for you & your twin flame. Love & light xx


      • Rj says:

        ❤️❤️ Congratulation I am so happy for you. Your story was amazing. I didn’t know what twin flame was when I met mines. I haven’t seen since 2008. I did everything you did, moved on etc. now since July I am feeling him so, so strong. I sometimes cry. I’m telling myself I have to be crazy, we didn’t have a long history. Only thing we shared was a kiss. The feeling I’m feeling is so strong, at my last doctor visit I ask him to recommend me to a social working or something.


  13. ManeelaB says:

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    Amazing reminder that a Twinflame experience is all about bringing our souls and the love that we are back to the source, back to God! God is Good, God is Love and Twinflames are a reflection of that awe inspiring love.


    • doucejonna says:

      Thank you ManeelaB for this lovely reblog. This is so true: we are all reflections of the divine, and the love shared between twin flames shines brightly to remind everyone of this often forgotten reality. Wishing you all the best on your journey

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  14. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for writing this.
    I had been in an emotionally abusive marriage for a long time. I met my twin flame around the time I met my husband but for some reason even though I found him to be quite good looking and a nice guy I did not behold him in a romantic way. In fact I thought he was too mature and sensually aware for me. I remember watching him with a woman and thinking “Hmmm that is the kind of woman he likes.” I felt like she was so much more beautiful and more sensual than me.
    Life sure is a funny thing. Because I felt I had no romantic feelings for him and yet I observed him so keenly.
    In my marriage my husband and I argued all the time and intimacy was always a problem. We were emotionally disconnected from each other. He attempted to make me feel ashamed of my body and even stated that he was watching other attractive women. It was around this time that I started connecting with my twin flame. My twin flame thought I was attractive and a nice person and in his eyes I could literally see myself when we looked at each other. We never admitted our feelings for each other but yet we knew. Then the synchronicities started happening; we would pick up the phone to text each other at the same time, in our texting it felt like we knew each other’s thoughts. We would notice that we coincidentally dressed alike on the rare occasions our paths crossed. We think alike -similar beliefs and philosophies. Our personalities match perfectly and we share a love and passion for music and dance.
    Then we had a falling out and recoiled from each other. In the meanwhile, my marriage had disintegrated to the point where I left my husband as I recognised sadly, that not only could he not love me the way I needed to be loved, but that knowing what that love is supposed to feel like, made it impossible to stay with him any longer. I did not say a word to my twin flame but somehow, he knew…he felt something.
    I am now separated but my twin flame is married. When he found out I left my husband, he asked me if I thought we would have been able to last and I told him yes. Now, we have stopped communicating.
    I would love to be with him but I am not prepared to be a home wrecker. His moral values will not allow him to walk away from his wife even though there is some discomfort there.
    And so my twin flame and I are apart.
    Thank you for your post for it came to me a couple days ago that I should just accept that I love him and leave everything to GOD. I was afraid that loving him from afar might have led me to becoming depressed or going insane but as the bible says “perfect love casteth out all fear” and “The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, peace and a sound mind” 2 Tim 1:7

    Coincidentally too I have felt led to live more passionately, picking up hobbies that I used to enjoy before meeting my husband and pursuing new inspirations and so all in all, I’m not going crazy!
    Yes I do feel terribly sad and lonely at times and long to be with my twin flame but I also feel at peace with myself for living authentically and being true to myself. I trust God and I’m even at the place where I just believe that if I’m not to be with my twin flame in this life, that we will be together in the next.
    Thank you though for encouraging me to be open to this love. I look forward to your other posts.
    Love, light and blessings to you and your twin flame.


  15. Elizabeth says:

    Oh by the way, I woke this morning with Michael Jackson’s “I can’t help it” playing in my mind. The first line says.

    Looking in my mirror
    Took me by surprise
    I can’t help but see you
    Running often in my mind

    Then I picked up my phone and this article was active on my internet browser (I had found it yesterday but had bit yet read it)
    And to my amazement, I realized that your blog was entitled “Mirror of my soul”!

    Totally awesome!

    That’s why I posted my experience above:)


  16. Caroline says:

    I have been reading this daily for the last week. I cant thank you enough for your wise words of 7 beauty and truth – I needed to hear them so badly, and now – you have set me free. 🙂 Sending your union love blessings.X


  17. April says:

    I had tears in my eyes when I read your article. I know exactly what your wrote. Thank you for your writing. I met my twin five years ago. We had the best relationship we never had before. After being together for almost two years, I left him because he didn’t want to have a child with me as he already had three grown-up children. He was very sad. I tried IVF with a sperm donor and had no success. I asked him to get back together after we broke up for six month. He pushed me away and told me that he has started seeing someone. I was hurt by the fact that he moved on within six month. I tried everything I could to move on in the next two and half years. I just couldn’t. I had no problem to move on before him. A close friend suggested me to win him back a month ago. I was shocked by her idea but I knew my heart never left him. Since the moment I saw his smile at the first time, everything on the street seemed stopped. I knew that moment he is the one. I didn’t know anything about twin flame then. I felt electrified when he held my hand at the first time. I contacted him and he told me he is in a relationship and he is happy and in peace. I have learned that my biggest problem was not to tell him my feeling about him and I never faced the shadow of my childhood. My parents abused each other verbally and physically very often when I grew up. I felt I was abandoned and unloved. In the last few weeks I overcome my fear and wrote to him about my childhood last night. I also came to conclusion that I can love him unconditionally without pain and expecting anything in return. I don’t fear anymore that I would be ridiculed because of my childhood nor he will continue to reject me. I will continue to love him wholeheartedly and wait for him to realise his love of me in patience. I don’t feel jealous even he is with another woman right now. I am in peace.


  18. Mandy says:

    This experience took place or me over 20 yrs ago. I had no idea what it was at the time but I knew it was a very deep soul connection. I remember almost everything from the experience…it was so profound. For years I was in extreme pain from not only what felt like abandonment when he ran…but total confusion as to what the hell had happened to me and why. This was nothing like what I imagined a soul mate relationship would be like like. Where was the “Happily Ever After?” Little did I know it was much more than that. It took about 12 yrs to find any info on the internet so I was pretty much stuck in confusion, despair and doubt. And not until recently, in blogs like this have I read almost verbatim my own experience. I realize now that I have spent far too many yrs struggling. The hardest was the overwhelming feeling that I would come across to him as a love-struck fool, idiot, emotionally weak, stalker. For he is last person on earth I want to see me or judge me in a negative light. Surrender: It’s so hard to surrender to the deep love you feel when the other won’t speak to you. We’re used to eventually getting over it and moving on when relationships don’t work out. This time though….I knew I was in over my head and there was nothing I could do but learn to live with it. (my feelings for him) To continue to love this person deeply…even though he has walked out of my life completely and won’t even give me the time of day…society says that something is wrong with that kind of love. That this love is not “normal”. That it is some kind of sick, mental, co-dependent love and that I need to… and MUST… “get over it”. I know what I feel deep within. I know it’s unconditional…I know it’s forever…I know it’s of God. I’m just worried that he doesn’t fully know this or accept this… and that he now abhors me for my many attempts at reconciliation. Question #1 Should I reach out to him via email if he’s not responding? Do I continue to show love for him in this way or does this do more damage like make me look desperate or push him further into retreat? #2 Can the “runner” get to the point where they think you are a stalker and convince themselves that what they felt was an illusion? All too often I feel like he has all but forgotten what we experienced together or that he has convinced himself it wasn’t real or that it was some kind of trick or a temptation he must resist. Is it possible that he might convince himself that I am crazy and never give me another thought?


  19. martha says:

    Hi, I’d love an update on how the relationship is going. I met mine in 2010 and we had a very spiritual experience together. We were both voluteering in Africa at the time. He got sick near the end of our year and we were separated by distance for 3 years. We stayed in touch and evenutally were reunited. We got married last year. But, within 2 months of being together, there was too much stuff coming out and he ran away…so even marriage wasn’t enough…now, we’re both back to self healing, mediating and self love.


  20. Carlie says:

    So I have a question about your story as well. Did you divorce your husband to be with your twin flame? How did you two end up together? How did it all fall into place?


  21. TwinFlame says:

    I am in a twin flame relationship. My twinflame blatantly mentioned that he does not love me as we are both married and had only sexual attraction towards me. we are in separation stage. I am losing all hopes all I know is I love him but I dont know if he is my twinflame anymore. But i agreed to just love him regardless of what he is and rest it to God. I went into unipolar depression for this and still under treatment but reality is I dont want to live this life anymore. I cant explain the pain. What should I do


    • Helio Cisneros says:

      Dear TwinFlame: Pain like no other you must be going through. I speak from experience. In 2008 my spouse told me there was someone else who seemed a better match and that I was to pack and go. I cried. I begged. I left it all and hanged on for dear life. Years later my wounds healed. In time and over the years the problem resurfaced but in a subtle way. When fights and abuse didn’t shake me off I was asked for a divorce out right. I resisted for God knows what reason. I developed or better said I reverted to self abuse and my old ways. As I began to get ready to leave my partner would ” “nicen” up. Wanted to keep me around when suspect there is still someone else but I don’t care to go there. Next day after I packed my bags and left, our daughter was back to her happy self she was years ago! I was wrong to think that staying together was helping our kids. Inner happiness required me to move on with life in a dignified way. True inner happiness is what our inner child wants. What our children want. Twin Flames or not, honor your happiness. A few weeks of pain might save you years of pain. Ask for help I would say.


  22. Ayanda says:

    Ul be fine “Twinflame”, I know that that’s probably not what u wanna hear but u will be. Mine said something along those lines, ” I don’t miss u, don’t waste ur time” and ive said I hated him before and seen how badly it affected him. We say these things in the midst of feelings of hurt but none of them
    are true, somehow we both know it. Those were his words only a couple of weeks ago, I cried uncontrollably for hours but it didn’t make sense to me. He was just hurting because of some of the things I did. We don’t wanna hurt each other, but it’s difficult to know how to handle urself when uve never dealt with these kinds of feelings before, almost feeling like ure “forced” to love that particular person. Circumstances won’t allow u to give up on them, ive tried that before and it didn’t work out. Pulling away hurts more than surrender does. It’s not abusive at all, these things need to happen for healing to happen. He’s married and im not, different cultures, different races, a 17year age difference , 22months into it &we hardly even talk. Seen each other 6times since the very first meeting and haven’t even been sexually intimate yet but none of these damned things matter. They never keep us apart for long. We always genuinely forgive each other and with a normal relationship that wouldn’t have happened. We’re not even in a relationship, we never were but he’s the ONE! I no longer need convincing. I want a family with him & he’d mentioned the same thing in the beginning of 2014, something that wasn’t even in my mind then but even if we’re not meant to be together he’s given me a sense of balance that I never even knew existed. I can spend the rest of my life alone & not feel lonely or resentful. He’s my best friend, my gift! I can never love anybody as much and in the way that I love him & for that I could never be with anyone else!


  23. Ayanda says:

    Jonna! What constitutes surrender, does it mean deleting their contacts and so forth? Or is it entirely an inner thing? I miss him so much its disrupting my life… inside constantly yearning for his touch…a conversation… a laugh…a smile… a kiss. It feels so foreign not being able to talk to him. I have to push myself to function, often feeling unauthentic.I know for sure that he loves me the same… what i don’t understand is how hes able to act aloof. I can no longer try to contact him, it’s a losing battle. I feel his internal contradiction. The connection is frustrating because 1 minute you’re colorful and feeling like you can do without them..not as an egoistical thing but as a genuinely peaceful loving thing yet the very next moment you’re a wreck… im exhausted! So i want to let go..not rejecting him, just surrendering…


    • bhodi says:

      Hi Ayanda

      I feel your pain and I am going through much of the same emotions as yourself at the moment so I really sympathise with you.

      My twin flame and I were together for 14 years before we split apart which is very different to most twin flame stories where u have a brief encounter and then split apart. I don’t understand why it is that we were to stay together so long before splitting but it was obviously something that our soul agreed upon before we were created .

      So I am mourning with deep grief not being with this person who was my everything as well as an intense and spontaneous spiritual awakening that occurred at the same time as my partner left due to the traumatic events surrounding our situation.

      My TF left for another person in October last year just out of the blue which left me reeling in disbelief and wondering what on earth happened and where did my beautiful, caring and always attentive partner go? I tried everything at the time to save our relationship but it seemed like a switch had been flicked off and she had pulled away and became totally disassociated from me.

      I have only discovered in June this year that we are TF but she has not confirmed this directly. She speaks in riddles most of the time, has told me that she did not leave me because she didn’t love me??, that we are mirroring eachother, (which we are….everything I am doing on my spiritual journey to find my true self , she is also doing), that there is unfinished business between us and that healing needs to occur, that she fights herself every week not to call me, (yet there is no real sentiment of warmth coming from her when we do briefly speak via phone or text). She can also telepathically read my thoughts and feel me and has thrown up in my face my shadow self which I know I am meant to make peace with.

      The past 10 months has been the most upsetting and challenging time of my life as she consumes my thoughts most of the time and I just want so much to be with her that I constantly drive myself crazy speculating how long it will be that we have to be apart, how many long years I will have to wait to be with my beloved again, how I can possibly endure this time apart and how cruel it feels for it to be this way. I can’t even imagine being with someone else all the whilst knowing I am really meant to be with my TF. The whole experience is so surreal, sometimes I question my sanity .

      I understand how it feels to feel so alone and exhausted by just wanting to let go and surrender to be with this person u love but I am discovering there is no easy way to do this, that it’s a process and that I need to trust that God wants the best for me. I also have to learn patience which is one of the biggest lessons for TF to learn.

      You need to try and make some peace with yourself and never lose hope that u will one day u will be reunited with your TF. That’s what I am trying to do. I have been meditating for the last 10 months and it has been my saving grace, my anchor when I feel desperately alone and scared. I don’t want to run from this experience no matter how strongly I feel the urge sometimes because I now know that running is futile and all my past lives and lessons learned have led me to this point. I need to trust that what God has planned for me is something so wonderful , it’s unimaginable.

      Sending you much love, peace and light .


  24. Ayanda says:

    Bhodi! Thanks for the love… I would love to hear more about your union if you don’t mind. What transpired during the 14years, were u guys married…have any children? & how come it took so long to recognize each other? It would be nice to hear directly from someone that has already been through this, experience is the best teacher. Maybe we could help each other in healing…none the less, don’t give up on her…don’t run! You can reach me at armanguba45@gmail.com if you wanna talk


  25. Nital says:

    i read ur blog and my belief on twin flame became more stronger than before. Is it neccessary to leave ur husband/wife to reunite with your tf. My husband has found his tf who are obviously not seeing green pastures in their relationship. Me and my husband definately share amazing relationship and i am good friends with his tf . But i dont know if its my marriage hindering the union. I know we all have to wait for the universe to do magic but is it neccessary for the tfs to b physically be with each other ? I really dont know if i want to give up on my marriage but i really want them to b in each others life as i know that will give them the ultimate happiness.


  26. Dhananjai says:

    This awesome awfully inspiring and true i believe it and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind of love spreading and gods messenger service you are doing .


  27. akillerqueen says:

    This has helped me so much. I am currently, recently separated from my twin flame and I have never experienced a pain as intense as this before. In their human flesh, and good intent, my friends tell me to move on, but I can’t fight this spiritual connection I have with this man. The pain didn’t make sense until I stumbled upon a few articles on twin flames. He is currently with another person. I’m trying so hard to be patient and understanding and to let him go through his own unique process. It’s so hard. You say you were separated for years and my chest closes up thinking of how I don’t know if I can even wait that long to be reconciled. And then there are fleeting moments where I lose hope. I know I really mustnt. I know on a much deeper level that our souls are connected. So I wait. But reading this has helped. I have no one around me who understands this.l which makes the situation more difficult. I’m told to move on and he wasn’t right for me. But he is. I just KNOW. I’m learning that I need to love myself and move forward even though he is not here. I’ve had to bite my tongue to prevent pushing him further away. I’m just at a loss. I feel like part of me is missing.


  28. Crystal Harmon says:

    Love your article. This truly made me feel amazing. I have tears of joy.
    Thank you.


  29. akillerqueen says:

    I have currently been separated from my twin flame and I have had such a difficult time with this. My body has been physically ill from the pain of the separation. This has given me hope. I have no one to talk to about this, which is difficult because I feel as though I need to talk about it. Most of my friends don’t see this as a spiritual ordeal, but in they’re good intent, they only see his mistakes and plead for me to move on. It is not that easy. It is so painful but i’m learning and growing each day. I so want to be reconciled. I SO hope that it doesn’t take as long as your journey, because just the thought of being away for so long brings unbearable pain. I know I need to surrender. I love this man despite the hurt we have caused each other and I know he loves me as well. Again, this gave me hope. Thank you.


  30. karenr says:

    Last night I dreamt we decided to try and resolve our differences, and when we met face to face for the first time in years….I told him to kneel and let us payer to God and thank him for this. We both kneel and silently prayed but in my dream I felt this unbearable pain, I couldn’t remember one pain, but I said to God, my heart center hurts so much. He listened but was all.
    I’m not sure if I thought this or dreamt it now.
    At the moment he and I are not speaking, but I so close to him.
    I feel like right now I’m not sure what is happening to me.


  31. G says:

    Couldn’t hold back the tears by the time I got to, “Then, a miracle happened.”

    I’m learning more from your posts than I was prepared to listen to from my own heart and reading your words is like being broken down, shredded, torn apart and left wide open and vulnerable all over again – that same place that I ran from.

    No more running. It’s harmful, it’s futile, It’s backwards, it’s dark and it’s miserable. I see that now. Thank you for the work you put into this.


  32. Im says:

    Dear Doucejonna,

    Through a series of synchronicities, I met my Twin Flame. She was completely NOT what I was expecting, but the emotional connection was amazing. In our photos together, she looks so relaxed and happy.

    Suddenly — when we were as close and intimate as we could possibly be — she ran away.

    I persisted in expressing my love for her and she ran further away, never responding to any communication. Eventually, through a mutual friend, she asked me not to contact her at all. That was two years ago. I complied.

    She put herself into a relationship with a needy man with not one iota of charisma, humour or vivacity. The photos show her looking tired, stressed, uncomfortable, even emaciated.

    The Universe keeps throwing us into each other’s presence occasionally. I recognise this as synchronicity when it happens. I act cool.

    I KNOW that she is my twin flame and I know that I have to trust, surrender and let her be.

    But I am also riddled with doubts. What’s the difference between faith and delusion? Between Love and obsession? How do I know what I think I know? Am I just deceiving myself?

    I’ve tried to fill the void she left, but I’ve never felt the same.

    Recently, she’s been appearing in my dreams (this was never the case before). Nothing really happens — she’s just there.

    I would be grateful for any insight that you can give.

    Peace, Love, Light,


    PS: I was inspired by her to write this prose below. No-one else has/can inspire me to write like she does. She makes the writing flow out.


    I waited until you had your assignment chosen and firmly booked, before I went to negotiate my own placement.
    What they offered me made no sense.
    “But that’s not even in the same country!” I protested.
    “Don’t worry!” they laughed. “We can arrange ANYTHING. Remember that anxiety is your problem. Just TRUST and SURRENDER. We will take care of everything.”
    So, reluctantly, I crossed the River of Forgetfulness, and my memories washed away.
    I landed in a rainstorm in 1962, confused and afraid.
    I travelled all over the world. So did you. I was always alone, my whole life. Sometimes, you were so close – maybe in London, maybe in New York – I could feel your presence, but I didn’t know what it meant.
    It was nearly fifty years before they decided I was ready. Then they moved me to your country so suddenly and swiftly, it took my breath away.
    I was completely relaxed and not expecting anything … when I met you.
    And in that infinite moment, I remembered everything.


  33. TwinFlameDawning says:

    Thank you DouceJonna, brought tears to my eyes! Plus to all here who commented too.

    Much Love, xxxxxxxxx


  34. Monica says:

    Thank you for your story. I encounter so many examples of people who use the term twin flame loosely. There’s total hell before heaven.


  35. Rana says:

    I was tearing up a few times as I read this article. I am so thankful and grateful that I read this today. You know, I have felt the beautiful bliss of the taste of surrender and it was only then that I was able to connect with not just my twin flame but the entire world. I am now in a very painful separation with my twin and I have frantically done everything in my power to get him to realize what we have between us. I dream about him and feel him around me in the most inopportune times. I must look to God to help me surrender for a connection like this is worth it all.


  36. Zach T says:

    The timing of your post never cease to amaze me and although its been posted year a to this day . The information presented resonates with me in a eerily similar yet comforting fashion. Earlier in your blog I posted a comment of my twin flame chaser-runner situation and while deep down it felt like all hope was lost, I found the power of surrender and let go of what may be as well as what is. Although a year and a half may be not nearly as a long as a wait, it seems like an eternity in the chasers standing point. I’d be lying if the thought her didn’t cross my mind daily but in this particular moment I happen to think about her and it immediately brought me to a state of peace; sure enough at that exact same moment in nearly a year of zero communication she reached out to me. In no means was this message to get back together(yet; fingers crossed) but a thank you in regards to the last parting gifts which were coincidentally ‘A Return to Love’ by Marianne Williamson and a Love self-healing candle. She refers to the book often as it was exactly what she needed and each have been a catalyst in her self healing process, also before gifting the book I marked the specific page of the infamous quote to which resonated with her much so. The fact that after so long she reached out with optimism and gratefulness gives me hope and at least lets me know she is thinking of me; words cannot describe the waterfall of positive energy and emotion that have been rushing over me as of lately because in my heart I feel as if she is open and ready to receive what could be something amazing and beautiful. What’s meant to be will always find its way so while I continue to surrender it will be with a open heart, a smile on my face, and peace of mind.

    Thank you for your amazing work! God Bless.


  37. Lucy says:

    Great post!! I Am VERY Grateful for all the wonderful posts and experiences that you share. Truly helpful and inspiring.

    While reading this I am in the middle of truly accepting and surrendering to what is. I wonder though you talk about aligning with Divine’s mind and plan (my words). I am guessing how to do that is to constantly (which is what I am doing these days) be in my Heart, be the Love that I Am??

    Thank You.


  38. I have been in many relationships that I now realise were karmic ones…and out of the blue someone has recently emerged and shattered everything apart. I have separated from my fiance of 6 years…I would never ever have believed i could do that…but here I am. my twin flame’s eyes say it all. I can hardly express how similar we are on so many levels, how we just get each other so simply yet so complex…but it’s frustrating beyond words, I want to be with him, but something is there like a wall between us…he is younger than me, and inexperienced in relationships, but I can feel that connection, and i know he feels it to. can anyone help me with this? i feel drained and ill, I am trying to let him alone but I just can’t…..I want to give him space to work out what’s happening…I know he’s confused, I feel it in him. Any suggestions? it’s so painful.


  39. jelm68 says:

    Thank you for yr sharing…my twin flame lives in Bali…and me in Singapore.

    Best wishes to all 😉


  40. pat08/22 says:

    Let me start off by saying, I love this post! It comes at the right time, nothing in life is coincidence, God and his array of Angels directed me here, I recent asked for so more guidance and help, and here I am! The Internet is strife with blogs and articles on the Twin Flame subject. Some people use this term to loosely ! Not all relationships that end are twin flame,! Mine was classic Twin Flame, ,,i met her 2 hours at an event, knew instantly there was something about this gal,,,,4 months later she sent me a pic of her,,, she had this glow about her,,,,a few months later, I asked God “For the feeling of love” and wham! I could not stop thinking of this girl 20,000 a day, , slowly we started txting, ,,a lot (we live far apart) withing 3-4 months, she made me spill my guts, told her how I felt, what she meant to me, ,,she said she felt same way! It progressed rapidly from there,,,,talk of marriage, family, kids, ,,even tried for children, . ,we were on the same page and on sync with everything it felt like heaven in earth, I was on cloud 9, the luckiest man on earth . Then one day, she said “we need to cool it for awhile ” Within 2 weeks she went from the most amazing, loving, thoughtful woman to No Contact, cold hearted,, no explanation, ,,,even after she said I made her feel “wanted, loved and special” I was beyond blown away, distraught and sent into an Abyss of darkness and pain, that left me utterly confused,,,,i was never spiritual before this, 4 months later, I found a book on Angels,,,,numbers made sense , then progressed from there to God, ,,i didn’t know about Twin Flames until 9 months after she bailed. In next 6 months I have grown by leaps and bounds spiritually, at no point have I been angry at her, I got what I asked for from God, ,,,feeling of love, I love her just as much now as I did then, I not more! I love he with all my heart, an unconditionally!!! I realize she h her own journey, I wish her not but joy and happiness, one person here mentioned, ,,that people say move on, ,,,ur crazy, ,,,dillusional,,,,obsessed! , I have all those said to me many times, ,,,,i know God gave me her as a lesson and a blessing!!! It was through her, that I found God, and for that, I am grateful, he gave me love, which resides in us all,,,,,i know she is my Twin, th heart knows!! I asked God for her hand in marraige, and believe and shall receive, this lifetime or next, , take solace I get to spend eternity wi her soul, I have total trust and FAITH I Gods Divine Love, will and timing!! Watch what you ask for! ! ! Just receive it! Best gift ever! I pray that one day she will awaken and be enlighten, ,,,till then I surrender, my life an love to god, I am open canvass,paint your picture God,


  41. “Miracles are happening in my life: my twin has signaled his return to me as a changed man. Not only is he approaching me; fearless, determined and open, but the signs and synchronicities I am seeing are in-my-face, bold and mind-blowing. I feel guided, protected, loved – not only by God, but by my twin flame. As I watch the events unfold, I am once again overtaken by the magic, timeless and God-infused love that flows between us. Finally, it feels like we are in this together, no matter what.”

    I have undergone a recent and current trauma I’m still working through that affected me and my newborn son. There was an unshakable feeling that overcame me not too long after giving birth to him earlier in 2016 and I started to feel watched and followed again. It picked up with intensity. I actually could feel this urge to jump out of my skin a few times. I kept brushing it off. Some past life experiences happened quite intensely around and leading up until this recent season. He came back to mind all of a sudden and out of nowhere.

    I was worried because I knew that this time it wasn’t just in my head and that I didn’t want to reactivate the unwanted telepathic link, but I’d say in essence it never really went away period. I actually looked at his picture the day after that trauma occurred and felt so much comfort that I couldn’t explain. I was doing this because I was running, despite me starting to do the chasing at one brief point over 2 years ago from this moment in time. I was comforted by him in a way I couldn’t explain that day and I was still trying to move out of that season once and for all.

    Several weeks later, I’m still going through this in the worst pain I have ever been in and I get a message from him after 2.5 years of not talking, wishing me well, apologizing for something that didn’t matter. Then I responded in a way that was pretty smart ass, but humorous and lighthearted, and I made sure to share that I have a son.

    I had a flood of so many emotions at his message that came out of the clear blue sky, but most of all I felt relieved for 2 simple facts: that I was confirmed (and not crazy for everything that had led up until this point) and that I had a little bit of well timed encouragement despite him not “knowing” what had been going on.

    It took a tantrum-like surrender, a dying to my ego over some stupid bullshit, but a matter of days after that happened, this message entered my inbox. Just goes to show.


  42. sohighlove says:

    This is one of the amazing read 😇 i am glad that you are awaken to your self and your twin flame .
    Keep the balance and remember the darkness can be passed by walking in hands with your self , the only beautiful light which shines from within. Pray and Love for all #sohigh


  43. The Observer says:

    Dear Souls,
    I know this is not what you want to hear.. But it’s the truth my friends..And truth shall set you free..

    I met my twin flame about a year ago.. So many synchronicities, so much magic..Only to lead to a disastrous separation. The twin flame episode lasted like say 1 month but the pain lasted, ahem let’s see, a whole year and a half.. It took me that long to let go, even though physically he had made it abundantly clear that he wanted nothing to do with me.. Please remember that everything happens for a reason.. You came together because you were meant to and you were separated because you were meant to.. We tend to cling on to the initial soul union part, the magic, the beauty of the strong connection, the bliss we feel when we’r around them etc rather than the separation part (even though the separation is the hard hitting reality) hoping against hope that the impossible will happen, that our twin flame will return. We keep waiting in an endless loop. Of-course it’s easier to hang on to the initial phases then to face the pain rite ? Trust me I know..I’ve been there.. But you are putting yourself in a very unwanted & vulnerable place by eternally waiting and hoping for something to happen.. Please wake up ! Its like the mirage of an oasis in a desert.. All the signs are there, you know it’s real, you can feel it but when you try to hold onto it, boom it disappears.. It’s like a trap my friends…
    I know it was lovely but that’s just it.. It was.. It no more is.. And I know you have all these questions plaguing you like “Why did we meet if we were meant to be separated”, “Why did it feel so magical if it was not meant to be” etc. I hear you ! I had the same questions.. But the Universe is not giving you any answers.. So just screw it.. Let it go.. It’s the Universe that put this out there and it’s the same Universe that took it away.. It wasn’t your doing.. You never asked for it…You were pushed into it..Trust me nothing you said or did affected your relationship or the way that it turned out… It was always meant to play out this way.. Do you think it’s a coincidence that all twin flame relationships are messy.. One runs and one chases…No matter what kind of people are in the relationship, what personality traits they have, one always run and one always chases.. Lol.. It has nothing to do with the issues or defects that the runner may be dealing it with… the runner seems to have perfectly ‘normal’ relations with his/her other spouse’s.. Why is it that you are at the receiving end of his or her insecurities or fears…Why is that two normal people (not twin flames) can so easily decide to manifest their relationship be it through dating or through marriage where are twin flames, who know for certain that this connection is beyond and above everything else, find it so hard to get together ? Lol.. If it’s so divine and perfect then all the more reason that it should play out perfectly rite ? Ever stopped to think for a minute ?
    You know why.. It’s because it’s meant to be that way.. If everything in the Universe is meant to be exactly the way that it is, then you cannot conveniently withdraw and assume that this phenomenon is not as it should be…
    My sincere opinion is that you must let it go.. Total surrender..Let it go and don’t hold on to it… Let whatever happens happen.. You cannot forget him or her, that’s totally understandable, but don’t hold any strings of hope.. Once you assume this approach see how fast the pain and longing subsides.. 🙂 The twin flame journey is not about when & if you and your twin flame will ever come together, it’s about your own internal journey of acceptance and finding peace within yourself, no matter what… It’s not simple and it’s not easy.. I very well know the twists and turns.. But it is all worth it when you finally find yourself at the end of all this turmoil..

    So what’s the lesson in the whole twin flame episode… My take on this is that no matter how great your twin flame connection is and how amazing it felt to be with him, God is showing you that you are more than that.. You are more than just a “twin flame” .. You are limitless and boundless.. No person or thing can curb your free spirit and keep you from experiencing your inner joy..So soar free.. You are not a dependent.. You are more then just a relationship..
    Love & Light.


  44. Penelope Bateman says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am in the process of surrendering and had blocked deep overwhelming love from him for the last 4 years now. It has been an emotional roller coaster but when I allow the love to flow it rises and vibrates my whole body, and many life changes happen like a destruction to my old patterns and unhealthy family dynamics. I feel alone but at the same time have met people more like me from this experience as I trust and let go. Long story but he has opened so many doors deep inside and wounds in painful ways. I dreamt of him 11 years prior to meeting him so when we met, I almost fell on my knees and couldn’t breathe, it was intense from the start. He lives far from me…
    I resonate with this article and appreciate your time expressing your experience to this deep powerful love…


  45. Aura says:

    This is by far the most inspirational authentic positive tf story til date. I understand the struggles of the relationship which is inevitable in most situations but there is beauty in the surrender. Miracles do happen. Not because of the reunion but inspite of, you have peace within yourself. You have lived your truth!!! 😚


  46. Sunset says:

    I see glimpses of my TF every day as birds, as clouds, as stars. I cannot deny the celestial experiences I have encountered this past year. They have been overwhelming and, in turn, I have denied and bolted. How can this be possible? It sounds completely crazy.


  47. simply a beautiful story,the words come from the heart,touch the heart as true with honour for the divine process of union,separation and love.
    love of self is key to surrender and trust ,when i wish to connect with my twin i look into my own eyes ! she is there,,we have eternity we are the two halfs of each other, each whole and complete in the service of the divine.On our last life time as a evolving soul on earth.

    The reward is unity and reconnecting with God ,mother father Universe.We each carry the shield and the sword ,.To touch God is to touch love.to become the flame within the flame.Service to humanity with union lifting the vibration of the space we hold,the place we rest our bodys.
    Twin love is beyond romance and confines of society and old belief systems of love.
    We are as twins awakened to each other by word action and deed to help others to raise above the limitation we set upon ourselfs in all that we seek.
    To become out truth to experience our collective highest potential and life soul purpose.

    In essence union with our one true twin is coming home………..many of us experience soul mate love ,casual sexual flings of passion,pain of rejection the loss of the person,heart breaking,social segregation .In truth the inner calling for the one has been within us over many life times,we have searched for the half in every person we have loved,looked into those eyes of a stranger and held our breath for recognition of the one.

    This deep need for alignment has propelled each of us along a path of growth with many names,many broken promises,,many joys and support from those souls who have been both the sword and the shield.on these journeys.
    Take heart in the words of Plato in the dance of the butterfly,the Union will happen when we hold the space for love for self for life for the one with no expectations of outcome.
    The key to heaven has always been inside your heart !your Guru is within you the sage with words of comfort and advice.Your twin has always been with you it can not be any other way.

    Many people on Earth call for twin and ignore the opportunity of non twin love,love is love its all divine .For those who have to ask is this my twin it most probably is not.Only 5% of souls are awakening to twin love its a mission on Earth not a mills and boom novel.

    No offence to anyone who likes these books,however we as a collective conscience need to see beyond the pain the separation and move within ourselves as painful as it may be,to own our baggage and not look outside our self for a saviour called Twin.

    Union with our unique twin is the evolution of many experiences,many loves all to prepare for this event predestined by God,by our higher collective self.We may huff and we may puff and blow the house down.Cast our eyes to heaven and say why me ( all this pain) why not its a blessing a confirmation to each and everyone of us of our work our expansion as soul.
    Coming home I can see the fire burning ,swim deep my love I shall find you in the currents of love for you were never gone.
    Rob Ireland


    • Thank you for sharing that Rob 🙂

      Back in October 2009 I was on holiday on a little island in The Bahamas. I bought a small piece of art by a local artist: a beautiful, small, very colourful screen print picture entitled ‘Coming Home’.

      I’ve always said this was my last incarnation – that I’ve had enough of life on Earth, I’m not coming back again. This life has been too sad, too hard, with little Love, never having found someone to Love Me truly, deeply, and unconditionally as I have Loved. I’ve only ever had mere moments or glimmers of happiness – there have never been long periods of my life where I’ve been happy. This spiritual path is lonely at times, not often/rarely finding people that ‘get’ me.

      I bought that picture almost six years before I had the dawning/realisation of having a TF – even though I already knew him but as little more than an acquaintance. Long before I knew what the TF phenomena was. (When I realised, he ran almost immediately and is still…but that’s OK, it’s part and parcel of this journey. If he can be true to himself, he has his own somewhat complex life to navigate and come to terms with, whether he does or not. Completely bizarre, uncanny moments of synchronicity still occur every couple of months – the ‘final’ last two occurred within 24 hours – you couldn’t have orchestrated them if you’d tried – just like the other occasions!! – but he doesn’t realise or see them, even though they are as plan as the nose on a face!!)

      Prior to the realisation, for seven years I had shut and closed my Heart down to Love – I hadn’t entertained the idea of wanting a man in my life again romantically. In a mere second, a tiny somewhat insignificant gesture/mannerism made by him, and he had broken through and demolished the barriers. LOOK – FEEL – OPEN UP– there are some ‘real’ men in this world!!

      I’ve been out with a few guys this year, but they never came to anything at all. Seeing each a couple of occasions was enough! They just weren’t right for me. However, TF did his job: he opened me up to the possibility, when presented, to take the steps to Love another again. As much as it would be perfect to have a romantic True Love relationship with a man in my life, a true companion to share the rest of this life with, regardless of its ups and downs, I support Me, I stand by Me through thick and thin, I’m there for Me, I showed up for Me, I Love Me. As always, I do the best I can by Me and for others. When there’s a problem or an issue, I always appreciate ‘what it’s about’, is never what it’s about. I AM Unconditional Love.

      So, I’ll just keep plodding on with my own work, my own energy clearings and being true to myself, as I have always been, as I have Self-Love. I Love Me.

      When looking upon the picture and the caption, I always receive so much joy and it makes my Heart sing….. With or without him tangibly present, our TF work/my work is to be completed at last… I know for me I’m going to be ‘Coming Home’.

      Much Love,
      xxx 🙂


      • No one in particular says:

        Thank you for putting into words what I am experiencing. I have accepted I am on this journey by myself.


  48. Laura kinch says:

    He was married to other people,were you.I do not thing it is right/fair or acceptable,to accept,someone else’s leftovers/garbage/vomit.We all need to be taught some lessons.And he should not have received his {blessing/you}.


  49. annmarie says:

    What a beautiful article, I’ve been drawn to the path of the shamanic practitioner while getting to face my shadow side, its started initially out of trying to understand my fears and am close to surrendering to myself and god, I love this article though as I do believe the role of the twin is to enable you to love them unconditionally and then turn that love back to yourself and of course god, enabling you to show others that same light. Thank you so much


  50. Erica McKnight says:

    Reblogged this on Inner-Soul-Tuition and commented:
    For TWIN FLAMES: A Must Read!


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