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When our search for The One leads us Home

Although meeting our Twin flame ignites within us a stronger than ever yearning for “home”, for many of us the search for this elusive place started long before we ever heard the term “twin flames”. Perhaps you too recall moments where the distant memory of this place was triggered and you felt a deep longing, sadness or a desire to be somewhere you couldn’t consciously grasp or define? Perhaps like me, you too felt compelled to search for whatever it is that would fill that void and finally grant you inner peace?

My search for “home” started when I was a very small child…. Without knowing anything about reincarnation or even souls, I felt that for some reason I had ended up “in the wrong place”. This was not just about physical appearances (I was dark eyed/haired in a country of blue eyed and blonde haired people); I felt just as out of place inside. I was fascinated with other cultures and languages; particularly North Africa and the Arabic culture (incidentally, where my Twin grew up).

From the age of about 7, I became aware of the presence of another being within my energetic space. In my dreams he would become a real person and we would sit on top of sand dunes under the crescent moon and the stars, looking down on sleepy towns, sharing our hopes and aspirations. Our togetherness, albeit imaginary, became the foundation of many of my childhood games, drawings and stories about eternal lovers hidden behind the veil of illusion; overcoming obstacles to finally be together.

My experience is by no means unusual: many of us maintain a REAL, living connection to our Twin flame YEARS before meeting them. After all, twin flames share the ability to reach out to each other through the boundaries of time and space and many are able to pick up on things, such as their twin’s name, or perhaps where they live. Later in life, some find themselves guided to travel or even to move to a different State, country or continent in order to cross paths with their twin flame. I am one of those who took such a leap of faith after I, aged 17, had a profound experience visiting Paris where I wept with joy feeling myself closer than ever to this elusive “home” I so yearned to find. It was there that I knew I had to settle; and it is there that I met my twin some six years later.

While being in Paris gave me a temporary sense of peace, I spent most of the year leading up to our meeting obsessively travelling the world as far and as wide as I could – and so did my twin. The sense of imminent arrival of this something I had searched for; this something I had wanted so long made me feel restless to the core, until one day, BOOM – there he was. HOME. I knew there and then that it was him that I had been searching for all my life. My life was complete.. I was complete. Needless to say, all my feelings of not belonging that had plagued me since my earliest childhood simply vanished with the realisation that this person -this ONE person – existed and by some miracle not only saw me fully but also loved & accepted what he saw 100%.


Was it a coincidence that we met? Absolutely not… The thing about the journey home is; you never just happen upon it. You have been on this path long before you ever awakened, long before you ever heard the term “twin flames”. In fact, the yearning for home is deeply ingrained within us and being with our Twin satisfies only part of this hunger through the sense of physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment that only they can provide. Our Twin FEELS LIKE HOME to us because they help awaken the memory of the vibration and energy that we held whilst in our original state. The desire of the soul to reunite with itself will always remain, however the craving for the original feeling of oneness with Source, or God will follow sooner or later – and it is here that our journey home truly begins.

Many of us may catch glimpses of “home”in meditation or in dreams and the yearning to return there may at times feel stronger than our desire to continue living in this third dimensional reality. For me and my twin, the yearning for home was felt long before we ever laid eyes on each other. It was also the catalyst for our first reunion, as well as a reoccurring element in our connection ever since.

When I spoke to my Twin for the very first time after ending my three years of running, he asked me: “Where is your home, Jonna?” It was a very poignant question because we were both restless travellers at that time, living thousands of miles away from our places of birth. There was no denying that he was the closest to home that I had ever known, and if there was someone on this planet who I knew would take me there, it was him.

His question stayed with me that night and caused me to write my first ever inspired piece of writing. The words just flowed, as if by Divine grace. I didn’t know much about Twin flames or anything spiritual for that matter but his question stirred something deep within me and I had no choice but to lay my soul bare, speaking about our connection for the first time. This is what I shared with him.

“I thought about our last conversation and especially about when you asked me where I felt my home was.

I have to admit I did not give you my truest reply. You see, nobody ever asked me “Where is your home?”  I guess it’s quite ironic for someone who’s lived in and travelled to so many places. Nobody asked – only assumed. Maybe they thought they knew, maybe no one really cared. But you did: you asked. Now let me answer you from my heart.  

I have felt this all my life. If there was ever something I knew for sure, this was it. The deep longing, the sadness; a strong desire to be somewhere I couldn’t quite consciously grasp or define. There was a knowing in my heart that I was born in the wrong place, under the wrong skies. This is not my soul’s true home, I thought.  

Then came the questions without answers: why was I dreaming of faraway lands? Why did foreign languages come to me with such ease? Why did I identify so much with different cultures? I had the intense feeling that a part of me was somewhere out there, beckoning me … Something was missing and it was calling out to me.  

The older I got the more intense the feeling. Then came the searching; yet not knowing what I was looking for. And the more places I visited, the more obvious it was. Yes, the travelling felt good but none of the places I visited was “home”. But I knew it was out there and the certainty of it kept me going.

You see, “Home” can mean different places to different people but wherever it is, be it a dimension, another universe or the return God, it is that inner space of the heart that gives you an incredible feeling of rightness and warmth within. For those who truly love, home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Home is where you are welcome, accepted and loved. It’s warm, relaxing and open. It’s where our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are. It is a place filled with trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses.

Home is where you don’t have to pretend or be on your guard. Instead of envy, irritation and exasperation, there is a great understanding, support, forgiveness and compassion. There is no judging, possessing, controlling, boundaries or competition. This is a place where you are loved more than you are needed.

One day you will all meet the person who will take you there. You will instantly know that you’ve known this person for eons, in many lifetimes and beyond. She is your polar opposite and like magnets you are being pulled together. Yet even in this most powerful energy field, you feel relaxed and totally at ease; engulfed in the warm security on a familiar ground. In their embrace you know you’ve come Home. Time and place are no longer matter.

There is an immediate tie between you which defies verbal description. You recognise yourself in them; those eyes you had looked upon so many times before in so many faces; so deep you could see their soul and touch the feeling of pure light and love inside. Like mirrors reflecting only your true self back to you. 

Your mind, heart and consciousness flow together from the same fountain. She is not only a mirror of mind and spirit, but of the soul, the secret longings and aspirations. You love this person like you love yourself, with no expectations or conditions attached to that love – because you are One. You know that life will never be the same and you feel truly blessed.


She is someone who reads you like an open book, who understands you in ways no one else can. She doesn’t have that raised eyebrow look that the rest of the world does. It is because she knows you inside out, yet the discovery never stops. You share the same soul blueprint and soul energy, the same essence. The vision, feeling and purpose are the same. You are like the two sides of a coin: one but not the same. Together you create the perfect balance and become more than just the sum of your parts; each part fitting the other, interlocking like Roman rings, stretching but never snapping apart. When one moves inward the other fills the gap and when one overflows, there will always be space to send that abundance towards the other.

The power of her love is not in what she tells you to do, but in what you are inspired to be. The measure of her love is not in how much you are able to love her, but in the way you are able to love others as a result of it. She understands that you may need to journey deep within to recognise the other within yourself and that there may be some false turns and mistaken identities in the process. Therefore her love comes with the freedom to explore life with whomever you wish because she knows in the end it will help you find your way back HOME, to her.

This love will not come without its challenges. Being with this person is like cradling your sacred self, but also facing every shadow, every part of yourself, leaving you with nowhere to hide. It has the potential to inspire great inner healing but only through dealing with a part of yourself that you have chosen not to look at for quite some time: the mirror of YOU in the other that reflects all that is within you.

As your mirror, she will make you experience yourself directly, not through your past experiences, beliefs or ego, but through your heart and soul. She’ll make you dig deeper, reach higher, shed light on parts of you that are painful for you to see. She will have no choice but to make you expand and confront yourself. You must be made empty so that light can come in and fill you… 

Some days you will be so lost that you wish she never existed and there are days you believe she never really did, except in your imagination. There will be days when you fail and those days will feel like you are going mad. Other days the mirage transforms itself into the oasis just long enough for you to rest a moment in her arms; just enough to simply “be” and feel her as a part of YOU again.

Sometimes we have to travel long and far before we recognize our true home. We may pass it by like a ship in the night. Maybe we are not ready to face it, maybe we are scared. We do not believe it is possible, we doubt it… So we run from it and keep travelling, searching for a place that feels like home, but isn’t… While we travel, our soul’s flame burns brightly, lighting the way for all parts of the soul that are in separation to return home to the heart of the soul.

So if you ask me where my home is, this is my answer”.

Within weeks of sharing the above with my Twin, we shared a beautiful and intense reunion. Years later, he is still the closest thing to home that I have ever known and I know one day we will return “home” together. For me, our ultimate homecoming will be the return to our original state of Oneness; a return to source, to our eternal life. Seeing the twin flame connection and all its challenges and blessings as simple steps towards this return gives me a sense of peace that I might otherwise have struggled to gain.

Please be reassured that even if your Twin flame is not physically part of your life, there IS comfort to be found in their energetic and spiritual presence. Earth itself begins to feel more like home, just because they are here. You see, the journey home takes us beyond the desire of a physical connection into the fulfilment of a “deeper longing than the flesh”; that of a shared consciousness. At this level you are already ONE; you are already in UNION – even when everything else is up for grabs. Even when your Twin flame is not physically present, you can still heal, evolve and continue to live without feeling like you are missing something inside. In fact, the twin is within you for you to connect with; for you to enjoy and love, be it near or far. Settling into this joyous realization is part of coming home.




15 thoughts on “Twin flames – The Long Journey Home

  1. Kate says:

    I was meant to read this, now, today. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on your website the day you have uploaded a new post. All have been relevant, but today I truly needed this because your words resonated with some deep part of me that finds such blessed relief in knowing their are others that know and feel the same. It makes me somehow less alone and aware that we are all connected and we are all on the same path.

    In many ways your posts are a lifeline to so many because we can’t speak to our friends or our families of what we are experiencing. It would get lost in translation and demean it somehow because who can properly articulate what it is like to hear notes never sung and see colours of a spectrum you never knew existed?

    Thank you for writing. I will be more peaceful today because of your words. x

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    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you dear Kate for your beautiful words and for taking the time to share the love in your heart. Certainly you are not alone 🙂 Wishing you love and peace, Jonna x


    2. Lost twin soul says:

      I feel the same way! Im having trouble grasping this and im living it. Nobody who hasnt been through this can relate!! I get some relief knowing im not alone and other ppl are experiencing the same. Especially at a time where i feel like im pulling away from my old self and feeling more alone than ever having trouble relating to others now.

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      1. Mattie Watts says:

        Thank you


    3. mercurialvalkyrie says:

      “hear notes never sung and see colours of a spectrum you never knew existed”. That is beautiful and so accurate Kate. It IS tough that we can’t really share our feelings with friends and family lest it be lost in translation… your words bring me comfort as much as Jonna’s.


  2. reenelife says:

    So true 😦 Lately I just so long for home. It started when I saw in meditation the original source where are we coming from – me and my TF. We are not in a physical union. So – knowing that he is somewhere around, is not helping me. Knowing that our souls are connected, is not helping me. Still wanting to go home. To be with him and with other souls I love so much, but are not together here on earth physically 😦 Feel so lonely without them 😦

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  3. Wyatt says:

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting another entry from you. I feel like a new member of a very exclusive club. Finding your writing on this subject has given me so much relief. FINALLY! Someone else that has had similar experiences that validate my own. I’m NOT crazy! This IS real! The spiritual aspects of this are so hard to try to explain to anyone that hasn’t experienced a relationship like this. I’m in my 23rd year of this relationship and only in the last year have I understood that a lot of my pain has been due to trying to make this fit within the social and cultural norms.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  4. vita says:

    Hey 😀 That’s my favouriite: The power of her love is not in what she tells you to do, but in what you are inspired to be. The measure of her love is not in how much you are able to love her, but in the way you are able to love others as a result of it. yeaa <3<3 Power of Love as Transformation

    I've read also: She knows that "home" is not a physical place in the outside world, but an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance. Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling "at "home" wherever you are. If you are, be sure to take time to savor it so it can deepen and remain with you. If on the other hand you've been feeling like the world is out to get you, it's time to take a break. Go outside tonight and look at the stars.

    I have had an enlightening some way, through reading card and it is so paradox: Accept everyhing there is, sorrow pain missing loneliness and let it be, like Budhha after years of meditating and searching for entlightment, understood there is nothing he can do more, that very night he become enlightened. Omg God thank you it is so easy but we dont know dont see, not ready. now

    Even my life is boring cause of my outter situation, I can decide to chose that moment as it is, to see the beauty in it, the positive sited, maybe it is time as a meditation for so many monks and nun has been, maybe it is a bigger importance in silence. The best if we see it that way, we become healed and transformed cause we give the energy just into the right vibration in now, fully accepting greateful and surrendered. Yea and my TF is always there loving me, abundant Love 🙂

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    1. vita says:

      Yea 🙂 I’m gratefull to have found ur blog then it was so crucial, how it helped me after a half year of feeling his depressioin and longing it got so much better, like deep understanding in him, that I am suffering with and I really love and cannot survive it. I would have died without I swear 😀 Two cards for you: He has come to a time of centeredness and expansiveness–the white glow around the figure is his protection and his light. All of life’s experiences have brought him to this time of perfection. When you draw this card, know well this moment carries a gift–for hard work well done. Your base is solid now and success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within. Once more: Life is a great ocean in which you can play if you drop all your judgments, your preferences and the attachment to the details of your long-term plans. Be available to what comes your way, as it comes. And don’t worry if you stumble or fall; just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, have a good laugh, and carry on. ❤


      1. vita says:

        ❤ ❤ ❤ feels so free now


  5. Happy twinsoul says:

    I love your blogs, Jonna ❤️ They are so real and so resonating with most of the twinsoul yourneys ! They lift me up and give me energy to stay in the happy flow. I was also always looking for something “more” but didn’t know how to reach it. Also I was attracted to another country , thousands of miles from my place and there I found my twinsoul after twenty years. All organized by the universe, beautiful and magic. Thank you and waiting again for another beautiful blog 💋

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  6. Denyse says:

    You have the best twin flame blog out there. I appreciate so much that you are willing to share these deeply personal letters you’ve written. So many blogs are so impersonal that they’re not helpful at all. Maybe one day I will share the letter I wrote to my love that I believe helped him heal a great loss. It was the first time I knew the power of love. He awakened me to everything possible. Right now we’re in separation, mostly because I have to figure out how to be loved outside of a romantic context. I’ve never really learned how to be intimate in a friendship, and always sought intimacy through sex. We’re not even talking because I don’t know how to be just friends with him. I was in a great big rush to start our journey of love together, travelling around the world in search of people and ideas to bring to our new society. But now I realize I need to do some growth on my own and learn to be that person that he sees underneath all of my fears and limitations.

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  7. Jai Srinivas says:

    Thank You very much, your is very good.


  8. J.R. says:

    In no way am I arguing about the twin flame phenomena, but my question is: is the twin flame concept itself in fact TOO BIG for us to grasp in this lifetime? I have wondered this because human beings clearly find deep soulmates all the time and the possibilities are absolutely endless. However, from a cosmic/zodiacal and spiritual standpoint, I can’t help but wonder if twins aren’t supposed to meet. After a lot of deep thought and reading, certain criteria come to mind (they are my own so may not resonate with everyone or even somebody):

    1. Twin flames RARELY meet in this lifetime
    2. Twin flames (even more) rarely form a relationship in this lifetime
    3. Twin flames MIGHT be on the earth-plane at the same time but will likely pass at different times 4. Twin flames MIGHT come to recognize who their missing half actually is while still incarnated, despite an improbable meeting
    5. (Assuming #4 is true) Twin flames will likely have 6 degrees of separation (shared ethnicity, acquaintances or even soulmates)
    6. Twin flames can be recognized via psychic phenomena (near death experiences, dream visits, astral projections, remote viewings)
    7. Twins are, in essence, our personal Jesus
    8. Twins love each other too much to meet in 3D, because Karma and human/bodily 5 senses obfuscate “true love”
    9. Earthly soul mates are a stepping stone to reunification and some may possess similar personalities and qualities, traits, or “fragments” of the twin (aka an “almost twin”)
    10. Earthly soul mates that LED to reunification with our twin carry over to our spirit family
    11. Twin flames are PROBABLY opposite signs in the Zodiac, though the connection is not of the baser, Plutonic kind (ie torrid love)
    12. Twin flames are TWO souls and one body/one heart.


    1. Shelly says:

      Hi J.R., Your comments totally resonate with me. I did meet my TF about three years ago. It was totally a chance encounter. He was 15 years younger and here from another country for work. He wasn’t even suppose to come here but was rerouted a couple of days before his departure. We met the first day he arrived and totally hit it off.
      We had 2 incredible weekends together. It was so much fun! We talked for hours about everything under the sun and the physical connection was beyond intense.

      I felt very healed by our encounter because I had gone through a dark depression over a break up. He filled me with so much joy it gave me hope for my own future. I told him I couldn’t even remember a time when I had laughed so much. We clearly adored each other. I felt like nobody had ever looked at me the way that he had. My self esteem was pretty run down when I met him and I was wowed by how much he thought about me. If there was one thing I could take away from having met him, it was that I should try to see myself through his eyes.

      Then one day, without warning, his work sent him home. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye face to face. We were both very upset about it. It never even entered my mind that we had a ‘spiritual’ connection. I had never even heard of a twin flame before. I feel pretty confident in saying he wasn’t thinking along those lines either. Anyway, we exchanged emails for a few months and eventually drifted apart. I let him go because I didn’t want to interfere with his life. He wanted to have children and that wasn’t something I could give to him at my age… not to mention the challenges we faced by distance.

      So fast forward three and a half years… On New Year’s Eve of this past year I felt like he was really on my mind. It was so much so that I looked him up on facebook. I’m not even on facebook myself! It was then that I learned he died tragically in an accident last summer. Since then things have really changed. He has revealed so much to me from the other side (for instance, that we are twin flames). He comes to me in dreams and through other signs like music…. I have had an awakening. It even feels crazy for me to be writing all this but I can even talk to him telepathically. I don’t really know if he is my personal Jesus in essence, but I do feel he is totally in union with me when I pray. It is completely TOO BIG for me to comprehend personally in this lifetime. I’m trying to take the high road and not get consumed with self-pity or ego here but, in all honesty, it’s a lot to take in…… I feel like we are a part of a much bigger plan.


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