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4 thoughts on “Why is Surrender so important for Twin Flames

  1. Giorgio says:

    Dear Jonna

    You are amazingly on the money. I am so connected with you. I am so on your path.
    I am feeling so the same and so accurately as you have written on this article.

    I have been saying this all along. Slamming myself up and down and more of the same.
    I have never been so sure in my entire life about my Twin. She was s what I think in need to learn her lessons to mature. On the mirror side I need to learn the mirroring lessons. My goodness, I pray to God so much now and I ask God to guide me and hold my hand as I walk the path of this amazing experience that “I KNOW DEEP IN MY HEART THAT MY TWIN WILL RETURN”

    You are so accurate in your explanation and your thoughts as well as your intuition about surrendering to the higher source. I am with you. I am so lucky to be here and I am so great full that you can guide me as I have asked our creator to hold my hand. YOU ARE MY CREATORS MESSANGER.


    My Twin thinks that she has found her perfect match.. I am not worried about anything. I know that I must surrender to my creator and have All my faith in him in all of this. I remember Manchester until ted loosing to buyern Munich and there was only ten minutes left. 4 goals to 1.
    It was impossible but within those last 10 minutes of play the match was even. Extra time of 3 minutes and Manchester eand bunted scored the winning goal. IMPOSSIBLE ……. ?

    I think that reuniting with my Twin is more important than this, No matter what I do or what my Twin does …… What God has planned will come to fruition. Every day I am prAying and praying and I feel so deeply in love with my Twin and so connected and loving her endlessly. There is no way as my Twin is lost in her own translation that God is going to let me out in the rain cold.

    I can just about see it, feel it and I am going to say nothing. I want my Twin to come to me when God is ready for us to do so.

    I feel God’s love and his compassion and his planning. I shake and I doubt and as soon as I do, I immediately say a prayer to my creator to fogiv vex me for my sins. I ask Him to send more love to my Twin as I reenforce and gather my strength of my dedication with relentless Love and Divine dedication to my God and my Twin through Him.

    I love this piece as it is so true and it is so much me.
    “We consciously know who is right for us, and we understand the type of relationship we want in our life. For me this meant that I could no longer settle for anything other than the soul-shaking, transformative, one-soul-in-two-bodies kind of love that I always knew existed and that I have come to know with my Twin. For once we have experienced the fullness and rightness of loving & being loved fully for who we are as an eternal soul, we come to realise that we could want nothing more, nor accept anything less than this. The truth is that having anything in our life that doesn’t resonate with it becomes unbearable. No matter how wonderful, no matter how loving, no matter what the reasons or dilemmas. Our ultimate and only hope then lies in our own internal vision and our trust that where there is God, there is a way.”

    My Twin s lost and in disbelief but I am letting her find out through her own experience. God s preparing her for US.

    What has transpired till now before the big Seperation has been planned. Saving the ladies life was meant to be for two reasons.
    I needed to learn to trust in myself and in my Twins love and suffer to realise That I adored my Twin and no matter how beautiful anyone else is, there is no way anyone else can take her place
    My Twin also has to learn to control her defiance, her jealousy and learn about mature true love that it actually exist. In the long term, nobody will look after my Twin like we will look after one another, connect with one anther and love one another like we do.

    I am not only enjoying your literature but acknowledging it that it is necessary to have separation and surrender . Your insight is powerful,and outright helpful…

    Thank you
    Love Harmony and belief XXX


    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear Giorgio, there is no denying that we are on the same path, you and me. I am forever grateful for all the comments and all the insight that you share and which benefit all my readers – and also me. I haven’t had the time to reply in dept yet with the house full of overseas visitors however I will get back to you soon. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Giorgio, from me to you with love 💜💜


  2. Angelica says:

    Thank you so much. I have just surrendered and it is the most amazing thing. I am learning that I must love myself. Not only first but more than anything. That is where God resides.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Angelica for your lovely comment. Love & blessings to you for the new year. Jonna x


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