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When our search for The One leads us Home

I spent my younger years searching for “something” I couldn’t consciously grasp, literally all around the world. This search was part of my childhood games, my wanderlust and restlessness and the feeling of not quite belonging anywhere. It wasn’t until aged 25 that I met the man I refer to here as my “twin flame” that it all finally made sense to me. Yes, I fell in love, or rather, remembered a love that had always been there… I had never been so sure of anything: this person, this stranger, born in another continent and with a different cultural and religious upbringing, was the closest thing to home that I had ever known. Not only did he tear down my walls of separation but blew them right up with Universal dynamite! My search stopped there and then. Not only did I find him, but I also found myself – and this was perhaps the greatest gift of all. I instantly recognized and loved the “me” I saw reflected back in his eyes. Whoever the “I” was that was there within him was the “I” that I was meant to be! This journey into the Self eventually led me to a deeper connection with God and an understanding that our “twin flame” comes to us as a partner of our soul growth for the purpose of helping us discover that divine of seed love within us, setting us on the path of Service back to God.

There is no denying that meeting him forced me onto the spiritual path. Throughout the years, without realizing I was doing it, I took “time out” and avoided my self-work as much as the next person; so much so that it took an NDE and a full blown kundalini awakening to get me to reestablish contact with him. It’s fair to say that I am probably the most “accidental” spiritual person that you will find. I never sought to awaken my kundalini, to reach enlightenment or to find my “Twin flame” or God, yet here I am, and all these things happened because of his physical, spiritual, energetic and ethereal presence in my life. I have no doubt that we met for a greater purpose. Today I am immensely grateful for the blessing of having him in my life and for being able to share some of my experiences and wisdom on this blog.

Many years have now passed since our summer spent together in the most romantic city of the world, yet my love for him has remained unchanged, unwavering, and untouched by the time and distance. As these connections usually go, despite a brief reunion a couple of years later, we did not live “happily ever after”, at least not in the Hollywood true love style ending. Eventually however I matured enough to recognize his energy, reflection and image WITHIN ME; and this in turn brought on the recognition of my own wholeness, as well as of our inner Union. Nowadays, my heart no longer suffers with the “what ifs” but rather celebrates the love that ALREADY IS, in every moment of the eternal NOW. As I grow in peace, serenity and love, I reinvited him back into my life and feel an undeniable pull to him, accompanied by the call to become fully myself and to submit to the divine mandate God placed on my life – and this is the path I am on today.

Please remember as you read my posts that I am not an expert on “twin flames.” More than anything, I use the label so that those looking for answers can find their way to my blog. My understanding of the purpose of this dynamic differs from many in the community and so rather than advance the “theory of Twin flames” on my blog, I wish to share my own experiences which are as real to me as the keyboard that I’m typing on. This blog, more than anything, explains my journey over the 18+ years of a connection which to this day is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. As many of my readers have understood, I put myself and my story out there as a testimony of the transformative power of LOVE. This blog is a way for me to express this deepest, most sacred kind of love which flows through me and which connects me not only to the one that I love, but to myself, others and to God. I do not write this blog to tell you what a twin flame is or isn’t, or to enter into debates about whether what I write here is morally, spiritually or religiously correct, or whether my kundalini woke up in the correct way or not! All of the events I write about here, such as meeting my beloved or having my kundalini awakening, are not experiences that I sought to have; nevertheless, they happened, exactly in the way I describe them. They are actual things that I experienced, and this makes what I write here my truth.

My readers have often commented on how I have the gift of expressing the ups and downs of this connection with a lot of clarity, helping others see the deeper spiritual, emotional and energetic dynamics at play. Hopefully as you read my posts you will find some clarity and answers too. More than anything, you should know that you are not alone or crazy and you did not imagine everything. You are loved, and you are supported – so very much, and it is within your gift to find peace within the connection to your “Twin flame”. There is no need for you to remain in pain: this connection is here to transform your life into a purposeful, authentic and happy life, and if you let it work its magic, it will.

For each and every one of you, thank you for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate every single comment, email and message that I receive.

Love and blessings to you on your path! Jonna xx


21 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog – intro!

  1. I have been travelling the Twin Flame path for 10 years now and have just found your blog. I think your writings are absolutely beautiful – thank you. x

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  2. I feel as I wrote this blog…It’s my Journey as well. Thank You for sharing. ❤

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    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear Anna Darsell Woloschek, thank you! Maybe we are soul sisters? 🙂


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna

        Where do you get these prints please? Can I use any for my next book.?
        Thank you
        Love harmony and BelieveXXX
        Giorgio XXX


  3. I nominated you for a little blogger award. I don’t know what these little things really mean.. other than it’s like a pat on the back from one blogger to another. 🙂 I’ve spent a great deal of time reading your posts and find this topic to be quite intriguing, to say the least! Thank you! https://arttherapygirl.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/kindness-and-connections-abound-in-the-blogosphere-yay-another-award/


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you ArtTherapyGirl for taking the time to comment & read my blog. And thank you for the blogger award nomination! I am also a new blogger ( 4 months now!) so this is all new for me too!! As for twin flames, I have been on this path for 13 years 🙂 Wishing you all the best xx

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  4. BJ says:

    Great read with great inspiration. Is there a way to follow you on Facebook or would I have to sign up for Twitter? I would like to keep in touch. BJ


    1. doucejonna says:

      Hi BJ! Thank you for the compliment. Yes, you can follow me on Facebook at Mirror of My Soul – Twin Flame Blog, or on twitter @MirrorofMySoul1. See you soon!


  5. ahmoran2013 says:

    Wow, as I read your posts, so much is familiar, it is scary and yet, reaffirming what I believe to be true for me. I have been on this journey for a much shorter time then you describe and it has been so difficult trying to stay focused on the work on self when the sadness comes in. You have given me hope that I am on the right path with myself and what I believed to be true is and I don’t have to doubt my feelings or myself. I can trust myself and stay focused on my journey to self love. Thank you for sharing your story. I guess that I was guided to your site to find some relief from the emotions that overwhelm me at times.

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    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear Ahmoran2013

      Today is a very difficult day for this Guy here.
      Try this for your sanity.

      I try and rise above as I am in the pit below me. I get out and look down. I yell to the spirit that lives inside me, out of me, around me and everywhere that I feel and see. Even though I don’t see the source of My God, he wants me to acknowledge his power and his might. I must be worth it for him to recognise my needs.
      Reality is, “My needs” I don’t need right now because OUR TWIN of Violet Fire is NOT READY.
      It would be an utter MESS if we get our wish.
      They Must be spiritually geared up to join US. YES???

      Think about it, control your emotions and YELL if you may.

      Meditate and tell God to send more LOVE to your Twin Flame to make them more vibrant, Beautiful and to wake them up with the energy that we send over to them for we must love them with the patience that OUR creator himself loves US.

      Do you see what I mean? Call it the source and call it whatever, It helps me.

      I adore my TWIN FLAME like “OUT OF THIS WORLD”.
      My creator I adore even MORE because the energy I pray to created US BOTH.

      That is Vibrant, Ecstatic, Explosive, Amazingly Beautiful, Electrifying and As much as she is the sexiest and most beautiful to me, No other can ever ever ever Replace her.

      My twin Flame is a being of violet fire. My twin Flame is the purity God Desires. X3

      I feel and Love you all for your words. they are comforting. We are NOT on our own.

      It is being HEARED. XXX

      Love, Harmony and Believe XXX

      Giorgio XXX


  6. GodessOfLight says:

    I just found your blog, I was guided for sure.., and I just have to tell you that your story touched me deeply. Your experiences are in many ways exactly the same as mine. The twin flame journey is the most profound experience I’ve ever gone through, and it’s allways comforting to find someone who has gone through the same. Thank you for sharing<3

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  7. Melissa says:


    Only in the past two weeks have I come to realize that I am and have found my twin. I have neve experienced so much love/gratitude and pain/confusion in my life as I have since coming to this knowledge. Your blog and posts have helped me reach understanding into this delightful and confusing world that had otherwise, only 3 years prior, driven me mad with confusion. I cannot express enough gratitude to you for sharing your story and insights! I read a bit from your blog daily just to remind me the course I’m on and how to navigate it best. Countless times I’ve found myself crying over something you wrote that brought truth or clarity to my soul. Thank you, thank you for sharing your truth, light, and love! Many blessings to you and yours on this path of enlightenment!


  8. MoonGoddess says:

    Jonna, Your blog is simply beautiful and I am so glad I found you. This is the 11th year of this TF journey. My experience is so similar to what you write about it is simply amazing. And, it is so wonderful as I’ve never in all this time been able to talk to a soul about it because I don’t think they would really understand and I have trouble putting it all into words. You do so beautifully. I have wanted to leave my marriage but there has always been an obstacle (usually my fear or sense of responsibility). Though I always manage to come back to my own knowing and love, I have gone through periods where I felt that somehow I failed as a TF because of some ideas that I read about on other sites, etc. The reality is that I have grown and evolved and completely changed so much as a result of this situation, though I do express my gratitude daily, I think I just need to acknowledge that more. I especially love that you simply write about your experience as a TF and leave the choices and outcomes up to the reader with no particular or authoritative insight into the design or purpose of what is happening, just your own experience. That is comforting and helpful to me. Blessings to you as you continue your journey, and many thanks for sharing. 🙂


  9. Detra says:

    Hell TF world I’m a Buddhist and chanted to meet my life time partner for 25 years she’s here with me each and every day my story is very interesting we have been together for a month n half I need to learn how to make this transformation with her..she is wonderful and I love deeply were wanting to meet in person I fell I still have work to do with my change in this way of meeting and get to the level charkha ..to open more. Thank you Detra 👬


  10. LJ58 says:

    Thank you for showing me I’m not crazy. Thank you for giving me a place to go for support for something no one else in my life understands. Thank you for giving me so much comfort and so much hope. I met my twin a little over a year ago and i have been reacting to the runner on and off from the second week into our relationship. But since I have been reading your comforting words I find myself now responding with love. Because I now understand this is not rejection. Fear of rejection has incredibly disappeared from my being. I have prayed for this for so many years as this fear had followed me into every relationship I’ve been in. But somewhere in the midst of all the initial pain arose this incredible love of self that I would have never truly known had he not come into my life. I don’t believe he is there yet, but I understand that it will happen. Just as it happened to me. It was the burning bush I had alway prayed for but never saw. It was always right before my eyes except my eyes were always closed. He’ll open his eyes when he’s ready. Until then I get to bask in the glow of an unconditional love I never experienced before in my life. It warms me and comforts me, even if he is not returning that love. Because I am doing it for him until he is able to find it within.

    I know this all will sound incredibly delusional to anyone out there who’s not found their twin flame. But knowing that there are others out there who are experiencing what I am experiencing has been a god send. I actually believe my
    mother was beginning to worry about my sanity until i was able to show her “proof” of the continual synchronicities that bombard me relentlessly… thank god for smartphone cameras!!!


  11. Lubeena says:

    Dear friends who are going through twin soul separation pain, please read this: http://lubeena.com/secret-of-heaven/


  12. heather says:

    Theses are beautiful and so sweet, who is your mirror, I love reading about this it is very sincere and I have slot of similar thoughts and everything you wrote about has meaning and I have similar stories.


  13. Honeybee says:

    Hello, I have never commented on a blog before and am new to this world but cannot believe the relief I feel finding all these other people experiencing the same mystery that has stripped me bare, left me emptied out completely and yet infinitely overflowing with this unconditional love – I know already I don’t need to use words as the same ones are bubbling up there there inside all of you – and inside everyone else too, just waiting to be uncovered.
    Thank you Jonna for creating this blog, so generously opening your heart to us – it’s giving such sustenance and encouragement. As others have said, so far I have not felt I could really describe to anyone else what has happened – only in a more general sense of spiritual awakening – the “Twin Flame/ Mirror Soul phenomenon may seem like a complete delusion to those who haven’t experienced it…?
    Four years ago I re-found someone who had been within my heart all my life but I’d assumed would probably never see again. Since then I have been shaken to the core and taken to the depths until I realised there was nothing left but this, this purest love, and all I am is this. I have alternated between complete trust and flow and bliss, to sometimes fearing that maybe it is some kind of madness or redirected grief. (eg.’I have recently been trying to come to terms with probably never having children and until this great love demolished all else in its path, I’d really thought I wouldn’t be able to bear it – being childless and feeling I was born a mother).
    I am hoping that somehow, maybe even by just allowing this love to flow and gently following its lead, I can also help to pour out this love to the world.
    I have felt for a while so caught up in what has been going on within me and what on earth this love for him meant, unlike any other, more to do with taking me to within my own heart, storming the Temple to leave nothing but space and ‘God’ – than reaching for him in human form, though the vulnerable woman in me so desperately wished things could have been such that we could be together in this life. Even when I can’t see or speak to him, which is most of the time, I feel him gently with me calming my fretting heart, placing his fingers on my temples and turning my eyes within to see that all is well, and there in that sacred space inside, we have never been apart from each other or ‘God’ /Love/Oneness…. I feel also that when I am in my states of feeling calmly in this oneness that probably I am doing the same for him – I often feel it happening….. I suppose it could all be my imagination, but it all feels so real, and, what makes it seem even more real are the amazingly synchronous things that happen, ‘miracles’ that have actually startled, humbled me and almost felt frightening to my rational mind, but ‘just normal’ and ‘as it should be’ to my soul.
    I still don’t like to assume any labels for my friend or our connection, though my love for him feels infinite, eternal and free. It’s just that on reading about Mirror Souls / Twin Flames, my heart simply went “Snap” and I felt that this is what was happening to me.


  14. Blair Kennedy says:

    Ok I am holding my breath as I write this..super energy on this blog and it’s nice to make everyone’s acquaintance. This is a tough one for me to talk about, I have only shared this with my daughter and no one else.
    I know who my twin flame is and believe me I have tried to push it away to chalk it up to being fantasy but it will not go away and seems to be getting stronger. I cannot tell you how many UNDENIABLE signs I am constantly bombarded with daily.
    Ok here it goes: my TF is a celebrity (no eye rolling please) and believe me if I could choose the profession of my twin it would NOT be a famous person who is well known worldwide. I have doubted my sanity ever since I have known and tried so hard to push it away and starting to get good at it. I would ask myself questions like “out of the thousands of women who this guy could have, all of whom are much younger than myself, why would he choose me?” I am 52 and he is also 52, we were born in the same month as well. I just do not now what would happen to my privacy or what it would look like to be in a relationship with my twin in front of the whole world.
    We communicate telepathically, I know mine is more on a conscious level, his I am unsure of.
    It’s been confirmed by one of my guides that yes there are many levels to communicate as has been said. I do know that it is a true heart connection as well as soul and spirit.
    Dammit I sometimes would just like to erase the chalk board and start again but somehow think that
    the story may be the same up until this point.
    Guys, I could really use some input, fortunately and unfortunately I feel and know to my core that he is indeed my twin flame. How the heck do I communicate with him on a physical level without appearing to be a stalker?
    If nothing else, just glad to have found this blog to read of others experiences. Thanks


  15. I don’t believe in coincidence, including stumbling onto your blog! 🙂
    You are able to express so eloquently and with such a clarity about your TF journey.

    I have been struggling with my own as of late and unable to put into words where I am in my head and heart with my own TF.

    Your words were/are comforting, not in a ‘things will be ok’ kind of way, but that this TF journey for both of us is real and does exist, if that makes sense?

    I’ve been questioning myself a lot lately, on if I had made it all up? I had been doubting myself.

    But reading your words, that could have been my words(btw) with the similarities of struggles and procession of thoughts and feelings… it is my sign for the day, that yes! I’m not embellishing the connection with me and my TF.
    I look forward to reading more!


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