72 Responses to The Power of Surrender as a catalyst for Twin Flame Reunion

  1. Danae says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for writing it. Very helpful to learn more about the reasons for twin flame relationship.


  2. C. Penland says:

    It’s been twenty years. Two failed marriages for me, one for him as far as I’m aware of. I absolutely did everything imaginable to overcome it with my “brain” and personal power. The angels kept coming to me and whispering, even when I didn’t want to hear it. Even when I pulled my car over on the highway telling them to LEAVE ME ALONE!! IT’S OVER!! He’s not back yet – but I believe he’s on his way. God moved me out of my element, to live my purpose (writing about narcissism) and to overcome my “ego self” and my personal power that I developed as a survival mechanism with two narcissistic and abusive parents. )My best parent was my extremely alcoholic step father. He passed last year with liver failure.)
    I’ve surrendered and I feel him all around me. And I didn’t conjure it up – it wakes me at 3am. I see 11:11 at least five times a day. It’s wonderful!! And crazy!! And freeing. And kind. Whether I ever see him again or not, I am completely in joy just loving him. And I always will be. I finally look forward to my future. I’m happy and I’m whole. Lord willing – I will rejoice with my twin one day.


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