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People often ask whether there is any mention of twin flames in the Bible or the Qur’an –however since this term is a fairly recent one, one simply cannot expect to find it in books written hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Yet while some try to use its absence as proof that twin flames do not exist, these eternal lovers – also known as counterparts, or polar opposites, have actually been around since the beginning of time.

As I share some of my insights into the Quranic and Biblical scriptures surrounding the ideas of marriage, true love and the twin flame journey, I understand that this may be a controversial subject for some. My purpose is not to rewrite either one of these Holy Books or to go all gung ho with the interpretations, but – should this subject be relevant to you – ask you to examine your own heart and what resonates. As you too study these scriptures I invite you to truly allow yourself to feel the depth of love that God intended for you – and to come to your own conclusions.

Both the Bible and the Qur’an give a description of what marriage between counterparts is like. Many understand this as meaning the marriage to the husband or wife that we have ourselves chosen and see the descriptions in these Holy books as something to strive for, however I believe this is simply because so few of us have experienced or known a true marriage. You see; true marriage as the Bible and the Qur’an describe it, is made and sustained by God. As such, it could never be just the man-made, watered-down, sign-on-the-dotted-line dissolvable contract that binds people together while it lasts, but an alchemical UNION of two souls which God has created for each other; as an act of worship, as a means to get closer to God and to fulfill the divine mandate – and ultimately, as the final step before the return home.

Adam and Eve were the original counterparts, or twin flames. Both the Bible and Qur’an tell their story, however the accounts and the detail vary slightly. According to the Qur’an, after the incident in the Garden, God asks Adam and Eve to leave Paradise and go to live on earth. On earth, they no longer remember who they are and become separated from each other for many years. Eventually, after years of searching they pray a sincere prayer of repentance and are reunited with God and each other. Sound familiar? I love Adam’s and Eve’s reunion story because it shows the importance and power of heart-felt prayer because if both counterparts sincerely call upon God to grant their Union then there is no reason why in divine timing it shouldn’t. It also teaches us about patience, sabr.

Many go through a similar journey here on earth. We suffer from spiritual amnesia when we come here, and go through decades of growth to get to a semblance of serenity and self-awareness. Yet inside we still feel something missing. Occasionally we turn to God and seek a deeper understanding, a purpose, a reason for the pain. So how does this relate to twin flames? If we have been blessed to meet our Twin flame in this life time, one of the significant touchstones on the path is the realization God has sent them to us to challenge us and to awaken us so that our One-soul could be guided back into its original state of Oneness. The way the twin flame does it is by pushing us on a deep journey of self-discovery and self-realization – an essential step for every God-created union.

Both the Bible and Qur’an agree that the way for us to know God and to truly understand His word is to first come to an accurate & full knowledge of ourselves. This is relevant to the twin flame journey in so many ways because the connection to your Twin flame IS the connection to the Self. If a man wants to see himself, he looks in the mirror, right? – and there is no truer reflection than your counterpart – or twin flame.

The Bible tells man to “Know Thyself” (Romans 12:3-8), whereas Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Whoever knows himself knows God”. It makes perfect sense, after all “God created mankind in his own image” (Gen 1:27) and “I breathed into him of My spirit” (Qur’an 38:72). Furthermore, the Qur’an tells us that it is reflecting and examining our own self which guides us to the eternal, infinite Source that is free of need and want; unlimited in knowledge, inspiration and power – and abundant in love, mercy and acceptance. God is within us, closer than our jugular vein (Qur’an, 50:16), and when we come to know ourselves, we can align with His will already planted in our heart.


So what do the Bible and the Qur’an say about counterparts? Firstly, both books tell us that God created everything in pairs, such as “And of everything We have created pairs: That ye may receive Instruction” (Qur’an 51:49) and …“male and female he created them” (Gen. 1:27). I particularly like the Quranic text which seems to indicate that us being able to receive “instruction” (i.e. guidance) is somehow linked to our pair.

The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) said, “Women are the twin halves of men”. Your pair, your counterpart, is the person with whom you share the same essence and a “single nature and one self” (Sura al-Nisa 4:1). “It is He who created you from a single soul, And made its mate of like nature in order that you might dwell with her in love….” (Qur’an 7:189). In the Qur’anic philosophy each person is a zawj, a half of a whole consisting of two matching, interlocking and interworking parts. What is true throughout creation also applies to the human marriage, i.e. when something is created as one part of a pair it is clearly incomplete without the other – as the Qur’an states, “He himself created the pair, male and female” (Qur’an 53:45), and sometimes several incarnations take place with the zawjs making near misses.  However when the zawjs come together they reveal concealed potentials within each other, potentials that were impossible to realize while they were apart.

Regarding the marriage between counterparts, the Qur’an states: “And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” [Qur’an 30:21). Notice how the Qur’an is basically saying; this is how you know, and invites you to reflect on the “signs”. One thing is for sure: the stress and tension of an ill-fitting union are absent when one is bonded with the right person. There is no mention of mediocrity, emotional blackmail, co-dependency, being lost spiritually within the marriage and having to “work out differences” in what the Qur’an describes. Instead, God put PERMANENT love and mercy between the hearts of the counterparts, and they are a haven of tranquility for each other. They are each other’s medicine. In fact, the Yasir Qahdi mentions that the successful marriage is not when you can live in peace with your wife, but when you can’t live in peace without her.

Having said this, the idea of a counterpart (twin flame) is somewhat controversial in Islam, since many associate the literal theory of the “other half” as only applying to Adam and Eve, not other souls. However there are ayahs in the Qur’an which leave this issue open to interpretation. The reason that the theory of a soul mate, or twin flame, is not widely accepted in Islam is that Islam teaches us to be realistic and truthful, and such “fantasies” may even be seen as a form of zina (fornication) with the mind. Instead, Islam teaches us that once you have selected a spouse according to the guidelines set by Islam (their religious and inner qualities), then you MAKE marriage work, and the blessings follow from thereon. Basically, a male and female can build up a good relationship but ONLY within the framework of a marriage. Anything else is haram, forbidden.

Basically, your spouse is your soulmate.

However beyond the Islamic guidelines is the deeper truth found in the Qur’an which closely reflects that found in the Bible. It is the truth of connection, of Union: when God intends a man and woman for each other, they join together & become one. “They are no longer two but one flesh” (Matthew 19:6). That it is. They become “yoked together”, end of story. Being “one” with someone (or not) cannot be faked, denied or ignored permanently. No person, no event, no act, no decision can ever pull apart such a Union, whether these two get to live their lives as husband or wife or not; whether they are a part of each other’s lives or not. “Therefore what God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Matthew 19:6). True counterparts, through the merging of their energetic fields, know that they carry a part of the other so tightly entwined within their being that it would be impossible to untangle one from the other, or God from what is between them. They are bound together for eternity; their spiritual growth always a reflection of the other.

In the Islamic tradition, marriage is half of a person’s “deen” (i.e. their “duty” to God). Many people understand this as meaning that the act of marrying completes half their duty towards God – like they can finally sigh a sigh of relief, phew, that’s that done, right? No, wrong. Just the simple act of marrying, if done for the wrong reasons, is unlikely to get you any closer to God. After all, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made it very clear it is always the spirit behind the act which counts more than the act itself. This is how important it is to find the right marriage partner. Yet two people who have come to know God and who call on their Beloved and find their reflection and echo in the other are still a rare occurrence in this world.

According to Islam, Allah has already written the provision for every soul on this earth, including whom we marry. Yet marriage is a decision that many people take without an accurate knowledge of God or themselves. For the majority of us, our marriages are unions of convenience. Oftentimes we exercise our free will too hastily and enter into relationships to fill a lack inside; for the other person to complete us, to aid our personal growth, to make us happy, to start a family, to support us financially etc. We choose our partners based on physical attraction, their financial status or family background, their ability to bear our children, their intelligence and so on. You get the gist. Your true counterpart is rarely your chosen wife or husband since these arrangements are made by you and represent a physical union.


So, what if you are already married but find that the person whom God intended for you, your counterpart, is still out there? It is not uncommon at all for twin flames to be already married upon meeting. When this happens, many find themselves challenged to the core by the fact that God’s undeniable call to divine service could come through loving another person, especially if one does not happen to be married to that person. Society tells us that the person we marry is the one we are supposed to love exclusively – and even if through our spiritual and emotional growth we find God and realize we are stuck in an incompatible marriage, we still persist with it because this is what our societal, religious and cultural conditioning tells us to do. It takes a lot of courage to let ourselves feel – let alone pursue – the deep love that our true counterpart awakens within us and to forsake what we have been taught to perceive as morally wrong and contrary to God’s command in favor of what our heart tells us is right, divine and true.

Let’s be honest though, how many of us have sincerely selected our partners based their ability to remind us of God and his Love? Are our husbands and wives the beacons of light God intended them to be, pointing us towards the eternal life? The thing is, real love brings us closer to God. It is an act of worship which connects us with ourselves and others at soul level. Since it comes from Spirit; it also creates a living connection to God and to a greater purpose. It is unconditional love which exists by its own right, through a flow of divine love connecting the two lovers no matter that the circumstances or distance between them. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God” (1 John 4:7). Such love could never be wrong.

The Qur’an says: “God made their hearts familiar” (Qur’an 8:63) through “the light of Oneness that yields spiritual love and familiarity in the heart; for love is the shadow of Oneness, familiarity the shadow of love, and balance the shadow of familiarity.” Since God is ONE, “the closer the heart is to Oneness, the stronger the power of love is within it.” Surely this explains why the twin flame love is so strong and at times overwhelming. They help bring us back to the wholeness that we are by strengthening our love towards our self and others! Their mere presence acts as a purifying fire where everything other than love is burned away by the closeness to God.

Now I am not an advocate of anyone leaving their spouse at first sight of the Twin flame, and I certainly do not condone extramarital affairs. But beyond all the questions and moral dilemmas that arise, is the truth of what Real Love is: it is a movement towards unity, towards oneness. It is a home-bound move. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves: is love putting the blinders on and persisting with a profoundly incompatible marriage; or is it trusting the small voice inside our hearts which tells us to follow the call home, no matter what this may look like on the outside?

There is another way to look at this dilemma. Let’s say that you are married and meet your twin flame. You know it is God calling you into Union with this person but you do not feel you should leave your marriage; after all, your partner hasn’t done anything wrong – or maybe they have – but either way you don’t want to hurt them. Perhaps you hide away from you twin flame hoping she and the feelings for her will go away in time – or maybe you engage in an illicit affair with them behind your marriage partners back; somehow thinking that this is a better solution than leaving them (which it of course isn’t). However, what if in such a situation, you saw your first loyalty as being towards God? What if in examining your heart you recognized that you had married this person before you had come to know and trust God? Surely then, you can admit that this marriage is not by divine mandate but by human choice and could begin to take the steps necessary to realign yourself with God’s will.

Here comes the truth: You do not trust God. You are fighting him! Realize that there is no such thing as free will. Not really. God’s will for you is your will and you fight it because you want it all on your terms. You do not choose who you love. God chooses for you – and he makes no mistakes.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight

(Proverbs 3:5-6)



In the Islamic tradition at least, there is no higher love between humans than the love which is for the sake of God; love that exists for the simple reason that the person we love brings us closer to God and points us in His direction. The Qur’an states that on the day of judgment, it is those who love each other for the sake of God – meeting for His sake and parting for His sake – that will find shade. Our main consideration in selecting our partner therefore should always be how much love they inspire in us and how close to God they bring us – after all it is by the amount of love in our hearts that we will be judged.

God tells us to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). Furthermore, both Holy books speak about the importance of loving others like we love ourselves. “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself” (Hadith 13) and “Love your neighbour as yourself” (Mark 12:31). It is worth considering that these verses cover a deeper meaning, which is that perhaps we have not known God, or true love, until we have EXPERIENCED what it is to truly love another like we love ourselves, like twin flames do; where we hurt when they hurt, where their happiness is also ours, where nothing can be hidden or denied, and where we know without a doubt that at our core we are the same. This is Love. This is Union. This is to know God.

In the gospel of Thomas, which unfortunately did not make the final cut of the Bible having been judged as too “out there”, Jesus gives us a glimpse into what the “yoking together” of a man and a woman truly is, as well as what the reward for such love is. “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the Kingdom]” (Thomas 24).

That’s right. Reunion of the souls leads to God’s Kingdom.

As for marriages of convenience, where do they lead us? The Bible tells us not to be “unequally yoked together with unbelievers” (Corinthians 6:14) for “What fellowship can light have with darkness?”.  If true belief comes from learning to love the other as we love ourselves like the Prophet of Islam stated in the hadith previously quoted, then the warning the Bible gives us is not to bind ourselves to anyone who does not have such love. Are we with someone who loves us unconditionally? Someone who sees eternity in our eyes, and feels the closeness of God just at the thought of us? Furthermore, 1 Corinthians 7:16 says “How do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or, how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife?”. Just because someone is your husband or wife through an earthly bond of marriage does not mean that you will be “saved” together. This is why it’s important to trust God for the best possible plan for our lives, even if it means our lives will go in a new direction.

Since “God created everything in pairs”, it is God that is the point of reference for the counterparts. “He has set up the balance…” of all things, so the counterparts should only look for Him to set all things in the right equilibrium. This means, no rushed actions or jumps from one relationship to another in the hopes of catching the elusive twin flame; not without first doing the work to get to know our Self, learning surrender, becoming humble and establishing your personal relationship with God. Your priority has to be to first set things right with God, so that he can bring about the balance within your lives together if such is His will.

Surrender is so crucial because through it, we stop trying to play God. We release the illusion that we are in control here. God loves us and wants amazing things for us, but we need to know when we are standing in His way. More than anything therefore, surrender implies the end of resistance. It requires total acceptance since we cannot surrender something that we deny, or something that we won’t face. Rather we surrender when we no longer blame, control, deny, compromise, expect, push or pull, ignore, avoid, force, wait or manipulate. Surrender asks us to die to ourselves; to release who we think we are and to become nothing once more so that God can become everything in us. God needs space in us to work through us and he can only do this once we finally just allow whatever is to be.

With God, everything plays out perfectly as He planned it.

Ultimately what I am trying to say here is that the importance of marriage as a social contract should not never override its original purpose of true partnership, a mingling of the spirit, heart and soul of a male and a female of like nature, created together; fulfilling the divine mandate for their lives. Beyond the societal rules and restrictions that govern marriage and divorce there is simple truth: what good is a marriage, no matter how long or fruitful, if we do not see eternity in the eyes of our spouse? True love lasts forever – beyond time and space; beyond this lifetime into the eternal life; into Paradise, into Jannah. True counterparts hold the key to each other’s salvation and know that the other was sent by God to bring them home.

For me, this whole existence – and certainly the twin flame journey – would be pointless if I did not believe with ALL MY HEART that one day we will cross the gates of Paradise together. Just his presence – energetic, spiritual or physical, has helped make me a better person; and the love that I have come to know through him has made me a believer. I hold fast to the promise of an eternal life together (”You will be with those you love”- Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]) and I know it will be worth every moment spent apart. All I know is that my twin flame brings me closer to God. No one else can do it for me.  And this is how I know he is the one.

Does his marriage to another change this truth? No, not at all. First of all, meeting a twin flame does not have to destroy any marriages. Twin flames can also act as a positive, empowering force in each other’s lives without engaging in a sexual relationship. An Islamic fatwa states that if we feel love for a member of the opposite sex, then the emotion itself is not the subject of questioning on the Day of Judgment. If you feel you love someone, if you have a special affinity towards them, then you cannot control your feeling. Such love is not bad. Love has to do with the heart, and it may appear in a person’s heart for reasons known or unknown. Feel free to embrace it. However, when we take that love and give expression to our feelings in actions permissible only within the bond of marriage then our action becomes forbidden.

To truly love someone means to have reverence and respect for that person. If our twin flame is married to someone else and chooses to stay in the marriage, then a true twin flame will accept and embrace such a marriage as an extension of their Union. This is because true counterparts know the value of the other as a spiritual person, and it is from reverence that they source the willingness to grant the beloved the spiritual space needed to freely travel his/her own path. It is for this reason that true counterparts never make any demands on each other. Their connection is unique and irreplaceable, whether they are together or not – and no amount of sex, marriage vows, babies, or years together can ever bring forth such a connection with another. It either exists organically from the offset – or it doesn’t. True counterparts are always within each other, a part of each other in a way that could never render them insecure towards each other. It just is what it is. Even if one of them is married to another, they will always be reminded of their eternal promise to each other; and their Union, whether here on earth or in the Heavens, is always only a matter of time. “Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”Ephesians 4:2-3

In my heart, I know that God brings twin flames together for so much more than just a life together as a couple here on earth. I know that if mine is showing up in my life – and I his – it means that I am being invited to step deeper into God’s love and into spiritual service, to step off the wheel of incarnation and to go home. My twin flame brings me close to God. Nothing or no one can ever change this truth. That’s why when my twin flame told me, I think God sent you to me & vice versa, to challenge us, to expand us and guide us to his path, to his truth, to our eternal life & salvation, to peace and serenity”, this alone means more to me than any other promise of earthly marriage or life. It tells me that he is headed home – and I will be there to welcome him with open arms; whether it be in this realm, or the next.




Dear Readers, Friends, Beautiful Souls,

I am sorry for my long absence – I never intended to stay away so long!

THANK YOU sincerely for all your messages and emails asking me whether I will publish something again soon. To cut a very long story short, I was guided to take a few months out to process the growth and lessons of the past two years since my re connection with my Twin flame and my separation from my husband. As some of you may know, in the last 18 months I got close to my twin again through long, deep late night chats – our first ones for a decade. Even though he seemed cautious, probably for fear of protecting his marriage and perhaps his heart, he was marveling at the connection and feeling the pull too, telling me he was sure it was God drawing us to each other.

Our chats were, as always, deeply spiritual, eye-opening, reassuring and flirtatious. Just his presence in my life helped me take the steps necessary to initiate the separation from my husband and to withstand the turmoil that followed. He also turned to me for support, for a listening ear – and I could not have been more grateful. I truly do know him, his soul and spirit, like I know myself. As for the man who he portrays in this life; this persona that he has created… Sometimes that man drives me mad and I wish I didn’t see through him so easily. I find it so hard to get him to pinpoint exactly what he thinks, feels and experiences (funnily, he blamed me for this exact same thing) and when I do, he seems to contradict himself in the next moment. At his worst he is illogical, inconsiderate, aloof … I may be exaggerating a little there but you get what I mean right? I have millions of questions I would love to ask him, face to face, without the weight of expectations, or consequences – and to be honest, until this spring I thought we were getting there.

Unfortunately he has been silent again for the past five months or so; pretty much from the time I stopped writing. It’s no accident that those two things coincided. Only a few weeks earlier our 3D selves had been planning a weekend together at his house, with the purpose of having a long, uninterrupted heart to heart and hopefully some fun. He seemed to be genuinely looking forward to it – until he cancelled on me. It didn’t take long for him to start acting aloof and from thereon it all just unraveled. One night, I woke up with a jolt to a heated conversation in the spiritual realms, with him telling me that he wasn’t ready. It felt like being kicked off the bed without an explanation. Although I only caught the end of the conversation, it left me with an uneasy feeling. At first I didn’t think anything of it but his 3D-self stopped contacting me pretty much from that day. My inspiration went too as I felt pushed away from him, the connection and my writing, to deal with “more practical matters” as well as more growth, insights, and unfortunately, hurt.

I know that this is very much how the healing process between me and my twin works– if the silences stretch to months it’s not because we intentionally want to ignore each other but because the times of connection and healing follow on from each other – and often the healing requires distance in order to make sense of things without the overwhelming presence of the other. Equally, when the invisible elastic cord between us snaps back, we find ourselves reconnecting again. So, here I am again, feeling the pull once more.

I wanted to share with you briefly what happened after our all-night chat (which I blogged about here) because this is pretty much where I left off. I have a lot to tell but I’ve gotta start somewhere. During the chat in question he had asked me about my spiritual visions/ experiences, telling me that if in deed they were true then I must be an angelic, a Goddess, in which case he would divorce his wife and be like me. He had reassured me that he was not being sarcastic but that he truly wanted me to think about it and enlighten him. I guess I knew better than to overwhelm him with the details of the deep spiritual and personal experiences I have shared with his higher self, however I simply could not help myself. As the inspiration in me grew, one thing led to another and I ended up proposing marriage to him.



No, seriously. I did.


I did.

Now this may seem like a big jump from asking him to accept me back into his life as a friend just six months prior but with the love that surrounded me in that moment it felt right. I hadn’t forgotten that my simple offer of friendship had ignited in him “overwhelming emotions and feelings” which kept him quiet for five months; a silence he had JUST broken…. But the Universe did not simply whisper at me to do it, it shouted – and answering his question just somehow lead me there. Of course I wasn’t talking about just marriage in the traditional, societal way – I was talking about marriage as an act of worship, as a means to get closer to God, as a means to fulfill the divine mandate – as the final step before the return home.

In my letter to him I quoted the Quran heavily since I resonate with its description of true love and a marriage partner the most; and I knew, being Muslim, he would be able to relate to it too. Therefore, in my next blog post which will follow shortly hereafter; rather than share the letter that I wrote him, I wanted to share some of my insights into the Quranic and Biblical quotes surrounding the ideas of marriage, true love and the twin flame journey. It’s a subject that interests me a lot and I would love your comments.

Love, Jonna




For me, there has been no greater joy on this path than the discovery of the Self in the other. No other human bond provides more latitude and depth for this than the Twin flame connection, since it is in the reflection of our truest self in the other that we find our Self, as well as the answers to our deepest existential questions.

Unfortunately, it is also here that we come to know our most devastating pain which does NOT come from seeing them love another, but from having to feel our way out of the proverbial darkness they often unexpectedly leave us in. It is the pain of not knowing “what” or “why”, brought on by their silences, denials, absences, avoidance and contradictions that kills us. It cuts so deep that to make it stop we often literally disconnect from a part of ourselves, just to be able to function. In the midst of it all, we wonder whether the love that we shared with them ever really existed, and if it did, was the reason we lost it because we never deserved it in the first place? The struggle to find our wholeness again, this time not through them but through a deep dive into our soul, is REAL. Yet the journey must be made because it is the only way for us to heal.

With this in mind, I inadvertently happened upon the movie Hancock, featuring Will Smith (John Hancock) and Charlize Theron (Mary Embrey). Having seen the trailer years ago I thought the film would be an action flick about a drunken, arrogant superhero with no past who slowly becomes a better man through his efforts to find himself and his purpose. To be honest, I wasn’t interested, however just as I was about to change the channel the following scene between the two main characters and Ray, Mary’s husband (Jason Bateman) came on. In the scene, Mary tries to explain her connection with Hancock to her husband.

Mary: “Whatever we are, we were built in twos, ok? We are drawn to each other. No matter how far I run, he’s ALWAYS there, he finds me. It’s physics”.

Ray: “What are you saying? Are you saying you two are fated to be together?”

Mary: “I’ve lived a very long time, Ray, and one thing I’ve learnt is: fate doesn’t decide everything. People get to choose”.

Hancock (to Mary, in disbelief): “And you CHOSE to let me think I was here alone?”

Mary: “I didn’t think you’d remember”.

Ray: “Great. So now what”?

Mary: (upset) “I didn’t plan for this”.

Curious, I switched onto channel +1 and watched the film from the beginning. It turns out that what the Hancock movie trailer completely fails to touch upon is the mystical, divine connection between the two main characters, which is effectively the big plot twist of the movie. Hancock is in fact not a comedy about a drunken superhero — but a drama about fate, love, sacrifice – and twin flames.

Hancock is the story of an immortal “superhero” who has lost his identity to alcohol and his memory to amnesia, having woken up 80 years prior in a Miami hospital unable to recall anything of his past or origin. His physical struggle is however only a reflection of his inner turmoil to physically find himself and his true identity, and to act on his purpose in life. I really liked the fact that even though this is a “twin flame movie”, this wasn’t the main focus of the film, but rather it was Hancock’s journey to find himself.

When Hancock rescues the well-meaning Ray from being killed by a train, Ray invites him to dinner at his house and it is here that Hancock meets Ray’s wife, Mary, and son, Aaron. Mary seems to have an instant dislike for Hancock and even warns her husband to not get involved with him. However Ray, always seeing the best in everyone, has a plan to improve Hancock’s public reputation and invites him on a journey of redemption; a journey which Hancock first rejects – only to return to it later.


The battle for the Truth

From the beginning, there is a subconscious knowing for Hancock that there is something going on with Mary that he can’t quite put his finger on, whether it is sexual chemistry or more. When Hancock and Mary are together, everything is stronger and actually a little “off”. Without really understanding the magnetism between them, Hancock finds himself pulled to Mary for answers to his deepest questions; almost as if by understanding their connection he will learn to understand and know himself. What Hancock cannot remember – and what Mary is keeping from him – is that they are twin flames. Having settled into a “normal” life in the matrix as Ray’s wife and mother to Aaron, she wants nothing more than to get Hancock out of her family’s life. Despite this, she cannot help but feel drawn to him.

When Hancock discovers that Mary also has superhuman powers and that he is not the only one of his kind, he demands answers. Initially, like any good twin flame “runner”, she avoids the subject, goes out of her way to tell Hancock what a good man Ray is and how happy she is with him and then eventually turns hostile and extremely protective of her family, warning him to stay away. She wants to keep her “normal” life intact. Although she seems unnecessarily cold towards Hancock, it is only because she knows that this connection, should she give into it, would not come without the complete destruction of life as she knows it; a life that she chose.

Many twin flames, just like Mary, know EXACTLY who the other is upon meeting. Whether they put the twin flame label on it or not, they will (at least subconsciously) know that they are meant to be with this person – no matter how long down the line they feel it will be. Often the arrival of the twin flame catches them by surprise, unprepared, not knowing how to deal with the calling and magnetic pull they’d rather ignore – yet knowing that one day they will have to give into it, because it is WHO THEY ARE.

The thing with this connection is that it engages us fully; and undeniably, when we choose to ignore it we somehow end up ignoring a part of ourselves; in Mary’s case her superpowers and immortality. Having rejected her destiny and purpose in exchange for a “normal” life, she now wants to keep Hancock’s relationship with her and his past a secret as well. This really struck a chord with me because where there is twin flame separation; there is often denial and secrecy, in one way or another. Isn’t this exactly what so many of us experience?  There are certainly moments on this journey where I feel like John Hancock, just figuring it all out, while there’s a chance that my twin flame is like Mary, having known who I am from day one.

In the film, Hancock must battle Mary to discover who he really is. In Hancock’s case, the more he pushes for answers, the more Mary resists, determined to keep Hancock from ruining her “happy life” but likewise determined to live her life apart from him so he can continue to be a superhero. Hiding the true nature of their connection she tells him they were “brother and sister”, but Hancock calls her bluff and threatens to tell Ray. Afraid that Hancock will ruin her marriage, Mary attempts to stop him, causing their argument to spiral out of proportion – exactly like true twin flames. I liked how the film showed the intensity of their disagreement; how exaggerated it all seemed. After the two battle each other to exhaustion Mary finally comes clean and reveals the truth to both Hancock and her husband.

Mary tells Hancock that they are divine, angelic beings created in pairs and drawn to each other across millennia. Unfortunately when the eternal lovers succumb to their fated attraction, their powers fade and they become mortal, which makes them susceptible to aging, injury and death. Mary and Hancock had survived together through numerous lifetimes, for more than three thousand years, until 80 years prior – having succumbed to their mutual desire to live human lives together – they were assaulted on the streets of Miami. With Hancock no longer able to recognize her, and struggling with a moral dilemma over her calling (and his), Mary leaves him in the hospital so he can live and carry on with his mission. Even though she is conflicted about her decision, she chooses separation for the greater benefit of all, including Hancock, who she knows will regain his strength with her away. In a way, she also wants to avoid her destiny by denying her powers.

While Mary eventually falls into a less destructive kind of love with Ray and lives a “normal” human life, Hancock, on the other hand, is lost. Unaware of who or what he is, yearning to be known fully – not least to himself, he wanders aimlessly, aching for a connection that he can’t quite articulate. He ends up following the path of many lost souls and drowns his existential malaise in alcohol while still attempting to rescue lives; often with disastrous results. It is only eighty years later on the other side of the country that he finds Mary once again but due to his amnesia does not recognize her.


Lesson One

The backstory tells us that Hancock and Mary purposely dismissed their calling as angelic beings sent to assist humankind and gave into the temptation of a human life together. In doing so, Hancock ended up not only forgetting his true nature but also opened himself up to the susceptibility of mortality. His amnesia therefore is no accident; it is the direct consequence of him rejecting his calling; indeed, Hancock lost himself because he tried to be something that he wasn’t; he tried to be human when he was really an immortal. It is here the first lesson this film offers: that it is only by accepting our God-given identity and mission that we gain knowledge of the Self, and can lead truly purposeful and happy lives. Everyone, just like Hancock, has the choice to accept or reject who they are called to be – and both these choices have consequences.

Personally, I believe that the call to be true to ourselves and to realize our purpose here MUST COME FIRST. After all, even Hancock found out the truth about himself and his connection with Mary only once he had fully surrendered to his mission with grace and dignity. As long as we are being true to ourselves, twin or no twin, we find the fulfilment we seek. By pursuing our true identity with perseverance, we achieve what we came here to do, whereas if we reject who we are by faux self-rationalization or self-loathing, we fail, living an aimless life, or come to a diseased demise.

Lesson Two

Another lesson in the film revolves around the possibility that sometimes we may have to temporarily sacrifice our heart’s desire for the greater good of all. Of course, at the level of our deepest being, the yearning for our counterpart never goes away: it is how we were created and how we find our way back home. However, what this film suggests is that we may not be meant to live a human existence with our Twin flame – but rather, it is eternity that is reserved for the deepest love of all; the sacred union of the soul. Could it be that perhaps to fulfil our mission on this planet we must temporarily sacrifice our desire to be with them? Is it that we are more valuable to the world if we are apart and focus our energy on healing the world and its people? This is a possibility every twin flame should at least consider. In the film it is only through the sacrifice of their desire to be together that Mary and Hancock can function and complete the mission they came here for.

I can certainly resonate with how loving our Twin flame does not always mean that we have to be with this person, right here, right now… In fact, we can love them with all that we are and still choose to be apart… Sometimes we must step back and allow them to live. Regardless, the love never lessens or goes away and if like Mary and Hancock we acknowledge and accept it as part our Self, we can never truly be without our Twin again. Then, the connection becomes a source of reassurance and comfort for us; and acts as an anchor which not only helps ground us deeper into this human experience, but that also helps us excel in our mission.

Although the film lacks the storybook happy-ever-after of a physical union that often comes with the romanticized idea of twin flames, I actually think that the ending is a realistic and positive one, portraying a serenity and acceptance of the choices that each of the film’s characters has made. It resonated with me that Hancock, now secure in the knowing of who he is, dedicates himself to his mission, content to keep his distance from Mary until the time comes for them to be together again. It resonated with me because this journey is never about the other, it’s about the Self – and no matter what the outer circumstances are it is always within our gift to grow, heal and serve. If truth be told, I think many of us could do with taking a page out of Hancock’s book and use the connection to propel ourselves deeper into our mission, rather than wasting away counting days to a reunion which – by the way – is only a matter of time.


Lesson Three

This leads me to the final and the most important lesson in this film; that union with our counterpart is a CHOICE. To borrow Mary’s words, people get the choose. Indeed, Mary and Hancock are not prisoners of their earthly circumstances, or of their divine calling. For them (and perhaps for us?) there is no right or wrong – just choices. According to the film backstory, all the other angelic beings had already paired up and died, i.e. returned to source. Mary and Hancock could also do so at any time but ONLY once they are ready to leave their human existence, i.e. their work here is done, or because they BOTH choose it – or because they are being called home.

This is a very thought-provoking idea in itself; to see Union as the final step before ascension; as the direct consequence of relinquishing our free will in favour of fate. In order for this to happen, we must be willing to let go of all our resistance, egoistic needs and the search for short term gains and turn our eyes towards Heaven, because in doing so, we gain so much more. We must surrender to the connection and allow it to naturally draw the counterparts together – which it will do, amnesia or not! Like Mary says; it’s physics!

What we did not get to see in the film is that once the Twins heed to the call to pair up and go home, they get to experience sacred union in the human form, before eventually having to “die”. This death is two-fold: first, they die to themselves through the annihilation of the ego, and then finally step off the wheel of reincarnation, away from this ”test bed” that is the Earth and transition through death beyond this physical form and dimension. Here they experience a rebirth, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, and receive eternal life, true sacred union, and God’s pleasure. This is the reassurance that this film offers us beyond the physical and temporary circumstances of the main characters.

Indeed, we die here so that we may rise elsewhere and it is exactly what Twin flames who heed the call have to look forward to – sooner or later.



Although meeting our Twin flame ignites within us a stronger than ever yearning for “home”, for many of us the search for this elusive place started long before we ever heard the term “twin flames”. Perhaps you too recall moments where the distant memory of this place was triggered and you felt a deep longing, sadness or a desire to be somewhere you couldn’t consciously grasp or define? Perhaps like me, you too felt compelled to search for whatever it is that would fill that void and finally grant you inner peace?

My search for “home” started when I was a very small child…. Without knowing anything about reincarnation or even souls, I felt that for some reason I had ended up “in the wrong place”. This was not just about physical appearances (I was dark eyed/haired in a country of blue eyed and blonde haired people); I felt just as out of place inside. I was fascinated with other cultures and languages; particularly North Africa and the Arabic culture (incidentally, where my Twin grew up). From the age of about 7, I became aware of the presence of another being within my energetic space. In my dreams he would become a real person and. we would sit on top of sand dunes at moonlight looking down on sleepy towns, sharing our hopes and aspirations. Our togetherness, albeit imaginary, became the foundation of many of my childhood games, drawings and stories about eternal lovers hidden behind the veil of illusion; overcoming obstacles to finally be together.

My experience is by no means unusual: many of us maintain a REAL, living connection to our Twin flame YEARS before meeting them. After all, twin flames share the ability to reach out to each other through the boundaries of time and space and many are able to pick up on things, such as their twin’s name, or perhaps where they live. Later in life, some find themselves guided to travel or even to move to a different State, country or continent in order to cross paths with their twin flame. I am one of those who took such a leap of faith after I, aged 17, had a profound experience visiting Paris where I wept with joy feeling myself closer than ever to this elusive “home” I so yearned to find. It was there that I knew I had to settle; and it is there that I met my twin some six years later.

While being in Paris gave me a temporary sense of peace, I spent most of the year leading up to our meeting obsessively travelling the world as far and as wide as I could – and so did my twin. The sense of imminent arrival of this something I had searched for; this something I had wanted so long made me feel restless to the core, until one day, BOOM – there he was. HOME. I knew there and then that it was him that I had been searching for all my life. My life was complete.. I was complete. Needless to say, all my feelings of not belonging that had plagued me since my earliest childhood simply vanished with the realisation that this person -this ONE person – existed and by some miracle not only saw me fully but also loved & accepted what he saw 100%.


Was it a coincidence that we met? Absolutely not… The thing about the journey home is; you never just happen upon it. You have been on this path long before you ever awakened, long before you ever heard the term “twin flames”. In fact, the yearning for home is deeply ingrained within us and being with our Twin satisfies only part of this hunger through the sense of physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment that only they can provide. Our Twin FEELS LIKE HOME to us because they help awaken the memory of the vibration and energy that we held whilst in our original state back home. The desire of the soul to reunite with itself will always remain, however the craving for the original feeling of oneness with Source, or God will follow sooner or later – and it is here that our journey home truly begins.

Many of us may catch glimpses of “home”in meditation or in dreams and the yearning to return there may at times feel stronger than our desire to continue living in this third dimensional reality. For me and my twin, the yearning for home was felt long before we ever laid eyes on each other. It was also the catalyst for our first reunion, as well as a reoccurring element in our connection ever since. 

When I spoke to my Twin for the very first time after ending my three years of running, he asked me: “Where is your home, Jonna?” It was a very poignant question because we were both restless travellers at that time, living thousands of miles away from our places of birth. There was no denying that he was the closest to home that I had ever known, and if there was someone on this planet who I knew would take me there, it was him.

His question stayed with me that night and caused me to write my first ever inspired piece of writing. The words just flowed, as if by Divine grace. I didn’t know much about Twin flames or anything spiritual for that matter but his question stirred something deep within me and I had no choice but to lay my soul bare, speaking about our connection for the first time. This is what I shared with him.

“I thought about our last conversation and especially about when you asked me where I felt my home was.

I have to admit I did not give you my truest reply. You see, nobody ever asked me “Where is your home?”  I guess it’s quite ironic for someone who’s lived in and travelled to so many places. Nobody asked – only assumed. Maybe they thought they knew, maybe no one really cared. But you did: you asked. Now let me answer you from my heart.  

I have felt this all my life. If there was ever something I knew for sure, this was it. The deep longing, the sadness; a strong desire to be somewhere I couldn’t quite consciously grasp or define. There was a knowing in my heart that I was born in the wrong place, under the wrong skies. This is not my soul’s true home, I thought.  

Then came the questions without answers: why was I dreaming of faraway lands? Why did foreign languages come to me with such ease? Why did I identify so much with different cultures? I had the intense feeling that a part of me was somewhere out there, beckoning me … Something was missing and it was calling out to me.  

The older I got the more intense the feeling. Then came the searching; yet not knowing what I was looking for. And the more places I visited, the more obvious it was. Yes, the travelling felt good but none of the places I visited was “home”. But I knew it was out there and the certainty of it kept me going.

You see, “Home” can mean different places to different people but wherever it is, be it a dimension, another universe or the return God, it is that inner space of the heart that gives you an incredible feeling of rightness and warmth within. For those who truly love, home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Home is where you are welcome, accepted and loved. It’s warm, relaxing and open. It’s where our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are. It is a place filled with trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses.

Home is where you don’t have to pretend or be on your guard. Instead of envy, irritation and exasperation, there is a great understanding, support, forgiveness and compassion. There is no judging, possessing, controlling, boundaries or competition. This is a place where you are loved more than you are needed.

One day you will all meet the person who will take you there. You will instantly know that you’ve known this person for eons, in many lifetimes and beyond. She is your polar opposite and like magnets you are being pulled together. Yet even in this most powerful energy field, you feel relaxed and totally at ease; engulfed in the warm security on a familiar ground. In their embrace you know you’ve come Home. Time and place are no longer matter.

There is an immediate tie between you which defies verbal description. You recognise yourself in them; those eyes you had looked upon so many times before in so many faces; so deep you could see their soul and touch the feeling of pure light and love inside. Like mirrors reflecting only your true self back to you. 

Your mind, heart and consciousness flow together from the same fountain. She is not only a mirror of mind and spirit, but of the soul, the secret longings and aspirations. You love this person like you love yourself, with no expectations or conditions attached to that love – because you are One. You know that life will never be the same and you feel truly blessed.


She is someone who reads you like an open book, who understands you in ways no one else can. She doesn’t have that raised eyebrow look that the rest of the world does. It is because she knows you inside out, yet the discovery never stops. You share the same soul blueprint and soul energy, the same essence. The vision, feeling and purpose are the same. You are like the two sides of a coin: one but not the same. Together you create the perfect balance and become more than just the sum of your parts; each part fitting the other, interlocking like Roman rings, stretching but never snapping apart. When one moves inward the other fills the gap and when one overflows, there will always be space to send that abundance towards the other.

The power of her love is not in what she tells you to do, but in what you are inspired to be. The measure of her love is not in how much you are able to love her, but in the way you are able to love others as a result of it. She understands that you may need to journey deep within to recognise the other within yourself and that there may be some false turns and mistaken identities in the process. Therefore her love comes with the freedom to explore life with whomever you wish because she knows in the end it will help you find your way back HOME, to her.

This love will not come without its challenges. Being with this person is like cradling your sacred self, but also facing every shadow, every part of yourself, leaving you with nowhere to hide. It has the potential to inspire great inner healing but only through dealing with a part of yourself that you have chosen not to look at for quite some time: the mirror of YOU in the other that reflects all that is within you.

As your mirror, she will make you experience yourself directly, not through your past experiences, beliefs or ego, but through your heart and soul. She’ll make you dig deeper, reach higher, shed light on parts of you that are painful for you to see. She will have no choice but to make you expand and confront yourself. You must be made empty so that light can come in and fill you… 

Some days you will be so lost that you wish she never existed and there are days you believe she never really did, except in your imagination. There will be days when you fail and those days will feel like you are going mad. Other days the mirage transforms itself into the oasis just long enough for you to rest a moment in her arms; just enough to simply “be” and feel her as a part of YOU again.

Sometimes we have to travel long and far before we recognize our true home. We may pass it by like a ship in the night. Maybe we are not ready to face it, maybe we are scared. We do not believe it is possible, we doubt it… So we run from it and keep travelling, searching for a place that feels like home, but isn’t… While we travel, our soul’s flame burns brightly, lighting the way for all parts of the soul that are in separation to return home to the heart of the soul.

So if you ask me where my home is, this is my answer”.

Within weeks of sharing the above with my Twin, we shared a beautiful and intense reunion. Years later, he is still the closest thing to home that I have ever known and I know one day we will return “home” together. For me, our ultimate homecoming will be the return to our original state of Oneness; a return to source, to our eternal life. Seeing the twin flame connection and all its challenges and blessings as simple steps towards this return gives me a sense of peace that I might otherwise have struggled to gain.

Please be reassured that even if your Twin flame is not physically part of your life, there IS comfort to be found in their energetic and spiritual presence. Earth itself begins to feel more like home, just because they are here. You see, the journey home takes us beyond the desire of a physical connection into the fulfilment of a “deeper longing than the flesh”; that of a shared consciousness. At this level you are already ONE; you are already in UNION – even when everything else is up for grabs. Even when your Twin flame is not physically present, you can still heal, evolve and continue to live without feeling like you are missing something inside. In fact, the twin is within you for you to connect with; for you to enjoy and love, be it near or far. Settling into this joyous realization is part of coming home.






Dear Readers and friends,

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When twin flames meet, a powerful creative surge born out of the ignition and blending of their energetic and vibrational bodies completely shatters their illusion of time and space and is felt by BOTH Twins. This expansion is so powerful that it dissolves everything in its way to reveal the very special gift the Twin flame couple share: that of being able to bring forth that which is pure Spirit into the physical field of Creation. As creative expressions of God’s divine design, the Twins have within them the ability to co-create a new paradigm to replace the old. It is the very reason that Twin flames came here; to bring forth the NEW from the higher vibrational realities.

For the female twin, this creative surge is – certainly initially – felt in energetic pulsations originating in the lower pelvic and heart regions. Combined with the flow of kundalini, these sensations create an intense pull in the female reproductive organs, as old sexual cords to previous partners are “burnt” away and hidden DNA structures within our womb and ovaries (ethereal and physical) are activated. Feeling this region “come alive” and connect with our heart centre in such a vibrant and all-encompassing way is an intense experience which eventually pulls us out of the one dimensional way of feeling the connection (physical, sexual) into the multidimensional reality of cosmic Oneness.

One of the things this creative pulse often brings to surface is the need to procreate; after all, where else to pour this immense love than in the creation of a child together? Undeniably, for some of the incarnated counterparts currently being reunited this coming together involves having a child together, however for the majority it does not. Often this is simply not part of the Divine purpose the Twins are brought together. This however represents a problem and a dilemma for those Twins who are still trying to make the connection fit the old relationship template where the heart-pelvic pull alongside its biological effects would push the woman and man into physical union in order to conceive a child, thus continuing the cycle of life and binding the parents together for life. The twin flame couple however hardly needs this to form a lasting bond; they are already part of each other on all possible levels; energetic, spiritual, ethereal, emotional and energetic. Neither do they need to procreate in order to continue the cycle of life; the atomic and energetic merging and cosmic dance of their opposing polarities births the NEW continuously in multiple dimensions, thus endlessly perpetuating the cycle of life.

Undeniably though, the ignition of the seed of divine love and creative power definitely pushes the female twin’s cosmic creative and nurturing abilities up a notch or two; often bringing to the surface the yearning to have a child with our twin flame. We are still human after all; with our hormones and biological clocks, and with motherhood built deeply into the layers of our psyche and social status. For many of us, becoming a mother is something we know we want to experience.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a child with our Twin flame, it is rarely something that organically happens in the Twin flame connection. The dynamic of the connection (geared towards self-realization and return to Source rather than the often karmic task of child-rearing) rarely brings us the Union we dream of within the timeframe of our biological urges and abilities to create a child. Often, the female Twin ends up frustrated, wondering what she should do. On the one hand, she loves her Twin and KNOWS they are meant to be together. She wants the whole shebang with him: babies, marriage, mission, ascension… BUT the Twin is not available and perhaps even denies the existence of the connection. Either way, he is miles from being ready to procreate with her. On the other hand, she may have an existing life partner or perhaps a new man she knows she could have a comfortable life and family with – and more importantly, who wants her, NOW. What is a woman to do?83648c7c00b61b212f12e2485a7a154c

Oftentimes added to the dilemma is the fact that the woman is being bombarded by signs, dreams and visions of a child that she and her Twin are to have together. These dreams are so real and lucid, and often cross the veil between dreamtime and our awakened state; bringing life-like sensations and experiences to us that stay with us for the rest of our life. It is hard to understand how to consolidate these with the reality of the connection (i.e. the silences and absence of our Twin); and with the love felt yet denied.

Bringing children forth onto the earth plane is a personal and individual decision, and not every Twin flame couple has chosen to partake in the hosting of newly incarnating souls together. Nevertheless, if it is in YOUR life purpose to assist with the rearing of a new soul, you WILL be made aware of this. Since the etheric birth cords form months before conception, it is not uncommon for the child to enter into communication with the future parent through dreams and visions. Life always finds a way and any child that is meant to born will be born; either with an existing partner or through a new whirlwind relationship, where the other twin quickly moves on and conceives a child.

Even though in such cases the child may not be biologically created by you and your Twin flame, it is the energy of the Union which has attracted the soul to you; after all, every soul wants to be born into the vibration of unconditional love. In fact, often one or both Twins sense that the conception happened during an astral meld between the Twin flame couple, indicating that our Twin flame is in fact the child’s spiritual parent. Often the male will feel the pregnancy even before the female does, even when the two are in no contact, and he may even feel the foetus’ heartbeat and movements within his own ethereal body.

From this it is clear that all the children born to either of the Twin flame couple are children of the union, regardless of who biologically fathers the child. Having a child with another may be part of agreements we must fulfil before Union; bringing important lessons of love, gratitude and responsibility for the twin flame parent; lessons which often assist the Union rather than going against it. In addition, the twin flame separation (which can last years or even decades) often provides the necessary gap in which to rear a family with a karmic connection – our maternal instincts take over and for a while we are able to put the twin flame union into the backburner as we concentrate on raising the child(ren).

If you have or are contemplating stepping away from the twin flame connection to have a family with someone else, please do not feel guilty about it. You never know what the future holds but if you and your Twin flame are meant to reunite somewhere down the line it will happen, children or not. So allow the flow of life to take you where it needs to without worrying about the “what if’s”. On the other hand, if you are on the receiving end of the pain that comes with the reality that your Twin flame is having a child with another, please know this: no matter how you feel about it now, no one trapped your Twin into having this child. In fact, this child did not get created without YOUR consent. Drop the drama: if you are truly Twin flames, loving this child as part of the unconditional love you extend to your Twin flame will not be hard for you. In fact, many twin flames feel a deep parental bond with each other’s children, even though they may have never met them. Ultimately it does not matter how the child came into existence: you are always spiritually bonded to each other’s children; the child always a child of your heart.


Years ago I too went through a time of intense yearning for a child with my Twin flame. This craving seemed to be born out of my kundalini awakening and the unconditional love flowing through me; boosted by his first words to me after three years apart about how much he still wanted to marry his “polar opposite” and have children. Considering that he had once upon a time referred to me as such, it was hard for me not to link the two together when we subsequently passionately reunited and I started to have constant dreams, flashes and visions about giving birth. My 30th birthday was fast approaching and at that point I had been in the same long-term relationship for the past 8 years, knowing I did not want to bring children into it.

Nevertheless, as any woman who has ever felt the biological and hormonal NEED to procreate will tell you, I knew I was to have this child, no matter what. It wasn’t just the sound of my biological clock ticking; I was feeling “spiritually urged” to receive this child and sure enough soon the laughter of my children was resonating through all the dreams where my Twin flame also appeared. Unfortunately even when we seemed to share the same dreams, he denied the presence of children in his. It was hard not to get disheartened with his harsh “I never saw you as the mother of my children” when I was only trying to make sense of it all. For me those children were already real.

One particular dream that stuck to my mind was one where I gave birth to a baby boy. I remember lying on a hospital bed, surrounded a lot of people dressed in white, with my twin flame stood on my right side. To this day I remember the feeling of the baby’s floppy, warm body being laid onto my naked chest, the way he moved, the weight of him. I remember the feeling of his wet hair as I ran my fingers through it. Having never even held a new born baby, I was amazed to have the sensory accuracy of this experience confirmed to me a year or so down the line. In the dream, I distinctly remember my twin leaning in and whispering something in Arabic in the baby’s ear. I recognised it as the Islamic call to prayer. Of course I didn’t know it at the time, but according to the Islamic tradition, the first words a new baby should hear are the call to prayer – and it is the father who whispers this into the baby’s right ear. It is certainly no coincidence that my Twin soon thereafter told me that he had started to read the Quran and was finding a lot of comfort in it, and in fact years later he converted to Islam.earthmama

For a while I was quietly convinced that I was meant to have children with him; after all, it seemed too random that I would have been woken up spiritually after years of separation, reunited with him and then bombarded by visions of a child together – only to be denied both the reunion and the child. On the contrary, it made perfect sense that we were meant to do this together; we both wanted children and dreamt of a similar life; shared deep values and loved each other. Yet the reality of the connection was that he was now pulling away again, having told me he had “done his soul searching” and decided to remain in his marriage.

A few months later, still riding the wave of confusion between my Twin’s hints at deep feelings and denials of any possible future with me, I had another series of visions and dreams. In one that particularly stuck in my mind I was back in my native country, browsing around in a shop with my mother and three children, two boys and a girl. The weather outside was wet and cold, which made me think of late autumn weather. Suddenly my phone rang and I was surprised to hear my Twin’s voice on the other end. Clearly he had not called me for years. He basically told me that I was the one he had always loved and how he wasn’t afraid anymore. After all these years, he was finally ready to be with me and to see where the road would take us. I fell down on my knees sobbing out of sheer relief.

The dream stayed with me vividly for many reasons; one of which was that it was clear these children were mine but not his. They were no longer babies either; indicating that the separation had been long. The dream had been just as real as the others, yet I refused to entertain the idea that these precious children were not going to be my Twin’s. I simply could not see how I could ever want another man after the intense purification I had gone through to reach this vibration of unconditional love for him.

Nevertheless, a few months later it became clear that I was paying too high an emotional price for hanging on. After one last conversation which confirmed to me that this was not meant to be, I left everything behind and set off to the travel the world. Unexpectedly I met a man who seemed to know what he wanted and who was serious about building a family together. I remember looking at him and just knowing I was meant to have children with him. This man was a God-sent: unlike my Twin, he was there for me every step of the way as I finally once and for all moved on from the abusive relationship I had been in.

When we married six months later I was already pregnant with our first child, a boy – the boy that I had been dreaming about for several months. When my Twin found out about my marriage and pregnancy, he remained silent and did not even congratulate me. It was only once the baby was born and I sent him a picture that he tearfully replied, telling me how emotional he felt seeing me holding the baby with my “tender maternal yet firm” arms. I knew things had unfolded just as they were supposed to, however it took a decade for my children, two boys and a girl, to grow enough for me to remember and recognize them as the children in my dream. They are exactly as I envisioned them all those years ago.

In conclusion, it is true that we as women have been blessed with the ability to act as portals between the Spirit world and the human experience and that many of us will accept the task of bringing new souls into this world, even if this is unlikely to be with our Twin flame. However beyond the decision to have children together or not, Twin flames are always co-creators, always love, always One. They share the gift of authentic heart creation, as well as shared responsibility to nurture and help ripen the seed of divine love, ignited by the male in the woman. She often bears the burden of this seed until it is ready to manifest into the physical world, very much as if she was carrying a child. In the meantime, the twin flames have a duty to use their creative impulses and the gift of authentic heart creation to advance their own spiritual journey, help others and to bring balance to their Union.essence_of_life_by_inertiak


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As the world has been celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, I have been guided to write about another baby, namely the Twin flame baby. However before I publish my insights and experience on this subject, I wanted to ask you all to consider helping me make a very special Christmas wish come true for the amazing Orta family (GA, USA) who are looking to rescue and bring home a little boy from an Eastern European orphanage in January 2016. So please, if you’ve gotten value from this blog in 2015 and you are feeling charitable and Christmassy, please consider donating to Bring Evan Home.

To encourage your donations, I have decided to do  GIVEAWAY of Twin flame related items. For each $10 donated, you will get one entry into the prize draw which will be drawn at noon GMT on the 18th January 2016. if you donate $50, you will get 5 entries & so on. Winners will be notified on the same day – and items posted by airmail on the 19th January 2016.

If you want to be entered into the giveaway, all you need to do is to forward a copy of the “Thank you for your donation to Help us rescue Evan from the orphanage!” email which you will receive from GoFundMe to my email at mirrorofmysoulblog@gmail.com. If you have already donated, you will be entered into the prize draw automatically (unless of course you donated anonymously, in which case you should forward me your confirmation).

The giveaway currently contains the following items:

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  • Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships (paperback) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet – A very famous spiritual messenger who carried on with the mission even after the passing of her husband & Twin flame Mark. http://www.summitlighthouse.org/
  • A Hundred Thousand Angels (CD) by Bliss – Beautiful soul elevating music by a super talented Twin flame / Soul mate couple Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett
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The Story of why you should support Evan

Six years ago when as I was expecting my daughter (who had been prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome) I came across Reece’s Rainbow. Reece’s is a US based charity which helps to advocate and find families for orphans with Down’s Syndrome (DS) and other special needs by raising funds or adoption grants and promoting awareness. While nowadays it is possible for many individuals with DS to live happy and fulfilling lives, in many places around the world children like my daughter are abandoned shortly after birth and viewed as outcasts with no ability to learn or to be functional members of society. Often these children are transferred into adult mental institutions at a very young age (in some countries as young as 5) and many don’t live to see their 6th birthday.

My daughter, 5, pictured today. She attends a mainstream school and every day she rewrites the rulebook of what it means to have DS - she is bright, funny, loving, independent, cheeky and never misses a beat!

I was so deeply touched by the stories of children like my daughter (above) from all around the world that a year or so after her birth I found myself drawn into advocating and fundraising for orphaned children with DS (without knowing it, my Twin flame was also active in the adoption circles at the time; trying to adopt a boy and a girl with his wife). Then, BOOM, back in 2013, one little boy on Reece’s website stole my heart – Meet Evan!


Evan is a 4-year old little boy from Eastern Europe who was abandoned at just one month old because he has Down Syndrome. Isn’t he just precious!!! Unfortunately where he is from, children like him face a life behind crib bars, with no medical care, few diaper changes, fed broth maybe once a day, rarely (if ever) held or taken outside. So when at the beginning of 2014 I saw that a family from Georgia, USA, had committed to giving Evan a forever home, I got in touch with Christie (the mum) to see how I could help.


Just like me, the Orta family had fallen in love with Evan the moment they saw his sweet face on Reece’s Rainbow. They are an amazing family with so much love to give. In their hearts he is already their cherished son and a much adored little brother to Laura. They have everything Evan needs to live a fulfilling and happy life: not only will he have so much LOVE, but all his medical and therapeutic needs will be taken care of, and as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher with many years of experience working with children with disabilities (including DS), Christie will know just how to help Evan reach his fullest potential.

The total cost of Evan’s adoption is about $38,000 and the Ortas along with family, friends (including me) and the Community have already raised a bulk of this through their fundraising efforts in the past 2 years! They are now preparing for a final trip to Eastern Europe to bring Evan home in January 2016 (flights are already booked!!), however they still need to raise about $5,000 to complete the adoption. So dear readers, friends and fellow bloggers who read me in your thousands every day from all around the world…  You may not be in a position to adopt a child but maybe you are in a position to help ONE CHILD find a home? Maybe you could give $5 or maybe $50 or maybe more? 100% of donations received will go directly to Evan’s adoption. This fundraiser does not benefit me in anyway – and for those of you in the US, your donations are tax deductible.

You can donate directly to the Orta’s GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/4wdtv0

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything that YOU are able to contribute…even if you are only able to share Evan’s story with your friends and family. Every child deserves a loving home and a family – and I want to ensure this time next year there is at least one orphan less in the world!

God Bless you all and have a lovely holiday season.

Love, Jonna  xx

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