Mirror of my soul – Stories of you, me and eternity

Spiritual Growth & Healing through love and relationships


“Love is not a game”, she says,
But she’d still play it with you.
The Universe as your playground
and the endless sky so blue.

Your innocent game of hide and seek
Somehow became a tricky task
“Count to hundred, promise not to peek
Then come find me behind my mask.”

“But how will I recognize you”, she wondered,
“If your true face I cannot see?”.
“I will plant the seed of you inside my soul,
you said, “I will carry it deep within me”.

“You promise to seek me and I promise to remember
To find you whatever your name, age, or gender.
Promise one day you will hear my call,
it will whisper, “Come back where you belong.”

“We will mirror each other in every way
Be each other’s perfect match,
But just when you think you’ve found me,
You will find out there’s a catch.”

“Don’t ever wonder what I’ll want
‘Cause all I’ll ever want is you
But you cannot hide and be someone else
I’ll only see straight through”.

Remember it’s only a game
No matter how long it may last.
For life is not measured by minutes or hours
But in lessons learned, slow or fast.

From beyond the boundaries of time and space,
We’ll return to meet in the night.
Nothing will stop us from finding that place
Where we hear our souls sigh “This IS right!”

The counting started and so you fell,
What was true, what false, you no longer could tell,
Through lifetimes of pain and thousands of years,
You were separated by your egos and fears.

You aimlessly searched for life’s true meaning,
Always doing more but never just being;
Blinded by games of power, wealth and pleasure,
You forgot eternal love; your only real treasure.

You sometimes came across each other
As you wandered South, North, East, West;
You searched for her, she searched for herself
Not remembering it was you she loved best.

Then one moment in time is all it took
When she saw the mirror of your eyes,
She remembered the bitter sweetness
Of when you last said your goodbyes.

She knew your paths had crossed before
Not knowing where or when;
Never in her life could she have wished for more
Than what you gave her there and then.

It wasn’t because of your beautiful face
it was feeling a love that was true,
something in your loving gaze
Simply touched her and she knew:

She didn’t need to touch you, feel you
Or ever know your name;
If she had never found you
she would have loved you just the same.

“How did you find me here?”, you asked
And took head for a spin;
Little did you know, she would never again
Wipe off that silly grin.

“How did this happen?”, you asked
Well if you only knew,
That love was the seed that you planted
And that it simply grew.

There are things she’d like to tell you
That words just cannot say;
They make her want to sail away
To galaxies far away.

It was never about what you could become
Or what you could mean to her;
It was about what you already meant
And about who you already were.

It was all written a long time ago
into destiny’s magnificent web,
She would have never known herself
had your eyes never met!

No need to wait for death to see
Life for all that it is worth,
Ever since she saw God in you
Every day is Heaven on Earth.

Now you say you’re afraid
the drop from the edge seems so high,
But how will you ever know real life
when you are too afraid to die?

Now you say you cannot go further,
Then simply let it be.
Spread your wings and fly away,
Her love will set you free.

And when God one day pulls her aside
And reveals all that is right and true,
When he then asks her what she liked the best,
she will not hesitate to say it was YOU.

“For souls like you, I’ve got work to do”,
God says, “For a lifetime or even another”,
You will look at each other and smile:
“Yes, as long as we’ve got each other.”

Written 19/04/2006

(pretty much came to me whilst driving my car!)

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