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Pictures in the News | March 6, 2014

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On this, your birthday, I wish you…

I wish you Courage

To face the shadows

To go bravely, where your inner compass will lead.

I wish you Strength

To persist through the silence

To follow the Path, you always believed.

I wish you Growth

To evolve beyond the many faces

To continue, shedding layers of the old.

I wish you Flames

of pure alchemical Fire

To fuel the transformation into Gold.

I wish you Truth

To recognise the false aspects,

To fully awaken, the Believer within.

I wish you Restlessness

To keep you ever home-bound

To follow guidance, if only from Him.

I wish you Affection

Which seeks nothing but God’s pleasure

For which the secrets, are beyond our control.

I wish you Love

that depletes the darkness

and with its Light peers deep into the soul.

I wish you Sabr (Patience)

So that you may be reminded

That good things, come to those who wait.

I wish you Faith

And reassurance in his Timing,

For although He delays, He is never too late.

I wish you Surrender

And that deep inner knowing

As you step through this, another door.

I wish you Blessings,

And Angel kisses your forehead

Every time it touches the floor.

I wish you Shade

On the day of Judgement

When only True Love, home finds a way.

Maybe then, side by side,

under the Willows

We’ll share our stories – somewhere, someday…

Love, Jonna

(written on 10 June 2020 for his birthday)

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