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When our search for The One leads us Home


Kundalini is the ancient Sanskrit name for the primal life force that animates all living beings. The activation of this energy, also known as Holy Spirit, Chi or Prana, initiates the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment by unifying our body, mind, and soul. Since it originates from the Divine Source, it leads into an expanded state of consciousness and interconnects us with all living beings – and ultimately God. It also unveils our true nature, nourishing our individual uniqueness and validating our sacred purpose – while encouraging others to do the same. Since the illumination of the kundalini in the brain allows a person to discern the truth of Oneness, all self-realised persons see this same truth.

This seed or spark of god energy lies dormant within us, coiled tightly around our root chakra awaiting the time of our spiritual awakening. Once ignited, the kundalini fire moves up through the rest of the Chakras (energy centres), activating each of them in turn by burning away any blockages that it meets on its way, causing negative emotions to rise to the surface to be cleared. Once all blockages cleared, the energy reaches the top of the head and passes through the crown Chakra, where it melds with the descending flow of spiritual energy, namely universal consciousness and God. In the resulting sacred mystical experience, known as Kundalini Awakening, we find not only the decisive proofs that God exists but also the secret to living this human life as divine beings.

This same principle – that life’s ultimate truth & treasure lies within us, exists in every great religious, spiritual and wisdom tradition, from Jesus’ “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21) to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) “Man is my mystery and I am his mystery, for I am he himself and he is also I myself” and the Quranic “We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein” (Quran 50:16). In the Hindu tradition, Oneness is reached through the union & spiritual marriage of the divine masculine and feminine, where Kundalini Shakti, the Goddess, rises to the head and reunites with the Supreme Being Lord Shiva. kunda9

Why & how do people seek to awaken their kundalini?

An awakened kundalini creates a direct connection to the spiritual and divine realms and opens up our intuition; enabling us to receive messages and revelations coloured with inspiration. We are able to tap into the Universal Consciousness and akashic records; to receive downloads of extraordinary wisdom & knowledge and more importantly, to commune with God through our ‘third eye‘. It is for this very reason that all spiritual and religious traditions seek the release of this life force energy actively, either through a systematic approach of exercises, breath practise, prayer or meditation. Even the Muslim prayer position where the forehead repetitively touches the ground seeks to awaken the Kundalini, in the same way that Yoga does.

Our kundalini can also be awakened through more passive means, such as a path of surrender where one lets go of all the impediments to awakening. Often this passive awakening (known as shaktipat) happens through a spiritual transmission or spark from a “teacher”, whose kundalini has already been awakened. This can happen during a physical or ethereal encounter, and can be intentional or not. This only raises the kundalini temporarily but gives the student an experience to use as the basis. Kundalini can also be triggered or released by an outside force such as a traumatic accident, near-death experience or emotional trauma.

Will meeting my Twin Flame raise my kundalini?

A kundalini awakening is one of the effects of coming into contact with your Twin flame. It is the very purpose of your Twin Flame to burst into your life in divine timing to spark you into remembrance of your true infinite & immortal nature. The force required to release the pulsating, creative kundalini energy is atomic – just like the nuclear fusion of the complementary polarities of the energetic bodies of the Twin Flames!

When Twin Flames connect this ignites the eternal fire of kundalini within them. Often the ignition happens through sexual union, however it can also happen through online contact, hearing our twin flame’s voice, spending time with them etc. The reason the physical contact is not required is that twin flames are connected to each other through the 5-body system; of which physical togetherness is only a small part. The awakening of the Kundalini is a gradual process and the symptoms leading up to the energy reaching the crown chakra producing self-realization and englightenment can take years. This process can take longer if the Twin Flames have not physically consumed their union since it is their sexual union through the sacred marriage/alchemical union (also known as hieros gamos) which helps bring on the union on all levels.

The reason a full-blown kundalini awakening rarely happens immediately upon meeting the Twin Flame is that it is often only through separation that their passion for each other becomes internally validated and their egos heal sufficiently to allow the merging can take place. This is where, even when the Twin Flames are no longer in physical contact, the energy connecting their central nervous system and five major organs will be linked up. The awakening now emerges from the unconscious interaction with the energy body of our Twin, often cumulating after we have reached a moment of surrender. The resulting atomic fusion then releases the secrets that are locked within our DNA and changes the frequency vibration of the mental body, sparking unity within ourselves as well as with the Divine.

Once this happens, specific spiritual abilities manifest, such as sensing each other’s thoughts telepathically and each other’s energy naturally, even when not physically together. This often also includes an incredible sensation of unconditional love, bliss and desire for our Twin Flame. This does not mean that both Twins are ready for union at this point, it just means that the spark has been ignited and everything from this point on is preparation for their final union together. As the Twins adjust and balance their energies on all levels these entwine and form one single being– with the physical level often being the final icing on the cake. Therefore, in reality the kundalini awakening is the awakening of the oneness they once shared.

Sometimes once we get to close proximity of the physical union with our Twin Flame and look back at the beginning of our spiritual awakening it may seem like perhaps our Twin Flame knew about the connection before we did. It is possible – and often the case that one Twin with an already activated Kundalini acts as the “Teacher” for the other. This may or may not mean that they knew all along that you are their Twin Flame; however they may have been able to have a more balanced view and approach to the whole situation and connection. Often with our spiritual awakening we catch with clarity a glimpse of our definite future with our Twin Flame but we also know that there’s work to do, including existing soul agreements, before we can reach that point.

How will I know my kundalini has been activated?

During the gradual awakening process, Kundalini can be felt in various parts of the body, depending on which Chakra is being cleansed and activated. Some of the most common symptoms are tingling, flushes of energy, cold/heat running through various parts of the body, fluttering, twitching of muscles and pinching or burning sensations, and these are felt all along the awakening process.

There are many resources on the internet detailing the various Kundalini symptoms. For example, when kundalini reaches our heart we may feel heat, pressure and movements in heart area, including intense and uneven heartbeats. Our feelings rise to the surface, accompanied by crying, raging, being easily moved to tears etc. When the kundalini reaches our throat Chakra, we feel pressure, aches and pains in our throat, jaw and neck and we find our selves speaking our truth, or even yelling and demanding things that have been suppressed; whereas kundalini on our 3rd eye Chakra brings about headaches with burning, tingling and pulling sensations around the brain and skulls.

Once the kundalini reaches our crown Charkra opens, we experience a full-blown, big bang type expansion of our consciousness. With this we may see some of the rarer symptoms, such as experiencing divine light within, a complete (temporary) paralysis of the physical body or feeling very blissful to the point that it would completely overwhelm your consciousness if you allowed it to. Often a person will experience feelings of spontaneous bliss and ecstasy, as well as intervals of tremendous joy, love and compassion. The kundalini awakening also brings along many psychic experiences, such as pastlife memories, astral travel, awareness of chakras and auras, extrasensory perception, contact with spirit guides, dreams and visions, increased creativity (spiritual music, art, poetry etc.) and healing powers.


Help! Kundalini is making me act crazy!

The overwhelming pressure on our energetic body caused by the meeting with our Twin Flame and everything this brings to surface to be cleared causes our kundalini to rise faster than it otherwise would. Meeting our Twin Flame is already a very intense event, and having our kundalini spontaneously awaken on top of it can be very unsettling and often hits us with no advance warning.

We have all, including the undersigned, acted in ways we hope we could take back when hit with the kundalini fire. We may for a while be unable to process what is happening to us properly and become overloaded. When we are hit by all these energies and the deep knowing of who our Twin Flame is, they are often the first and only person we turn to since we are now acutely feeling them energetically. We know undoubtedly that they have something to do with the energies and believe that because of their magnitude they must be feeling something too. This is also the moment where many become just a bit too obsessive about their Twin Flame, resulting in some desperate behaviours.

We should however keep in mind that our Twin Flame may not have had their spiritual awakening yet, and even if they had they might not be able to make any sense of it, and may be just as freaked out as we are, unable or unwilling to share what is happening to them. Chasing them and coming at them with all the spiritual definitions and Twin Flame theories will only push them further away. It is very important at this point to do whatever it is that you need to do to move the energy along – write, sing, howl at the moon, run in the meadows, cry or laugh like a maniac, see an energy healer and do whatever it takes to find some solid ground to stand on. Your are doing great and probably just as well as anyone would in your situation. You are not alone, you will not become a danger to yourself and you will not lose your mind, although it may feel so!

Personally I found that learning to channel the energy by being attuned to Reiki helped me ground myself and approach the incoming energy in a much more balanced manner. I love writing and found that channelling messages from universal consciousness provided me with an outlet to express the new ideas and the humongous love that I was feeling.


My kundalini awakening – the days leading up to it

Prior to my kundalini awakening I had been running (without really realising that I was the runner) from my Twin Flame for almost 3 years. The story of how I became the runner can be found in one of my previous blog posts “The Folly of Running from Love“. As time went on I rarely thought of him, and when I did it was with great confusion about how something that had felt so divine and so grand and right could go so terribly wrong and finish before it had even properly began. The memories of our time together were shrouded in a cloud of confusion. However, meeting him had forced me to grow and mature spiritually and emotionally, but even then, in the deep of the night, I often felt empty and alone and an existential crisis was brewing within me.

Three months short of three years after our last encounter I was settled in a new country with the same long-term partner I had repeatedly tried to leave upon meeting my Twin Flame. I had an exciting new job, new house, new friends and a new life with lots of international travel, yet I felt empty on the inside. One night out of nowhere I was hit with the most devastating, heart-felt feeling of loss. Was this really my life; is this really what it’s supposed to be like? Is this all? I remember lying on my bed crying, and although I suspected that God rarely looked in my direction, I turned to him in prayer and asked him for help. I said I was ready to accept whatever was in my highest good and I promised that whatever it was I would follow it, honour it and do my best to accept it, no questions asked. Obviously I had no idea what I was committing myself to!

Only a week or so later in April 2005 I was driving home from work in the middle lane of a three-lane motorway. Suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere next to me on my left and veered straight towards the front of my car. To avoid him, I turned the steering wheel sharply towards the lane on my right and to my horror saw in my mirror that there was another car there, almost parallel to me and that I was going to hit it. It all happened very quickly but in my mind I was swearing at the idiot who cut me off and whose fault it was that I was now going to die. Then I became fully conscious; aware of myself as an observer of my mind chatter. My mind was afraid of dying, but the observer wasn’t. The observer was not bound by time, space, form; nothing could hurt, scare or kill it. This observer knew only love, peace and serenity.

I seemed to spiral into another dimension where I saw myself with the man I was about to be shown is my Twin Flame; not as two individuals but as ONE being filled with a blissful vibration of love, bathed in intense light. Just like the first time he kissed me, I could feel the touch of his lips on my forehead burning my third eye. We were entangled as one, like a tree wrapped around itself, in an upwards rising double-helix of love surrounded by blissful silence and magical sparkles, out of time and space. I don’t know how long this moment lasted but it felt like a slice of eternity.


Suddenly I heard the noise of a car breaking. I had no idea who was breaking; was it me or the other car? While I am convinced to this day that humanely I could have not avoided an accident, I was still in one piece when I opened my eyes. It was over in the blink of an eye but it felt like forever. My whole life was in that moment. Love is All That There Is. Nothing else matters. The kiss on my forehead was a kiss of life, not of death. It was a Welcome home, not a goodbye. It was a new beginning, not an end. It was the reality, not a delusion. I was confused and shaking when I got home. My mind could not process what had happened. I could not for the life in me understand what this man, whom I had only known for a few weeks a couple of years ago, was doing swirling up in what looked like a DNA helix with me, entwined into me as if we were just ONE BEING in love with itself.

The night of my kundalini awakening

A night or two later as I lay alone in my bed wide awake reading I started to notice a series of subtle energy currents running through my body. They were creating almost a tickling sensation, like little wavelets of vibration, very clear and distinct. I felt the vibration in my arms and legs but mostly in the lower half of my trunk. Suddenly the room was filled with intense white light and a magical silence; and along with it a tremendous vibratory energy. As I felt that energy and light, I saw him, my Twin Flame. He appeared at the end of my bed, bathed in light. I had not been in touch with this man for nearly 3 years but there he was; his body like a vehicle of radiant white light.

I could not make out his features but I recognised him instantly from the energy that he was emanating. It was as if he was transparent; the inside of him filled with a very intense, pure white light which was just breathtakingly and incredibly beautiful. The brightest part of the light was around his heart, bright as the sun; albeit smaller. In fact, it was so bright that I raised my arm to cover my eyes but I could still see both him and the light. I smiled as I realised I was also filled with this light. From within me, I heard a voice say loud and clear: “It’s YOU. You were there all along”.

With that, he seemed to ignite something in me, and I felt a distinct opening in my heart, very very clearly. In an amazing powerful surge of energy, the kundalini shot through me along my spine, like a pulse of liquid fire. The energy surge shot out of my heart that then up the centre of my body, and then up toward the top of my head. I involuntarily arched my back, my body pulsating as intense waves of bliss came over me. It was so pleasurable that it was almost painful, like an ache, like a longing, a reaching out, a desire and vulnerability… like how I would feel perhaps all the time if I dropped all my defences and let myself go. It felt wonderful, very alive and very real, and it jolted my inner core alive.

I felt my Twin Flame’s presence transform into a million particles of coloured lights that rained down on me, washed over me and felt nothing but complete bliss. We melded together, we were ONE. It felt like a cell-level climax, like MY WHOLE BEING, every single atom within every single cell within me, from my smallest toe to the deepest corners of my brain climaxed and it was pure bliss. I saw the interconnection and non-separation of everything, and I experienced myself as part of the ONE, swimming through a Universe of non-duality, emerging into the sublime, absolute realm of the divine. I felt an outpouring of love and compassion for All, and the deep realization that “the other” is really me. I travelled through the Universe, seeing galaxies being created from within my own being, feeling the intense closeness of God. I knew that I was responsible for my own wholeness as the Love that I Am. Love is ALL THERE IS.


How did I feel afterwards

As I woke up to a new day, I found that everything had changed: I was no longer just another soul swimming in the fish soup of humanity but rather a drop in the endless ocean called Universal consciousness, or a droplet of love vibrating in the heart of God. I realised that even though I was just a droplet within the greater whole, I was also one that contained All That Is within itself.

In the days, weeks and months that followed I found myself feeling ridiculously happy and blissful, feeling powerful surges of energy all around my body, growing in intensity as time went by. I barely needed any sleep or food, and I enjoyed many of the psychic experiences brought on by the awakened kundalini, such as being able to read people’s mind & energies, and immediately being able to connect on a deep level with anyone in any situation. I became aware of my night time escapades astral travelling with my Twin.

I had dreams and visions filled with meaning, especially with regards to my purpose on this planet and how this related to my twin flame. I discovered that I was able to do energetic healing and found myself in receipt of endless downloads of spiritual information which I spent hours writing down every day for almost a year. After that night, I also found that I could ask any question about creation, life, God – anything, and be answered immediately. It was a constant discourse with God, or, as I perceived it at the time, a higher intelligence.

The unbreakable connection with my Twin Flame

Along with all this came an undeniable awareness of feeling another person – my Twin Flame – in the ether. He was there, on the inside, and I was sensing what he was sensing, feeling what he was feeling. He was part of my energetic make-up, and an undeniable part of me. At first I thought I was insane or that perhaps my sensory perception jumped up a few notches. My mind was full of questions: WHAT IS THIS? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? The strangest thing was that at first when the energies started to flow I could not remember one thing about the time I had spent with him. I was surprised by my own amnesia, unable to recall that we had worked together, what he looked like or why exactly he was no longer part of my life. What I did remember was looking into those intense blue eyes for the very first time and seeing my own soul, the timelessness of it all… I remembered what it felt like to have someone believe in me and accept me. I remembered how he always read my thoughts and knew me like no one else. How he was the only person to ever really understand me.

Every day I tried not to think about it but memories kept resurfacing in my mind, returning to me as clear as if they happened only yesterday. I remembered how he told me I was his mirror image. I remembered that kiss on the forehead, then standing at the train station with him that first night, then kissing him on Pont des Arts, spending all those days and nights together, the laughter, the tears.. The following week I got chatting to a guy at work who had been there for a couple of months but that I had never spoken to. We found ourselves talking about travel; a passion me and Twin share, and I found myself thinking how much he reminded me of him. Little did I know this man would become an important part of this stage of our journey since a few months later he also found himself reunited with his twin flame after 20 years apart and struggled to accept her unconditional love, just as my Twin Flame struggled with accepting mine.

Everywhere I turned I was being constantly reminded of my Twin; every conversation I had, people I overheard talking, the songs I heard; everything served to tell me that I had to find him again. The speed and frequency with which events, signs and synchronicities unfolded left me in no doubt that the Universe was trying to tell me something. This combined with the intense energies I was feeling which seemed to relate to him made it impossible to concentrate on anything. I wasn’t totally sure why he was now suddenly such a part of my life again but I e-mailed him, feeling both pushed and guided to do so. I had no choice. I had erased his e-mail address but suddenly after 3 years it popped back into my mind. I just wanted to know he was happy. I wasn’t expecting to see him; I didn’t know if I even could or should.

He replied within hours of receiving my email, telling me how much he had missed me all these years. Nothing could have prepared me for the flow of energy I was now experiencing from just thinking about him. I seemed to be able to feel his energies resonate and interact with mine. Soon we were emailing and calling each other daily, discovering how closely our lives had once again reflected one another during the time we were apart. Amazingly he had also moved to the same country, right before I had and was now living less than an hour’s drive from me. Every day the energies between us kept intensifying to the point that it felt like a huge energetic vacuum was pulling us together with a force that was simply beyond our imagination. The connection took on a life of its own and we were both swept up in its undeniable magnetic force. Little did I know that in only a few weeks I would be back in his arms on the other side of the Atlantic, discovering just how deep and intense our connection really was, and simply picking up where we had left off last time.

What did my Kundalini awakening teach me

My kundalini awakening hammered into me the fact that my Twin Flame and I were created together, never apart, never separate; always spiritually connected, always one. He is always with me, and he was here all along. My spirit was lifted up into a moment where no time and space existed and where he and I melded as galaxies were born. We were held in the warm embrace of God, infused in his light and power, yet where I knew that we are nothing but small particles in the vibrating heart of God, merged in All That Is and in each other so deeply that it would be impossible to untangle God from what is between us, or either one of us from our connection with God. We are bound together for eternity by God; our spiritual growth always a reflection of the other.

It was only years later that I learned that I had experienced a kundalini awakening – funnily enough for many years I had referred to it as a “spiritual orgasm” because that’s what it had felt like. With time I realised that this mystical expansion was just the beginning of my journey and that we don’t just become spiritual angelic beings just like that. Rather, we are given a glimpse of a higher reality which is now within our view and reach, and we are given the tools to get there, but we still have all our baggage to shed and internal work to do. Our only hope lies in the promise that the bliss and serenity we feel when we concentrate on the love and on becoming our true self will eventually lead us HOME.



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  1. Enjoyed the start and will read the rest later. Thanks for your efforts.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thanks johnthebarman for reading & commenting. Wishing you a lovely day xx


      1. Alyssa says:

        Best article I’ve seen online about this experience
        Blessings x


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna

        I wish to ask your opinion about my situation. If I may I will say that I will not hold you responsible for any views of your opinion and reflections to help me if you can.
        Can I write to you in private anywhere about my happening and perhaps you can give me your views please.
        I am not expecting you to solve my dilemma but I would like to hear your opinion if you are happy to oblige. An mail or which ever way you can help me out in.
        Please let me know.
        Thank you
        Giorgio xx


      3. doucejonna says:

        Hi Georgio, thank you so much for your enlightened, divinely inspired messages here on my blog. Thank you for engaging with those who take the time to comment on here, and for helping to create a feeling of community. 💚I have seen your email so hopefully I will be able to reply to you very soon. I will of course do my best to share my insights with you. Love, Jonna


      4. Giorgio says:

        Thank you doucejonna.
        I have had an amazing discussion with Vita. We both agree that you are an inspiration. Discussing and sharing first hand, what people go through these awakenings, is a “Reality”. Yes, I would love you to answer me on my Email if you can please.
        I have experience that, there is no limit to the pain a Twin Flame can inflict on US. They really know us. Why? I am learning that through this, we are certainly a ‘Duality” They know so much about Us. “In duality” “In Love” “In Sequence””In a healing process, No matter how long” “In harmony” “In a Spiritual Connection” and above all “In Connection With God, Through God” for it is the only way we could ever achieve Enlightenment and a balanced dual levelled connection with our Twin Flame.Only this way we can have Reunion.
        I want to thank YOU ALL, from my sincere heart, for sharing your “NON CRAZY” ways. We are not crazy, Neither are we Obsessed Nor Illusional. Trying to convince myself ..? No, for Our Unconditional Love can only be equaled through “A Mature Spiritual connection through our Creator, God is the way to eternal Bliss with our Duality in tuned Twin Flames.”
        You all inspire Me and US. Thank you All thank you doucejonna for all your Time and honesty.

        Love, Laugh and Believe in the power ascending into us from above.
        Giorgio xxx

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  2. spirited13 says:

    This is a great article….I felt it as well as read it…thank you for sharing…I especially felt the last sentence about concentrating this and becoming our true selves to get back HOME…Feels right…thanks again, and blessings, Barbara xxxx


    1. doucejonna says:

      Hi Barbara (spirited13), thanks for taking the time to read and comment. The theme of “home” was the first thing I ever wrote to my twin flame about the connection.. Somehow he just ignited this deep feeling to return “home” with me.. and he felt it too. I guess many of us share these same feelings. All the best to you on your path of light & love


  3. SA says:

    For the last two years I have been experiencing a surge of spirituality and change of consciousness with symptoms eerily similar to these. I’ve been searching the Internet to diagnose my experiences and this made me gasp at the parallels. I first dreamt of my “twin flame” when I was 15 and it took many years for me to find out who he is. We are separated my many things I cannot share, but for the last couple years I have felt like he has awakened as well. I feel like we are on a slow (and sometimes painful) journey towards each other.

    Thank you for sharing – it has given me hope and helped me figure out what to do next.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear SA, thank for you taking the time to read my blog and to comment. I am so happy to have been able to help you with my experience. I had no idea what happened to me at the time since this was now 10 years ago, and it took me years to really understand the experience. I also dreamt of my twin flame and was aware of him from a very young age, and we are also on the slow road (lol) back to each other.. 🙂 Never let go of hope but do live your life as the reflection of divine love that you are. Wishing you lots of love & light on your path


  4. Just lovely and I couldn’t resist to Google that place in Paris … so totally recognizable specially the part “The night of my kundalini awakening” finally found someone who experienced the same as me (us) ♥


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Cormaël (@CormaelLia) for this comment. So happy that you are able to resonate with what I wrote. It was a lonely experience at the time for me, since my kundalini awakening happened before the time of Facebook groups and twin flame blogs.. and most of all, my own twin flame (who experienced so9mething very similar) would not share his experience with me… It is only now that I can look back with many insights and understand what happened to me that night. What a magical magical adventure! Lots of love to you


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  6. This is really good. Best stuff I’ve read on twin flames yet. Thank you.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear Michael Gazonda, thank for that lovely comment & for taking the time to read my blog. You are most welcome. Wishing you the best on your path


  7. Ayanda says:

    Article is amazing! Even when physical separation hurts so bad sometimes I’m confident in knowing that its all for a purpose & that one day I’ll be glad it all happened. I feel extra special being a part of something so profound! I’ve longed for my twin years before I even knew this kind of connection existed! I feel helpless & rather suicidal from time to time because of the junk that I have to go through to grow in this, but I know that I won’t give up.. & I must admit that I’ve kind of fallen in love with the pain :D.. After physical separation all I’ve gotten energetically from my divine other that was clear to me was a kiss, otherwise I’ve experienced bits & pieces of dreams & feelings that I don’t quiet understand. Just this morning I felt my chakras connect. I can’t explain what that means but that’s how I’m going to word the experience. Thanks for sharing your story & reminding us that we aren’t CRAZY!


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Ayanda for taking the time to comment & read my blog. The article I wrote about kundalini and twin flames has proved to be my 2nd most popular post so far and it’s definitely a very interesting subject! It’s been 10 years this April since my own kundalini awakening which I describe in the article. Yes, falling in love with the pain has been a part of my journey too – but you must also learn to let it go. Release it and you will see that you are not that pain; that pain comes from the stories that we tell ourselves… When you connect with your essence, you are LOVE.. Remain in that love in which you and your twin are always ONE. Certainly you are not crazy but going through the stages of a very mystical and REAL process that is happening to many true lovers & twin flames and which will transform your whole life – for the better, eventually 🙂 Lots of love, light & blessings on your path xx


  8. Destiny says:

    This was a fantastic article! I have had my kundalini awakening. Also started by meeting my twin flame. I have had so many synchronicities and unexplainable events occur that in the beginning I was mystified and thought I was crazy. I have read many articles on twin flames and awakenings and thus by far was the most refreshing read I have since the beginning of my awakening. I have signs pointing to him constantly. Numerology is also very constant. I am not sure if he is aware of our connection or like the beginning of your article stating that he may be the teacher but I feel him. We only ran into one another at a event and then I visited a record store he owns in Nashville. I just went to visit and unexpectedly he was there. The energy is blissful and pulling when near but I thought I may be crazy until reading this. Divine timing…I see and feel him everywhere just unsure when we will meet again.


  9. experienced says:

    Good read!!

    I swear that I experienced two full blown head charkra explosions at work.. (Kinda embarrassing tho, due to the location).. There I was chatting away, I have my TF a few metres away, in a separate room.. The mixture of being aware of their prescence..hearing their voice.. And being in a particular state of mind.. And bamm.. From what Im aware of.. Im sitting back in my chair.. Almost semi conscious (well thats the feeling).. Eyes closed (I couldnt see anything around me that is) paralysed..head back and in a state of pure ectasy.. This feeling was better than any other feeling I had experienced in my whole entire life.. God only knows what I looked like to my workmates HAHA.. Ive been in states induced by certain things previously and this topped them all… I was in this state for a few moments and then I consciously snapped out of it.. The girl who sat next to me, watched the whole thing.. Taking some food out of my hand that I had said she could.. Cos when I was in that state, who gave a t#ss about the food LOL..

    Anyways, its a great thing… Yes agree that it can take time to get there, and to be honest.. Its a good thing that it can.. The mystical things that you can experience is out of this world.. Nothing like you have ever known in your life prior.. So undergo such a process is life changing, and therefore should take its due time..

    I have known my TF for a couple of years now.. We have not united physically.. And I dont think we will.. But just being in each others prescence has been enough for myself to embark on my own personal spiritual journey.. Which has only been the tip of the ice berg yet!!!! 🙂


  10. Marta says:

    Love your article! I just met my twin soul some months ago and I’m experiencing everything! The telepathy, the proof that God exists, I believed in God already bue this is HUGE!… Now I don’t know how to get close to my twin, cause i feel that we will have to today till our reunion… And I’m getting so crazy about all of this!!!???


  11. Nectarfizz says:

    Is it possible for a photograph to start the awakening process? I believe that is how mine began. I didn’t even know about spirit guides before then, suddenly I had dreams, guides and lots of crazy. Lots and lots of feeling insane. I am awake now and glad for my awakening, but I am still working on my changes to be ready for my Twin Flame to be ready for me. I seem to be ready before he is, but already know him very well. It is like I am meant to be his teacher and wE given my awakening to prepare for him. I am not in a hurry, so long as he and I are one day together. I have much to learn still and so does he, which is why fate has us apart.


  12. Willow says:

    Oh my g-ness, comfort and rest-my-soul kind of feeling upon reading your article. I knew what I felt, however not quite trusting my feelings towards my TS after having been married quite happily to another 25+ years, “knowing” inwardly when my eyes first laid sight upon my Other actually before we were introduced or conversed through our work-lives. It’s reassuring to hear of your journey, sustaining to trust in Universal Spirit to unite when the timing is right. Many blessings & gratitude for sharing your story, W


  13. alllinkone says:

    Hello luckily I have encountered a person whose spiritually understandable and to my first attempt to search the intensity in my spiritual awakening, from past 6 months I have been alone most probably for the reason of negative energy around me but I have been happy being with my family all the time I had alot of friends but got dragged away and I have no hope in finding my twin flame also leading me not to put least effort getting in touch with any girl, upon that my procrastination is spinning up my moods my whole thought process ,my mind Is getting connected to random aspects of this world which are topics spoken by 0.0001 % global population or never spoken before , I don’t know what has given me an ability to see my eyes merged as one looking in the mirror , looking at the moon with that perspective and see everything glitter around as I watch the moon, and adding more to this perspective makes me stunned what ever I encounter and it’s like a deep ocean(a person, thing , Corp, future, or any god damn thing) upon will it easily takes me deep into it step by step in the end seeing a big picture sometimes if it interests me more I look and search for it and I see unusual Co incidents relating to anything around me or I think for an instance before not too long . I feel really hopeless and this is making me weaker day by day unless one day I see my redemption ; will I need to find my twin flame ? my aura is shattered I believe it has to ignite my procrastination (depression , lazy , anger , moody , beyond happiness and sadness ) for my ultimate redemption ? or do I get married soon ? I’m just 19 ? am I spiritually awakend ? so this is third eye? really disturbed and tired ! it’s a humble request if I could be helped with thoughtfull solutions with care and love !


  14. teamo says:

    Beautiful, I had a similar experience but did not really realize it as kundalini awakening, however it totally makes sense now. I was lying in bed at night, my eyes we closed yet my third eye became intently open. I could see him hovering right in front of me although could not make out his features I KNEW it was him, he was transparent and glowing with beautiful warm pink light emanating from his heart centre. He filled me to the brim with glowing pink energy and unconditional love so that my heart seemed to almost explode with joy. I realized I could no longer deny our unbreakable connection, my heart was fully open and I realized he was my temple of divine love. The place I will always return to feel connection with him, myself and with God. Needless to say I cried a lot in the following days, but tears of immense gratitude, spent a lot of time alone and from then on I began to live from a place of pure love transcending time and space. In this place I realized that we are always together, never parted. I like writing down my experiences but I try not to analyze them too much or question as this leads to doubt and the need for validation. I just try to enjoy every step of the process of spiritual alchemy.


  15. karlie says:

    Thank you, I can resonate exactly with this article. Six months ago my twin flame ran from me unexpectedly, but taught me the best lesson of all and that was encountering my spiritual awakening, and discovering he was my twin flame. Your article describes exactly (first half) what I am feeling, sensing him and feeling his emotions like he was next to me sometimes, but like you mentioned sometimes it feels like I’m going insane, as no one understands me (but this article proves I am not going crazy).
    I look forward to reuniting with my twin flame one day.
    Thank you again !


  16. Butterfly67 says:

    What a beautiful depiction, which resonates all the more with me as I experienced a very similar path, only in a different order. I met the ethereal version of my twin flame years before I met with the physical person… Who was also “announced” by a handful of synchronicities as well as powerful dreams of animals. I experienced the Kundalini tingling, the bliss, the oneness, the craziness, the almost constant telepathy and messages making like a completely different experience, rich with the potential to heal myself and others… even tremendous fear an urge to run away which thankfully I did not surrender to, surrendering instead to my Twin flame, to Oneness, to Kundalini. It is a process, an incredible beautiful process, and it feels wonderful to read your experience as you explain it in such a clear, spiritual and detailed way.


    1. Michell says:

      Which animales did you dreamed about?


      1. Butterfly67 says:

        I dreamed about a Tiger. It was powerful but playful. Then I met my twin flame, whose Chinese sign was tiger.


  17. Butterfly67 says:

    I meant ‘making life a completely different experience”.


  18. razeena says:

    I had the same my husband is the runner and we are separated but I had the same experience,yes it was like spiritual orgasm I once hated him,he keeps running and but this love I feel between us like a magnet even we are far away but he is just confused but everything trying to connect us together.I saw him in my dream when I was just a kid that we are married.He breaks my heart but I cant stop loving him.been through a lot.I dint know at kundalini is bcos i loved him so much i wanted him to live forever so i stared my spiritual journey and ended up here.The divine love just started and then we are separated and all these things hpnd feel warmth in my chakras.After that experience.cool breeze too.tingling.yes past life in dreams I see myself inside others so i knew we are one i can feel all there emotions feelings.out of body experiences I was right where my husband was sleeping.And yes traveled all around the world in sleep.prophetic dreams dejavu in heaven with God Jesus Shiva and His companion they danced before me but I dint knew who they were n searched then found they were hindu gods that fork n drum they carry and Jesus n i think one of greek gods and i was in space too etc.I was a former muslim when I met my twin flame I became christian now chakras and kundalini.I miss him but i know he is with me and we are connected.


  19. Kushal says:

    The best article on twin flame soulmate ! Thank u so much ! I am sure and VV strongly feel I have met my twin ! Before I fell in love with her intensely … I realsied that love is real and felt deep sense of love for my dear ones . She is Muslim and Christian , I am hindu. We have many ddifferences and similarities .One main common thing we share is that we want to serve the world . .My 1st meeting with her caused my kundalini to rise from lower chakaras to higher ! I could feel it . I realsied later I am more spiritually advance than her , . She is 3 yrs younger than me . We were in school all the tym . I noticed her 2 yrs back and became her friend 6 months ago cause I felt in had to .. I guess I pushed her away by intense love and my theories on soulmate ! She said she loves someone else , after that our communication became VV less . I was devastated . But within 2 days I recovered , and read articles on twin flams , and I understood Everything . Before I read articles on soulmate and thought she is my soulmate ! I thought I need her to reduce my lust and then I can realsie god . My lust had redused after I met her , I wanted it to be gone . but now I understand that god wants me to renounce lust by myself without her help . Now it’s become almost nil . I think this is the separation phase , I only contact her via fb , but she doesn’t respond well . I have promised her we will have normal conversation now onwards . We stay far apart , and I am going college now so chances of meeting her are niL . I hope we will meet up soon when we both have healed ourselves Completely !


  20. Patricia says:

    Is it possible like after hearing your twins voice like for the first time you will start to have a spiritual awakening and such?


    1. Mary says:



  21. Karan says:

    What a wonderful article ! I am currently at a stage where my Kundalini is at the back of my head and my soul / “The Heat” is at the forehead above my Ajna Chakra (It

    is at my bindu chakra)… I believe I may have an experience soon enough (I hope)!!
    I do hope that I have the same fantastic experience that you have had… i am nervous, but am very happy.. I can feel the spiritual energy in my crown, and I can feel

    heat in my bindu chakra… my kundalini, for the past few days, has consistently climbed upwards. Though there was pain initially, due to blockage at the back of my

    head, that has now greatly subsided… I really do not know what to expect.. I really want to have a lifelong experience!!
    There was always a voice in my head -since childhood- that spoke to me, I hope I get to meet him…
    Interestingly, i have had dreams where my soul / (the voice within) is female! Though i am a male, and the voice in my head is definitly male…
    I have also had very strange experiences at night while sleeping, or between the fine line state of sleep and consciousness, where i am still aware of what is

    happening to me, and it has been happening for the past few weeks… very interesting times ahead… I hope I get to remember the feeling all my life!!
    1. Very vivid dreams
    2. tongue sticking out in the middle of the night and (the tongue) shaking uncontrolllably and then stopping.
    3. Static electricty in my face
    4. Heat in my body – first felt at throat, then between eyebrows and right now in the upper forehead @ the Bindu Chakra
    5. Ants crawling along my spine
    6.Gushing of water / Hearing static (like in disconnected TV) in my ears and then all of a sudden —–> Complete silence !!
    7. A “juice” “squirting” upwards along my spine and into my brain during meditation
    8. Rarely, i have had nightmares too! –> I never had nightmares earlier….
    9.A warm feeling on my head, as if some being is placing its warm hands on my head, on top of my hair
    These are what i can remember …. There may have been many more symptoms which I am not aware of during heavy sleep.
    10. A warm glow of light when I close my eyes during meditaiton, that fluctuates in intensity as I breathe.
    11. There have been times when i was so lost in my meditation, I had withdrawn my ‘self’ inwards to such an extent that when I had woken from my meditation, I realised

    I had hands and legs but wasnt aware of them during my meditation!
    12. After mediation, some days during the blockage at the back of my end, my head would throb for a few minutes , throbbing pain.
    13. On a couple of occassions, I felt very dizzy and though tI would fall down or lose my balance after an extended meditation session.


  22. KM says:

    Thank you for explaining what I went through. I really helps to understand things from a logical perspective.


  23. Reblogged this on twitchismycat and commented:
    Unbelievably true, my soul is still going through unspeakable pain and longing for my Twin flame


  24. Thank you. I never knew in my life that I will actually experience the kundalini and soul awakening when I met a man whom my soul recognized on the very first day we met. I never knew anything about kundalini, twin flames, spiritual awakening, universal consciousness and unconditional love. It all came and now I feel like I had been asleep for eons and have only started to really live. I do not know about my twin flame, on how far his experience has taken him, but he is on a spiritual journey right now. And we are not together, I have decided to let it go and trust that the universal energies that brought us together will work its magic and bring us back together when our souls are both ready. In time, NAMASTE.


  25. Zara says:

    I love your writing it definitely resonates, can you recommend any good books?

    Thank you

    Zara x


  26. Mark says:

    This has/is happening to me. I saw her eyes and BANG! made me see I was a medium.
    Thank you for posting.


    1. doucejonna says:

      💖 thank you Mark for taking the time to comment 🙂


  27. Arun says:

    Hai I am male my kundalini has awakened and I feel the bliss ,Sensations in some parts of my body,I feel like my twin within myself and sometimes my speech,My body languages are look like my twin flame and I need some suggestions from you then I would like to share my story with you twins


  28. Mary says:

    I love your story! ❤ I'm in my own process. Are you and your twin living physically in your union?


  29. Angel Aaron your route to Father says:

    I Understand each and every word, letter, mark, and Most important the Channel of this article. For it has been within you from the beginning of your Journey. For now you are able to guide others on theirs. Do not seek more of that which will come? Allow your being to absorbe the Light abd your Twin Flame will with you by the side, shall and Will Grow into more than you could Ever Imagine. I too have come across my Twin Flame. . We together are as One and Grow stronger each moment we love and share our Energy with those in need. We dont seek personnel items nor wealth? We Have it in Spirit!
    I shall see you soon. I know this And you shall Embrace as brothers to complete this Circle.
    I am beside you always Angel Aaron


    1. Yenk says:

      guide where? To the bottomless pit with the Luciferian army of synthetics? She don’t know even how to open chakras omitting that in a state of meditation having a lover is prohinited. If u do so u’re working with ur lower chakras, thats why people who (really want) to meditate, have to abandon their real matrix lifes, U are not playing in the garden, its serious. Omitting that meditation is not for all people.


  30. stuckintoday says:

    I met my twin when I was just a girl; I was ten, he was eleven. After our initial meeting we were separated (the whole story is a long and interesting one). After six years I saw him again. Of course, I had no idea what he would come to mean to me. The day before seeing him I sat up all night and thought of him. I couldn’t sleep. I thought it was crazy that I should be kept up by the thought of him when I hadn’t seen him in so many years. The next day, minutes before he walked into my life again, I got a feeling in my stomach. Since then I’ve come to describe it as, “a white-hot knife twisting in my gut”. And as he came closer and closer the feeling only got stronger; it was painful. But as soon as he walked in the door it was gone. Completely gone. I felt only a slight tingling and an awareness of myself that I had never felt before. When he hugged me for the first time it was like we were trading energy; mine flowing into him and his flowing into me. Thank you for your articles, they’ve really helped me. I recently surrendered to my connection with him and no sooner than a day later a door opened for me to see him in the near future. Bless you!


  31. Kim says:

    My twin and I re met and have been unable despite difficult situation to leave one another. He is in India me USA. He is in arranged marriage and although he and his forced wife live separate(for 6 years now) and never had children…the divorce would not be good for the families in this small traditional village. Out of love for family he cant make he and I legal. That way he could come easy to states. An Indian man trying on his own to come to USA at 33 is 93% impossible. We are trying everything. Now we see each other only once twice a year the pain a joy is equal. The great and turmoil both are intense..Our communication dialogue never stops…is as heart beat. As for me I would live anywhere…I have been India and love India…but living together is not hardly accepted there….I never knew this word…but this feeling is us….Its no doubt who I have been trying find..no doubt the fit……nothing and everything.LOVE. Its almost as if something this precious could not be given without some fault…….in our case tradition,distance and age.


    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear Kim

      The most important thing in OUR LIVES is to love. I am meditating and I am talking to Vita. However, if this is meant to be, it will happen for both of you. The Kundalini rises and it is the way God reacts to set the records right of what Gods projection of his almighty powers desires. I get my Yin and Yang playing around with my mind. I tell you something that Vita and I discussed yesterday amongst other things; where is your heart? Follow your hearts and it will show you the way. Think of what you can do perhaps moving to a place like Canada, if it is a more favourable location for both of you to move in together. There are always options and if you are both willing to make it work and both of you are in duality, God will give you the strength necessary to succeed.
      Communicate and discuss things. I am not aware of the dynamics but if he is your Twin Flame, I know what I would do. If My Twin called me to get together and have reunion.. I will stop at nothing until We are together.

      Perhaps we need to understand the Kundalini process a little better. We always have work to do. Meditation or communication if you are talking together. Contact him telepathically if you can t talk to him. See what works and what options you have available to both of you.

      May God be
      Love, Harmony and Belief xx

      Giorgio xx


  32. Lorraine says:

    Wow!! Thank you for your story! I also met my Twin Flame and just found out he is my TF and I’m completely lost but finding my way through my spirit guides. Are there any more articles you can suggest I read? I’m experiencing some things similar to kundalini but I’m not there yet. Thanks to your story I know now what to expect and not feel like I’m going crazy all the time. I don’t know if my TF is experiencing any of this at my level. We are still in contact but he is always angry and directs it all at me! I don’t know how to ask him or tell him what I’m experiencing without scaring him or making him more angry. I know I’m experiencing an intense amount of emotional pain that I suspect is his pain and mine merged into one that we are both experiencing at the same time. I have been the runner and chaser and so has he. Any suggestions on other stories I can read or advice?


    1. Giorgio says:

      Dear Lorraine
      Did you read the information that I suggested by ” Kathleen’s book about –
      “The twin Flame reunion mastery course” ?
      All that we read that was written here is so real and at such an understanding with a higher dimensional brief. God is the connection here and from here on, the first and foremost is the spiritual growth for US. We must connect to our Twin Flame of violet fire through our love for God first. I cannot stress enough the ioprtsnce of surrender . This is the home path. God is our shepherd who will take us home. He knows the path to our Twin. We can try our hardest to convince our Twin of a love that is unconditional all we want. It is a much higher love that is too much for them to realise and understand.
      Once WE UNDERSTAND IT, then the shepherd will let us enjoy the realisation. We do not bring this to happen by wanting it. This happens by us believing in our connection to the higher self. Respecting that the “Kundalini ” process takes place. That our souls are growing and transforming into a defined respectable way that leads us to the doors of heaven with a pure heart of unconditional love to God “First and foremost”.

      Love, harmony and belief in our creator and all will stem from there. God said ” I am that I am”
      Jesus said ” I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

      So as spiritual as we need to be to earn a place in heaven we need and must believe because we are inevitably going to reunion . We cannot gongola bevendo on our own. Our Twon will have to join us to make each other complete.

      We must have faith as I have said so many times within that it is destined to take place. Nothing can stop this from happening but ourselves not our Twin. They mirror what we feel and what we do. Where we stop short to deliver our Hod will bridge to help us get there.

      Our reunion: It is inevitable

      Love, harmony and belief xxxx
      Giorgio xxx


    2. kymber6 says:

      Hi Lorraine, not sure if you will see this, but I’m at the same stage you are at except he stopped responding because he said he can “feel my moods” and I said “you’re being mean”….I think hes my twin but I almost feel like if I start o “say it out loud” I’ll jinx us. Weird. I think he knows of my presence in this state and he is scared. I’m in pain too. How long has youre jourey been thus far, it’s exactly a year for me.


      1. akuna kumara says:

        I’ve come to realize after many years this TF thing is a part of our soul that Mirror’s us and thus is an opposite to us showing us the reflection we must change within ourselves to be whole.. Blessings as viewing the reflection can often become even more confusing as we must find the compromise to create the compliment within


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear friends

        Great to see what you both think about this. One must follow their own instincts. When we meet our Twin Flame… We know if they are our Twin or not. It is a very strong feeling of attraction. No their feelings are like this.There is a feeling of No doubt when you do. Yes, there is some doubt and a lot of different emotional and physical things happening . Our body can experience very strange things . I experience a whole body tingling as my head and body both just go into this hot tingling sensations Even my chest experiences a strange sensation feeling this energy of God going through me. This is the most unusual feeling of all. It is like a higher Spirit , something or
        Someone is grabbing me from My shoulders as if to say, ” hang in there, the time will come. Be patient. I get this urge myself ; I meditate and I say through my strong spiritual connection;
        “My beautiful creator, My God of magnificence , please embrace me, hold my hand and guide me through this. I am yours, I am totally yours to do with me, US , whatever you desire. Send her my unconditional love. Embrace and allow me to kiss her, as I ask of you to send your infinite love and protection to her. I love you my God for your this most loving gift of our creation. I thank you for this gift of US meeting in the Now.
        Through You my benevolent, I ask of You to allow me to hug her and kiss her with your approval and support.
        I thank Thee for exposing and allowing my thoughts, feelings and belief that I have in you. I surrender to You my God as I know deep in my heart that you want what is best for me and US.
        All my feelings are a reflection of your plan that is directing me to the destiny that you have organised for me and hopefully US. One that will see US together until eternity.
        I ask of You to guide her into coming closer to You just like I did. Please allow her the capacity to feel Our love, for as much as I adore her as my Twin, I ask You as the most powerful and living God to bless our reunion.
        It is through You my most loving creator “That All is possible .” Please let I ask You to reveal the most loving plan that if it is beneficial that My Twin and I reunite, you will be there as the entity that will guide, bond and protect us until as we serve You . I mostly wish that we reunite, however only if it is within your plan and your infinite love that we acknowledge as our cause to do so. Let US discover even further, Your Spiritual plan to do good in this world that needs US. I pray for All the Twin Flames in Your magnificent creation for All of US to see the light that shines through your grace. On behalf of all of US, please show Your mercy and reverence. Allow Your Love to flow without judgement as deep in my heart I acknowledge that this is Your devine purpose why You allowed this to take place. I ask You as Our creatore to allow Our protectors, Our Angels led by The Archangel Michael to make this all possibile.
        Give my Twin The comfort and love that she needs through your love. The same love that created us I ask of You my God to allow us to come into service to You for Eternity. Thank you God.”
        So we must all surrender instead of getting into too much reason and realizations, they are all guided with our thoughts of reason. God has a purpose so let God guide us with his actions rather than us trying to think what if and perhaps. Let it be our faith in our God that directs us to our destiny. All we need is not to reason but to Love Our Twins. All that is taking place is what was written . All we need is for the most powerful force through our God to allow all that we truly wish to happen. Miracle or not, it is “I am That I am”… ” I am reunion I am”.

        Love harmony and belief XXX


  33. Giorgio says:

    The mis print is ” gondola bevendo ” is go to heaven on our own. Our Twin will have to join us to make each other complete. So sorry. I always get into the depth of writing to help us all understand the importance of God in our belief. Nothing will be possible without our connection to God.

    If you believe, all will fall into place. All will, and by my God, I DO XXXX

    LOVE, harmony and belief xxxx
    Giorgio xxx


  34. Butterfly67 says:

    Quoting you:
    “The reason a full-blown kundalini awakening rarely happens immediately upon meeting the Twin Flame is that it is often only through separation that their passion for each other becomes internally validated and their egos heal sufficiently to allow the merging can take place.”…
    This is exactly what happened to me. Full-blown Kundalini awakening on the first encounter. I believe he was the teacher. He never reacted much to the word Kundalini, he just smiled as though words didn’t matter anyway.
    Then, after exactly two years of bliss, learning and sharing pure joy, my twin flame suddenly went into a coma. He is now in the other world. I am infinitely grateful that we found each other, and I feel his soul right here with mine. But I am also infinitely heartbroken.


    1. vita says:

      I am sorry for your Loss, it is incredibly hard, that is the same feeling of separation, cause our physical cannot adjust and misses, needs them. I love you and Hug You, He/God is always with You, in You ❤


      1. Butterfly67 says:

        Thank you, very
        kind and true words… I am grateful.


    2. Giorgio says:

      Dear Butterfly67

      No words can express enough worldly feelings for your seperation. I am in no way qualified to pass any comments on this tragic event in Your worldly ways of life thinking . But listen to the song from the Album “Twilight saga
      The song. “A thousand years ”
      Also the music in the same album
      “Love Death. Birth”

      Vita expresses very deep feelings that are profound about her situation and doucejonna is inspirationally and realistically supportive within the articles of this amazingly challenging journey we are all in.
      Music expresses that which cannot be said in words.


      The body is by no means what we search things through. I feel
      You need to keep connecting with the creator above. “Recognise what your role is now. You will find peace within, as hard as it is. My God must have a reason and a path for you. One I see that you might even do with another soul mate to help others be inspired with your amazing journey.
      Perhaps you can write some inspirational books and talk about your experiences and let your most beautiful spiritual Twin Flames’s soul live in a 5th dimension through your writings . I would be very interested to know what your
      connection has been and is.
      ” Your world ” will be incredible.
      We cannot understand God’s ways. But certainly we must not be disillusioned with this world. We have Eternity to look at.
      You are an inspiration to All on this Blog. Credit to All who contribute. Living the moment ‘Yes’ but there is a reality to connect to the spiritual world. Don t think in this dimension only please. You have moved to the 5 th dimension and your sorrows are of loss. Perhaps try and gain a stronger connection with Your Twin by moving closer to our creator so you can feel the presence of eternity. I call to my creator as I too have hope but my ultimate goal is to be beside my creator now more than ever. A higher dimension is what I want . Look at
      Audrey Hepburn. She lost spencer Tracy, but survived to do a lot of good without him in the flesh. He lived with her and she was an amazing lady. He was always in her within living a true spiritual connection. I am certain that you love him to eternity. I can feel it.
      I connect through my daughter who is an angel in the sky as well. My Twin Flame was with me when my daughter was sick as well.
      I can only say I have a glimpse of what you are experiencing having my Twin Flame running as well.
      Whilst they are still alive we can all hope as well. There is no security of them coming back though either. I feel that spiritually is the only secure and certain connection. There are many sad songs. The words within the song mean a lot to connect and may help us rise above all the physical . Reality check is, that we still live here in the now in a 3rd dimension world. I believe the only comfort will only be in is the 5 th dimension though . Closer to where Your Twin flame is Now- ” The Heaven’s Club”

      I wrote this to my friend in a poem after his father passed away .
      There is no need for cloths , no need for food , reason or arguments. The only presence will be one of continual love, passion and contentment for and with out creator.
      I am certain that he had served his time, Time that your Twin Flame needed on this earth. It was time for his calling to go to heaven.
      He is your guide and Angel.
      I will always remember you in my prayers and meditation for God knows it all. Past present and future.
      When we love them in such a dimension and unconditionally it is
      incomprehensible for anyone who is not like, in our Twin Flame spiritual world , to understand our spiritual connection. We connect with you in an amazing spiritual force and empowerment from above. We support you and I ask you to remain amongst our energy so we can feel you even closer. I hope you can feel my shoulder that is there for you. Rest and try to Meier that Our creator is magnificent. Even more in our loss from this world. But remember loosing in this world to gain eternity is no match. Death has its limited time . Once it is gone past deaths stage it is eternity. We live in “FOREVER”.

      Thank you

      You are also an amazing inspiration .

      Love Harmony and believe Xxx


  35. Butterfly67 says:

    Thank you for your amazing reply. A lot of what you said inspired, comforted me and resonated with me. Some of it I understand on a certain level, but there are other levels of myself that are slower to understand and accept what a certain part of me already knows and must remember.
    I understand, from reading many stories here, how luck I was to actually meet my twin flame in 3D. And that neither of us, in human form, ran from each other. There was fear at times, mostly on my part, I considered running, but I was always aware that I would be running away from myself. I voiced the fear best I could, and his kind understanding, his zen-like calm acceptance of my feelings always calmed the anxiety as a wave of water calms a fire. As for the other kind of fire, the passion that awakened the kundalini, it was inextinguishable.
    I can only say that I experienced a kind of physical union that was beyond words. I wanted our souls to merge, I felt it was the only thing to do. I was ridiculously happy to have met a man I literally felt in heaven with, right here on Earth. I often completely forgot anything I wanted to say to him whenever I saw him, because the need for words vanished altogether. I felt so ridiculously happy I pinched myself and tanked God everyday. And at the same time, I felt the limitations of being in human form, because no matter how much I told him I loved him, I always thought words were completely powerless to express but I glimpse of the the extent of my true feelings.
    That said, I am not describing a “perfect” relationship, we had our dissents, minor ones but we are both so sensitive that any little glitch was intense. When that happened we both tried to see the other’s point of view and usually ended up apologizing non-stop to each other… And laughing at ourselves. He would tease me too, being more mature than I am, and I enjoyed that so much. There was so much love in the way he teased me, making me see my own imperfections in such an incredibly loving light. Wow… I am crying as I write.
    All the phenomena described, the telepathy, the synchronicities, were present before we met in 3 D. But it increased ten fold after we met. I knew when he was about to write me, and he often texted me the answer to a question I had just asked him in my head. We called that our innernet connexion. I would receive a message from him in my head, then would read it a few minutes later -or see it appear right then- via email or text.
    I would think about a particular song and he would sing it to me. So even throughout his presence in 3 D, we often communicated in a non-physical way. It is what has helped me not go insane though his so sudden transition, because his messages continue. He is definitely not sparing efforts to make his presence felt, and I am infinitely grateful. Sometimes I just feel him in my heart. And I understand what you say about the presence of God. And the fact there is something larger to be understood, perhaps a higher 5D way of being, of loving, of understanding. But I simply, humanly miss his beautiful shape, the kindness of his eyes, the softness of his skin and his beautiful voice. I appreciate this space to share, and the realization that I have so much to learn, to embrace, and more love to share and feel with my twin flame in ways I don’t know yet. He told me we had met a long time ago. So I am certain we will meet again, and I do feel his presence all around me and in my heart. If pain can expand someone’s heart, I am certainly expanding a lot.


    1. vita says:

      That is so magnificent, Thank You both for being You and so tru and loving, your/our Twins are shining through and with You, always holding our Hands as George saying. Bless ❤


    2. Giorgio says:

      Dear Butterly 67

      I must firstly say that I am so grateful for doucejonna for this blog. Also grateful to all of us , everybody for sharing their experiences about our respective Twin Flame. No matter what other blog there are, everyone’s opinion is an opinion and yet it all seems to narrow to the truth of this journey. Some are just tragic in the 3rd dimension, like yourself, were there is no hope of uniting until you reach those doors of heaven. He will be waiting for you. You must not become depressed and do anything silly to get to him sooner. God is asking you to remain behind for one very important reason at least.
      Remember Audrey Hepburn and so many others . Now even more than ever in this time of the “Aquarius”

      ” I feel so helpless to say anything to you, because there is nothing I can say to bring back your Twin Flame of Violet fire for you, to be with him in the flesh.”

      I wish I could but then me saying so, I am running myself from the bare honest truth that I have this believe in God. God is infinite and he has a purpose for all of US. It is so powerful and so real that we must believe in him.

      I have not seen my children for four and a half years because I ended my relationship for my Twin. All that happened and transpired, was all because of my feelings for my Twin Flame. Yet, as I suffer now, that I cannot see my children because my past married life was so hard, yet even harder to live in after I decided to leave my marriage, Now my twin Flame left running as well.
      “I feel that I have lost both entities that really matter in my life”. A double blow if you may, yet as much as they are on earth in the flesh, I could perhaps see them all again.

      However, when I think of the creator, I go from the third Dimension into the fifth dimension and feel what God wants me to do. I must honour him first. He is who he is so so so true.
      As he said “I am That I am “.
      I say to my God back, as I absolutely ball my eyes out in “Complete desire” for my Twin Flame, and as I cry I say to my God, but if you don t want me to be Together with her, let me come to you to heaven, for I love you my creator so much for letting me meet her. For creating my Twin Flame of violet fire. For making me find the love that so many can only dream of experiencing. For the love that absolutely shook me not only to the core but it engulfs my total soul into Eternity.


      I Love my God because he “is what is”. If I had to talk like this to people who are not spiritual, they would look at me with disbelief. They do not understand and they are convinced that I am crazy and lost the plot.
      The love that you talk about I recognise and I live it every day as it tears my heart out of my body. It keeps reminding me of the deep and unconditional love that i have for My twin Flame of Violet fire. I ave experienced little breakdowns that still keep happening as I deprive myself from contacting my twin Flame of Violet Fire.
      It all happens for a reason that we cannot explain OR understand. I ask sometimes and question My God, “Is this what he meant when he said that we use suffer to get a place in heaven?”
      I am a mortal artist and my ZEN meditation, as I connect with God, is the only place I find comfort in. I connect with Moriehei Ueshiba. I practice a different martial arts to what this amazing Beautiful man did. he has passed away but being Japanese and a Shinto Priest that he was, this man was as holy as they come. As anyone could be. He wrote the book called ” The Art of Peace” .
      It is not an expensive book, buy it and read it. I am going to publish my book now in the next two weeks, called “Success Through Inner strength In Daily Life’ . I had never read Morihei’s book before mI rote my book. Yet, when I read what I wrote in my book, I thank my creator because I understand Morihei Even more now. My Twin Flame of Violet fire has awakened such an incomprehensible love within me that what I wrote is so so real from the depths of my heart and soul.
      I know that we all have this deep sense of belonging. A deep sense of self worth but that our Twin Flame of Violet fire is so much a part of US. They are half of US and believe me , No ONE will ever convince me that they are not. The pain is so deep yet the happiness is so real as well. My twin Flame is real. She is the MOST BEAUTIFUL soul in this whole “Eternity”.
      No matter how much she runs away from me in the flesh, I feel her everywhere, in everything I represent and All that she represents as well. I love her parents and she has even deprived me from seeing them. It just kills me but that is all in the third dimension too. I must everyday rise to face the demons of ell as they are too very frustrated but I must remember that I am SO SO lucky that I am on God’s side.
      “No matter how much the wind hauls, The Mountain never moves.”

      BE A MOUNTAIN and as much as you its your Twin in the flesh, he is with you and he will be waiting at the doors of heaven. No matter how we look at this there is pain and difficulties along the path of this truly unconditional love for this better half of Ours. Funny how I say, “OURS”.
      I think I can say that to my creator as he might laugh at me as I do claim her to be mine. Yet, he knows what I mean for he had such magnificence to create us from each other. How loving is that? It is “LOVE UNLIMITED”. God is Love, I blame him NOT for any of this. I thank God instead.

      The love we feel is Unconditional and Incomprehensible. Some have had the pleasure of living with their Twin Flame and I do hope , Yes I do hope that I will too. But, if not, I want to wait for my twin Flame of Violet fire at the doors of heaven.

      Furthermore I wish to say this. “You are as lucky as unlucky”. Power, how can we detach from the reality of the 3r dimension to the 5th Dimension?
      I ask myself so may times now. So many times as I read your words and reminisce about my own relationship with my own Twin Flame.
      All that you expressed and felt most of us feel now and then, have felt now and in the past.

      Never ever ever feel that “OUR TWINS FLAMES ” leave us, Ever. I cry sometimes now with joy and sometimes with frustration, when I slip into my third 3rd dimension. I listen to the Album that Vita shared with me and the song “A thousand years.” It just kills me to the core but at the same time, it just lifts me to heaven. I also listen to the instrumental in the same album “The Twilight sage’ the song called “LOVE DEATH BIRTH.” I yell as I sing, that I adore my Twin Flame of Violet Fire, but on a parallel path I am telling God as I sob my heart out, as my heart literally wants to come out of my chest with pain and say to my creator that “If it is not our wish or your plan let me suffer and let me come to you please, to be beside you in heaven. I do want to come to be in heaven beside you”. Yes, as much as You miss your twin Flame of violet Fire, and “Damn, it is painful” but he is in heaven. My Twin Flames and many others on this blog is here in the flesh and I still cannot see her or contact her as she is running.
      That does not matter though, because whether we will see them again or not we must believe that ur creator has a purpose for US all. What it is or what it is meant to mean for each of US, we will probably never comprehend.
      One thing I know for suer is this; I have seen what he does, that God exists and that he is so so powerful that we are no match to his intelligence, grace, Love and above all Merciful.

      Please, share your feelings and experiences with Us if you may, you are a very special soul.
      Thank you. I can talk for myself at least, I am forever grateful.

      Namaste XXX

      Love Harmony and Believe XXX

      Giorgio XXX


  36. terry says:

    My God,… if there was any word to describe the beauty of this article I would use it. Thank you for those beautiful words. ❤ wish you all the best


    1. doucejonna says:

      Terry, beautiful Terry, thank YOU so much for this beautiful comment. I woke up to it in the middle of the night and went back to sleep with a big smile on my face. 🙂 Wishing you lots of love & blessings wherever you are. All the best, Jonna xx


      1. Butterfly67 says:

        I was also blown away by your writing, how beautiful in shape and content, and how different experiences can relate to it in their own unique way. Thank you for creating a safe space for expanding hearts.

        Liked by 1 person

  37. Giorgio says:

    Dear doucejonna,

    I am in need of your comments please. An explanation if you can of My dumbest mistake.

    I got to meet another woman. I understand it was the dumbest mistake EVER.
    However, as MUCH AS there was NO intention of any kind, let alone, having the intention to do anything, the Twin Flame that is married made this decision –

    ( Please, « I Do NOT » wish anyone to comment about this incident yet please. If I may ask, all you others to hold back and NOT COMMENT PLEASE : It Has been very very painful to endure. Thank You)

    Please Try to Understand –

    ***** After 26 years, Both TwinFlames, knowing each other, the last 8 years, have been an amazing part of the relationship / Affair , full of amazing Love and Passion. Living in Fear and Yet, with a commitment of Passion and Mature True LOVE. Alas, Knowing Now, what I know and acknowledge, as well as understand, which I did not know then; I realise that after the even, t we are all smarter though .

    Because I was HONEST, upfront and HAD ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION to get involved with this lady at all, and I did NOT, this is what eventuated.

    These are the events and reasons ;

    There are –

    1. The mirror Twin Flame who is still married. 2. The other, Twin Flame who decided to leave their marriage.

    There is tremendous LOVE between BOTH Twins.

    4. The now divorced Twin, meets a lady on a site. Purposely, against all human knowns and unknowns, that
    if a female is challenged by anther Female, they will get upset, hurt and felt replaced and broken hearted.

    5. The unmarried Twin asks the Still married Twin Flame, to commit to the relationship due to


    6. Also, Is honest with their Twin Flame.

    7. « Genuinely «  meaning to TOTALLY COMMIT, asks for a Commitment and A Reunion between the Two.

    7. The Unmarried Twin who meets the Female on a site, has only ONE INTENTION; « That Both will commit and reunite.

    8. On the Flip Side, this takes place –

    The married Twin Flame gets very very upset.

    9. They Rebel, They cry Whole Heartedly, and this makes both, «  The Married and The Unmarried » Twins VERY VISIBLY Traumatised.

    10. As the Married Twin gets Totally and utterly devastated, the other realises their mistake to even try and
    ask for A possible reunion and Total Commitment.

    DUMB ? DUMBER and STUPID, HURTFUL and The rest

    11. The MARRIED Twin Flame , tells the Unmarried twin Flame that the Relationship is finished.

    12. The married twin Flame looks for another Relationship to replace
    their Twin Flame and keep living their Lie of indiscretions.

    13. They ask their UNMARRIED Twin Flame to let them GO.

    14. The Unmarried Twin Flame lets them Go, very hurt and upset, dejected and Realises his
    BIGGEST MISTAKE to involve another lady as a show of Love towards the
    Married Twin Flame that EVEN a most beautiful Female

    « IS NO MATCH FOR WHAT both Twins Have Between Them. « 

    15. The Unmarried twin Flame is devoted – The Married Twin Flame NOT ANY LESS.

    16. There is another Male involvement Now with the Married Twin Flame to replace the
    Unmarried twin Flame. Passion and Love is looked and searched for. This other male
    obliges and fits the shoes of the other twin Flame as the Married Twin Flame would not
    commit , but needs the Physical desires and Sexual Needs fulfilled.

    17. The Unmarried Twin Flame is HURT , Feels that he has Let His Twin Flame down, even
    though The Twin Flame who USED the other FEMALE to prove to His Twin Flame that
    EEN THE MOST beautiful of any other woman,
    is no Match for their Mature True LOVE.

    18. the Unmarried Twin NOT fully letting Go does continuous
    Dashes to try and salvage the Relationship and total commitment
    towards His Most Beautiful twin Flame, who by Now is Totally
    Hurt and devastated by the Unmarried Twin’s pressure for

    19. There are threats of legal action, defamation and criticism
    about the Unmarried Twin’s Previous Marriage behaviours, as
    well as the Unmarried Twin’s attitude of breaking ALL BOARDERS.

    20. On observation, all the comments of the Unmarried Twin’s
    incapabilities, are exactly what the married Twin Flame had already
    done, 8 years previously herself, in the initial part of the Twins 8 year
    Relationship commencement.

    21. This has all happened because the ‘ Married Twin only is after
    the sexual part of the Relationship, What they call Passion
    and Love.

    22. Now , the relationship is beyond Salvaging and the Unmarried Twin is
    hurt, threatened and made a fool of by not just the Twin Flame but By the
    Mother of the Twin.

    23. This Releases tremendous stress and devastation within the
    Unmarried Twin Flame.
    Desperate and Dumb? Perhaps, but because the Unmarried Twin
    Flame loved the married Twin Flame so much, desiring her without
    Comprehension, the Unmarried Twin Flame is faced with a third
    Dimension rational.

    24. Now totally dejected, demoralised, left with their lovingly sphere of
    remorse, feels No hope what so ever of any friendship let alone even
    Remotely a chance of a reunion.

    25. No one can console the Twin. His actions stupidly and insanely
    asking for a reunion that by NOW is NON- EXISTENT.

    26. where to from here? Certainly NO chance of any worldly reunion

    doucejonna, if you can shed some light about the Impatience and
    Yet heartfelt Love that has done so much damage through the
    desire of their Twin Flame, Now defined as Unworthy, obsessed and
    undesired.Replaced by another, richer and more willing to accommodate
    the Married Twin Flame’s needs.

    Lost and devastated. Certainly DEAD.

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX


    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear Giorgio, thank you so much for always sharing your wisdom and experience on this blog. I understand that this is a difficult time for you and apologise that it has taken me so long to reply. First of all, you are coming down waaaaay too hard on yourself. Yes, maybe you made the “mistake” of flirting with this other woman, however your Twin’s reaction to this is completely hypocritical; after all, she is the one already committed to another man. At least you my friend are a free man. Just because she is your forever perfect and beautiful twin flame does not give her the right to claim you exclusively; not only because she is not in a position to do this, but also because Twin flame love is not an exclusive love but an INCLUSIVE one. For her to react like she did shows me she has not found her humility yet, and tells me that there is so much to heal between you both still. It just reflects a selfish attitude on her part – to have her cake and eat it too.
      You are in a way very lucky to have all those years with her, as this is very rare, however I can also imagine the magnitude of sacrifices that you have made to make it such. As I understand you left your marriage, probably hoping that she would too. Alas, this never happened. For you to attempt to make her jealous was perhaps only a cry for her to realize that you also have other options available for you (which I am sure is true for such a passionate man). Her ego lashed out at you for interrupting her selfish day dream, that’s all. Twin flame or not, Giorgio you are worth sooo much more. Sometimes with these connections we can subsist for a while under the illusion that what we are is so special that having an affair behind their spouses (and our own) back is acceptable and will lead to Union. This is never ever the case. It does not lead to everlasting togetherness but to resentment, triggers and longer separations. I understand why you did what you did.. And I also see how devastated you were when she couldn’t commit to you. But why would she? You had just allowed her to carry on living a delusion (and by this I don’t mean your Union but the fact that she thought she could remain married while enjoying true love as a side dish) and when the emotional price finally became too much for you to pay and you asked for commitment, she blamed you and distanced herself. I have experienced this and so have many, many others. It is too close for comfort for those of us who still want to hide behind our unsatisfactory marriages and relationships out of a misplaced sense of duty or convenience. When we push such a person to commit, its too many lies for them to look at at once. This is not your fault Giorgio. I am sorry to say this but I think you did the right thing. You did what was right FOR YOU. It may not be the best outcome if you want to hang onto her at ANY COST, but it is the best temporary outcome if you wish to experience true self-growth and truly learn what it is to love someone.
      Of course she has now replaced you with another… Let her. She has a gaping hole in her soul that she needs filling. You not being there will sooner or later steer her towards the actual discovery of her Self, of this I am sure. And certainly if you are Twin flames. Remember, this is a spiritual connection meant to push you to the discovery of your true nature. No wordly Union can ever happen until you have both understood and experienced such in the deepest parts of yourselves. You have to both want it and be willing to work for it. There is no point pushing her for Union if she is not ready to deal with her own crap. You cannot fix it for her Giorgio. You are amazing, no matter what she says or does, and you can still love her (and she you) without compromising your emotional health or morals in the process.
      I will write more later.. Love you always Giorgio for your bravery to share your heart. Jonna xx


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna

        I keep reading your response because I cannot believe that she is so blind. I am as well though. I am just so in love with her that I struggle to ‘Not ‘ feel her every moment. I feel her anger and I feel her mistakes. I feel her vulnerability, her insecurity and above all her love. I know that she is upset inside and happy perhaps with this guy. It’s fine I want her happy, and I want her healthy because I looked after her like she was my partner that I loved so much and still do and always will.

        I cannot have another lady in my life because I know who she is. With all her faults and her threats I just pray every day for her. I get upset of course sometimes because I miss her. This guy has a position at work and is wealthy so he is attractive. However, now that she has left her marriage for him because, she is after all secure as well herself she would not want to part from the comforts of life. Myself I am struggling for my decision, although I am happy with what I have done to keep my integrity. Yes, I always asked her to consider our love but then she did leave for this other guy. She got fed up waiting for me.
        Even more so, a reality check from my end – she sees me in a different light now. My love has not changed for her, there is this feeling, but I am fighting it. I just know that there is going to be collateral damage later. I was asked if I would be ready to pick up the pieces ? Well, when people break up things are not so good. Years later things change and the same people get together again.

        I am Not hoping at all I just feel it inside of me that she is angry and fed up of her marriage and faced with an attractive offer, she ran for it.

        Doing what I have done gave her the sign that this was a message that she must take advantage of and love has found her.

        Also things come and happen to test US how strong we are at the time when we are vulnerable. I created something for her to test her and myself how strong we were as I felt that there was someone else, according to her words. I feel a lot of things and I am as in tune as far as even knowing when she is insecure. She is totally relying on this guy because he is getting what he wants from her.
        What is eating me inside is ur connection more than anything.

        Of course I feel I have done wrong but she made her decision after I told her that I met someone. Wanted to tell her but I have opened her eyes before about how she was doing things and she tells me that she is a free spirit. Well, she does what she always wants to do but this time I must walk away.
        I have and as you all know it hurts because I have never ever used her ever. * years of bliss and missing her every time she goes away from me. She has balled her eyes out when I told her and I broke her heart. I feel she is off the rails and she is going to be sorry for doing this.

        As you suggested, I need to look after myself and not worry about it. Easier said than done but I must. Things like this are always a bubble. I know of another couple who have done this and it was mind blowing for the first two years, then all hell broke loose. Stayed together for seven years and they were about to kill one another. Many more as well as things don’t last if done in haste. All is a perception but I must apply and lookout my own writings.
        I encourage everyone to – “NEVER< EVER< EVER TO GIVE UP", so I MUST adhere to my words.

        I want to believe that one day I will meet her or she might even have the guts to call me to see her. I know that I would just go to her and hug her and never ever let her go. Ever, no questions asked because where there is true Mature Love, Nothing else negative exists but Divine Love.

        I don't know why I feel like this because she cannot see it. Anyway I am writing to let out my frustration and My endless love for her. You probably all thinking I am crazy but , I know I am not. I have this divine love for her and it is coing from above not from my heart only. I know what I feel and I know that she loves me as well. Why? I have NO IDEA WHY, I JUST KNOW IT. I FEEL IT AND, IT JUST WAUN'T LET GO.I cannot NOT think of her, she is embedded in me. I have things happen and I don't even have to try hard at all to feel her and know how she is feeling. She is on top of the world at the moment. I enjoy her being happy very much. When she laughs she is very proper and she makes me melt. I smile I don't laugh a a lot because just being with her is magic. We waited in hong Kong one day to go and visit the Buddha. We waited for hours, and we had the best day ever. and many many many more because we never really had the need to argue. Once in France we did, as we got to the airport in Paris. We got the train and she wanted to get a taxi. She lost it and started walking away from me. I called her and she was as stubborn as they come. head strong and adamant to have her way. She did but that was only once because we are very much easy going really and we communicated a lot. I did not really know much what was happening but I feel that she met this guy at work and he was after her. She hinted a few times that she could not see me as often. Well, reflecting on the events things did not just happen there and then. She was waiting for a good excuse to find the right moment. I presented it to her.
        However, I know that I am right. My position is fragile but I will finish settlement with my ex wife whois out to destroy me because of my decision. It is my fault but things were not good on my front in my marriage anyway. Meeting with my Twin Flame was like meeting someone who was already in my skin. She did not acknowledge our Twin Flame connection as she is afraid to deny it all now.
        She denies Nothing just looks at me and then she says something else. I feel her untruths and desires and I feel like telling her to just be honest with me, even then she denies it.
        Well, yes too many lies to confront in one hit. That is why I don't believe that this will work for her.

        Well, I am sounding boring now so if I had a magic wand I would fly away with the angels and stay there. I know that It would be a better place for now.
        Marcus Aurelius says these and many more –

        Very little is needed to have a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your own way of thinking.
        Marcus Aurelius
        Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perception, Not the truth. Marcus Aurelius

        You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.
        Marcus Aurelius

        Time is a sort of a river of passing events, and strong is its current: No sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.
        Marcus Aurelius

        I thank you all and apologise for sharing such details. If it helps anyone, that at least is good.
        I understand that I am Not on my own as well.

        Thank you doucejonna , Thank you ALL.
        Love, Harmony and believe XXX
        Giorgio XXX


  38. Giorgio says:

    Dear doucejonna

    Together with all of that has been happening, there has been amazing telepathic knowhow of events.
    Feelings that have been denied by the Married Twin Flame.

    It hurts and it keeps happening as The Married Twin Flame denies her Unmarried Twin Flame
    any sign of recognition what so ever.

    Disbelief and Still amazing Love towards the Married Twin Flame remains.

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX

    G XXX


    1. doucejonna says:

      Aah Giorgio, let me give you also the spiritual perspective of the events. In the Twin flame connection, the separation is often inevitable and certainly necessary. How else would you challenge her to become the best version of herself or to make her face up to the dysfunctions in her life? After all, isn’t this why the twin flame connection appears in our lives? To help unleash in us our true nature and push us towards a higher love & vibration. The connection is never about the lovey dovey all-your-sexual-fantasies-fulfilled relationship, but about a strong, unconditional love which ultimately brings us closer to ourselves, others and our Creator. Therefore, to only want that which fulfills the “I” is a selfish endeavour and in an authentic twin flame connection disappears with time.
      If she is your true Twin flame, Giorgio, she is only ever a breath away and she will be back to test the waters again and to see if you are still there, on the other side of the telepathic/energetic connection. Speak to her in your heart, or by looking at yourself in the mirror and practise, and I mean TRULY PRACTISE, loving yourself as much as you love her. Things will become clearer and easier to you in time. Work on surrendering to the flow of things, the connection, life… Resistance is what causes all this pain, after all.
      More than anything Giorgio, You HAVE TO LET GO of this thinking that you should have somehow acted differently, and that it was wrong for you to ask for her to commit to you exclusively. Having true compassion for yourself will help you see her through the eyes of compassion too. You did nothing wrong. You must forgive yourself and – dare I say it – congratulate yourself on this brave step that you took towards the growth of your own soul and self-love. In the Twin flame connection it is important to use discernment to determine whether it is the ego or the soul of the other that we are supporting. Obviously, it is her ego which lashed out because until now it felt supported by you. To support her soul, a different method, including separation, is needed. As your true Twin flame, if she too follows this path towards wholeness, she will thank you for it one day.
      Don’t stop believing Giorgio, we are all here for you. Love, Jonna xx


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear doucejonna
        You are so connected with what I have done, doing and WILL do.
        You are right I understand that. You are so right an SO CLEAR of your words and expressions.

        I have written my first book and I have been finding it hard to express myself in my second book. I got stuck with my feelings and my thoughts. However, I will be launching my first book very soon, it has been long coming. “OUR BOOK” as I have included her in it, all over.

        The source has given me such a gift not only of loving my Twin Flame, but to have such an amzing group of people around me. “YOURSELVES”.
        THANK YOU – I am SOOOOOOO LUCKY. Thank you.

        Thank you to all of you that have had such respect and courage. Thank you for you have ALL shown Me the respect and let doucejonna reply to my broken heart and suffering.

        I want all of you to know, that I am very very grateful. My heart aches but My soul is pure in it delivery of My Divine Love for my Twin Flame.
        I believe that I am so connecter with God that there is “No doubt” in my mind, what is going to happen next. Yes, I believe and I WILL make the sacrifices for her and keep in full contact with her and her soul. The source is with me and It is SOOOOOOO strong.

        Thank YOU doucejonna.

        Your words are comforting, but they say the truth I ADORE MY TWIN FLAME. She knows this, and Yes her EGO is in place and in the WAY of her hurt in a worldly way. Not that I did it on purpose to hurt her, it was the furthest thing from my mind.

        She is separated now, she moved out.She never told me about it. But I knew anyway I am so connected with her. Now, she wants no commitment but i wrote to her after I went to visit her at her MUM’s place. I got told that I have to leave. In our conversation during which she threatened me that she will take a Restraining Order Against me. (There is what there is, it is not the person I know who is talking from her words, it is hurt and others telling her what to do noncan take advantage of her weaknesses and immaturity. Yes, I understand the EGO journey.
        My Martial Arts has thought me a lot and I have a hell of a lot to learn as well.)

        She is in the 3rd Dimension still. I have connecter with God and as much as she told me that I am too religious, I can tell you NOW, God Is with US both.
        I spray for her soul as It is my other better half.
        As you so truthfully said –
        ” If she is your twin Flame Giorgio, she is only ever a breath away and she will be back to test the waters again and to see if you are still there , on the other side of her telepathic/ energetic connection. Speak to her in your heart, or by …… ”

        Thank you, I understand but sometimes one needs some sort of a slap in the face to wake up and not go towards the dark side and the darkness that one sees as a means to an end.
        I have been there once and I do not really want to go there and visit again. The cliff was very tempting but, the garden behind me was greener and more lush.
        I turned back to face it again, more pain more love and how lucky can I be; I found my Twin Flame to guide me to grow and reflect on how great the source is to give me such reverence and insight to God’s love.
        Yes, many many others are scared of the word ‘God’ . I am Not. He hold my hand and he touches my soul.
        She WILL BE BACK and this time, she will have to understand why, how and when all is possible for our reunion.
        She has already been told this and she is refusing to admit what is going on.
        In time as we both grow ans mature to our claimed spirituality, reunion is on the books.
        I love her children and her Son also has my features. She even told me so. She knows. She knows who WE are.
        She is just feeding her EGO. It will be effected and done as per the Kundalini substance. Anger is the film that is blinding her and the words of whoever is talking to her are the paste that will break on her eyes one day. I will keep connecting with her, I will keep LOVING her as I have always done over so many reincarnations and meetings.

        I use to lay down on her tummy and whisper to her that I adored her. I was so much at peace and she use to look at me and tell me- “I must have been your mother at some stage”.

        My heart would just rest at peace and I wanted NEVER EVER to leave her site. EVER.

        This is the END of the line for me. I understand and I feel this is the end of ALL my journeys.
        I believe that when WE do come to the eND WE KNOW IT JUST IS.

        Yes, I am not going to défend her. I am and always still love her, as My Twin Flame is the ultimate soul that I longed for all my LIVES of REINCARNATIONS.

        WE BOTH KNOW THAT I AM ON MY LAST JOURNEY hère. It is not a coïncidence that I met her.
        She has a lot to learn and so have I.
        However, I believe that we will reunion and we need to grow together and do a lot of good in this world as well.

        This is the hardest part of my journey HOME to the source. It is painful but it is not at the same time. I felt this morning that I must rie above this nonsense and get a grip of myself.
        There is work to be done. She refuses to help me I must keep going doing what I need to do.

        It is all been arranged and organised to test US both. It is and she will reject on what has transpired. i wrote to her this last SMS after I left her MUM”s place –

        “Why did you not tell me in My face? Why ? After 26 years and 8 years of pure love and asked yu if you would commit…. why I ask you?

        Please don’t send the dress back. I bought that in september. It hurts me to see it. Please give it to your beautiful daughter ok.
        Don’t keep hurting me. I am hurting and I know you are making excuses. as you say to me “yu will always love me. I will always adore you…..XXXXXX Please don’t send it back.
        I am sorry about your DAD, truly I am so sorry.”
        (Her father has pneumonia. He is over 80 and I use to go and stage his legs after two knee reconstructions and he has a heart pacer. He loved baths and oe day I helped him have a salt bath to help his ageing body feel good about himself. No other will do what I did for him because I love them so much. I love her parents very much. I have an amazing connection with them but she has deprived me from seeing them as well. What i did with them I did it out of Mature Love for her and it is the strongest love ever, in the whole of this creation. God has gifted me with such reverence as I said before. I am very grateful, very.)

        Then I continued and said to her in the text –
        “Now you have threatened me and told me what is wrong about my marriage? I love you ……….. .
        I never touched or stayed with anyone. No ONE. I adore you and your family always have and always will. Always XXXX How could you threaten me? How could you XXX No one has ever HURT ME LIKE THIS XXX I cannot believe it XXX Give My love to your DAD. Please do. XXXX
        I also think that your son is amazing. He is handsome. I lost everyone now XXXX
        Look within. I am your Twin and mirror. You came and overstepped the boundaries. You came to the ….. party uninvited on christmas and you knew that my ….. was there with me. You came to visit me at my house …… . How could you attack me now because I came to visit you at your MUM”s that I have no boarders and threaten me. Yet you asked me to say hello to your Son…!
        I overstepped the boundaries?
        No… we both do and now you accuse me of all that you have already dine yourself ??
        you are blind. Your new man is talking advantage of your anger. I am your true mature Twin.This is truly Twin Flame……. Down Pat
        I will let you go XXXX Now …… I MUST …..Enjoy your new man. Beware …. No one will love you like myself ….. No one XXXX You know who we are, but you are angry …. Let me be please XXXX I am feeling demolished… I do no more than you do …. Reflect and open your eyes …. Be careful please. I don’t want anyone to hurt you …XXX ok
        I will not ever HURT YOU …….. Your heart will talk to you like mine does. I feel everything and Inknow a lot because we are Twin Flames xx I told you, deny all you want. I am honest and I have integrity as well as Unconditional love. But, you can’t see it. XXX I tell you again that ‘I touched No one ” . …. Has he already told you to take a retraining order on me ?
        Wake up …….. . I will NOT be there to help you. Good Luck My Twin XXX Thank you XXX
        Your Twin Flame XXXX ”

        Yes a long SMS but Always let her know my feelings. I am DEEP ad I don’t ever lie to her. Ever. It keeps me grounded. I know she twists things because she must leave her pandora’s box closed.
        Until she does, she will not be happy.
        So Yes, my dear friend bona, you are amazingly appreciated and so to the point. I truly see who you are and I am not happy about the deep pain, but I am happy where I am. I feel you with me in my pain and it comforts me. It brings peace to my brain and heart. But it consoles me and keeps me on track.

        My divorce has been a very bitter one because of my twin Flame. I have not seen my children because of what I have done. I sacrificed a lot to make this move where I had found someone who ‘Does’ love me truly. I know she does. I even feel it now. Yes, jonna, she will come back to see and test, but I will not just give in. I will melt for her but I will have to resist and make sure that she understands who I am. We are and who she needs to be and where. There are too many things that will not be in her life if I am not with her. Respect for herself and her children. She cannot see it yet, but she will.

        I respect what you said jonna very much and coming from another Twin Flame and a woman, that is certainly comforting. I met someone yesterday . An older lady and she asked me why I have no one? Told her and she smiled and said to me…. You will see her again.. She loves you but she cannot see it…. You mist believe and she will come back to you. She knows who you are but she is denying herself because she is not worthy f such love and genuine strong love. She cannot handle it . Stay grounded and you will see her again. Meantime enjoy your ride and don’t be too hard on yourself… You tried to help her but he is not ready yet.”You see jonna, you are on the same track and obviously I need maturing as well, after all she is my mirror Twin.

        I need to manage the hurt that’s all. But it is easier said than done… XXXX

        Thank you so much. I will re read your messages and understand what you are saying because I am finding it hard to concentrate now. I have had constant breakdowns trying to understand where I went wrong to hurt her. I have but than, I meant nothing wrong, I wanted to show her how much I loved her and wanted to be with her.

        You understood everything and you put into beautiful words.I tried but I could not even explain myself properly. You DID for ME.
        Thank you . You are most gracious.

        Thank you for the comfort that I needed to stay grounded and to love myself.

        I don’t know what ekes to say, you have been amazing for me. Thank you ALL. XXXX

        Love harmony and believe XXXX

        Giorgio XXXX


      2. Giorgio says:

        Dear jonna

        I read your post that you so intently answered for me. One that you so carefully wrote with good intentions and heartfelt advice. I am now feeling self love with my creator. More and more every day. Yes, I wrote that I gave her a dress for her birthday, and I have fed her Ego a little more.

        I think of her and I every second of my life and as I read the cry of others on this blog, who want to sever their TF connection I have this to say to you ALL who are reading this.

        Please, do yourselves a favour and wake up from your dreams of pressing on the question – “WHY’.

        If you have to ask? Then ask yourselves “Why” are you not waking up to the calling of your own self love work.? It is the work that we need to do for ourselves first that will get us towards OUR reunion, Nothing Else.

        I am realising that we can cry ” OH ME”. NO, Don’t. It is our reflection that is that we face. It is our own EGO that we see and in our own disbelief, we are depriving our own development into the 5th Dimension, and in turn our TF’s as well. Remember they are our mirrors.

        I am realising more and more the more that I think about Myself that if We do not do this and look at our own self love we are never going to meet our TF again. Ever.

        Guys, I read today someone who wanted to sever their connection, actually about three of the responses and perhaps ore as well. PLEASE, stop the drama and get up on your feet and do something positive. I am as GUILTY AS THE LOT OF YOU. probably even worse because I am so trained to be disciplined that I have been a very blind TF. I see that my TF was asking me to help her and I , instead, BUCKLED under pressure. Now, as much as separation is a necessity I am trying to do what I should have done ages ago.

        SURRENDER, to our MOMENT AND THE “NOW”. Stop thinking of the past and the future about the past great times and the hopes of the future that we don’t even see at all. Certainly we will not, not if we are going to move backwards like a crab. Move forward in a “SELFISH” way from this moment on. Look after your own selves and “YES” we are all going to face the doom and Gloom of our Divine love for our TF, it is going to challenge us for a while. However, the more we train to love ourselves through looking in the mirror, repeating our selves that we love our TF, but we MUST love ourselves even more. WHY ?
        Because we do and we do not relize it yet. Stop blaming our TF for all this. They are waiting for us or they are fed up of our complacency and not doing enough to get to reunion.

        STOP THE HOPE.


        Here it is. Have the courage to face the music. Literally. Listen to music, learn to be happy again and learn that we are wasting time on ways that are not going to be of any benefit to us as TWINS.

        Grab the bull by the horn and drag yourselves if you all have to, towards a solution.

        The pain we are feeling is real YES, it is. But, if we really LOVE with divine Love, OUR TF, thhigher self is asking ME to self love more and surrender to All, self needs, wants and desires. LIVE THE NOW.
        We must show and feel that we want US to be loved and we can only get this love if we love ourselves if we create a balance within us. Like the suez canal. No ship can move to through the channel unless all port gates are level with the other that needs to open.

        ACT ” Not” with pity but with planning and acting responsibly. I failed to do this myself but I am realising that I want my TF more than ever. We need to show ourselves first. NOW not in the past or the future. I must show myself how muchI lovely TF first.

        LOVE YOURSELVES and stop wasting valuable time with our Self pity. energy badly used, with no result to even look worth our TF’s presence.

        HARD WORK? Well, nothing comes without hard work. Wishing alone does not get us anywhere.
        Working towards a goal with INTENT and thinking positively, yes, that is the way.

        Think what you want, what yu are working hard for and then, the art of positive thinking will have NO CHOICE but to buckle under our determined self love.
        Get IT? I have and let me tel you that I have put myself under a lot of scrutiny and danger that I cannot pull back now. I have taken tis sep to help you guys and so, I cannot fail myself first and foremost. Succeed or NOT I must do this NOW.

        Together guys… come on TF souls let us work together towards our reward of eternity and love no option to our TF but to join us. Stop thinking, start feeeellling with OUR HEARTS. It is the only way to the start of creation where it was all great. Let us create “GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR US and OUR TF< Shall we?.

        YES. Come on… and don't let yourselves down, write to US on this blog when you need help.

        Lets go ….
        Make ourselves proud and jonna who with so many others have written so much for all to share as a family that we are.. XXXXXXXXXXXX

        Love Harmony and Believe XXX



    2. doucejonna says:

      Dear Giorgio,
      Thank YOU soooo much for enriching this blog with your deep, heartfelt comments. I truly see your soul, your energy, your path which is the same as mine. You are beautiful – inside and out.
      I feel your pain Giorgio, and I too have felt the rejection from my married Twin flame so I am right there with you… But you know that telling her where she is going wrong AND making her responsible for your pain will do nothing than to push her further away. I will share a little something my Twin told me recently: “You were right about unconditional love.. When we love the other as they are, instead of pointing out their faults, eventually we elevate the other.” Failing to see this will keep you stuck in a lower vibration and will stall your ascension. You said it yourself: this is the end of ALL your journeys.. This is the simple truth. You ARE ascending back to Source, to God… So stay focused..
      Your Twin is still dealing with the shadow parts of her self; things that you have helped her see and that she more likely did not expect… Allowing her to get away with deceiving herself and others – has delayed her progress.. It is because she loves you so much.. But now, please let her do the work she is begging you to allow her to do. She too is in pain. She too has clearing and healing to do – and this healing goes beyond just this lifetime. You are here to assist each other to ascend. Keep this is mind.
      The eternal life is your true destination and “home” where you will spend forever together. I am so with you on this. I am not even stressed about our relationship in the physical – I know where the truth of the connection is; in the spiritual realm of the heart, with God – and in our hearts that beat as ONE. This I know without a doubt. For me, this has lifted so much of the pressure. Freeing him has freed me.. He is FREE: free to explore life, growth, sexual feelings, love, in any way or with whoever he wants.. It is all for the benefit of our Union and return to Source. We agreed this before we chose to come here.
      I know nothing he does in this life will ever take away the special bond that we share. I know he is on a parallel path right next to me, even if we are not “together”. If I feel like it, I can glance over and compare notes and be reassured we are stil headed to the same place. Trying to force things or make him feel bad about the choices he is making leads no where. It is not reflective of the timeless, abundant love that we share. Rather, I have learnt that to optimise our growth (for us both) and to minimize the suffering, I must extend my unconditional love to him… If he moves into a new relationship, it is because he is still learning. I can allow him this because I know he is not ready to come to me. I WANT him to go out and experience everything he can, every single experience he needs, even with other women, because I KNOW they are stepping stones to his enlightenement, spiritual fulfilment and ultimately, our Union. I am saying all this Giorgio to invite you to truly reflect on what LOVE is… What is the highest expression of the love that you have for your beautiful twin? Isn’t it to set her free; to see her happy? To trust, to honor, to bless? It is hard for her to deal with your disappointment with her.. with your anger and sadness.. Because she also knows the journey she has to make to gain clarity.. Allow her to forge her own path; it is hers to travel and she needs your support to make it. Show her the magnificent being that I KNOW you are, in your most glorious, divine light – after all, you are the benchmark she will eventually compare all her lovers (past and future) against.. and she WILL come to the right understanding… Be ready. It is not her fault. It is the work you BOTH chose to do.
      For you Giorgio, I hope you understand I am not discounting your pain.. I know you hurt. But please work on increasing your own vibration and light; it’s the only way to help her. Reflect on true LOVE, love her like an angel.. She will feel it, she will know it. You said it yourself, she KNOWS who you are. Love & blessings, J xx


      1. Giorgio says:

        Dear Jonna

        I read this every time I feel my Twin and feel her pain and her insecurity. I pray for her to be safe and happy notwithstanding my pain. I feel it but I am reasoning for us to be as the higher source decides where we should be as per the divine plan.

        I have prayers that I say and that keep me sane and contented with good thoughts of divine love that my TF can also benefit from.
        I can tell you that there is No way anyone can ever take her place. Never have never will. I know it is what it is and when I meet someone who is nice to me and there are many , all I want to do is run away and hide and pray for my most beautiful TF.

        I can relate now more to yourself as well as I understand your words that you wrote to me so lovingly and so true to the meaning of Divine love.

        I hope that you read All that I write to others as well!! I thank you for this chance where I express my feelings and ups and downs. I hope that perhaps others can see what stages I am going through along my own path. Funny how we are all so much the same with the same events to express this reality of divine journey with our TF.
        As you told me –

        ” I WANT him to go out and experience everything he can, every single experience he needs, even with other women, because I KNOW they are stepping stones to his enlightenement, spiritual fulfilment and ultimately, our Union. I am saying all this Giorgio to invite you to truly reflect on what LOVE is… What is the highest expression of the love that you have for your beautiful twin? Isn’t it to set her free; to see her happy? To trust, to honor, to bless? It is hard for her to deal with your disappointment with her.. with your anger and sadness.. Because she also knows the journey she has to make to gain clarity.. Allow her to forge her own path; it is hers to travel and she needs your support to make it. Show her the magnificent being that I KNOW you are, in your most glorious, divine light – after all, you are the benchmark she will eventually compare all her lovers (past and future) against.. and she WILL come to the right understanding… Be ready. It is not her fault. It is the work you BOTH chose to do.
        For you Giorgio, I hope you understand I am not discounting your pain.. I know you hurt. But please work on increasing your own vibration and light; it’s the only way to help her. Reflect on true LOVE, love her like an angel.. She will feel it, she will know it. You said it yourself, she KNOWS who you are. Love & blessings, J xx ”

        I thank you. Xxxxxxxx
        You are so right that I just put my hands on my face and just lose myself in prayers for her to realise the truth of who we are and what we are here for.

        I listened to ” Rumi ” today for a while. I reflect and meditate myself into ” suspense “.
        One of my relatives understands my feelings towRds my TF and as I read a card that I recieve X for Christmas, it said –
        ” We wish you all the very best wishes for a much better year for you in 2016. You deserve to be happy and we know how much you adore your Twin Flame. We are praying for both of you and I know you are always together but we also feel that you will both be together in the flesh again, perhaps before the year ends. Don’t forget that God knows the truth. Even we know and feel your heart. Never give up hope for when you love truly from your heart it is heard by al, the Angels. They know and they will help you both. We love you both very much. ”

        I also want to thank you Jonna, very much. Xxxxx

        Your words resonate within my heart and soul. Xxx

        Love Harmony and Believe xxx
        Giorgio xxx


  39. NiNJuJu says:

    wow. you spoke to my being and i felt your story as if i had lived it.
    may love and light cover you as you spread divine knowledge.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Namaste NiNJuJu/ Jay… Thank you, I am honoured to have touched your being with my writings. Your beautiful words mean so much to me. May the new year bring you abundant love and blessings. Jonna x

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Giorgio says:

    Dear douceJonna

    Apologise for the spelling mistakes. I have tears reading and writing to you. I am sorry.

    I have a lot of pain but I thank you for your true kind words.
    I have some very harsh people around me but I also have some amazing supportive others. No, I don’t expect anyone to tell me what I want to hear. No, but I appreciate the truth. Now that comforts me.
    No one knows what comes next but I certainly believe that God knows, when and what is going to happen.
    When we are together, it is heaven. In all ways. All ways.
    I know and I have NEVER EVER BEEN so sure of who she is.


    I thank you again doucjonna… thank you XXX

    Love Harmony and Believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  41. Marie Ange Valengis says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these words…
    At least did you reunite? If the case, do you have spiritual considerations in your conversations? How wonderful and amazing should it be!
    How long did it take from your first meeting until now?
    Have you been separated several times?
    I think I am reaching surrender and illumination state… If this is right, will he do so? I “feel” him but I donot know if it is enough to let him reach the same spiritual state as mine…
    I wonder if appropriate to contact him: last time, several months ago, he informed me he entered a new, lovely and serene relationship…
    It was a really dramatic moment…
    And now I do not want to “disturb” him, or even to give him the impression to be insistent while I would be so happy to get news and eventually attend one of his conferences (he makes amazing, wonderful conferences about literature)… what I do not dare any more…
    Thank you again,


  42. Giorgio says:

    Dear Marie Ange Valengis

    Was you writing directed to myself or doucejonna. I am sorry I did not mean to ignore you if you did. I also did not want to be rude to doucejonna. Let me know if this was for me to answer you and I will.

    Thank you xx

    Love Harmony and believe XXX
    Giorgio XXX


  43. pizzagal says:

    Yes yes and yes… it all makes sense why I sent those crazy texts… the knots in my gut to throat.. now I wish my heache would go away .

    He saw me found me. Thought we’d met before… I was focused on my pizza.. Our timing extraordinary factors. His heart issues.. given all clear and healed after our union…

    Thankyou for confirming the beautiful madness x


  44. Giorgio says:

    Dear Jonna,

    I have to say that today I have advanced in my surrender. I was training riding my bicycle today and I was very much focused. I was strong and hurting as I was pushing my 80 km ride and focusing on a strong sprint finish. I had one head phone on and I was listening to ” A thousand years” about 2 km away from the finish. All of a sudden this feeling of peace came over me, of calm and reassurance that I must stay on my path. Whatever that path might be, I am loving myself as I am very prepared to focus on myself and self love. Trying not to think too much of her and where she is or what she is doing or even thinking . For some reason there are moments were I am spiritually strong and in meditation mode focused and at peace with myself.

    I don t know what else is happening hut there is other signs that are popping up at random and it is leaving me in disbelief. I am finding space around me although I have my moments of tears still and somewhat regret in a way but in another I am accepting of the truth path with my creator whom I am loving and thinking him constantly for his greatness and love.

    The Source is irreplaceable magnificently spiritually embracingly full of True Love. I find peace in it. Truly.

    On that note –
    ” I would like to wish you Jonna and all the people on this blog, brothers and sisters who have expressed, shared and adviced in so many beautiful ways to help me ride the rough waves of this chalkenging journey.
    A big big Thank you to All.

    May 2016, bring us all happiness in however way it be. Prosperity and heLth to you all with much much love from the purity of my heart.

    Thank you so much. XXXXXXXXXX



  45. Giorgio says:

    My Twin is being of violet fire. My Twin is the purity God desires.
    My Twin is a being of violet fire. My Twin is the purity God desires.
    My Twin is a being of violet fire. My Twin is the purity God desires.

    Thank you XXXXX
    All my brothers and sisters xxx
    Love harmony and believe XXX


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