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When our search for The One leads us Home

When I first connected with Mahmoud – the author of this article – on Twitter, we instantly struck up a friendship based on mutual admiration and resonance of each other’s work and spiritual path. He was one of the first fellow bloggers to recognise my work on Mirror of My Soul and I have always equally admired him for his spiritual gifts and creative talents (of which writing is just one!).
It has been my intention for the longest time to reblog his article on Love and Fear which I know will resonate with my readers. For me, it perfectly describes the twin flame dynamic and how the mind-heart divide leads to separation from our twin flame, or Mr or Ms Soul Connection, as he calls it. He tells it like it is from the “runner’s” perspective so perfectly – and echoes many of the truths I have found on my own journey and often blogged about.
I hope you enjoy his soulful writing as much as I do.

Diary of a MadMoud

Episode 48

30 Days of You Challenge | Day Ten

I feel like I have talked about this subject a lot, haven’t I? Why is spirit trying to get me to post about it again? This whole 30 Days of You Challenge is becoming quite challenging because it forces me to find stuff to blog about, so I have to look for dust in the corners of my mind. When I am not engaged in any challenges, I would post whenever I would have an overwhelming sensation to express something, so I could spend weeks not posting anything because I just don’t feel like it. Can’t do that now, and since I am not one to back out from any challenges I ask spirit to inspire me with a topic to blog about. Sometimes I go “ugh, really? I wouldn’t do much of a good job posting about that today”…

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5 thoughts on “Love and Fear

  1. Virginie says:

    Thank you Jonna, after reading your post i was just thinking how it could be lovely to have the writing of a man and you’ve shared it… So you might definitely be a Magicjonna! And thank you very much Mahmoud!!!
    You guys write VERY well!!

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  2. Jennifer says:

    I was the one who felt this way, this intense fear. I hid it from my twin soul. Well I thought I did. All the change that happened for us happened based upon my energy, nothing we did wrong together in “real life.” Our relationship in 3D was divine, loving, kind, angelic and perfect. And it scared the shit out of me. But I was the one who felt this way, and reading his post has me in tears. My twin soul and I are separated right now due to me facing down my fears. But I am going to tell you something- NO ONE can take from my my truth and my memories of who he was to me when we were together as a couple: my Heaven on earth. We had that soul love, that heart-opening perfect “moving at the speed of light” soul connection, and I will hold that dear to my heart forever. He will be back with me one day but for now my memories are my truth. That kind of love does is exist, and it is soul love. Beautiful post- I love it.

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  3. mmmriad says:

    I have been wanting to thank you for sharing this for about a month now! I guess I needed to take this month to cocoon for a bit and rebuild my understanding of this journey. I am getting out of my shell again now, and would just like to thank you for crossing paths with me Jonna 🙂 You truly were sent to me through divine interaction, as talking with you, reading your thoughts on your amazing blog, and through your mere presence and light in my life as completely shifted my perspective and vibrational core on a lot of things. Hope you are well 🙂

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    1. doucejonna says:

      My dear friend, this remains one of my favourite messages on my blog. Thank you for your light and your presence in my life. Xx


  4. Anonymus says:

    dear jonna, i really enjoy your insightful posts and have been looking forward to a new writing of yours. hope you are doing well and send you many blessings!


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