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When our search for The One leads us Home


Do you ever get the feeling your beloved speaks to you through music? Maybe a song will suddenly start playing in your mind, or certain songs with a special meaning come on every time you turn the radio on? Maybe you find certain tracks which remind you of them “follow” you; on the radio, TV commercials, public places, random stranger’s ringtone  – you name it, it’s there – to the point of driving you mad. Maybe your beloved actually speaks to you in song lyrics, prompting you to look the song up only to discover it carries a message? Or maybe “your song” randomly starts to play on Spotify the moment you feel the familiar vibration of his energy embrace you?

All of the above are types of telepathy that can occur between a pairing of “twins.” Telepathy is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and popular aspects of this connection. Although not exclusive to just one type of connection, the twins vibrational and energetic resonance lends itself easily to this type of communication.

True telepathy engages our whole being – mind, heart, body and soul – requiring not only the mind to translate the flow of energy into a language which can be understood by the recipient, but also the heart chakra to act as a transmitter of all the emotional and mental information. Many twins first awaken to the reality of telepathy through the activation and opening of their heart chakra. More than any other part of the energetic body, the heart is the essential thinking, feeling and knowing center of a multi-dimensional being, generating a powerful electrical field 60 times greater and a magnetic field 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. The crown chakra also plays a role, by connecting us to our Higher Self, Universal Consciousness and the Divine realms.

Whether physically present or not, we recognize our beloved by the unique energy that they convey. We may feel a quickening of our heart, sense their presence or smell their fragrance. Sometimes we feel a caress on our hair, cheek, hand etc. We may hear their voice, or perhaps feel their warmth surround us. Telepathy however isn’t just about learning to recognize the moments when the “twin phone” buzzes; it is about having the ability to LISTEN to the incoming message.

An interesting aspect of telepathy is how the beloveds use music & songs as telepathic aids in order to share messages & emotions. Although this kind of telepathy often gets dismissed as “wishful thinking”, it is in my opinion one of the best ways we have to reach each other. It is a particularly wonderful way to connect with a beloved we have yet to meet. It can also add an element of fun to times of separation. Music in itself is a powerful telepathic transmitter: not only is it inherently spiritual but its notes are easily carried by electromagnetic energy. It’s octaves and frequencies act as vibrational conduits of the energy of love connecting the lovers. Best of all, such telepathy requires no special musical talent – only an open heart and a receptive mind.

Music, at its essence, is the sound of spirit. Yet many people underestimate the significance of music as a telepathic tool and fail to see the many ways in which it can be used to enhance and solidify the bond between the eternal lovers. Personally I believe this is because music carries a lot of emotion – and the emotional body is where the lovers experience the most blockages. What I mean by this is that when we lack control of our emotional states we will struggle to identify and accept telepathic messages this way due to the added pressure on our emotional body. We will simply not know what is real and what not. Loving messages from our beloved then get muddled up in all the emotional garbage of our past which rises to the surface for clearing.

On the other hand, the ability that music has to stir our emotions makes it a favourite way of communicating for many. The emotional pull of music appeals to the soul hiding behind his 3D mask and empowers it to bridge the gap between the inner masculine and feminine energies, creating a better balance within. It also allows both parties to share feelings, fears and thoughts without coming straight out and saying things that circumstances or fears of rejection do not allow.

A strong spiritual connection is the ideal “test bed” for the evolution of our telepathic ability because the connection naturally drives us within – where all telepathy starts. Music can help open our heart further and make us more receptive to insight. However it is only once we have done enough purging and are able to sit with our emotions without becoming them that we can move beyond the emotional body into the spiritual realms and more easily receive the messages intended for us. Then, our moments of telepathic connection become a little less like this…


And a little more like this….

alicia s daydreaming

As with everything involving telepathy, it is important to remember that your beloved – just like you – is a multidimensional being. This means that songs are not always consciously being sent by your beloved, although I believe most couples experience a combination of intentional and subconscious musical telepathy. Sometimes it is your Twin’s Higher Self interacting with you – and although his 3D self may be aware of this at some level, it may not be as much as you think. Do not let this dishearten you. Believe in your beloved’s ability to embody his higher self here on earth and to unify his heart and mind. Continue to love him as you see him; as a soul, as his full glorious self. Practice unconditional love without expectations and learn to receive the telepathic messages with an open heart trusting that whatever your Higher Self allows through is for your own benefit – and always in support of your spiritual evolution.

Although telepathy is instant and happens automatically, music can be a wonderful way to gently push those telepathic experiences to the forefront of your beloved’s conscious mind. Something magical happens when you download a song into your spirit and project it outward through a connected heart space. Such songs become powerful spiritual tools that can stir a soul to consider the true nature of love, connection and Union. Music thus sent forth with truth and intention can easily penetrate through mental barriers and ego. For this, choose songs that elevate your Spirit and make your heart fly; songs that will remind them of your time together, or which include a specific message you are trying to convey – perhaps with lyrics that mimic something one of your once said. That way there is no mistaking where the music comes from. Classics such “Total eclipse of the heart” by Bonnie Tyler are also a wonderful choice; they are cosmic messages of love filled with the kind of vibration that resonates deeply.


I often get asked how to start trusting ourselves when it comes to telepathic messages in general? After all, how do we know that we are not simply crazy and imagining it all? There is no “one size fits all” answer to this I’m afraid. Yes, there are people who have completely dived off the tracks of sanity in the pursuit of the elusive “Twin flame.” You will find these people spending thousands on psychics, looking for external confirmation for what is happening WITHIN. If this is you then I would simply say, take a step back. Breathe. Feel around for solid ground. However if YOU in the heart of your hearts KNOW this person is like no other, twin or not, even when it makes no sense, then trust your intuition. Seek balance within you to get through this.

Knowing that your beloved is sending you telepathic messages through music is like everything else on this journey: it requires faith, inner trust and knowledge of our Self. Learning to trust telepathy is a process – and feeling each other across the distance is an ESSENTIAL part in it. We must fight those inner demons that doubt the truth of the connection INSIDE OUR OWN HEART. After all, a true, lasting reunion with the external beloved can never happen without the discovery of the “beloved within”, which is the complimentary energy they represent and which forms part of who we are.

Just know that while you work towards these things you are not alone. Spirit will give you signs and synchronicities in order to build that trust and to confirm the existence of such telepathy in order to prepare you for future messages. Spirit may for example give you both the same song – and then allow you to discover it. When this happens, not once or twice but a dozen times, you will start to believe in what is being shown to you.

An example of this from my own life is when I reunited with my beloved after three years separation, pushed by my kundalini awakening and an inner knowing which told me to return to him.

One day as I was out shopping alone in New York, Edith Piaf’s “Milord” started to play in my head. “Allez venez, Milord, Vous asseoir à ma table, Il fait si froid dehors, Ici, c’est confortable...” It was a song I barely knew which made it particularly odd. That night, as I returned to his flat and stepped in through the door, I immediately heard he was humming that very song. He confessed the song has been playing in his mind all day and commented on how odd it was, since he hadn’t heard the song in years.

Although the song lyrics did not contain any special message for either one of us, I understand why Spirit chose it. Had it been a well-known song of the moment, it would not have seemed so extraordinary – there would have been a number of places we both could have heard it. But because it was an old, random French song, it acted as a confirmation of just how easily the shared mind picks up stuff. It also gave me the foundation to receive further messages and insights with less scepticism.

Sometimes Spirit gives not just a song but an entire playlist to both lovers. Here in 3D, many people have playlists that are entirely inspired by the connection and that they listen to in moments of nostalgia. Sometimes we even share this music with each other as a test, to see if the other has received it too.

One night during our brief reunion, my beloved put on a playlist he had created of his “favorite songs”. He apologized in advance for how “cheesy” the songs were going to be. He scanned my face nervously for reaction as the first notes started to play. It was Dido’s “White Flag”, followed by “I want to Know What Love is” (Foreigner), “If you’re not the One” (Daniel Bedingfield), “I knew I loved you” (Savage Garden), “Sail away” (David Gray) and many more. Love song after love song, including “our” song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (Bonnie Tyler), followed.

Although I immediately noticed many of these songs were songs that I also loved, I didn’t think too much of it at the time. My mind was still playing catch-up, trying to make sense of my kundalini awakening, our sudden reunion, the fact that he still wanted me, etc. It was only after I returned home and put on the mixed tape I had created during our separation that one by one I found myself listening to exactly the same songs. I fell to my knees with the realization that all along he had shared the same yearning with me – I felt certain in that moment that those songs were intended for me, they were about me, about his feelings for me. His playlist acted as a catalyst – suddenly EVERYTHING made sense to me.


There are also times when we – consciously or subconsciously – drop lyrics and songs into conversation both in 3D and 5D. These lyrics carry messages of love and reassurance for the beloved and they always help us increase our understanding of our beloved’s feelings and point of view.

After our reunion I was having a highly spiritual reoccurring dream where I stood at the edge of what seemed a tall cliff, peering into the cloudy darkness below, with my beloved’s voice beckoning me to leap. I knew that if I wanted to be with him, if I was ever going to have that chance; that I would have to take that leap. When I finally jumped I found myself carried by what felt like angel wings and landed in the wilderness. My beloved was no where to be seen. Waiting for me was the book of my life. Even though the pages were empty, he had signed the inside cover, confessing his love and asking me not give up on him.

This “edge”, this metaphor for the call to leave the old behind and to leap into the “new” featured heavily in all my channelled writings and poetry  – all of which I shared with him. I was calling him to make that leap too; to join me in our new life, to follow his heart. I was convinced he knew and could remember his promise to join me.

Within days he randomly mentioned David Wilcox’s song “Catch me if I try”, not really relating to anything else other than that I had just discovered the artist and he said this song was the only one he knew. I felt prompted to check the lyrics out and was amazed to realize they related directly to my desire to leap into the new together. It was as if he was speaking to me through the song lyrics.

Go easy on those eyes
I’m about to lose my grip
Go easy on that smile
I’m afraid that I might slip
Lay off on that calling
and tempting me to try
‘cuz I’m so scared of falling
I’ll never learn to fly

Then you say,
Touch me you can reach me

Ah, you can make me want to fly
You make it seem so easy
Catch me if I try

Tempting me to step off of the edge of reason
I thought that I knew better than to start believing
In Love, Love, Love
And if I read you right
We just might want to dance all night

And I have risked a fall before
But not from this height

When you say
Touch me you can reach me
Ah you can make me want to fly
You make it seem so easy

Catch me if I try…

You can listen to the totality of this beautiful song here.

Funnily enough, over the years he has said many things that confirm the message of this song. Just recently, as I told him I had separated from my husband, he said “How ironic that you seem to have gone over the edge while I am still standing on it“.

The great thing about this connection is that you understand each other at a deeper level. Your beloved does not need to say “Listen to Africa by Toto, it’s a song that makes me think of you”, but rather they can take a line from that song, drop it into conversation with you – even in 5D – and you still get the message. Unless your beloved actually admits to “lyric dropping”, it can be hard to tell whether they intentionally do this, or whether it is an unintentional act revealing subconscious feelings – a sort of a spiritual “Freudian slip”. Maybe the message is from their Higher Self – with their 3D failing to make the connection but speaking the words nevertheless, who knows? The closest my beloved ever came to admitting anything like this was recognizing that we both “love words and the meaning behind them”.

Here are some examples of what I mean by “lyric dropping”.

As my beloved kissed me goodbye after a week spent in New York with him, he told me (with a straight face) “I always want to have you in my radar. It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you, There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do”. It’s a line straight out of “Toto” by Africa, a song which has an important spiritual meaning for us both. It was also one of the love songs in the playlist he had played for me.

During that same reunion, as he tried to explain what he had felt for me during our initial meeting in Paris, he told me: “Together we could have taken it to the end of the line“. Pretty much a line straight out of “our” song “Total Eclipse of the heart”, which has connected us since our summer together in Paris. It is also the song I use to speak to him in lyrics.

Sometimes Spirit bombards us with musical signs just to get our attention. These sings may include certain songs “following” us around, songs playing in our head etc. This often happens when we are trying to avoid something – our pain, our truth, our growth – or when we have asked God or our beloved to leave us alone but when the opportunity for spiritual evolution is there.

Eight years into my marriage with another man, I was receiving sign after sign telling me to leave the old – including my marriage – behind and to reconnect with my beloved.  One day as I sat in my car, “Lost Between The Moon And New York City” came on. The lyrics struck me immediately, as did “New York” in the title. Spirit has always used “New York” to give me signs regarding my beloved – after all, it was where we reunited all those years ago. It just immediately makes me think of him. I dismissed the sign – I was not ready to look deeper into why he was still on my mind after over a decade apart. However as I switched channels, “Englishman in New York” immediately followed. I just got that feeling. As I switched again, it happened again, twice. Four songs in a row! New York everywhere. Spirit now had my attention.

In those moments when that feeling, that realization hits you, just know you are being pulled into alignment. You are being assisted along your path. Tune into your heart channel and listen. Sometimes the message is just a warm wave of love that envelopes you. Your beloved may be thinking about you, listening to that very song – or not… Regardless, learn how to receive this love without blocking it .

Sometimes we hear a song and we get that feeling, like our beloved is speaking to us through it. We feel that quickening of the heart, that familiar vibration. Sometimes if we are lucky we may receive confirmation – in one way or another – from our beloved that the song indeed came from them – or at the very least was given to you both by Spirit. Again, it’s hard to know how this actually works, only that God is great and works in mysterious ways.

Seal’s 1994 hit “Kiss from a rose” is a love song that’s been around a long time. Seal himself said the song was inspired by a “type of relationship”, however until recently I hadn’t associated the song with a spiritual connection, or my own journey for that matter. Other than the chorus, I had never really paid attention to the lyrics.

Last year I started hearing “Kiss from a Rose” everywhere. It seemed to be on the radio every time I turned it on. I immediately noticed the lyrics and just got that feeling that my beloved was speaking to me through them.

This was during a time that we were getting close again – even though only through online chats. One night he asked me to give each of my children a kiss goodnight from him. I replied “Right back at you”. He replied “Ouch”. He was joking. Then (my heart beats like crazy as I type this lol) he continued: “Your kisses were always special, unlike anyone else’s.. Empowering.. Like a pleasurable pain”.

I almost hyperventilated there and then. It was SO random that I immediately understood why that song had followed me everywhere.

To conclude, seeking peace, connection and Union through music is surely one of the most noble and non-intrusive ways to connect with our beloved – and with ourselves. Music is a beautiful way to heal and uplift the soul, and to rise together towards God. It can even become a method of worship, a prayer; strengthening not only the connection to our beloved but also to the higher realms.

I would love to hear your stories – how has your beloved used music to communicate with you?




70 thoughts on “Twin Flame Telepathy Through Song – What You Should Know

  1. RISING MOON says:




  2. Nicole Davis says:

    My twin and I were together for 3 years and engaged for two. He’s a musician and I have always booked bands. We grew up in the same town, had the same friends but never really knew each other. In 2014 when I was going through a divorce we met and instantly fell in love. We were not only friends but we also look like identical twins its really bizarre. Fast forward years, we have a very traumatic relationship, mirroring each other. I had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening (had no idea what it was) and went on a spiritual path. He although supported it, wasn’t ready. I had to leave, and it killed me. Now a year and four months in, we have always spoken through music, telepathically. Its what connected us when we were together and what connects as us as we’re apart. I cannot tell you how much finding your blog meant to me… it was kizmit. I was looking for books on Kundalini not even looking for Twin Flames/Kundalini but here I am. Just another sign from the divine and I cannot thank you enough for your words. I’m in tears.


    1. sweetlemuria says:

      Dear Nicole, aaahh I live for messages like yours. How wonderful to be a part of your unique journey ❤️❤️ I see many similarities in our stories and the love for your twin certainly shines through. Stay safe, sending you all my love x


  3. Lyn says:

    Please listen to
    Voyage to Atlantis by the Isley Brothers
    Unthinkable – Alisha Keys


  4. phoebemaria says:

    I was just about to descend into total doubt and despair this evening over our super long separation, when suddenly my mood lifted and I started to sing. No music on, just words popped into my mouth. After a minute I realized I was singing Biggest Part of Me, that Ambrosia song from the 1980s, so I googled the lyrics. It was like I was being personally sung to and reassured. I had to google to see if this has happened to anyone else, and I ended up here. Thank you for sharing your story! It’s such a nice reminder for life in general that we are never alone.


    1. Shannon says:

      Biggest Part of Me is on our song list too! And that was most definitely from your twin’s higher self, as a reassurance to hold on. I totally understand the periods of doubt and disbelief, i go back and forth on it. But, every time I do, something happens like a song, or I’ll see his name, his birthdate, the signs and synchs are relentless. So i push through another day. Something significant about that, Its all bigger than us. Sending you much love and light, and blessings on your journey!


  5. amandamay315 says:

    Yes the songs, The very first one he posted on his Twitter was warmness of the soul By avenged sevenfold, since then Rather be Clean bandit, Shadows of the night pat Benatar, Madonna’s got a lot cherish, open your heart, Cindy Lauper‘s good enough. I could go on the funniest thing was one night when I was meditating I was listening to Eddie monies take me home tonight The next day one of his Twitter post was just like Ronnie sang , just like Ronnie saaaang.


  6. Aleisha says:

    I recently was recording everytime a love song came on at 4:11 or 1:11 and one that stuck out to me was “Still in love” by New Edition and I’m just like atp the is no coincidence I know someone is trying to communicate with me and I kid you not I started sing and old school song out of nowhere and I know he probably remembers I loveee old school jams but I listened to the lyrics specifically and what stood out like a sore thumb was “Girl I been watching you” and literally “I’m so happy you picked up on my telepathy now baby” it’s called “Shake you down” Bill Withers “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” and lastly “Love story” by Mariah Carey it’s slowly driving me insane 😂


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