Mirror of my soul – Stories of you, me, the world and eternity

When our search for The One leads us Home


When twin flames meet, it is the recognition of the self in the other which ignites the deep longing for Union. More often than not, this union is a long process lined with paradoxes, including this one: we cannot find union with the other until we find it with our Self. We meet our beloved for this very purpose: so that they can reflect and bring to our attention all the ways in which we must still grow in love for our self. The union/wholeness with the Self MUST come first. It is so important because self-love helps us trust our intuition and inner knowing and the more we tune into and learn about the symbolic signs from God and our own individual way of receiving them, the more we are able to recognise the small voice of our Higher Self/soul when it speaks to us.

It is only within that we find all the answers and validation for our  connection. It is the famous paradox again: our beloved can never validate the connection back to us to a greater extent than what we have been able to validate to our self. This is the very reason why developing the communication with our Higher Self is so crucial: we must find certainty despite the great mystery. Sooner or later, the journey leads us to the discovery of the Source of love/Seed of divine wisdom within our own Being, as well as the TRUTH that our beloved is never further away from us than we are from our own Heart and Soul.

The truth is that you DO have all the answers and you do not need the other to validate your own experience to you. You CAN be freed of the pain regardless of what your beloved is or is not doing. Personally I believe this self-validation is a prerequisite for physical union/harmony since once the internal validation and knowing transforms into illumination/surrender, our beloved feels it too – and responds by mirroring it back to us, just as we no longer seek it – perfectly affirming the “twin flame” paradox. Following our intuitive knowing WILL bring us into alignment with the Divine plan and clearly, if BOTH parties choose do so, they will be brought into harmony in divine timing. Self-love and surrender to God’s will makes the impossible possible.

To continue my story about what happened after I made the decision to do only things that a self-loving person would do, it was now a couple of months since I had sent my beloved the email inviting him back into my life (if you missed part 1, click here to read). Although I had not heard anything from him or seen him online during all that time, my life was a hotbed of spiritual activity and I was getting constant signs and synchronicities which reassured me that I was on the right path.

I was also becoming acutely aware of the energetic suppression of my marriage and it was increasingly hard for me to live with. For reasons completely unrelated to my beloved, I had known for a while that my marriage would have to end – I just didn’t know how or when. I will share my insights regarding ending my marriage in another blog, however I was guided not to make any rash decisions but to trust that in the right time I would know what to do and would find the strength and support to do it.



Earlier that year, around the time I started my “self-love project”, I had started suffering from debilitating sciatic pain. I found myself unable to sit up, move or even turn in bed without being hit by the excruciating pain that completely froze me. It was affecting every aspect of my life and nothing or no one seemed to be able help. That summer, through a series of coincidences and synchronicities I ended up attending a law of attraction type workshop and scheduling a session of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with tapping with the course leader Eileen. About 40 minutes into the treatment, as I was describing to Eileen how the fear of the pain made me feel stuck and unable to move, I suddenly started to sob. It wasn’t a slow realisation that hit me but rather a flash flood of emotion which took me by complete surprise. Through the deluge of tears I understood that the physical pain I was experiencing was merely a reflection of the emotional blockage and fear I had held onto about moving on into the “new”. It was a huge moment of relief where I realised I did not need to hold onto that pain anymore. Amazingly, within a week of the treatment the pain had completely disappeared.

The release of this blockage seemed to catapult me into much more clarity and I was finally able to make some long overdue changes in my life. I reduced my working hours in order to gain a better life-work balance and I stopped the law studies that had been draining my energy. I was even more determined to remain in this state of clarity when my long-lost creative flow of energy returned. I hoped to get back into writing which I loved and that my beloved had always encouraged me to do.



Very soon after the physical/emotional release of the EFT session I had symbol-filled dream about my beloved; made all the more special by the fact that it was years since I last remembered dreaming about him. In the dream I was in Paris – where we first met – viewing an old abandoned apartment. Time seemed to have stopped there; the shelves on the walls were dusty and empty with the odd object left to gather dust. It didn’t seem like a place anyone could live. I found myself feeling pulled towards a stream of light shining in through a door slightly ajar at the back of the building. I pushed the door open and stepped out into a Parisian courtyard. To my right, peeking through the clouds was the sun; shining onto the courtyard in stark contrast to the dusty and dark interior I had just walked through.

As I stood there, not having taken a single step yet, a man stumbled into the quiet courtyard from the same building as me but through a different door. He was only a few meters to my right and only a few seconds behind. He pushed the door open with such a force that he literally stumbled out. He was facing sideways to me and did not see me, but turned towards the sun and stood there with his eyes closed, feeling the warm sun on his face. My heartbeat accelerated, I recognized this man! It dawned on me just before he turned around that it was my beloved. For a split second I wanted to run; then resisted the urge just as our eyes met. It felt like for the first time in a very long time I was able to look at him without hiding myself. The truth was that in way I had been expecting him. We weren’t speaking, there was no need to. He was looking at me, relieved and amazed, saying “What now? I am here. I made it. What happens now? “.

The dream was full of spiritual metaphors, signs and references to the past: him stepping out to the sun, the sun (=love) shining through the clouds etc. (Note: you can find a more indepth interpretation of my dream here). With each day I seemed to understand its deeper meaning more and more. I KNEW that the dream was significant and my guidance told me that the fact that we both burst into that courtyard simultaneously meant that we had BOTH had a spiritual breakthrough at the same time. I was definitely feeling the magnetic pull to him in my chest much more strongly; to the point that it developed into a physical ache whenever I thought of him. I kept finding myself wanting to hold him, without any agenda or hidden hope; simply to hold him in my arms and let him know that everything would be ok. I was convinced he was feeling the pull too, yet when I wrote to him lovingly, guided to do so, he remained silent.

One morning, as I was getting ready in front of the mirror I “saw” him looking back at me, truly SEEING me. I saw myself with so much love and I was puzzled at to what it really meant, except that a veil of some sort had been lifted. It was a strangely empowering moment and slightly intimidating too – was he now sometimes seeing through my eyes, just as I was seeing through his?

Within a day or two, I had another experience of this as I caught a glimpse of him enjoying a moment of joyful conversation with a group of Muslim men all dressed in their white Islamic dress. Without knowing how, I knew that he was on the pilgrimage to Hajj – something he later confirmed. Later that day things got even stranger… I was at the gas station filling up my car when an older Muslim man in his Islamic dress approached me. He spoke to me gently and asked me if wouldn’t mind helping him make sure he was putting the correct fuel in his new car. The whole situation felt very odd, considering that the gas station courtyard was full of men, including younger Muslim men that he could have asked instead. He wasn’t even parked next to me but walked across the busy gas station to my car. The odd thing was that I felt it was my twin’s energy that this man was drawn to and which caused him to approach me, and I felt an affinity with him that was most unusual – he even patted my shoulder in a brotherly fashion on leaving. It was a strange experience which left me puzzled as to the nature of our energetic merging.

A week or so later by another set of coincidences I found myself attending a mediumship demonstration (my first & last one ever!) for a bit of Saturday night fun with a friend. I was gob smacked when my late grandma came through with a message about my beloved. She had always had an amazing connection with him (more about it here) and this despite the fact that I had never opened up to her about him (I didn’t need to – she knew anyway!). She told me that my connection with my twin was a true heart and soul connection and how she knew he was the One I had always loved. She mentioned the emails I’d been writing to him and said that I should not be discouraged even if he did not reply because my emails were helping him and he was” relishing” in them (the exact word he himself would use a few months later to describe his feelings about them). She told me to keep writing to him as much and as often as I can and told me to “hold on” and be patient as amazing things were coming my way.


Almost five months had now passed since I had sent my beloved my email revealing my feelings. Despite his silence my understanding regarding our connection had grown leaps and bounds and I was seeing many positive changes in my life. I was connected to so much LOVE within me that I no longer felt the need for any kind of acknowledgement, validation or confession from him. I felt compelled to share and help others and started writing my blog Mirror of My Soul, feeling inspired, connected to and loved by my beloved despite no visible proof of any “progress”.

Then I dreamt about him again. He had come to see me for the first time for years; we lay on my bed with our legs touching, tingling against each other. He was talking about the events of these past years, holding up a huge sheet of paper on which he had drawn a timeline filled with dates: for each time he had failed to find adequate words to speak to me, for all the things he had written and then erased etc. As he was speaking, the sound of his voice faded away; all his explanations as to why, how and what for were meaningless compared to the feeling of peace and HOME that I was feeling; that ALL of me was there in that moment, no part of me left out there in the multiverse, no fragment, no piece of me separated from its source. He had finally returned HOME to me.

The following night as I sat on my couch I felt his energy surround me. It was so intensely loving, so deeply comforting, warm and REAL that I stopped everything I was doing and just sat there, with my eyes closed, blissfully aware of it. I don’t know how long I just sat there, however at some point I realized he had logged on – for the first time in over five months. I knew intuitively that he was writing to me as I could FEEL HIM talk to me and so I just sat there, enjoying the flow of thoughts and feelings until at 1.30am an email came through from him.

The energy of that moment was so intense, so tangible that I had trouble holding my shaking hands still enough to be able to read his words on my cell phone. He apologized profoundly for not having replied to my wonderful emails sooner and confessed that he had kept writing and erasing his responses; unable to find an adequate way to express himself, let alone respond – which was exactly what he had conveyed to me in the dream. He spoke of the overwhelming nostalgia, feelings and emotions that my email had ignited in him (all of which I had felt!) and the moral dilemma it had raised for him, which, he reassured me, was not my fault. He spoke about finally connecting with divine guidance, about surrender, his conversion to Islam, the Hajj pilgrimage – it had all happened just as I had been shown. He spoke of the “calming spiritual & emotional force” which I represented for him, his admiration for me and how he had always looked up to me spiritually. He admitted that he must have been “too shallow or too blind” to reach the realm of the “divine and sublime” as I had always done – and still did, and that I would always be a part of him.

I sobbed out of sheer relief and love for him as I read his words. For the first time, I recognized every word he wrote as being TRUE. Knowing that he was finding God and himself meant everything to me. All the questions, all the doubts were gone; not because of what he said but because I ALREADY KNEW. I had ALWAYS known; through his denials and rejection, through his pursuit of other women, through 13 years of separation, I had always known. We are already connected on all levels that matter and we are in this together.

Truly, the connection to the self IS the key to the connection with the other.


23 thoughts on “Twin Flame reunion: Self-Love as the Key to Illumination (Part 2)

  1. Dalrea says:

    Thank you so much for sharing i find so many similarities with your story. I haven t seen my twin for 13 years and maybe in july we might finnaly meet again. I recently ended up a 4,5 year long soul mate relationship and have found my self in another complete change of life going back to my country after 10 years and trying to make peace with myself and my past by transforming into somtjing loving and beautiful.non of this was my choice i hold on to it for as long as i could but The Divine had a different plan for me and i can see that the change is safe. I have no idea of what my life is going to be like. My twin and i started comunicating 2 months ago after i had a very vivid dream in which we made love and could not resist each other.ever since my life has not been the same and i cannot go back to where i was because i have tried. I have no control over this i can see it clearly every day. It seems like there might be something interesting for my twin too because now he is less calculated in responding. I try to love and accept my self each day and sometimes is just to painful and i feel like i do not deserve this but then universe always finds a way to reasure me that twin flame is my journey. Namaste. D


    1. doucejonna says:

      Namaste Dalrea, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Isn’t it amazing how many of us seem to share similar stories? It’s all in the magic of the twin flame journey which comes with a proven formula for divine union 🙂 just like you and your twin, we have not seen each other for a long time (nearly a decade) and we too are planning to meet soon. Needless to say I am nervous while at the same time calm and happy inside 🙂 my 8-year marriage is ending too and my life unrecognisable from last year. I think things have definitely accelerated for our union!! And they seem to have done so for yours too. Every union is so precious!
      Just like you said, I held onto my past as long as I could too. But I also felt the call to let go of it and once I did, I received some much support and guidance I wished I had done it before. Truly, we are not in control, all we can do is to follow our heart the best we can and enjoy each day that is given to us. Blessings to you on your path xx


  2. onmyquest says:

    This is just beautiful…the most romantic novels cannot compare because it is our search for and union with god, and I have beenr eading your posts for quite a while and everytime I read them, I find a resonance with your growth and mine spiritually, where its like we learn each lesson and set it free like we set a beautiful pigeon free when we’ve had enough of loving it from up close. With loads of paranormal things happening between me and my twin, we have finally for the third time reunited, I don’t know whether the dance shall continue or not, but I fidn that iam finding peace within myself, even as I speak, I feel him growing by multitudes every second, then reaching a calm as he realises something or learns a lesson. As I say, we are both finding that time apart is really no time apart and that the one thing that is constant in both of our lives right now is each other and the love we have for each other, as seperation is truly an illusion. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, and perhaps we shall never meet, but by the divine chance that you are writing this (and my guidance a 2.02 tells me you deserve this mention), you have helped me out spiritually more than you can ever realise. Out of all the muck in twin soul theories, people crying out in pain and seperation lasting a millenia, your clarity and spiritual maturity in capturing the essence of these words in such a hopeful direction has lit the torch for many twins to come and many of those who live and breathe the same air as you. THANKYOU. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART LOVE 🙂 I guess, I started out just reading this and wanting to respond and congratulate you on your possible (let god make it permanent please) union with your twin, but all the words that come out are THANKYOU. I surely hope me and my twin can reach this stage soon. We two have tried multiple things, he isn’t as emotionally expressive as needed yet, but I do realise, he is growing on his part and that I should let him and with the humungous changes occuring in our lives, that we are growing towards the eventual union ourselves. THANKYOU SO MUCH for all your divine writings. They are priceless and an important piece in my journey to finding god, the truth and all of you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tomytwinflame says:

    Thank you so much for writing all that you do. Your words bring me peace, understanding, comfort and hope. I’m truly grateful ❤

    I am looking forward to your post on marriage. I, too, feel stuck and energetically tapped in my marriage, but am guided to remain gentle with myself at this time. Patience perhaps has been my greatest lesson to date through this process. I do have faith that all is resolving itself for the greater good.

    Wishing you and your twin all the best… thank you again. 🙂


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you tomytwinflame for reading and for taking the time to send me these kind words. Like you say, patience & faith seem to be THE lessons for many of us at this point of our journey. Wanting to my marriage (and finally doing it!!) has been a HUGE test in both patience and faith. As promised, I will publish a blog post on this subject soon. However I am grateful that today I feel no pain but that I am allowing things to unfold at their pace with peace in my heart, surrounded by the love of my twin flame (even if at this moment it’s still “only” in the spiritual realms). Love to you xx J


  4. The truth doesn’t come from other people. It comes from yourself. When you allow yourself to look inside yourself. And focus on the core you. You start to begin too realize that you are creation and creation is you. And then you see the truth for your extence because you can not exist with out creation and creation can not exist with out you. We hold the key to creations survival in this world. Every thing that you see that is now in existence is now creation. Creation its self is an evoled intelligent source that learns when you learn because you are creation. When you bring something into this world and you create it. What does that make you? The creator and creation it’s self.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Jon for this lovely comment 🙂 I love how you explained the close link/ oneness between the creator and his creation. I have come to this conclusion myself too..Thank you for reading and many blessings to you xx


      1. Jessica says:

        WOW….this has come at the right time for me. Its amazing how the stories hit home. I haven’t seen my TF for three years and this wkd he showed up at a bbq and he lives in another state….crazy!! He even contacted my sister through fb to ask if they were attending the bbq, which I think is strange. Anyway seeing him there was kinda awkward…we didn’t get to talk as I would have liked. Anyway are there any books that you recommend for self-love and getting through this TF thing??

        Thank you


  5. d says:

    Can you please explain what constantly seeing the number 11 and 111 mean? Thanks


  6. angelsblessings19 says:

    I have recently started my spiritual journey ,its been a mon since i have been into meditation….i loved ur articles n ur experiences….. as iam also goin through all dis.btw congrats for your reunion n marriage with ur twin….hope to get more of it…….stay blessed….☺


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you angelsblessings19 for your lovely comment. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. Reunion maybe but marriage.. Not at the moment. Only maybe a marriage of our souls, or a sacred Union. 🙂 blessings to you on your path 💜💜


      1. Angels Blessings says:

        Hey! How r u???Hope u must be at the best of ur health. I wanted to ask dat i have met my twin w yrs back we had been in a complicated relationship… as we go out had fun…bt all in a group nevr alone….made love…i confessed my love to him…bt he always was quiet…reading my msges nver replied…. Den when he got engaged with a gal of his own religion dat time he replied n called me n said dat he also loves me bt coz of this religion difference he cannot marry me…now he is getting married to dat gal…bt he comes n meet me n we make love….i also told him dat i dont want to talk to him ever as iam suffering badly …bt he nvr lets me go either….i am confused wat to do now….i do meditation regularly…at times 2-3times also….which gives me relief.shud i totally cut off…wat to do …plz help. Please help me. On 3 Oct 2015 17:53, “The Mirror of My Soul – Stories of you, me and


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear Jonna

        I don t just like your article but I love it.

        Yes, as I have experienced it myself and my Twin, I had fear when we decided to join together for eight years. I have to be honest and after eight years, My fear subsided and I had to face the Unconditional love that I have for my MOST BEAUTIFUL SOUL IN THIS CREATION.
        My Twin Flame and I have this amazing love, but I was fed up of living a big lie.
        Integrity is a living thing form God that lives within US. Our Twin is US. Our souls are a mirror of each other and the reflection is there because we mirror it; they are us.
        Integrity for me at the time when I put the question to my twin Flame, for her to commit to US and was too much for her. The relationship was amazing, from every aspect in every sense of the word.
        However, it was too much for her to handle. To leave what is a very comfortable marriage, without drama and the freedom of doing what she wants to do as the opportunities are there abound?. She has gone to her old ways. I cannot change that, and she is happy doing that as she is getting older as well. I have no idea what is coming next. I was and still get these shocks in my chest chakra. I connect with her through my creator in meditation. Yes, she will always be so so beautiful.
        Nevertheless, I believe her world is not a happy one neither it is a spiritual one. I have reached surrender and I can feel that she is doing what she should not be doing in her marriage. I have No right to control anyone else but myself.
        God Gave us that freedom to invest if we choose to. It is our choice to do so or not. We choose to be worldly or spiritual.
        God gave us a life to invest in with honesty, love and harmony as well as in peace. We know what is right and what is wrong even if we do what we do and our partner does not know what we are doing. If there is an agreement to have an open relationship, my goodness what a way to live through such life. It does not last long to keep denying the reality that why “be with a partner when one just sleeps with them because of obligation and duty. For the sexual part of things whilst we can do t with others as well because others are in the same boat as we are?”
        Surrendering when we meet our twin flames is ideal; In this 3 dimensional world it is a challenge. Too much money, financial investment and being in a very comfortable environment, when we can have another indiscreet relationship whilst still married is accomodating and feels good if we are full of ego insecurity.It becomes an acceptable situation and the spirituality is looked at as one of self loving, whilst we are doing it in secret, whilst we care for the children and still sleep with the one married to. Even more ridiculous to think of the thought of divorce; goodness everyone will laugh at us… for what everyone would ask?When we are in a marriage for years that has survived all that has gone on without any drama? I am at a loss. Spirituality is in the back seat.

        However, God is the one overseeing it all. I have been doing the wrong thing as well so I cannot criticise my twin. LOLLOLLOL she is my mirror image. I am more guilty than she is. There were reasons why, but time told me to stop the reason and admit my wrong doings. The reasons were that, I met my Twin flame, 20 years earlier and we knew who we were. We wanted something that we desired and yet it was time to expose the truth about what we were both doing.

        Yes, the twin Flame journey, we both know what it is and how well we are together.
        From a worldly perspective, it is deceit, but ok because so many are doing the same thing.
        I am now more spiritually connected with God than I have ever been.

        Integrity is not just integrity, as you said in your amazing article about so many aspects of our journey, yet there is one other amongst so many things, the Unconditional love, for her and as we sat on the bed, talking and crying about our relationship ending, she sobbed and so did I. It was ridiculous and so immature but from a world perspective, something that had to happen. It happened to teach us what we are doing is wrong, face that what we have is spiritual and worth pursuing but not in the way we were doing it.
        Will we get back together? Reunion perhaps? Wow this will have to be a miracle. The new path discomfortable and still lacks Mature true Love. She rang me and I was extremely upset but I was happy as I am now that I made the decision to say what I thought was right. Integrity or NOT god took the place of my void even My twin flame.
        I cannot be happier because if I want to be truthful to myself, I had to be honest and got hammered for it. However the most beautiful thing out of this is this.
        I am with God and I would rather be with My god than anywhere else. I ask god now that all I want is what he wants to Give Me. NOT WHAT I WANT.
        I surrendered to God and when I pray I pray for My Twin Flame to my creator and connect with her as I ask for forgiveness for both of us. I send her the most revered LOVE of ALL. I embrace her and My God, I adore her because God created US both and there is nothing I can think of better than to Love my God for what he has given US. What a gift that is irreplaceable, one that wet are a part of each other until eternity.
        Reunion, perhaps, if God wants us together again. I would not be happier but I am glad that I am truthful, loving and honest with my Twin. What I did was a mess and I regret us splitting up but I did not want to live a lie anymore. We must lettings run their course and let God decide what the next move is. For me, I am planning to go away for six months in the year to live somewhere else as well as my home. My Twin Knows where t find me, but if I have to be on my own for the rest of my life I am so happy that I am not laving a lie anymore. Her doing is hers and not mine as I can only pray for her to see the truth and perhaps God will make it happen.
        Rather live alone and connected with the creator than to live with weight on my shoulder and always looking back in hiding.
        My life now is all, what Jonna says so beautifully in this article. I am in the right spirit. My awakening is real, my desires in every aspect are genuine and still directed from God to My most Beautiful twin Flame. No one can ever take her place. Ever.
        What I think….? Hmmm…. God is merciful, kind, extremely loving and considerate of my feelings and my needs. I leave it up to my god to decide my destiny.
        Thank you Jonna. Yes, love your article very much.


  7. Kejsi Hoxha says:

    Lovely story Jonna, I thank you for sharing it with us. I hope the best for you and your twin ❤


  8. floy2d says:

    I cannot even begin to describe how your story touches me so deeply, both in the way you write it – with such passion, truth, clarity, conviction – and also because it is so similar to my own experience. Your writing gives me hope, and also enlightens me.

    13 years is a long time to wait, and for me who is single, aware and very hopeful, having my Twin live a short bus ride / flight away and having him cut communication with me for 2 years now gets too much to bear. But reading your experience really helps me settle my restless mind and heart and find some peace. Your honesty is something I have been searching for for a long time since I was awakened to Twin Flame concept.

    Thank you, God bless you at this festive time, and much love from an ardent fan in Singapore.

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  9. Giorgio says:

    Dear doucejonna

    Thank you again for your guidance. I always feel things and I am such a child at heart.
    You see when I went to visit my twin Flame at her Mother’s place, I did not mean to find my Twin there. She arrived at the same time as I did.

    However, as upset as she showed me that she was, she asked me to talk to her children and say hello to them. It was very upsetting for me as I felt she could still feel the right to ask me to do things. As messy as it sounds, I feel and I know deep down that this is certainly NOT the end of this journey. It might take a while, even if my twin gets married to this Guy, it will have an uncomfortable end to it.

    I am not saying that it will, but it just does not seem right. My Twin is not herself and the more she tries to lie to me the more obvious her untruths are in my guts. I feel all of that is going on and this morning I felt this shiver in my body. It just came on me. I closed my eyes and meditated, connected with the higher source and prayed, as I asked my Source to pass on to my Twin more and more profound love. I ask the source to protect her and keep her healthy. I feel good about it as there is nothing better than the love of OUR creator to embrace US together. All seems irrelevant what she is doing to me now. It seems to me that it just needs to happen as a matter of events. The creator knows exactly what is going on. It has been organised already. I pray that she wake up from her dream of insecurity and gets back on the rails of spiritualité.

    I feel that if I love myself and believe in myself even more, I will not be so upset and insecure myself about our union. As you said in this –
    The union with the Self MUST come first. It is so important because self-love helps us trust our intuition and inner knowing and the more we tune into and learn about the symbolic signs from Source and our own individual way of receiving them, the more we are able to recognise the small voice of our Higher Self when it speaks to us.

    “It is only within that we find all the answers and validation for our Twin Flame connection. It is the famous twin flame paradox again: our twin flame can never validate the connection back to us to a greater extent than what we have been able to validate to our self. This is the very reason why developing the communication with our Higher Self is so crucial: we must find certainty despite the great mystery. Sooner or later, the journey leads us to the discovery of the Source of all love within our own Being, as well as the TRUTH that our twin flame is never further away from us than we are from our own Heart and Soul.”

    This really gives me confidence and an affirmation of my inner self and the forces that I possess within.
    Doucejonna, I wish to send you a copy of my book. I understand that you can purchase it but let me know if I am able to send it to you please. I thank you. This has enforced my belief with what I have been practicing and having a Twin soul in my life has almost demolished my heart to bits. No One has ever ever had this effect on me with such Unconditional love as I have had for 26 years towards my Twin Flame.

    I cannot believe my journey. This is so so potent. The more I observe the more things come out of the closet to show me, the mirroring events happening as they expose themselves. Past history and past events with past occurrences as well. Thoughts and actions of unhappiness and anger and disappointments. These reads are very luminous to my Soul and My Twin as well through myself.

    Thank you XXX

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  10. Giorgio says:

    Dear jonna

    “Personally I believe this self-validation of the twin flame experience is a prerequisite for physical union since once the internal validation and knowing transforms into illumination, our Twin flame feels it too – and responds by mirroring it back to us, just as we no longer seek it – perfectly affirming the twin flame paradox. Following our intuitive knowing WILL bring us into alignment with the Divine plan and clearly, if BOTH twins do so, they will be brought into Union in divine timing because their Union IS the divine will. Self-love makes the impossible possible.”

    I thank you so so much. XXX

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  11. saya@india says:

    Jonna thank you so much for this blog and love you. This blog means a lot to me.
    Sending heart full of love from india. God bless you dear.

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