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When our search for The One leads us Home


When twin flames meet, a powerful creative surge born out of the ignition and blending of their energetic and vibrational bodies completely shatters their illusion of time and space and is felt by BOTH Twins. This expansion is so powerful that it dissolves everything in its way to reveal the very special gift the Twin flame couple share: that of being able to bring forth that which is pure Spirit into the physical field of Creation. As creative expressions of God’s divine design, the Twins have within them the ability to co-create a new paradigm to replace the old. It is the very reason that Twin flames came here; to bring forth the NEW from the higher vibrational realities.

For the female twin, this creative surge is – certainly initially – felt in energetic pulsations originating in the lower pelvic and heart regions. Combined with the flow of kundalini, these sensations create an intense pull in the female reproductive organs, as old sexual cords to previous partners are “burnt” away and hidden DNA structures within our womb and ovaries (ethereal and physical) are activated. Feeling this region “come alive” and connect with our heart centre in such a vibrant and all-encompassing way is an intense experience which eventually pulls us out of the one dimensional way of feeling the connection (physical, sexual) into the multidimensional reality of cosmic Oneness.

One of the things this creative pulse often brings to surface is the need to procreate; after all, where else to pour this immense love than in the creation of a child together? Undeniably, for some of the incarnated counterparts currently being reunited this coming together involves having a child together, however for the majority it does not. Often this is simply not part of the Divine purpose the Twins are brought together. This however represents a problem and a dilemma for those Twins who are still trying to make the connection fit the old relationship template where the heart-pelvic pull alongside its biological effects would push the woman and man into physical union in order to conceive a child, thus continuing the cycle of life and binding the parents together for life. The twin flame couple however hardly needs this to form a lasting bond; they are already part of each other on all possible levels; spiritual, ethereal, emotional and energetic. Neither do they need to procreate in order to continue the cycle of life; the atomic and energetic merging and cosmic dance of their opposing polarities births the NEW continuously in multiple dimensions, thus endlessly perpetuating the cycle of life.

Undeniably though, the ignition of the seed of divine love and creative power definitely pushes the female twin’s cosmic creative and nurturing abilities up a notch or two; often bringing to the surface the yearning to have a child with our twin flame. We are still human after all; with our hormones and biological clocks, and with motherhood built deeply into the layers of our psyche and social status. For many of us, becoming a mother is something we know we want to experience.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a child with our Twin flame, it is rarely something that organically happens in the Twin flame connection. The dynamic of the connection (geared towards self-realisation and return to Source rather than the often karmic task of child-rearing) rarely brings us the Union we dream of within the time-frame of our biological urges and abilities to create a child. Often, the female Twin ends up frustrated, wondering what she should do. On the one hand, she loves her Twin and KNOWS they are meant to be together. She wants the whole shebang with him: babies, marriage, mission, ascension… BUT the Twin is not available and perhaps even denies the existence of the connection. Either way, he is miles from being ready to procreate with her. On the other hand, she may have an existing life partner or perhaps a new man she knows she could have a comfortable life and family with – and more importantly, who wants her, NOW. What is a woman to do?83648c7c00b61b212f12e2485a7a154c

Oftentimes added to the dilemma is the fact that the woman is being bombarded by signs, dreams and visions of a child that she and her Twin are to have together. These dreams are so real and lucid, and often cross the veil between dream-time and our awakened state; bringing life-like sensations and experiences to us that stay with us for the rest of our life. It is hard to understand how to consolidate these with the reality of the connection (i.e. the silences and absence of our Twin); and with the love felt yet denied.

Bringing children forth onto the earth plane is a personal and individual decision, and not every Twin flame couple has chosen to partake in the hosting of newly incarnating souls together. Nevertheless, if it is in YOUR life purpose to assist with the rearing of a new soul, you WILL be made aware of this. Since the etheric birth cords form months before conception, it is not uncommon for the child to enter into communication with the future parent through dreams and visions. Life always finds a way and any child that is meant to born will be born; either with an existing partner or through a new whirlwind relationship, where the other twin quickly moves on and conceives a child.

Even though in such cases the child may not be biologically created by you and your Twin flame, it is the energy of the Union which has attracted the soul to you; after all, every soul wants to be born into the vibration of unconditional love. In fact, often one or both Twins sense that the conception happened during an astral meld between the Twin flame couple, indicating that our Twin flame is in fact the child’s spiritual parent. Often the male will feel the pregnancy even before the female does, even when the two are in no contact, and he may even feel the fetus’ heartbeat and movements within his own ethereal body.

From this it is clear that all the children born to either of the Twin flame couple are children of the union, regardless of who biologically fathers the child. Having a child with another may be part of agreements we must fulfil before Union; bringing important lessons of love, gratitude and responsibility for the twin flame parent; lessons which often assist the Union rather than going against it. In addition, the twin flame separation (which can last years or even decades) often provides the necessary gap in which to rear a family with a karmic connection – our maternal instincts take over and for a while we are able to put the twin flame union into the back-burner as we concentrate on raising the child(ren).

If you have or are contemplating stepping away from the twin flame connection to have a family with someone else, please do not feel guilty about it. You never know what the future holds but if you and your Twin flame are meant to reunite somewhere down the line it will happen, children or not. Allow the flow of life to take you where it needs to without worrying about the “what if’s”. On the other hand, if you are on the receiving end of the pain that comes with the reality that your Twin flame is having a child with another, please know this: no matter how you feel about it now, no one trapped your Twin into having this child. In fact, this child did not get created without YOUR consent. Drop the drama: if you are truly Twin flames, loving this child as part of the unconditional love you extend to your Twin flame will not be hard for you. In fact, many twin flames feel a deep parental bond with each other’s children, even though they may have never met them. Ultimately it does not matter how the child came into existence: you are always spiritually bonded to each other’s children; the child always a child of your heart.


Years ago I too went through a time of intense yearning for a child with my Twin flame. This craving seemed to be born out of my kundalini awakening and the unconditional love flowing through me; boosted by his first words to me after three years apart about how much he still wanted to marry his “polar opposite” and have children. Considering that he had once upon a time referred to me as such, it was hard for me not to link the two together when we subsequently passionately reunited and I started to have constant dreams, flashes and visions about giving birth. My 30th birthday was fast approaching and at that point I had been in the same long-term relationship for the past 8 years, knowing I did not want to bring children into it.

Nevertheless, as any woman who has ever felt the biological and hormonal NEED to procreate will tell you, I knew I was to have this child, no matter what. It wasn’t just the sound of my biological clock ticking; I was feeling “spiritually urged” to receive this child and sure enough soon the laughter of my children was resonating through all the dreams where my Twin flame also appeared. Unfortunately even when we seemed to share many of the same dreams, he denied the presence of children in his. It was hard not to get disheartened with his harsh “I never saw you as the mother of my children” when I was only trying to make sense of it all. For me those children were already real.

One particular dream that stuck to my mind was one where I gave birth to a baby boy. I remember lying on a hospital bed, surrounded a lot of people dressed in white, with my twin flame stood on my right side. To this day I remember the feeling of the baby’s floppy, warm body being laid onto my naked chest, the way he moved, the weight of him. I remember the feeling of his wet hair as I ran my fingers through it. Having never even held a new born baby, I was amazed to have the sensory accuracy of this experience confirmed to me a year or so down the line. In the dream, I distinctly remember my twin leaning in and whispering something in Arabic in the baby’s ear. I recognised it as the Islamic call to prayer. Of course I didn’t know it at the time, but according to the Islamic tradition, the first words a new baby should hear are the call to prayer – and it is the father who whispers this into the baby’s right ear. It is certainly no coincidence that my Twin soon thereafter told me that he had started to read the Quran and was finding a lot of comfort in it, and in fact years later he converted to Islam.earthmama

For a while I was quietly convinced that I was meant to have children with him; after all, it seemed too random that I would have been woken up spiritually after years of separation, reunited with him and then bombarded by visions of a child together – only to be denied both the reunion and the child. On the contrary, it made perfect sense that we were meant to do this together; we both wanted children and dreamt of a similar life; sharing deep values and love. Yet the reality of the connection was that he was now pulling away again, having told me he had “done his soul searching” and decided to remain in his marriage.

A few months later, still riding the wave of confusion between my Twin’s hints at deep feelings and denials of any possible future with me, I had another series of visions and dreams. In one that particularly stuck in my mind I was back in my native country, browsing around in a shop with my mother and three children, two boys and a girl. The weather outside was wet and cold, which made me think of late autumn weather. Suddenly my phone rang and I was surprised to hear my Twin’s voice on the other end. Clearly he had not called me for a very long time. He basically told me that I was the one he had always loved and how he wasn’t afraid anymore. After all these years, he was finally ready to be with me and to see where the road would take us. I fell down on my knees sobbing out of sheer relief.

The dream stayed with me vividly for many reasons; one of which was that it was clear these children were mine but not his. They were no longer babies either; indicating that the separation had been long. The dream had been just as real as the others, yet I refused to entertain the idea that these precious children were not going to be my Twin’s. I simply could not see how I could ever want another man after the intense purification I had gone through to reach this vibration of unconditional love for him.

Nevertheless, a few months later it became clear that I was paying too high an emotional price for hanging on. After one last conversation which confirmed to me that this was not meant to be, I left everything behind and set off to the travel the world. Unexpectedly I met a man who seemed to know what he wanted and who was serious about building a family together. I remember looking at him and just knowing I was meant to have children with him. This man was a God-sent: unlike my Twin, he was there for me every step of the way as I finally once and for all moved on from the abusive relationship I had been in.

When we married six months later I was already pregnant with our first child, a boy. When my Twin found out about my marriage and pregnancy, he remained silent and did not even congratulate me. It was only once the baby was born and I sent him a picture that he tearfully replied, telling me how emotional he felt seeing me holding the baby with my “tender maternal yet firm” arms. I knew things had unfolded just as they were supposed to, however it took a decade for my children, two boys and a girl, to grow enough for me to remember and recognize them as the children in my dream. They are exactly as I envisioned them all those years ago.

In conclusion, it is true that we as women have been blessed with the ability to act as portals between the Spirit world and the human experience and that many of us will accept the task of bringing new souls into this world, even if this is unlikely to be with our Twin flame. However beyond the decision to have children together or not, Twin flames are always co-creators, always love, always One. They share the gift of authentic heart creation, as well as shared responsibility to nurture and help ripen the seed of divine love, ignited by the male in the woman. She often bears the burden of this seed until it is ready to manifest into the physical world, very much as if she was carrying a child. In the meantime, the twin flames have a duty to use their creative impulses and the gift of authentic heart creation to advance their own spiritual journey, help others and to bring balance to their Union.essence_of_life_by_inertiak


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72 thoughts on “Twin Flames: The Personal Choice and Purpose of Having Children With Others

  1. Anga says:

    Brilliant!!! Thank you so much for this!


    1. doucejonna says:

      You are welcome Anga, love and blessings from me to YOU 🙂


    2. Anabrett says:



  2. jenncrystal says:

    Thank you for writing this.

    This resonate with me exactly NOW! Answering my doubts about embarking on a journey with another. I’m 32 this year. So you can see my biological clock ticking. My twin is too many years younger though. How can I expect him to be ready? There’s still too much work left to be done, yet my life has to be lived. It’s tough struggling with the possibilities really, but at some point, one just had to make the choice.

    Much love to you Jonna.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Jenncrystal for your comment. This is the very reason I wrote the article; to set you free to follow what feels right for you in this moment, without worrying that you will be doing irreparable damage to your twin flame connection. Like you say, life has to be lived. Follow your joy and desire and use the love of your twin as a propeller onto bigger and better things for you both – and for the greater good of everyone involved. If the time to come together comes sometime in the future then at least you’ve not wasted years pining after him and after the lost years.. Your twin is still young and simply not ready. YOu are acting out of love to ALLOW him the time to GROW and EVOLVE, just as you will also be doing.
      For you, even if you now engage on a path with someone else, you can rest assured that this path will provide you with all the necessary lessons to bring you the growth and clarity that you need. I wish you well with the next steps and thank YOU for “getting” what I was trying to convey in my article.
      Love and blessings,
      Jonna (mum of 3 and a twin flame :))

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    2. Harrley says:

      Hold fast and keep the circles together talk and love one another…


  3. h2o says:

    This post is so timely! Thank you for supporting your ‘siblings in love’. I have been struggling with this very same inner question for the last weeks, as the topic became recorrent at home. How could i be true to myself at its most and to a possible child? How could i ever be true to my partner? It was already an enourmous step into a (happy, though) marriage 2 yrs ago. I am 33 and it’s been 10 years since the first and only meeting of my twin and i really don’t see any chance for reunion in the near future.


  4. ChocolateCate says:

    The timing of this article is quite incredible to me, so thank you for that. But what kind of sense would you make out of the male twin in this motherly role. Because that’s what happened in our connection and once again is. And every time I know beforehand and every time our connection intensifies, yet suffers. It’s hard, but I feel I’m finally ready to accept it for what it is and stop viewing it as something that hurts me. It’s not easy though, because twin’s partner is exactly my age and I’m childless. I don’t know if I want a child of my own. 99,999 % sure it won’t happen with twin. Ours is a complicated story, but isn’t everyone’s? But thank you, thank you for writing this. Truly.


    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear ChocolateCate,

      Of all the TF in this site, I am probably not the one who is most learned but I am a TF. So, my understanding of the source is that we are not to question, nor are we to understand the Source’s motive of all this.

      I had a very good Italian friend visit me. We were talking about the TF relationship. He knows my TF as well. However, we were talking about GOD and the heavens and creation as well as LOVE and passion. We are both very Latin and when it comes to Passion, Italian Blood stands alone. Passion and Love are an inheritance with the artistic nature that latino have. When it comes to understand GOD, no one has the capacity to do that. It is like that we need to just obey and NOT question. My friend asked me this question, after I was talking in depth about what I felt about my Twin. He is happily married and has four beautiful children as well.

      What I wish to share with you is this question that he asked me out of the blues. He asked me – ” Tell me now after listening to you about believing all of this that you have said. The words that I hear are amazingly loving, unconditional for you TF. Tell me, who created GOD than?”

      I looked at him and smiled. I waited for him to get his mind focused and then I said to him –

      “If you think that GOD is going to enlighten US with the secrets of such doubt, you might as well believe that heaven is on your door step. As I believe that it is on our doorstep and I believe that GOD exists but all the science and geniuses that room around the world are only part of what he created. Their intelligence is what GOD in his Godly inspiration and glory gifted us with enough knowledge and suspense to know and reason within a certain limitations. GOD will be sitting on the clouds, laughing with disbelief, anger and disappointments for giving us too much already. We are still trying to fight wars in GOD’S name, while we create our own cruelties of genocide and beheadings, mass murdering and blowing up towers with aircraft. killing children and trying to manipulate our own DNA and so much more that we see as progress, yet we cannot even try to understand how and what we are here for. It is too risky for some people to have more unlimited powers. People who are not like us, kind, merciful and understanding with love. Look at some company executives who have no compassion except the greed that they are dwelling with to just feed their own persona, with the Egoistic characters through which they demolish families and jobs in the name of the company’s economical strategies taking place. People who democratically demolish anyone in their path to be in a better financial place within the personal level nothing else, Selfishness and more.
      If you think that GOD has been created by something else bigger than The Source itself, keep thinking, for we will never ever know let alone understand”. It is like a baby and a very young child who can see a spirit and the aura of another, yet we cannot unless you have trained and practice.

      So my beautiful TF friend, there is no reason why we cannot understand ALL that there is about what we are going through and experiencing. Yes, e read from the scriptures stories about St’ Thomas and others who did not believe unless they saw with their own eyes, then why should we even question if GOD exists or why we have to suffer with disappointment. Should we not try and understand that we are not enlightened enough to actually understand? Should we not question What NEXT? Why can we not believe what the Source has planned for us and that in his Devine way we will be right to go through our sufferings to prepare us to be more humble and understanding preparing us to be able to go into the next Dimension, where we can enter a better place with God later on !! Suffering is a pre requisite to have to earn our place in heaven. There is no women waiting for us there, there is no food needed as we know it, there is no booze to drink and be merry, there is certainly no suffering anymore. We care ding all the soul searching now along this life. It is Now that we are , You and many people like us and I are questioning all this that we are so Privileged to be in this TF saga. I am contented to be in surrender to my creator. I am happy with the love that I have for all that I am blessed with. Do I miss my Sex, do I miss companionship, do I miss some of the other desires? Yes, in a way but every time I think I am going off the rails in the minutest way, GOD send s his angels to hold my hands. At that moment I ask no more. I think only how great my creator is for enlightening me in such a good way.

      I found relief when I had to think about my situation very seriously. After All we don’t want to make someone understand your love by force. We want to be recognised and loved for whose are. For our genuine and happy nature. I think about all this and my time on this earth, how long is it going to be …. whatever years. All I can understand is that we are all in this for a good reason. Questioning the Source is not what we should be doing. Lookout the big picture, as I now know that my plan is to better my life and wait until I go to meet my creator with Love and a good clean Soul to offer nothing else. No money riches to take with us. We need not ask, we just need to believe that all that we are NOW in and where we are is where we are supposed to be at.
      I hope that you can think different and may the Source be with you long this challenging path.Wall are with you. The boat is very big and we are all in it.

      Love, Harmony and Believe XXX

      Giorgio XXX


      1. Krist says:

        If u truly love ur twinflame with your whole heart, u cant ever imagine yourself to be with anyone! ur story is sad, I would never want to be in your shoes.


  5. Nerida says:

    Bless your eternal heart for this illuminating transmission of light. I read this in the perfect moment and a powerful reverberation through my heart tells me the shift I desired is Now.
    My Twin and I met 2 years ago, connected powerfully amd bonded beyond Earth words…in typical Twin fashion yes. We conceived our daughter while I was teaching a 9 day Angelic Reiki course and she came 2 months early. We seperated just before she came home from hospital. Devastating in many ways, enlightening and freeing in others. We are not together in the 3D. This articale has assisted me in understanding some of that…for we are among the rare Twins who did bring through an Old Soul…she has not been here for a long time. Bless you for your wisdom sharing, with love Nerida


  6. Giorgio says:

    Dearest jonna,

    I am silent. I am in amazement of how close we, you and I are in our experiences. My Twin Flame knew this when we met, I felt a strong connection with her, but I moved on as she introduced me to another woman who became my wife with whom I had four children with, because my TF was already married. We went through the stage of really having the desire to have a child. My ex wife persuaded me to have a vasectomy after our forth child, only to be told at a function as she laughed, that she wanted me to have a vasectomy in case I left her, as she did not want me to have children with someone else. I did not take any notice at the time and as my sister told me things to try and open my eyes, I was totally in denial Even to the point that, I agreed with my ex wife then. Alas, things became very different as our marriage crumbled and became very abusive. I stayed because of my children and I felt that they needed protection from me as their father. Thinking that the family stands on two people, the mother and the father for stability; how I think differently now.

    Sadly enough we know better now, what staying in an unhealthy marriage does to one who only has good and meaningful intentions in mind. Guilt and ridicule, play a major part as we learn the ropes of abuse and unstable behaviours around the unhappy life that not only destroys the financial parts of one’s life but also the image, self respect and dignity. I lasted a long while without any physical interaction, for about ten years within a marriage were I was ridiculed and told that i am not normal to desire to want sexual intercourse and that women don’ want any sexual interaction after years of bearing children. For some maybe so, however I know different now. It is one of the pixels that keep a good healthy marriage in its existence. All the picture needs is to have a clear full picture to resonate the true beauty of life.

    Nevertheless, the time came when my twin Flame and I meet again in a time frame that we were both frustrated. In different ways for almost identical needs although opposite in nature. Even that resonates now that we are TF even more. Now, that after all of this time, where I have been with my twin Flame as she decided to dump me and run away to search for better pastures and as my settlement from my ex wife lingers on, I felt alone. I felt that my TF wanted security and wealth and that was fair to see that she is happy in her life as well. I don’t expect her to be denied a good life just because I am not ready. She even left her husband for this man to have her life that she had once back.

    When we started on our last come together, lasting eight years, in which we separated about four times, we had amazing desires to have a child. I dreamt that we had this baby girl. She was amazingly beautiful and as my twin Flame and I look alike as well, she had no chance but to resemble us both. The baby radiated with this white light around her and my twin Flame and I talked abut this for a long while. It was not right then, though as there was no way that it would have made our lives any better. On the contrary it would have made it even worse. We even bought a wedding ring to get a spiritual marriage. When I think about it now, wow, we certainly were thinking in this worldly Dimension nothing else. Yet, all that had to happen in order to bring us where we are both at today in the NOW.

    I am coming now to a place of contentment, no feeling of being alone, yet, No feelings of missing my TF. I do, but NOT in the same sense. I adore her even more and I accept her as she desires to be and how she wants to be. I see clearly her lies to dethatch and run. I smile now when I remember what she did and does. I feel protective, but I am at a distance. I miss her, of course I do. However now, on the contrary to what I was a few months ago, I am actually accepting that where I am NOW, is where I am supposed to be. I have had all these messages, telling me to stay calm and stay put. I have had these feelings and messages not to worry about anything. I have been praying and communicating with the Source, and believe you me, I am where I am supposed to be truly without a doubt. That I accept and I am doing changes in my life to give to the world more of me. I am planning to travel and do work in other countries and help others get a better healthy life. At times I feel the rejection, and I am feeling that I will not really want to meet my twin Flame at all, and at which time if I had to meet her again, I would have to resist not to fall to my knees with the love that I have for her, so to speak. My gut would just crumble and I know, that I would just feel helpless and all the loving and attraction feelings, like compared to the ones one gets when they meet someone NEW. Even stronger than we can imagine. All TF know what I am saying and what we feel for our mirror twin.

    Jonna,after reading your article, I have no doubt that I have found even more profoundness spiritually now, more than ever in the Source. I am sincerely and happily connected with the Source as I have tears in my eyes, and as I pray, all I can do is look up and say, “Thank You God, I adore young I love you for holding my hands. I am certain that You love me , I can feel you, as you are truly giving me what I asked of you. I love you so much, thank you for your guidance”.
    As I say this, I feel even more the hair rising on my arms together with this feeling or trembling shocks of my body as it takes over for about ten good seconds and more. I feel my TF all over but I accept her with so much grace so much love. So much hurt? NO, NO MORE. I am growing and getting stronger. I was at my work last week, silent and calm, thinking of my beautiful Twin flame. You must know that I listen to Gabrielle Aplin ‘The Power of Love” and the song from The Twilight ‘A thousand Years’ in my car, as I drive to go to work. In light of this, I was in silence, walking at work, thinking of my TF, suddenly without any notice, the song from ‘The Twilight’ “A Thousand Years” come on the air. Coincidence perhaps, but I assure you I get messages that are so uncommon it is not a joke. I do not know what it is, but these instances calm me down and they bring me peace and closer to my source because it is not normal in my eyes. The Source knows where I am supposed to be and it knows exactly what to do to calm me down. All of this, I have been feeling, since before my TF and I separated. In denial…? No I am not.. I feel things and I am calm because I am expecting nothing anymore and I have no time constraints. All I feel is this Devine Unconditional love that I have for her, without judgement without restraints. It is a better place than where I was a while back so I am sharing this with all of you. I am confirming something that is probably linked as I believe, to the Kundalini process of things. I don’t even want to think about it anymore, but It crosses my mind, yet I am happy for things to run their course. After all, My TF will always be within me and I within her. I hope that this might help others to understand the process that I could not see coming to me. Perhaps because Incas not certain of anything anymore at one stage. Now, I understand better. I will accept whatever comes as I have “Mushin” “Nothingness”.

    Love, Harmony and Believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


    1. Virginie says:

      Dear Giorgio,
      Thank you to share with me your comments, I love reading them (you look like really italian in the way you express yourself, it’s funny-shinny). I have two questions for you, if you mind :
      – what do you mean by “because Incas”? 🙂
      – if you could make one gift to God what would it be, like this? (first answer that comes to your mind)


      1. Virginie says:


  7. Sanjay says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there were any twin flames that wanted to make a friendship. I think I’m finally coming out of my dark night of soul soon (fingers crossed!), but something I’ve neglected for far too long is making friends. It probably would have made this journey much easier. And while I can have friends who aren’t into any of this stuff, I think I would really like to have a friend who understands where I’m at — besides monks and masters who probably know much more than I do and have had much more experiences, I think that means someone who’s deep into a twin flame experience.

    Also, in reference to the article (might as well let you get to know me a little 🙂 ) — when I was with my Twin, so centered and blissful and in divine love with everyone, I really felt connected to all children. I felt that why should I have kids when I already have millions wherever I go — less diapers to change 🙂 (sounds selfish I know). I really only wanted to spend maybe 1 month a year with my twin, the rest uplifting humanity in my purpose. The longing makes the love so wonderful. But I think I am really very lucky — really more lucky than anyone deserves to be. My mentor has indicated to me that one day I’ll have a family. And she knows, believe me. So that means that, unlike many twins who spend their time on different parts of the world accomplishing their mission, I will get to spend significant time doing the 3D family thing. Precious, romance, and divine family time with my wife and children. Wow. I really get to cut my cake and eat it to — or whatever it is. I heard in one youtube video that twins are only a gateway to realizing that divine love for everyone — just a carrot held at the end of a stick, so that we realize our true nature. But still, I have yearned for the romance like I think all twins must. I think the universe would definitely let us fulfill our wildest dreams, but maybe our wildest dreams change too.

    Anyway I’m rambling now. We are all so fortunate to be on this path, as shitty as it can get at times. In my lowest moments, I’ve just *known* — God would not let me experience that love and bliss if I wasn’t to one day abide in it — either with the girl whom I believe to be my TF, or someone else I loved more. And deep in my heart, I knew it had to be her, no matter how it seemed — there was just too much loyalty.

    Finally I’m getting to a point where I don’t care — I don’t visualize our wedding or proposal obsessively, I don’t think of her in every real love song I hear. I am sincerely excited as I was at the beginning of this path, to live my life to its fullest potential.


    PS: My email is skaroop2@gmail.com if anyone would like to be a penpal — just let me know!


    1. vita says:

      I will write You beautiful, like ur refreshing points 🙂 Lots of Love Fun and Entlightment ❤


    2. Sanjay says:

      I realized after writing this that my heart had kinda closed. I do a practice where I am aware of the chakras in my body, and usually my attention goes to the eyebrow chakra. But after I wrote this post, I took my attention to my heart and it felt like there were pipes that were blocked off.

      I think I have lingered on the connection more than I probably should have, but I became aware that if my TF called me that day I might not even greet her happily. That was a bad sign. Thankfully, taking my attention to my heart fixed a lot of that, and I was able to listen to love songs and enjoy them again. I’ve found it an interesting balance! Not getting feverish, but keeping the channel open. What do others think about this balance? Does what I’m saying make sense?


      1. vita oglou says:

        Yea of course, it makes Sense, I know how Heart Chakra is very much merged to this connection, so it can open more if u meditate on it and u become answers and consolation. I am working now on loving myself from that Space, feels bit different than loving my Twin only, is kinda lead to the same, but feels more internalized, harmonic. 🙂 😀


      2. vita says:

        Yea 🙂 It’S always helping to meditate on your heart chakra, it is the center of us, and center of the connection with TF’s, meditate on it and love yourself from that space, u feel more consolated and harmonic, and more internalized by loving yourself and TF 🙂


      3. vita says:

        Hey Yall, I learned from TF’s Experiences about, I had before an Idea cause of my Empathy, and Sensibility but that I will practice Reiki came only through TF’s, kinda cristalising my Life Purpouse. I’ll make videos as well. Heart Space is the most important Place to be in, and there where it starts first and foremost, to love ourselves and feel protected, open up through that Space. I found that is a safe, caring loving Place. 🙂 ❤


  8. vita says:

    Thank You for Love ❤ If God wants me to have family and children with others ? But I rather stopped to yearn a child and even physical sexuality with others since I met my Twin Flame, I longed for hard before. If it meant to be, it has to be a miracle, I feel like I don't want to have any children/families with others. I will be completely honest with my spouse and children 🙂 Lots Love 🙂


    1. vita says:

      Maybe if you are in love with someone, I mean it is rare to have children with a TF, it is rare that TF are honest.. Mostly to their spouses hmmm but it does not mean that it is right or conscious hmm I’m kinda disappointed to see so many cheaters or liars in TF community 😀 Please where is the other Post with my Answer that our TF is a Reflection of our Behaviour to Ourselves, cannot find your Answer in Notifications, searched everywhere, and why did u delete then my Prayer? Cannot get that stil but I am grateful 🙂


  9. Thank you dear jonna. Awesome as always. I never felt the desire to have children, physically with my twin nor with anyone else. I always thought it would be cool to help with someone else’s children though. I lived with a false twin who had 3 kids. Perhaps this was a bit of preparation. My twin has two by first wife. I also work with psychic kids, and that is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. 🙂 I’m reaching the end of child bearing years cool with that since I never felt I would be giving birth. I did however feel crazy kundalini urges of course related to my twin. I suspect it is more about sacred sexuality than procreation though, as once in a dream I checked out the blueprint of our purpose and sacred sex was very high on the list of priorities. 🙂 looking forward to that part if I get to have it! Lol


    1. vita says:

      Yeaa the sacred Love, who needs children, if you can have that 🙂 Interesting point about not wanting kids at all. Like your blog as well, wonderfully flowing Wisdome and lots Love. Much Appreciation 🙂

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  10. Jericho says:

    Thank you for this post. It meant a lot to me in a kinda of confirming way of what i already knew about my daughter. Though interestingly enough my wife had the baby and my twin is my daughter’s spirit mommy. I knew about 4 months before she was born. My twin and i are in separation phase right now but thankfully we were still talking before she was born. The result is my twin picked out my daughter’s middle name. What i find absolutely amazing though is having never met my twin my daughter recognizes her. I talk to her about mommy twin and show her a picture of her. The smile and recognition is obvious. At 6 months old she even grabbed the phone from me and kissed it. It warned me in a way i can’t describe.


  11. vita says:

    https://spencerandsuzanne.atavist.com/true-love-is-real-ebook?promo check it out, the book is amazing, become it is a gift, thank you Jonna for connection, love, help and wisdome, and all amazing work 😀


  12. BL says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I am married and have two children with someone other than my TF. My TF and I had been in the runner phase for a while before I was tired of him not being able to commit to me-I realize now that we both had a lot of work to do in the area of self-love, but for years I was so hurt by his actions. I met my husband soon after our separation, and I found in him the commitment and stability I didn’t have with my TF. Things have been good, and I love him and my children, but the connection between him and I no way matches my connection to my TF (a shock, right?). My TF reached out 2 years ago, but I hadn’t reached a place of understanding and still felt a lot of hurt. Within those 2 years since, he has never been far from my thoughts and has been in my dreams as well. I reached out to him a few weeks ago, and the pull is stronger than ever. He brought up a memory of us painting small canvases, and later that day he opened a storage unit he hadn’t seen since 2011 and those paintings were the first thing he saw when he opened the first box. I am feeling very torn because I do not think we are ready for a reunion yet, and I can’t imagine separating from my husband because of everything he’s done for me and because of our kids. On the other hand, how do I focus on that relationship when at my core I feel he doesn’t understand who I am at the deepest level? I appreciate the opportunity to even write this down, and if anyone has any thoughts or advice I would appreciate it. As others have said, there are not many in our real lives who get this! Thanks!


    1. M says:

      I personally felt guilt for years being still in love with TF but being married to another, as though I was only allowed to love 1 man. Thanks to the pressures of “Society” and what is “Right”. It’s excruciating when you have a wonderful man in your life…and even though he should be #1, he’s not! I’ve come to accept that if I were to love exclusively this 1 man I am in currently in relationship with, the father of my children, then I never would have met TF. Once that bell was rung there was no going back. Save yourself additional heartache and allow this love to be regardless what you once idealstically thought was right or wrong. On top of that…no one can compete with the love felt between TF’s. Not fair to compare these men so don’t even try.


      1. A says:

        Hi M,
        Your words resonate with me. I am allowing myself to love my twin. I realised it was my twin the last couple of weeks after 13 years of meeting him and 9 years without talking to him. I realised I have this love for him. And it is so painful and liberating at the sametime. I feel my heart chakra as open and feel myself more spiritual. For a moment I thought I was ready to leave my marriage but the fear is coming back. My twin doesn’t know nothing yet. But I am thiking in my life and finding the purpose of my life.


  13. tripleflame says:

    I met my twinflame a couple of years ago. I had dreams of her at 21 and now I’m 49. I’ve already achieved enlightenment before she even came into the picture at about the age of 30. When we met, spiritual forces were in the mix and we had to back away from each other. She also being involved with someone else. I wrote her a letter and let her know how I felt. We have to get balanced and she is in the process of breaking up with a soul contract. Evidently the person she is with still needs to be taught some more lessons. What gets me about your topic about kids is that me and her don’t have any as of yet although I have seen them in visions with her. I’m single and never married. The universe isn’t going to allow me to be in any close relationship with another for specific reasons I’m not going to explain here. In the letter to her I specifically stated I want kids of my own and not somone else’s. I am not the type that is going to take care of someone else’s kids from a deadbeat dad no matter how one would try to explain it away, of course there are other extenuating circumstances such as death of the father or some other detriment. There is no justification in that and to put it in the twinflame category as I would do that no matter what in your opinion is like a personal attack and causes twin flame controversy and confusion. Puh-lease. That type of drama I don’t even need in my life. My DNA is being preserved for a reason and to have it mixed with someone else’s after a pregnacy would be an impurity. I’m not even middle age which is 60 by the way. Peace be unto you.


    1. M says:

      I’m sorry but your comments do not come off as enlightened. “Impurity?” puh- leez! If you would not love and accept TF’s children, if she chose to have them, then it is likely she is either not your TF or you have yet to achieve enlightenment as you claim you have. You sound highly idealistic…and these soul experiences tend to shatter our idealism and attempts to.have things come to us in specific ways. You cannot box love in to a very meet package that your ego wants. I had to completely let go of my idealized version of what I wanted and expected from him. I got ZIP!!

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      1. Tripleflame says:

        Obviously emotional about this I see. If you knew what enlightenment was, which is called Truth, you wouldn’t of made such a statement since I live my truth and know what I want, twin flame or not..


  14. Lucy says:

    I am so pleased I ‘stumbled’ across this article. I met my twin almost 5 years ago, at times the blessed journey has been very painful as he has been in a relationship with another woman for the last couple of years. The heartbreak I felt at times was incredibly acute and confusing. However my faith has always been strong and there were many moments exchanged between us that my mind could not rationalize, I hung in there. I focused all my efforts on healing myself. Then out of nowhere I met a man. After being single since I met my twin I couldn’t believe there was another man I could feel such a strong pull towards. I had always been sure I could never be with another because of the depth of feeling I had for my twin. Without doubt this man is one of my soul mates, we fell deeply in love and our connection has brought great relief to me. Three months after we met I fell pregnant. Of course it was a massive shock for us both, followed by excitement and happiness! I know that the only real thing in existence is Gods will, and I trusted that if I was meant to have a baby with someone who wasn’t my twin, then it was for a good reason. It was part of our ‘master plan’. The words in your article have made me very happy – so thank you. I know with all my heart and soul that me and twin will reunite in this life. All I have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other, and not stopping. The path is already laid out for us. Just trust. With love and blessings xxxxxx


  15. M says:

    During my experience I had an overwhelming sensation in my lower chakras. This was the first time I ever knew my chakras existed. I was overcome by a magnetic pull toward him from this area. Sitting next to him one night I could feel that something within was trying to get us to merge. Which I felt was just a natural consequence of us being in close proximity. Along with this pull was a deep passionate desire that was off the chain!! A blissful ache. It literally brought me to my knees. To feel so deeply in love and so full of pure desire. I was ON FIRE!! Later, many years after separation, it was finally activated again after working through most of the intense pain and devastation. Today I have a mariad of sensations in this area from blissful tingles to pain. Years I looked for answers as to why this area was so active but I couldn’t find anyone discussing it. I knew it was related to him because he was the one who awakened the energies in that area. My heart chakra was also activated and I was so surprised I could physically feel something that wasn’t a physical body part. If my heart were beating that fast…the rate of a cat purr…then I’ s be dead. Just amazing! My question is what does it mean when there are painful cramps there instead of blissful tingles, and it’s not hormone related? Would like to hear more about the different sensations-effects of these chakras through TF connection and what they mean.


  16. Zachary says:

    I’m not a really religious person lol but just wanted to say that God made you in his image; WISDOM LOVE & STRENGTH.

    I can’t remember who told me that but remember hearing it as a kid. Might have been when I was camping with my grandparents, they had smart friends lol. Anyways I forgot who I was for almost a good 1/3 of my life; I’m sure everyone can relate.

    I forgot that piece of info on the way and as I was overcoming my indifference I had towards myself, I learnt to relove myself but still have a bit of anxiety which no one even knows I have but it’s still there. Those three words came back to me. Try to say these words to yourself. Picture a pendulum if you will. In that order with love in the middle. It’s all about balancing the two and than amplyfying through love. Ok I swear I’m rambling so I’ll stop.

    Will send some love everyone’s way at some point.


  17. Quintessence says:

    Hi, I have been struggling for soooo long now, denying and running but always returning to the love I found when I was sixteen. We were so young, when he touched my mind and heart i asked him if he was my angel, as I felt his voice in my head was the same being I felt watching me throughout my childhood. As he helped me through the most difficult time of my life and opened my eyes to the unseen realms and to God, I grew. I became Muslim and feel in love with God, my desire to Be with God outstripped our intimate love, but I was still tangled, he refused to marry me for cultural differences but yet to be True to God I knew I had to leave the relationship, I too yearned for a family and a simple life. So after 8 years of ups and downs,I finally broke away. I went overseas and lost myself in the mystical sciences of Islam, Suifism. While I sat alone grieving in meditation I realised that although we were physically apart mentally and spiritually I would always hear his voice in my head. Not long after, he married and with that come more grief but also a sense of freedom, I could now go and find my husband. Which I did a few months later on a magical night in a magical way. Now after 10 years of marriage and 4 children later and much soul searching, I am coming to understand my experience as you have described above. So thanks for sharing.

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  18. Quintessence says:

    I have a few questions that I have been struggling with for a long time, may I please ask you in a more private forum


    1. doucejonna says:

      Hi Quintessence, you could always email me on mirrorofmysoulblog@gmail.com. Love and blessings to you on your path xx


  19. J says:

    Just means you weren’t strong enough for the white fire.(Twin flame is called a flame for a reason. It is meant to burn you to the ground) Feelings are just feelings, thoughts are just thoughts. they come and go like the clouds. White fire if endured,should’ve been able to let you be the sky on top of the clouds. when the mind(ego,devil) knows when it is going to lose, most enticing ,most alluring thing that will draw you in to take you for another samsaric life. Took the bite. Maybe next life.
    long route, shortcut does not matter , each has it’s own journey suppose. Blessings.


    1. Liina says:

      Hi J, I’m very intrigued by your comment. Could you please expand on this? I am not sure what you mean by the “most enticing, most alluring thing” that drew the person in for another samsaric life? and was the twin flame experience something that would have allowed the person to “ascend” through the white fire, and not have to reincarnate? Could you explain the idea of the white fire further?

      Many thanks,


      1. Liina says:

        and also: Do you link the white fire to the heart or crown chakra (if the mind is the ego/devil)…? Thank you.


  20. Nicole says:

    Wow, this hit so close to home. I recently just discovered that my tf is expecting his first child with his once on again off again partner. It happened after our last separation. I too have had dreams of giving birth to a child, particularly a boy, who was conveyed in the dreams to be his. He was such a beautiful baby. I remember it so clearly. I even could feel holding him and feeding him while I looked down at him and stared in amazement. I haven’t had one like it recently, but I have had urges to pray for him, I still get the signs and synchronicities, and the lucid dreams involving him. Sometimes I feel as though he can see the dreams as well or receive the messages they convey. It’s also strange that I had a feeling of knowing his partner was pregnant before it was even confirmed. It was like I knew but I didn’t want to accept it because I felt like that would mean things between he and I were forever done and I would officially lose the one person I love so much. However, I can’t understand why I’ve been led to send him positive energy and pray for him, when it seems as though all is well in his life and he’s moving forward, preparing to embark on the journey of fatherhood. I felt and sometimes feel that I won’t ever find someone I love as much as I do him. Ever since I had met him, I knew he was the person that I wanted to share and create children with. Now, I see that, that is most likely not the case, and after reading this post, I’m ok with it. So much has happened between us that would make any normal person run for the hills, but I always end up still loving him unconditionally. Even with him having a child with someone else. It hurts a little because it’s fresh, but I’m not angry nor do I feel any negativity towards him. I wish him the best and I hope all is well in his life.


    1. Malika says:

      Your story reminds me so much of mine. & The only advice I can give you is remain Friends! You can still fill the emptiness of your heart that you have without them if you become friends. My twin flame is also expecting a boy from his karmic relationship. & I did have a strong feeling he would end up having children with that woman before she was pregnant. Just know that he will be binded to this woman and his baby boy for this lifetime, but you and him are binded for eternity.


  21. I definitely thought of this other person when I got pregnant last year with my first son and how it made it more clear that whenever we reconnected, which happened recently, that it wouldn’t be our purpose to procreate.

    It just makes sense. I have seen others approach this idea differently, but with virtually the same outcome and concept: sometimes we need to settle with a soulmate and the twin soul relationship is one that stands out above the rest and, when it’s not romantic or leading to marital relations, it still has this supremacy about it.

    But hell, I’d imagine it causes a LOT of struggle because one of the many feelings one has for a twin does consist of at times romantic and almost undoubtedly sexual attraction. It’s rough as hell. All hell.


    1. A says:

      I felt the same as you when I conceived my child. And he had the hair of this special person. I am the runner after 9 years of not speaking with him but I am reconnecting with him. I texted him 2 days ago.
      How are you going?


      1. I don’t really know how to answer that last question. I mean, there’s nothing to really update from my end. I’m just walking my path and letting what happens happen. I’m taking care of what I can and should be in control of.


  22. spiraling flame says:

    I really want to share my twin flame story with you and get some feedback. I met my twin flame when I was 19 years old.. instant connection but I was already in a relationship. After a lot of stressing about it, I married the one I was with, and my flame and I were friends. I had 3 children with my husband. My flame and I always stayed friends, and always had feelings but it wasn’t right timing. A few years ago, I decided to divorce my husband. It had been a bad marriage from the start and divorcing was a good decision that gave me peace. Within a few months my twin flame and I were talking and within 2 weeks of talking I realized I was in love with him. And it terrified me. Because I thought he was never going to be capable of that with me. 3 days after I realized that, he told me he had something to tell me.. he told me he loved me and had loved me for 15 years. He asked me if we could try to be together, and I freaked out in fear of course and then eventually accepted and then he ran in fear and it’s been back and forth for almost 2 years. The relationship was finally starting to feel right the past few months, we were getting closer, getting through our obstacles, trusting each other. We are long distance and doing all we can to make that work. About a month ago, I went to visit him and we had the best visit we’ve ever had.. just indescribable happiness. Well, it was during that visit that I became pregnant. I’ve been devastated by this. I was done having children, happily done. This has rocked my entire world. And my twin flame has never wanted children and reacted as horribly as possible, trying to pressure me into aborting our baby. I am ashamed to say I have considered everything.. and there were a few days of nonstop crying to the point I thought I didn’t even want to live. But I cannot kill our baby. I believe there has to be a reason for this, even if we can’t see it right now. I have hugely conflicting feelings about this baby and pregnancy. On one hand, I am so upset and angry and resentful, this throws everything in my entire life into chaos. And most of all, I fear I will lose my twin flame over this. On the other hand, part of me has begun to love this baby, despite myself. Because it’s him and me.. a creation of our love. How can I not love it? I’m so conflicted, so sad. My twin flame has again run and is not speaking to me. I am floundering and spiraling out of control.. barely functioning. I need guidance through this. If you could, please, someone knowledgeable about twin flame relationships, reach out to me and help me figure this out. I love him so much. I have dreamed about this baby for months but kept pushing it away. The DAY I got pregnant, my twin flame brought up a conversation about if he ever got me pregnant. I believe he’s had signs too. We are both scared and this wasn’t the path we planned consciously.. but it may be the path we are meant for.. idk. I just.. I need some help. I need to be able to trust that he will not completely run out of my life. I know the TF dynamic. Over 16.5 years we’ve dealt with it to some extent and the past 2 years we’ve lived it over and over again. I just cannot bear to go through this without him, to lose him right now. Anyway.. if anyone could reach out, I’d appreciate it so much. ❤


    1. S says:

      Hi spiraling flame,

      I’m sorry to hear of your pain and confusion – hopefully I can help in some way. I too have been through something very similar with my TF – twice now actually. The first time, we were going back and forth for years….didn’t understand the concept of TF’s back then (9 years ago) – but sensed he was The One…the only…who I’d been waiting for finally to arrive my entire life. Felt like home when I met him.

      He said he wanted me to be the ‘mother of his children’….and on that day I felt so spiritually open, I fell pregnant. He freaked out and backed away. I was dreaming of my son and knew I could NOT give him up because I loved my twin so much…this child was meant to come through. I had a very strict family – to come home and tell them I was pregnant was the hardest this I could do, but I did it because my unborn child gave me the courage to stand up for him, as yours is doing for you.

      I had my child almost 7 years ago now, a gorgeous boy who I just adore. My twin and I lasted only a few months, because I lost the plot and hated that he felt obliged to be with me due to our baby. I felt disappointed, let down, broken-spirited – and so, we parted ways when my son was 10 months old. 2.5 years later, he returned with a wife. She’s now expecting their second boy. The first child of theirs was born on our son’s birthday! I feel a strong connection to the second child, yet to be born in a month or so.

      I’ve been through so much. It’s hurt me to no end. I’ve suffered immensely…but, I’ve also grown like never before. I’ve come to know my strengths, to stand strong in what I believe, to hold space for myself and others…to love who I am. The twin journey never ends. He came back into my arms upon his return, and time and time again, returns to me with unconditional love. I am now so happy for all that he creates because the loyalty is like no other. We always say, “despite everything”….we come back. Despite the challenges, the people, the expectations around us, the blocks, the history, we still come back.

      Take the step forward without fear. Be all love. Be all courage. Be all faith. Trust in this.

      My second pregnancy sounds a lot like what you’re going through. I cried and cried. He was married, before they had their first son. It would’ve meant a brother/sister to our son….and I wouldn’t have cared if he’d stayed with us …just happy to continue creating magic and raising these precious bubs with the love he inspires in me. He was back and forth again…scared. He had a wife, a reputation. But he kind of wanted it. I was not in a good place, wasn’t set up right. Wasn’t focused, confident, empowered. I was not a great candidate….and I swung between extremes, not knowing which way to go. Again, how to tell my family that I was pregnant (again) – this time, not only to my ex, but to my married ex!

      One day, I finally made my decision, and with great joy, decided to go forward and have this child – regardless of what anyone thought of me. Love overwhelmed me and I knew I’d lose him for however long, but it had to come through….it was ours. On that day, I went to the hospital and there ‘she’ was…(felt like a girl)….beautiful on the screen, without a heartbeat. Imagine.

      I was devastated…I was in mourning. He was as cold as ice. I was broken.

      It took a while to get past it….I really suffered for it and isolated myself. I couldn’t face the world and was very depressed. When I look back, I see how the timing wasn’t right and the Soul that chose to come and go so quickly, did so to help me out of my rut. As a result of being home-bound for so long, I cleaned up my act, my house, my life…and created a very solid foundation for myself and my son. I realised through that experience that I did want more children – and hope to meet my daughter sometime in the near future should she wish to be born. I feel that my twin and I will create another child, when we’re older…when we wish to be together in harmony finally. I see him in that space…with me, and I trust the path we’re on. As for my son – I now love him more deeply and hold him ever so closely as a result of the loss I suffered. Everything is perfect, whichever way you go, whatever you choose. This is an opportunity for expansion and whatever you make happen will always be okay and beautiful.

      Trust your heart. Love yourself and your twin through your fears and uncertainties…that’s what they seek from us….to be examples of strength. The divine feminine is the one that must first attain ascension and then the divine masculine follows through. This journey is about self-love. What do you feel you would like to achieve for your own self-loving experience? Don’t worry about him…that love can’t die. He’ll always be there in some way….but more importantly, what do you wish to create? Can you imagine holding the baby you both made in your arms and seeing that child through during its formative years….can you be there with true love for it or will you be feeling empty and lost without your male counterpart? I was depressed when my son was born but he was so wise and came to me to teach me how to love and be loved….the gift of seed brought to me by my twin.

      I hope this helps in some way. ..actually, just realised you posted end of September….how did you go??


      1. spiraling flame says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. I’m just seeing it now. I am 35 weeks pregnant today, my son is due in 5 weeks. I have had so much conflict this entire pregnancy and it tears me up daily. I am still in love with my TF but in manyw ays I feel my heart hardening to him. That changes.. some moments I love him as much as I ever have, and some I feel hatred and resentment. He’s been absent almost the whole pregnancy. Typical running TF behavior. He was here for one week of it with me.. and it was tumultuous but had beautiful moments, where he held me and rubbed my belly and I felt all the love he has and could not say for me and the baby. He told me repeatedly that he loved me and would be here for the birth and be with us… but then he left and cut contact for days. It broke me to the point I cut contact for 8 weeks. And I’ve tried since then to have contact, but one or both of us always pushes the other away. It’s hard. I light candles every single night and set intentions to bring us closer, I talk to him across the distance, I tell him how much I love him and that I want him here with me. But we don’t speak much at all. It pains me in a way that I know only other TF people will understand. I still have hope.. that he and I will figure it out someday. I just hope it’s before my heart hardens too much. More than anything in the world, I would choose a life with him. But I know myself and the hurt will eventually close that door. I love our son so much, and it is extremely bittersweet to anticipate his arrival. I want nothing more than for my TF to be here, with me, with our son, and to live the life I know we are meant to. But I’m also aware, and he’s not there yet. He’s still running and scared. And that hurts more now than anything else could. I hope for peace, in some way.


    2. rosa says:

      I see this only now, months after you wrote it. I hope you are fine. I’m not sure I can help since I’ve not been in your situation; but I feel guided to tell you this: your baby wanted to arrive in this TF energy, and you both let it happen, which is wonderful. Maybe you’re called to seeing separations and conflicts and fears as mere illusions. Also, the moment you don’t want something is the moment you have it.. I’d advise you to trust divine will, to try not to resist it, trust where it’s trying to lead you… All the best.


  23. dee says:

    My son looks like both my soul mate and my twin flame. He is definately not my twins son. Also my twin had asked me if i were pregnant about a month before I found out. Lol weird


  24. Malika says:

    Wow this is beautiful and heartbreaking.
    Me and my twinflame met a a year ago for three days at a foster home. And after those three days I ran from him for a whole year. Now we reunited as friends but seems like the time I was gone he decided to move on and to create a family. He’s expecting a child. I think the worst feeling about a twinflame relationship it’s knowing you have met the one but you are not meant to be together in this lifetime. & he is still trapped in karmic relationships he’s still looking for what they bring. Attachment,jealousy,possessiveness,violence,lust,appearance etc. I just want to free him from all of that and show him true unconditional love. But he isn’t ready. At least we are friends. isnt it magical how we share dreams with our twin? They feel so real as if you are really meeting each other in another plane of existence. I am at peace cause we are linked for eternity by gods grace. I wish everyone good luck on their twinflame and spiritual journey. Love and Light. Namaste


  25. dee says:

    My son looks like my TF and he is definitely not his. When I fell pregnant my twin asked me if I was pregnant. A month before a pregnancy test confirmed. Lol weird.


    1. Spiritous says:

      I have the same experience with my first son! He looks a lot like my tf and he has similar interest and personality. Complete opposite of his biological father.


  26. Doris Schmitz says:

    Hello, I had a heart chakra awakening and soul union with my twinflame last year in a full moon night after atantric ritual. A view month after we met he started going out with somebody else. I tried not to be engaged to much in in anymore the past weeks because I started feeling like I am feeding their relationship energetically with my my love. Always when we had exchanged loving communication he moved closer to his girlfriend. It was a nightmare and depleted my energy. So now weeks later after I had cut the contact I got flashbacks again and feel him intensly all the time, if I like it or not. Now the wired thing, since 2 weeks I felt my belly energetically expanding to such intensity, like something inside is growing, I started unconsciously also rubbung the belly and holding it. I first thought maybe that would be symptoms of my 2. chakra awakening. Today I saw a post of my twin, that he will be father and have a child with the other woman. I was totally chocked. Do I feel her pregnancy inside of me or thespirit of the baby inside of me??? Can anyone comment. Its somehow very scary…


  27. Patrick says:

    Thanks for this very informative article. I met my Twin Soul back in 2011 and we’ve been through the dark night of the soul when we’ve met up several times since as well as shared some wonderful moments too. We are both 46 years old and I unexpectedly became a father to a truly beautiful boy two years ago to another lady I was seeing at the time. When I told my Twin in person when over visiting her that year that I was to become a father I could tell it came as a huge shock and surprise to her. Well I was now looking forward to her visiting me this Autumn and seeing if our re-union was any closer, when I very recently got the news that she is now pregnant and due in a few months time. So now it’s my turn to be in a state of shock. Whilst I’m truly pleased for her a big part of me wishes that it could have been me that she had the child with instead of the partner she has been with for several years now. My son is now giving me the unconditional love and affection which I’ve sought within myself for most of my life and which has been a work in progress and to be honest the first person I’ve given all of my trust with my feelings to, since my beloved dog departed a few months prior to him being born to free up the space in my heart for him to come into and how I’ve had to let go of fear too when I got the news so I’m sure my beloved will also be going through an emotional process from which she will grow too. This beautiful article has put it all further into perspective for me even though deep down at a soul level I know both our individual journeys with our children will ultimately support and bless our reunion when the time is divinely orchestrated and right and we will all be one family again as we are with our soul group and every other soul on earth. Love and light to all and especially those doing all of the hard internal healing work to progress with their Twins.


  28. rosa says:

    Thank you for this article. I met my twin when I was 22. He started a family on his own; I knew I had to let him do it (although it felt torturing and absurd), and he knew he had to let me go. His first son has a name that strongly echoes mine; a spiritual son that arrived just 9 months after love descended upon us.. 11 years later I met a twin ray , which triggered an even more intense purification process and helped me connect with the divine.. I’m now 38 and could never commit to anyone since I was 22, let alone have children. All I was guided to do was explore my inner life & heal & find my creative mission – which I did, and not let ‘biological fears or needs’ get in the way.
    I recently met someone who offered marriage and a family, at 36 was almost miraculous…. now attracting him made me understand I was ready for it .. but with a twin, which he wasn’t. So again I listened to the little voice, in spite of my age, and ended the relationship.
    Long story short, I’m now in the process of reuniting.. I feel it’s close although I haven’t heard of my twin in years. I feel I was right to wait and feel and see. I feel he’s calling me home through the ether. Now surrendering is key. Allowing whatever’s in store. If I am ever to become a mother I know it will be at divine timing.
    Blessings to you all.


  29. Spiritous says:

    I cannot believe the comparisons of my own life with yours. I am so SO THANKFUL of srumbling upon this. I, too, knew I was going to have a boy and I feel like even though he was conceived by my husband he is energetically linked to my twin flame somehow. It’s been 15 years since I’ve spoken to my twin flame however I see him all the time even though we live in different towns. I still have much work to do on myself and sometimes I think it would be “better” just to stay in my marriage regardless of my twin flame and I circling around each other after all these years. None the less, I very truly appreciate this article and you sharing your experience so beautifully. Thank you.


  30. Thank you so much!
    I was crying, thinking how hard it is to have children with any other man. My TF is the most beautiful thing on this earth for me. But you helped me see things clearly! I will probably have a child with a wonderful man, even if he isn’t my TF. A child is always a blessing.
    You made a difference in my life! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. RebelleFleur says:

    I’m so confused at this stage of my life. I’m 29 and met my twin 6 years ago. Been in the runner chaser phase, I decided to move on few times, but it never worked out and all the roads kept bringing me back to him. So many signs from universe guiding me back to him, yet he’s married with no intentions to divorce. my love to him is very strong and on another level, but I really don’t know what to do I have to be with him it’s hard to breath knowing we’re apart. Whats the purpose of all those signs and paths always crossing if in reality we’re not together after all these years.


  32. inspirelifehealth says:

    Interestingly I’m getting messages of starting a family with my twin. However, neither of us have a real interest in that. I’ve never really wanted children…


  33. Nienke says:

    My spirit guides at one point told me to ‘drop the mission’, simply forget about it. When I realised that, I immediately stopped suffering, stepped into my Truth and saw others for what they truly are: Light in physical form. (of course, my TF works as a healer and I work as channeler as helping others through their awakening process gives us great joy). Yet, on the greater perspective, we can do much more for the Universe on higher dimensions. So, when we stay highly awake, it will automatically influence the ones that need it. Or, like my Angelic sisters told me: “While you are on Earth, we can do our work through you”. I feel so blessed! To be a channeler of Light. What a great life! I can just ‘be’ as this is exactly what will help others. I need to let go of the idea that something that needs to be ‘fixed’ (even though I see/feel someone’s karma immediately and ‘want to interfere’). “We will send you the right souls on the right time,” and it is true. So, everyday I just let myself fall in the hands of Divine. And synchronicity happens. Knowledge is being downloaded while I sleep…. And then: this child question pops up. My physical body is getting ready. A week ago I realised, if my Mind, Heart and Soul is the direct replica of my Twin’s, then if we’ll create a child, we’ll just put a new ‘twinflame’ on Earth. How cool! Another replica. A crystal child without karma, coming straight from the source of our soul-essence! And as we are helping others to transition to the higher dimensions, I know that we are paving a path for the beautiful next generation. And I would love to also be part of this new generation (just looking into a baby’s eyes makes me feel home). Yet, we have to wait ten years. Then it is time for us to raise our kid exactly the way God wants us to. This will go against all the ‘ideas and concepts’, as we are quite anarchistic angels, and I know that our sisters from the Angelic realms will help us with this. Just by being here, fully concious, in Union with my beloved, I am able to inspire and hold space for others. In this once and only lifetime , I signed up to experience the full life of a human to understand human life. After consciously leaving the physical plane, I will be able to use all this knowledge to help and support the Universe in pure conciousness. Part of this is understanding ‘marriage’ and ‘raising children’. And my guides are even telling me to use ‘Ego’ as they really want us to step into our full Truth. We have ‘finished’ our Union on all levels, all planes, all dimensions and all bodies on 30th of September. Yes… life can begin! And yes, life will give us a child. I know it. It is part of our Divine mission ❤


  34. JustMWdoWit@gmail.com says:

    Thank you.

    I am also in a twin flame journey (as a man). And she got pregnant of someone else. I have to say, this really really hits.

    It’s pretty clear, she is my twinflame. But I get nothing from her. No response (I facebook her 2, 3 times a year with a fake account). So it all goes really well (ahum). I am living 5 entities that do not serve me. So I guess I am playing out stuff of past lives at the moment. I have found someone to release these entities.

    I was hoping her relationship wasn’t that strong or good. And she will break up. But this is really living illusions. I have to do the work, so we will meet again.

    I spoke to my/her (other) future child during a channeling and also during automatic writing. He wants to be procreated by me. But this child she is getting now, I don’t have contact with. Allthough I am pretty sure it will be a girl and I got a name too.

    Still… I loved to send energies to her (that goes back and forth. Not one sided). But I guess I should do the same here and there now she is pregnant. But I don’t feel it anymore.

    In my spiritual cirkle I met a ‘look a like’ of my twin lately. Really creazy. Even other people recognized my twin flame in her too. Looks, energy… and she even was pregnant too.

    Maybe also this was not an accident. I experienced the beauty of a pregnant woman.

    But pffff… I feel still stuck. Thinking 24/7 about my twin flame. And to be honest I dont feel good at all, it is kind of nightmare. Knowing you can get rainbow children with your twin.

    But I just don’t have my shit together.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Hi ya! Thank you for your comment. I could always delete your comment and you repost it without the email address?


  35. JOHN says:

    Good luck with trying to convince a man that has met his twin and after separation she’s wanting to come back with baby in arms ?! Not. Why would I want to be responsible for someone else’s child if the relationship didn’t work out with the dead beat dad ? That’s like bringing a living trophy home and saying ha ! ha ! look what I did without you can I have your money and home now and will you give up your freedom because I made a mistake ? And why would I want to be constantly reminded of their romping in the sack while I was being benched and sidelined the whole time ? And what about the dad if he showed up at my house while away or her going to his. Nope, uh uh. I call BS. Wouldn’t it be wrong and detrimental to the child as well causing confusion ? I’m free, single with no kids and would not procreate with someone else just because my twin did. I’d rather go after my dreams and sail the dark night than give up my freedom and put myself under such abuse. Totally disagree. Unconditional love is not Unconditional Acceptance.


  36. Dreamer says:

    This really hit home. I was searching for information about “cosmic kids” being conceived in the astral realm with our TF. And I found this, so close to my own experiences I could have written much of it myself. Do your children resemble your TF in any way? Mine do and it’s blown my mind. My TF has a pronounced cleft in his chin. Both my daughter and son have a slight cleft in their chin as well. My son more so. Thank you for sharing and confirming what I’ve felt all along.


    1. Philiana says:

      Wow! Look at my comment posted on Jun 8,2020…. I just remembered that when I got pregnant I did not even know I was until 8 weeks in…. My then partner and I were not even having sex… I dont even know when my son was conceived. And he doesnt look like his biological father, but does look like the person I think is my twin! Also, your comment captivated my attention because you wrote it on my birthday, nov 26!! Blessings to you and your family, astral and earthly!


      1. Dreamer says:

        My wedding anniversary is November 26 lol


      2. Dreamer says:

        My wedding anniversary is Nov 26 lol


  37. Philiana says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have provided the answers to my questions. All the things I found earlier were about having children with your twin not about having children with other people in your twin flame journey. I am a single mother of a very special child. His father transitioned when he was 4 and this has brought me to a path of spirituality I cannot even explain…. I think I have met my twin flame during this quarantine (online) and even though we have not yet met in the physical we have dreamed of each other (he was the first one to dream of me the night we first “met”). Later on after creating a strong bond even at a distance (sadly we do not live in the same city) I had a dream very similar to the one you mentioned, in the hospital, with him in the room… and in my meditations, when I am doing Reiki on my sacral chakra I get the feeling that we will have a child together . This dream gave me a feel of connectedness, love and purity I’ve never felt before. But in reality I do not want more children, my child rearing experience has been hard enough for me already… Reading this gives me some hope knowing that even when I already have a child, I can still have a relationship (if meant to be) with my twin. Turns out my child resembles him physically (and not his father!). So I wonder if my son was a co-creation of my twin wherever/whoever he is… Knowing that they can still love each other is a relief. For some reason I could not picture a man in the relationship I have with my son, nor could I picture my son in my romantic relationships. This brought me a lof of negative thinking that often blocked my previous connections (cause I rushed them into telling me whether or not they wanted a family with me and my son). This gave me a sense that there’s no need to worry or to rush things. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. For the greater good of the people involved. THANK YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Spiraling Flame says:

    I wrote here 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son. He was born, and my twin completely ghosted. He stayed away 3 years but recently wants contact. I had so much hope, but it turns out he says he just wants to know our son, and says he no longer loves me. I know what I know about twin flames, and yes, I know he’s mine. I think he’s just not in the right place yet.. So I’m refocusing on me, while trying to accept him in our lives in the way he’s able to be, which isn’t much. It’s really hard and I spiraled a bit at first, but I’m trying to adjust. Unconditional love is truly unconditional.


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