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When our search for The One leads us Home

So TRUE! “All true change comes first through acceptance and awareness of what is happening NOW”. This is so relevant to ANY spiritual journey, not just that of the Twin Flames! What is needed is awareness of why we are feeling the need to block a part of ourselves, be it a painful emotion, a difficult relationship etc. – and being able to find love for ourselves no matter what the circumstances. The road of spiritial bypass is a long detour that does nothing but delay our progress and happiness. Instead, let’s face the NOW head & heart first! 🙂

Intuit. Empower. Awaken.

Often when we have a lack of acceptance in the conditions of our life, the challenges we face, the emotions we don’t want to feel, the reality we don’t want to see, the healing on ourselves we don’t want to do….we face the temptation of spiritual bypass.

Spiritual bypass is a tactic of escape.  And one that does not work, really, because ultimately if we are truly doing spiritual work on ourselves, the truth always comes out.  The feelings always come up.  The issues become exposed and the dirty laundry is aired, at least to yourself 🙂 But instead of welcoming the clearing or healing process, we think we are making a mistake, because we don’t “feel good.”  This is where spiritual maturity comes in.  We are spiritually mature when we understand that we do not need to constantly chase down the “feel good” feelings.  That no matter what is…

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3 thoughts on “Tactics of Escape: Spiritual Bypass

  1. Thanks so much for re-blogging this! ❤


  2. Melanie says:

    Thank you for your beautifully written stories! It really resonates with me.
    The spiritual bypass is also familiar…
    I’m interested what you think about the delay of our progress and the timing of Twin Flame connections. Because the Twin Flame process seems to have a timing on its own. In the story of January 20 about Kundalini you wrote: “The connection took on a life of its own and we were both swept up in its undeniable magnetic force.”
    For me it took a long time to realize there was nothing I could do to have contact with my TF. Although I wanted to have contact very bad, the closer I came to him, the faster he ran. Much later I realized I was not prepared for the intensity of the love of this connection. (Probably the same for him.) And I think the reason the runner runs is not always about their own fear, but sometimes they feel (unconsciously) that their TF is not ready to handle it. Then there is a repelling force, for safety.
    So it takes time to be ready for this connection.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear Melanie, thank you for your lovely comment.
      Yes, I agree with you that while the connection seems to have a timeline and schedule of its own, we also find that we are often (at different times and in different ways) simply not ready for the physical union together and that this takes time & preparation from BOTH twin flames. It is therefore so important to learn detachment (while remaining unconditionally loving) early on in the connection. It really does save us from a lot of pain.
      I do strongly believe that the energetic reality of the connection is the most pertinent one and therefore ultimately the union can only happen once both are able to stand alone with “only love”, not looking to the other for anything, but not trying to hide anything either. Like you say, it takes time – and a whole lot of spiritual growth & maturity – to be ready for this connection. Love & light to you on your path xx


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