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When our search for The One leads us Home



For me, there has been no greater joy on this path than the discovery of the Self in the other. No other human bond provides more latitude and depth for this than the Twin flame connection, since it is in the reflection of our truest self in the other that we find our Self, as well as the answers to our deepest existential questions.

Unfortunately, it is also here that we come to know our most devastating pain which does NOT come from seeing them love another, but from having to feel our way out of the proverbial darkness they often unexpectedly leave us in. It is the pain of not knowing “what” or “why”, brought on by their silences, denials, absences, avoidance and contradictions that kills us. It cuts so deep that to make it stop we often literally disconnect from a part of ourselves, just to be able to function. In the midst of it all, we wonder whether the love that we shared with them ever really existed, and if it did, was the reason we lost it because we never deserved it in the first place? The struggle to find our wholeness again, this time not through them but through a deep dive into our soul, is REAL. Yet the journey must be made because it is the only way for us to heal.

With this in mind, I inadvertently happened upon the movie Hancock, featuring Will Smith (John Hancock) and Charlize Theron (Mary Embrey). Having seen the trailer years ago I thought the film would be an action flick about a drunken, arrogant superhero with no past who slowly becomes a better man through his efforts to find himself and his purpose. To be honest, I wasn’t interested, however just as I was about to change the channel the following scene between the two main characters and Ray, Mary’s husband (Jason Bateman) came on. In the scene, Mary tries to explain her connection with Hancock to her husband.

Mary: “Whatever we are, we were built in twos, ok? We are drawn to each other. No matter how far I run, he’s ALWAYS there, he finds me. It’s physics”.

Ray: “What are you saying? Are you saying you two are fated to be together?”

Mary: “I’ve lived a very long time, Ray, and one thing I’ve learnt is: fate doesn’t decide everything. People get to choose”.

Hancock (to Mary, in disbelief): “And you CHOSE to let me think I was here alone?”

Mary: “I didn’t think you’d remember”.

Ray: “Great. So now what”?

Mary: (upset) “I didn’t plan for this”.

Curious, I switched onto channel +1 and watched the film from the beginning. It turns out that what the Hancock movie trailer completely fails to touch upon is the mystical, divine connection between the two main characters, which is effectively the big plot twist of the movie. Hancock is in fact not a comedy about a drunken superhero — but a drama about fate, love, sacrifice – and twin flames.

Hancock is the story of an immortal “superhero” who has lost his identity to alcohol and his memory to amnesia, having woken up 80 years prior in a Miami hospital unable to recall anything of his past or origin. His physical struggle is however only a reflection of his inner turmoil to physically find himself and his true identity, and to act on his purpose in life. I really liked the fact that even though this is a “twin flame movie”, this wasn’t the main focus of the film, but rather it was Hancock’s journey to find himself.

When Hancock rescues the well-meaning Ray from being killed by a train, Ray invites him to dinner at his house and it is here that Hancock meets Ray’s wife, Mary, and son, Aaron. Mary seems to have an instant dislike for Hancock and even warns her husband to not get involved with him. However Ray, always seeing the best in everyone, has a plan to improve Hancock’s public reputation and invites him on a journey of redemption; a journey which Hancock first rejects – only to return to it later.


The battle for the Truth

From the beginning, there is a subconscious knowing for Hancock that there is something going on with Mary that he can’t quite put his finger on, whether it is sexual chemistry or more. When Hancock and Mary are together, everything is stronger and actually a little “off”. Without really understanding the magnetism between them, Hancock finds himself pulled to Mary for answers to his deepest questions; almost as if by understanding their connection he will learn to understand and know himself. What Hancock cannot remember – and what Mary is keeping from him – is that they are twin flames. Having settled into a “normal” life in the matrix as Ray’s wife and mother to Aaron, she wants nothing more than to get Hancock out of her family’s life. Despite this, she cannot help but feel drawn to him.

When Hancock discovers that Mary also has superhuman powers and that he is not the only one of his kind, he demands answers. Initially, like any good twin flame “runner”, she avoids the subject, goes out of her way to tell Hancock what a good man Ray is and how happy she is with him and then eventually turns hostile and extremely protective of her family, warning him to stay away. She wants to keep her “normal” life intact. Although she seems unnecessarily cold towards Hancock, it is only because she knows that this connection, should she give into it, would not come without the complete destruction of life as she knows it; a life that she chose.

Many twin flames, just like Mary, know EXACTLY who the other is upon meeting. Whether they put the twin flame label on it or not, they will (at least subconsciously) know that they are meant to be with this person – no matter how long down the line they feel it will be. Often the arrival of the twin flame catches them by surprise, unprepared, not knowing how to deal with the calling and magnetic pull they’d rather ignore – yet knowing that one day they will have to give into it, because it is WHO THEY ARE.

The thing with this connection is that it engages us fully; and undeniably, when we choose to ignore it we somehow end up ignoring a part of ourselves; in Mary’s case her superpowers and immortality. Having rejected her destiny and purpose in exchange for a “normal” life, she now wants to keep Hancock’s relationship with her and his past a secret as well. This really struck a chord with me because where there is twin flame separation; there is often denial and secrecy, in one way or another. Isn’t this exactly what so many of us experience?  There are certainly moments on this journey where I feel like John Hancock, just figuring it all out, while there’s a chance that my twin flame is like Mary, having known who I am from day one.

In the film, Hancock must battle Mary to discover who he really is. In Hancock’s case, the more he pushes for answers, the more Mary resists, determined to keep Hancock from ruining her “happy life” but likewise determined to live her life apart from him so he can continue to be a superhero. Hiding the true nature of their connection she tells him they were “brother and sister”, but Hancock calls her bluff and threatens to tell Ray. Afraid that Hancock will ruin her marriage, Mary attempts to stop him, causing their argument to spiral out of proportion – exactly like true twin flames. I liked how the film showed the intensity of their disagreement; how exaggerated it all seemed. After the two battle each other to exhaustion Mary finally comes clean and reveals the truth to both Hancock and her husband.

Mary tells Hancock that they are divine, angelic beings created in pairs and drawn to each other across millennia. Unfortunately when the eternal lovers succumb to their fated attraction, their powers fade and they become mortal, which makes them susceptible to aging, injury and death. Mary and Hancock had survived together through numerous lifetimes, for more than three thousand years, until 80 years prior – having succumbed to their mutual desire to live human lives together – they were assaulted on the streets of Miami. With Hancock no longer able to recognize her, and struggling with a moral dilemma over her calling (and his), Mary leaves him in the hospital so he can live and carry on with his mission. Even though she is conflicted about her decision, she chooses separation for the greater benefit of all, including Hancock, who she knows will regain his strength with her away. In a way, she also wants to avoid her destiny by denying her powers.

While Mary eventually falls into a less destructive kind of love with Ray and lives a “normal” human life, Hancock, on the other hand, is lost. Unaware of who or what he is, yearning to be known fully – not least to himself, he wanders aimlessly, aching for a connection that he can’t quite articulate. He ends up following the path of many lost souls and drowns his existential malaise in alcohol while still attempting to rescue lives; often with disastrous results. It is only eighty years later on the other side of the country that he finds Mary once again but due to his amnesia does not recognize her.


Lesson One

The backstory tells us that Hancock and Mary purposely dismissed their calling as angelic beings sent to assist humankind and gave into the temptation of a human life together. In doing so, Hancock ended up not only forgetting his true nature but also opened himself up to the susceptibility of mortality. His amnesia therefore is no accident; it is the direct consequence of him rejecting his calling; indeed, Hancock lost himself because he tried to be something that he wasn’t; he tried to be human when he was really an immortal. It is here the first lesson this film offers: that it is only by accepting our God-given identity and mission that we gain knowledge of the Self, and can lead truly purposeful and happy lives. Everyone, just like Hancock, has the choice to accept or reject who they are called to be – and both these choices have consequences.

Personally, I believe that the call to be true to ourselves and to realize our purpose here MUST COME FIRST. After all, even Hancock found out the truth about himself and his connection with Mary only once he had fully surrendered to his mission with grace and dignity. As long as we are being true to ourselves, twin or no twin, we find the fulfilment we seek. By pursuing our true identity with perseverance, we achieve what we came here to do, whereas if we reject who we are by faux self-rationalization or self-loathing, we fail, living an aimless life, or come to a diseased demise.

Lesson Two

Another lesson in the film revolves around the possibility that sometimes we may have to temporarily sacrifice our heart’s desire for the greater good of all. Of course, at the level of our deepest being, the yearning for our counterpart never goes away: it is how we were created and how we find our way back home. However, what this film suggests is that we may not be meant to live a human existence with our Twin flame – but rather, it is eternity that is reserved for the deepest love of all; the sacred union of the soul. Could it be that perhaps to fulfil our mission on this planet we must temporarily sacrifice our desire to be with them? Is it that we are more valuable to the world if we are apart and focus our energy on healing the world and its people? This is a possibility every twin flame should at least consider. In the film it is only through the sacrifice of their desire to be together that Mary and Hancock can function and complete the mission they came here for.

I can certainly resonate with how loving our Twin flame does not always mean that we have to be with this person, right here, right now… In fact, we can love them with all that we are and still choose to be apart… Sometimes we must step back and allow them to live. Regardless, the love never lessens or goes away and if like Mary and Hancock we acknowledge and accept it as part our Self, we can never truly be without our Twin again. Then, the connection becomes a source of reassurance and comfort for us; and acts as an anchor which not only helps ground us deeper into this human experience, but that also helps us excel in our mission.

Although the film lacks the storybook happy-ever-after of a physical union that often comes with the romanticized idea of twin flames, I actually think that the ending is a realistic and positive one, portraying a serenity and acceptance of the choices that each of the film’s characters has made. It resonated with me that Hancock, now secure in the knowing of who he is, dedicates himself to his mission, content to keep his distance from Mary until the time comes for them to be together again. It resonated with me because this journey is never about the other, it’s about the Self – and no matter what the outer circumstances are it is always within our gift to grow, heal and serve. If truth be told, I think many of us could do with taking a page out of Hancock’s book and use the connection to propel ourselves deeper into our mission, rather than wasting away counting days to a reunion which – by the way – is only a matter of time.


Lesson Three

This leads me to the final and the most important lesson in this film; that union with our counterpart is a CHOICE. To borrow Mary’s words, people get the choose. Indeed, Mary and Hancock are not prisoners of their earthly circumstances, or of their divine calling. For them (and perhaps for us?) there is no right or wrong – just choices. According to the film backstory, all the other angelic beings had already paired up and died, i.e. returned to source. Mary and Hancock could also do so at any time but ONLY once they are ready to leave their human existence, i.e. their work here is done, or because they BOTH choose it – or because they are being called home.

This is a very thought-provoking idea in itself; to see Union as the final step before ascension; as the direct consequence of relinquishing our free will in favour of fate. In order for this to happen, we must be willing to let go of all our resistance, egoistic needs and the search for short term gains and turn our eyes towards Heaven, because in doing so, we gain so much more. We must surrender to the connection and allow it to naturally draw the counterparts together – which it will do, amnesia or not! Like Mary says; it’s physics!

What we did not get to see in the film is that once the Twins heed to the call to pair up and go home, they get to experience sacred union in the human form, before eventually having to “die”. This death is two-fold: first, they die to themselves through the annihilation of the ego, and then finally step off the wheel of reincarnation, away from this ”test bed” that is the Earth and transition through death beyond this physical form and dimension. Here they experience a rebirth, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, and receive eternal life, true sacred union, and God’s pleasure. This is the reassurance that this film offers us beyond the physical and temporary circumstances of the main characters.

Indeed, we die here so that we may rise elsewhere and it is exactly what Twin flames who heed the call have to look forward to – sooner or later.


32 thoughts on “The Movie Hancock & Twin flames: The importance of finding our Self and our Purpose prior to Union

  1. Giorgio says:

    Dear Doucejonna,

    I wish to tell you “ALL”about my surrender. I want to share with you all the feeling that some of you, I am sure have found themselves in, and now enjoying the benefits of meeting with the source within our surrender and melting into the arms of our undoubtedly “Most Devine Mature Love of all’. Through the Kundalini understanding and natural work that is being done and the ultimate surrender to try and have the most revered faith of all in order to love someone so so so dearth your heart, is without a doubt the most exhilarating circumstance.

    OH, OH MY FRIENDS WHAT AN AMAZING LIFE I AM HAVING. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY TO MY SURRENDER AND THE JOY THAT I HAVE IN MEETING MY TWIN FLAME… within this earthly body that aches with joy and belief. I am sure that I am on the right path to reunion. So what if I die after i do, so what if i die before after my twin Flame or She dies after I die. All I know for sure is that the Source wants to assure me in all was that she is My Twin Flame.


    I Cannot begin to express my feelings of my surrender. I am still not completely there, but I have been asking to the source to hold my hand… to hold me from straying…to hold me close to the “Divine Source”, when I am tempted to doubt and not believe that all the signs that I am getting, and that I keep getting, are not real. No, The signs….. THEY ARE REAL ALRIGHT. Without a doubt in my mind, without another sign to confirm who I have met. Without a sign that My Twin knows too well who we are. I don’t care who says what or who does not believe me. I know for certain that my Twin Flame is who I certainly want to be with. “No one Else in this physical world do I want anyone else”. She is the MOST beautiful, graceful and Most vibrant River of Love I Ould have ever experienced in all my reincarnations. I am So So So happy in my life to wait for her, wait for the moment that when the holy Divine Spirit calls Us, I will oblige for this is the only way I would be joined with her for ever in Eternity. The truest moment of the truest Truth, is the moment. The denials of my Twin Flame, the lies that she says that are so clearly visible and the love and passion that I feel for My Twin Flame is “UNIQUE”. It is the best gift that the holy Divine Spirit as explained within the Kundalini as well, is the most Benevolent, Sole Divine entity that I hold within my heart awaiting our reunion at whatever stage in this life or after death.

    “Love is composed of a single Soul within two bodies”.

    “When You meet the other mirror half of your soul you will understand . Why all the others let you go. When you meet the one who deserves
    . your heart, you’ll understand why things didn’t work out with everyone else”

    As well – There is a picture with two older people and it says –

    “Being someone’s first “Love” maybe great, But to be their last, is beyond perfect”

    In this article above about the film by Hancock –
    “The importance of finding Our self and and Our purpose prior to Re union”.

    (This is the most important because then we have a personal instant visible goal)

    When this article talks about this instance in the film I must This is a very thought-provoking idea in itself; to see Union as the final step before ascension; as the direct consequence of relinquishing our free will in favour of fate. In order for this to happen, we must be willing to let go of all our resistance, egoistic needs and the search for short term gains and turn our eyes towards Heaven, because in doing so, we gain so much more. We must surrender to the connection and allow it to naturally draw the counterparts together – which it will do, amnesia or not! Like Mary says; it’s physics!

    What we did not get to see in the film is that once the Twins heed to the call to pair up and go home, they get to experience sacred union in the human form, before eventually having to “die”. This death is two-fold: first, they die to themselves through the annihilation of the ego, and then finally step off the wheel of reincarnation, away from this ”test bed” that is the Earth and transition through death beyond this physical form and dimension. Here they experience a rebirth, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, and receive eternal life, true sacred union, and God’s pleasure. This is the reassurance that this film offers us beyond the physical and temporary circumstances of the main characters.

    Indeed, we die here so that we may rise elsewhere and it is exactly what Twin flames who heed the call have to look forward to – sooner or later.

    WOW, guys try your best to surrender. It is like winning the best gift an earth, in heaven and in Spirit. I want to surrender More and more. It is an amazing feeling of love and confidence with that nothing else can replace it.

    It is the most Divine of ALL….

    Love Harmony and Peace…XXX

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  2. doucejonna says:

    Dear Giorgio, I cannot even tell you how happy I am to received this joyful message from you. Yes indeed, surrender is key to being able to finally open our eyes & breathe a sigh of relief and actually start to SERVE 🙂 It also sets us on the path of reunion because once we allow the gentle breeze to take us where we need to be, Union finds us. 🙂
    I like how you chose my absolutely favorite thought from my article as the one you quote above. Love you Giorgio and I value your input, as always. xoxoxo
    From your sister on this path,


  3. Giorgio says:

    Dearest sister,

    Today I have evenmore réalised that I àm on my Journey of a realisation of the truth to my source. This is to do other important things. I havé taught martial arts to some “Autistic” children and an albino. This Was at my présent home in the southern hémisphère. However, because of my choice to join my TF, I havé had to endure thé loss of my own children in the process.

    This has had an amazing impact on me in more Ways than one. I love children, so the Source has given me a bigger family now to help and look after as an addition to mine.

    I Was quiet for about an hour on Christmas Day 2015. I was At my sister’s place, watching little children Running, feeling robbed of my right as a father to see my own children, but suddenly, I had this light come over me as I got my calling. Some comments were made that I am very quiet on the day; I was asked if I was feeling alright..!

    I was ok, also missing my TF terribly, but the time had come for me to change my ways. The path I was on was not giving me a positive result. It was stagnant and I reflected on my situation.
    This is what happened –
    I decided to leave my place of residence for half the time and do things differently. After all, if we add 1+ 1 the answer is always going to be 2. The formula had to change to get a different more positive result.

    So on the day, December – 25/12/2015 – I made the decision to return back to Europe, returning to my place of birth. I néeded to connect with nature once àgain and be my self, after almost 33 years of hard work, giving a lots of support to others with amazing sacrifices.
    I decided to give some love to myself. It has been a painful Time, but Once again I am in search of starting another chapter, giving and doing what I havé already been doing for the last four years, working with Autism in teenagers.

    This Time though, Back in Europe . I am also finishing my Second book, to Publish in May / June. My First is on sale now and it has taken a While to publish, but never mind, good things come for those who wait. Writing has given me an outlet of vision to see things differently while it helped me to cope with personal things as they unfolded.

    ” The Source gives us what we “need” sometimes Not what we ” Want” .

    Yes hard to accept but we need to accept what the carpet unfolds as we mature to improvise for a better mature “US”.

    ” Get rid of selfishness”

    As far as my TF is concerned, I will not comment now, but my “Divine love” for her is so great and Divinely projected, that it flows from the Kundalini , the Holy Spirit. The source has been giving me so so many signals and direction that is more momentarily directed to myself. As far as my TF is concerned, the Source has a plan for us both.

    However, my calling is one that demands the “Now” that I have to love myself along this sector of my journey. It is so strong a message that this is what I have really observed and felt that I must do.
    ” The Kundalini is real. The messages are real and I will not question the plan of the Source. It walk through “knowing” that, within that corridor that “All” will take place without any doubt whatsoever.” Yes, I am human and I do doubt, but I do less and less everyday as I increase my belief in the Source even more day by day.

    My connection with the Source has been an amazing spiritual one. One that I have never in my entire reincarnation lives ever experienced with such potency. You might question me “How do I know this..?”
    Intuition, my spiritual ” Now”; my realisation of what direction the Source has planned for me, and what my calling is for the moment. I must follow my duty to the community. On my own, “I must” as my TF does her things as well. The important path is that Whatever there is planned for US, will lead us to one point of focus. One point of “US” being together at the end of all this. We will be uniting one last time and the certainty is, that I feel it so strongly.
    ” I am working against my desires of the ” Now” in this existence of wanting my TF to be with me, ” US”. ”
    I am having to move along and let my TF be; let her “US” both be in the hands of our creator. The Source knows what he has planned and I just have to concentrate on the moment and focus on my project to make a change with a difference in other people’s lives. The communication is real and strong.

    This part of the journey is certainky about giving to others. Giving them whatever opportunity these teenagers have desperate need for in a world of such turmoil. My education as well has been always knocking on my door as well.
    Ultimately, I have had amazing results through education where my own learning through “hands on experience”in sharing my knowledge with others in need of direction has been priceless.
    ” It has worked and the results have been amazingly rewarding.”

    In my path of change I have found “Peace”, one that I had missed for over twenty years. I rediscovered myself and my spontaneity with a flair of energy that I knew existed but unable to use as others had sucked it off me with their neediness. It was my own doing, and Now, I had to reverse it as It was necessary for me to go through that stage of my life to understand, what I am about to do now. Things happen for a reason. I have more vision now, more experience and more insight to plan better , execute with precision and tenacity. I have unlimited more love to give and share, Not judgement.
    Our journey as Twin Flames can be varied and painful if we ” Choose ” it to be.

    Realising our calling is important, for our reunion is “inevitable”.

    The Source has a plan and once we surrender, we will realise that we are in a much better place. We need to have all the faith in our creator and feel his blessing.

    Trusting in the Source must be our drive, communicating with the Source must be our only way to reach our goal and what our “Chapters “demand that we do. Our TF needs to be our force that we use to propel us forward with immense hope to work with positive productivity. Use it to “Empower ourselves” forward without giving up, ever”

    It might just mean that our spiritual calling to help others is at this Moment in time, what we might just have to do as part of our work on this earth.

    Reunion is a certainty ; when is it going to take place is only for the Source to know. He created US, ” The Source ” knows all.

    I am always in touch with the Source, in all that I do and think. My life is full of Life and Love. I am happier than I have ever been. I have surprised myself. Separation has been the best thing ever; bloody hard but now it has given me freedom, more love and more insight that my creator is so so Majestic and grand. It is about our realisation of faith and belief that we are what the Source desires us to be. Yes, doucejonna and all of US here are experiencing so much with so much to learn. Exploring just an understatement. LOL….

    ” we need to be grateful of the mission that we are entrusted with. All the love one has for themselves must overflow to our TF. It does and I feel it profoundly. I adore her through the eye of wisdom and insight of the divine Source. I send her all my divine love through the Source as it is the purest and most potent energy, respecting first and foremost my creator for creating US. ”

    “Send your love to your Twin Flame through the Source, not directly. It is amazing”

    The journey is anything but lonely. He holds my hands as I walk on my path. I hear a whisper of faith to not give up. To have “trust” and the voice has a big smile as I surrender more to the Source, realising what I am; truly ” pure Love, Pure spiritual energy . It is the Divine , the most mature love I have ever felt, Ever “.

    ” I love my Twin Flame incomprehensible through my Mind, body and Soul but most importantly ” my Soul”

    It is the door to ” The Now. The door to reunion for eternity”

    Thank you all, my brothers and sisters. You inspired me so much, All of you.

    ” I am that I am”. The Source is infallible, limitless in the love and inspiration. The only path of realising true happiness with Our journey, surrendering with fate. The Source is unquestionably the most powerful of anything imaginable.

    ” It is unimaginable, but felt with the utmost of inner strength and Divine Love”

    ” We are So so lucky” ” Appreciate the Source, “Surrender” It is Blissfully rewarding”

    The only way to our Twin Flame in Eternity.

    Love, Harmony and believe xxx


    1. Virginie says:


      There are two-three things I can tell you about… I hope it could help you :
      – the first one is a sign Great Spirit gave to me when I was working very deeply on my path “Non c’è istinto pari a quello del cuore.”
      – the second is the way I have used : give Creation your forgiveness to have been hurting while having created us (our consciousness(es))… when we have hurt or been hurt it was because we were blinded by our pain, by our lost (no?)… without each one of us we couldn’t be or acknowledge who we are… so even if we don’t realize it we all love each other at the core because we give each other the chance to be and live in love… i know it cost and we paid the price but is it the fault of anyone (as you told we all are in the same boat) or would we prefer it not be?

      Be well

      @ Jonna : I am “sorry” to have written not exact statements on your blog, I can’t apologize because I was giving it all and it was necessary to share for “each one of us”… Thank you to have offered me the space and freedom to be able to continue my work on my Self. Yesterday I was thinking but Jonna will think my case is so desperate 😩 ! Also (I am sorry Vita) I have realized the flames connection is not a Newton 3rd law (I was thinking of another connection)…

      Love you

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  4. vita says:

    I have another way around, not to be unnormal but normal, my life was tragedy and never had a family and now when I don’t want nothing, I have to settle for someone else 😀 not in terms of a romantic maybe, but to be distracted from too much unnormal, too much focused on spirituality, because there were nothing else than this in my life. I dont want to live in this earth and so I have to learn it. Different but thank you for sharing, I tryin not to go too much into TF anymore tho, Thanks 😀


    1. vita says:

      one thing: The truth about life is that is no real differentiation, no physics and spirituality, that is one energy, same energy, only fear hold us back from that realistation. If we trying to ignore our needs in physic it will come ugly on the other side, like we dont give ourselves the permission to be appreciated and happy, so we try it unconsciously to get so much that we feel full of it, but the void never is to fil, because it has to be done from the divine source, just to merge it, there is not an outside just inside to out oneness. ❤

      I once said to my Twin, what about dedication.. only now i can fulfill the sentence, realising fear is stubborn and will jump from one thing to another if u not commit truly once ..trusting the universe. Hope you can relate, send you joy and hope from inside 🙂


      1. I agree with you, that’s why I feel I’ll never settle with not being with my twin in physical world…it is one energy that weaves through all our worlds…getting rid of fear can only lead to unconditional love, honest communication and understanding and that can not fail in any world – physical or spiritual.

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      2. doucejonna says:

        Dear yourinnerstylist,
        as we mature in the love for our twin flame, it is a love that actually expands to cover everyone else too. At some point we come to see how restrictive and limited the love that we had initially hoped to have from them is… and we start to see things differently. Yes, I also believe we are meant to be together but also, that that togetherness in union is just an evolution of the self.. and to get to it, we must make the choices that align us with our soul, and that Bring us into balance within – then bringing on the without.. I believe that Union is the ultimate and final way in which we embrace our oneness before returning to source. How many of us are really ready to do that? Not many… And we see that in the way many of us still live our lives.. Choosing to be with soul mates to “pass time”, out of fear of being alone or of hurting them, too afraid to take the jump up truly trust their intuition and the quiet whisper of their soul… while wondering why “love” just isn’t enough…
        You are right that you shouldn’t settle for anything less.. And yes, we should be willing to let go of our fears and to persist on that path. But all this can only happen through our own growth in love. Both twins must make those choices, not because of the other, but because of the self.. Because it’s the only way we can get into alignment with ourself. If both do this, then certainly, Union will not – and cannot- fail.
        Wishing you love and blessings xx

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      3. vita says:

        Thank you wish You Love

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  5. jenncrystal says:

    Hi,great story. Thanks again for sharing. I always “know” when you have a new article posted.

    But I’m curious. So many stories of separation and sacrifice of twin flames. So much pain. But no, I can’t do it. I can’t force myself to love another man, after what I’ve experienced. I have no strong urge to procreate and I am willing to see past how being with another man, more socially acceptable for me by society standards is such a superficial pursuit. It’s like, I didn’t live so my life waiting for this someone, just to be told to go be with someone else. I can’t accept telling this lie to myself.

    I want to know, what about other stories of TFs who are successfully on union? I’m sure there are many. Who are they? What do they do differently? How are they contributing to the world in their way?

    Thanks. Love. ❤


    1. vita says:

      Hey 😀 is simple, they are loving themselves 100% or hadn’t been so traumatised to restore and rewrite all the victimhood patterns, which are the same as villains, only other extrem, we heal both if we do heal ourselves. 😀 I read this book “tru love is real”, recognising the answer is within, when we are fully ourselves, then we are starting to movig back home, as I said, if we are not giving us the permission to be appreciated or happy, we demanding it as vampires from others, and never are satisfied. We think we are soo sweet and good, but need appreciation and attention so much that we are not even think about if it’s distributed and shared fair and everyone has enough, we just want to have it all. I wish we would give ourselves what we desire right now:D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Virginie says:

        I don’t actually have a “twin” in my bed 😉 but I think the thing is to see “collective”, that’s where is I guess the allegory of “our purpose” : our mission(s) is Our nature which we name Oneness or Love. If we are One it is because each one of Us is unique (even with our “twin” with who we constitute a little ying yang (= we exist as connected complements probably something called scientifically a 3rd Newton law 😂 )). 💜

        We all value the same treasure… well being with ourself, ourselves, Our self 💛

        Liked by 1 person

  6. vita says:

    Thank you once again, dont feel so alone, and see myself better in you and my twin :d


  7. Nikki says:

    Wow. This was a beautiful description of the movie. I have seen it before, but not since being “awakened”. It makes so much sense! I believe completely that we made our choices before we got here. My twin flame and I are aware of each other. But we are happily married to other people. We don’t need to be together in this life in order to remain connected. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Q says:

    Sometimes I feel as though my TF journey is straight out of a movie. It is the weirdest thing 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Virginie says:

      Me too… & sometimes it is not this easy. 😊


      1. Q says:

        How do you handle it? I never knew what a TF was until I was physically with mine last summer. I had to search online to find the words to describe how I was feeling. I feel him, have dreams about him, and believe I talk with him telepathically. But I am still not if this is all in my head. He is dealing with a lot right now, and I can feel his energy is all over the place.


      2. Virginie says:

        Sometimes I also feel I am a scriptwriter! 😉
        I don’t handle it… What keeps me carrying on is to have understood myself, to know the love I share within my children’s heart 💜 and within golden heart. 💛


    2. doucejonna says:

      Dear Q, thank you for your comment. Yes indeed this journey does sometimes feel like a movie! I guess we all have our favourite twin flame movies that remind us closely of our own journey.. Mine is serendipity, and I do also love The Notebook. 🙂
      Just wanted to say thank you, and send you all my love and blessings. Xx 💜💜


      1. Q says:

        Thank you for your reply, doucejonna. I have to admit I feel quite alone on my journey. However, I accepr that mind and soul are opening up to new ways of being in this world. I also am appreciative of my new psychic gifts, although I learn more about my TF than I would like!. xox


  9. Virginie says:

    😘 Jonna… and to all your readers,

    You have written a wonderful sweet post as always. And I’ve watched the movie : so cool 😄, you know my tastes 😉 !

    💛 for you 💛 Vita 💛 Giorgio … 💛 💛 💛 Love to all our soul mates all over our blue Planet

    PS : the person I had met and thought one moment was the same entity as mine is not… Finally it seems, I’m back in my shoes. 😅 💜


    Liked by 1 person

    1. vita says:

      Thank You good luck ❤


      1. Virginie says:

        thank You beaucoup 💛 🍀


    2. doucejonna says:

      Virginie, ma belle, thanks for this message. I like the upbeat yellow hearts and the cheery message. And it makes me happy to hear you are “back in your shoes”.. I guess this means you are feeling more balanced?
      Thank you for always popping in and saying hello! Love you lots,
      Jonna 💜


      1. Virginie says:

        I am very happy to read each time your post… 💛
        I also deeply appreciate Giorgio’s comments.

        I am feeling more balanced since I have meditated on Mona Lisa… I’m a really weird Lady 💛 ! 😂

        Love you too 💜

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Virginie says:

        Salem 😇 Jonna,

        I correct one thing : it’s not what I called “death” (which is not “really”) that I find difficult also I can’t say I remember past lives (it’s eventually pictures, emotions, feelings and for sure kundalini, signs and clearly one aura) but what I find very difficult is to feel separated from my twin… It is! And I get lots of compassion for other humans when I imagine or if I’m not the only one. 💛 💛 💛


        Ame du lilas 💜

        & I absolutely love the way you write


  10. Zachary says:

    Hey I’m new to the experience. My name is Zachary and I’m 28. I met my twin six months ago; the metaphysical experience was a first for me and just reminded me of how I see God in plants animals and myself, When I saw God in him and the feeling was more than mutual. I’m still new to these energies as they increase. What I did notice is it’s all about balance and holding your love for you/them so we can hold the door open a bit longer for everyone, since linear time doesn’t actually exist. I keep telling myself that everyday I long for him just to keep myself grounded. It’s weird because I just moved back home to the east coast(Canada), after spending most of my life out west. So what I’m trying to explain is there is no point in being jealous, impatient or intolerant. It’s an important gift that we have to share with humanity to keep the door open for everyone, I would have never met him if I didn’t move back, but would I have met him sooner if we would have never moved West? I realised that these questions were irrelevant as he has been with me every time I felt love from God prior to this. Giorgio, sorry not trying to pick on yeah just trying to add a little. What I also noticed is if your love for her is so strong maybe it’s pushing her away purposely so that new twin flames(hate the label but use it for conversation sake) can stand on your shoulders to keep that door open. As our collective grows stronger she will have to give in eventually as our collective love matrix over takes the whole planet.

    Your name Amor means LOVE. Vita ‘s name means LIFE.

    Funny Zachary means; remembered by God and it’s a Hebrew name.

    Can I sense a strong quote coming on haha?

    Oh yeah folks make sure you get out there and reconnect with the ecosystem and send your healing energies. Also, you will notice that life/love will start coming towards you. I had a hornet land on my bare eye before it was so intense but so familiar. Also I’m the type to put bugs outside or leave them to their web if it’s winter lol.

    Sorry for my spuratic response, but this is the first time I’ve ever commented about metaphysical stuff/God. Usually keep my comments and ideas to myself(had a bad upbringing). This is the first place that I feel safe enough to disclose and everyone seems brutally honest with each other and themselves.

    To elaborate; I researched the topic and always wondered why there was always a list accompanying the signs. I didn’t have a list, it was a inner knowing from spirit. So I couldn’t take in the lists/resonante and the comments made no sense and felt like it was all wrong info or people writing about a topic with no real experience.

    Thank you for reading my comment as I read most of yours. Took a bit lol.

    Love you all as much as God loves me.


    Oh yeah I remember a wise person once telling me that when someone says God made you in his image it’s these three qualities that I always try to live by:

    Wisdom Love Strength

    Now picture a pendulum if you will in that exact order. The other two have to be balanced through love in perfect harmony.

    Forgot to add this in.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Keef says:

    Finally watched this tonight. It was on FX – so you can probably check it out on FX On Demand. The review here is spot on. I remember this movie coming out and nobody liked it. Funny thing is no one understood it other than the writers and the actors. The general public not so much.

    Thanks for writing this review. I really want to send this link to my twin, but I think its best I do not.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Quintessence says:

    Hi I pray you are well…
    I have been reading your blog posts and its amazing to see that we have shared so much of the same experiences. I have come to realise that the reason the love is so pure and transcendental is because of the physical separation. When united in 3D the lower desires and nature, spoils the love if the two are not completely free of their karma and until then, where there is connection there will be turmoil. Guaranteed !!!! Through separation although hard to initiate and endure, we are in the spiritual state where we can focus on working through and dissolve our karmic patterns, whilst nurturing and nourishing the flame from a place of peace. The separation also forces us to go within and evolve our inner life.


    1. Nikki says:

      Yes! 100%. My flame and I are not together physically. We are both happily married to other people we will never leave. But we are in contact. And when you find your flame you are never really away from them. We are working on our paths. On our own karmic patterns like you said. But whilst doing so we are also nourishing our flame with peace and pure love. There is no More fulfilling relationship than the one with your flame. But you can’t get to engulfed in each other either. You still have to be your own complete person. It’s a fine line. And it has taken us years to find a nice balance.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. exhaustedTwin says:

    Yes, the part of annihilation of the ego. Just passed this phase and it was the most intense, painful sweet experience to lay myself at his feet. And, I also found out and I had to listen, that he said I had stepped out. I had run. I knew I had a bit, but I had never heard it from him that he had experienced ME leaving him and it appears that I had hurt him but he wasnt so direfr abiut saying so. Wow, what a huming, ego flattening experience. From here, I am not sure where we go, but I think, in me, its only more towards love. With or without him. I asked if we night start somewhere again. He might say no but I feel I can accept myself better now. And the raging anger and bitterness and humiliation seems it might be far away now. The dark, dark shadows were not for the faint of heart! But I know it will bring love to my life… and I think, I can stay connected to him now, and not dissolve into utter terror and panic. He ran in his way, I ran in total terror and panic. I hope this phase is now going to be over at last….even if we don’t stay in contact. He is always there. I feel bim again and am not so terrorized anymore.


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