Mirror of my soul – Stories of you, me, the world and eternity

When our search for The One leads us Home


You asked me why I ran away, no promises were broken.
It’s not because of words you said; but because of those unspoken.
For the mirror there, within your heart, showed who You are to me:
and I knew that nothing could hold me back, if the longing inside me broke free.

See, the search of a lifetime ended, and my soul was laid bare in our kiss
The answer to all my dreams and hopes, to everything I daren’t wish.
Like a magician, mixing science and art, cradling me tenderly, with a smile in your heart,
You turned emptiness into Love I knew not existed, my illusion of reality shattered and twisted.

Undeniably, that summer, you made my head spin, as I helplessly watched you crawl under my skin.
Me, then a prisoner of my self-made chains: unafraid, you made your home in my veins.
The light of your love lifted pain to surface; your acceptance, there, to lighten the burden,
But when demons arose, not what I expected, you turned your back, left me feeling rejected.

You weren’t there, when you should have been, I turned but you were nowhere to be seen.
No explanation, no reason I could find, no escape from the pain, no place to hide.
I must have been blind; nothing is as it seems; as I said goodbye to my desires and dreams.

I prayed to God that I could forget: about you, and I, and that summer we met,
Missing you more than words can say; but still, within my heart, you were there each day.
Your voice asking me, why I always hide, I laugh, “My dearest, I never left your side!”
‘Cause even in my world, even so cold, you’ll always be my man, as I let life unfold.

  You still linger here in an indelible mark; closer to the edge, you beckon from the dark.
If I trust and leap, will you break my fall?; here I go, crash again, I stumble and crawl.
If you know, tell me why, this urge to leap so strong; as I wake, no paradise, how to choose: right or wrong?

Other nights, as I leap, you carry me, then disappear,
You voice rings in echo, “How did you find me here?”
With a promise of a moment, when tired from trying;
We will soar like eagles, we will find ourselves flying!

For true love, ever new; is never anchored in the past.
As souls, we only get, one eternal moment that will last.
Let me hold you for an instant, before anew we are torn apart;
I love you, remember, that your home is in my heart.

I have learnt life moves in circles, and that true love never dies;
That hope, faith and love, erase all doubt, fear and lies.
God, in his wisdom, created this blessing; for a while, hesitant, we are to keep guessing;
Until, surrendered, we no longer fight; and unashamed, as One, step into the light.

 No doubt exists, in the heart of my hearts; then, it will seem like we’ve never been apart.
For the Love of our souls, finally free flowing; its seed in our hearts never stopped growing.
Love bows in reverence, and in kindness; it keeps no count of past wrongs or blindness,     For I know, you also in your heart suffered; and died a death when you finally remembered.

9 thoughts on “The Runner

  1. mercurialvalkyrie says:

    I loved this so much. It touched the core of me. I wrote something similar a few weeks ago from the perspective of a chaser, though sometimes I think I’ve been a runner. Your poem surprised me because I too used chains and veins to describe how I feel, and that only strengthens my belief that this is all real. If you’d like to read: http://mercurialmaiden.com/are-you-smoking/
    Btw, I’m sorry if this ends up being a duplicate comment. My previous attemp to comment didn’t seem to work. Thank you for your wisdom. It has helped me through a lot.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Mercurialvalkyrie for your love and appreciation. Thank you for sharing the link to your blog! I love reading inspired poetry and could see many similarities between our poems:) You are certainly not alone in these experiences and feelings. Love you xx


      1. mercurialvalkyrie says:

        That means a lot to me. Thank you again and so much love to you! Xx


    2. doucejonna says:

      Dear Merculialvalkyrie, it’s been many years but I wanted to tell you I loved your poem. I tried to comment on it today but for some reason my comment got marked as spam. Oh dear 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to hello and thank you for the resonance and love. I’ve followed you on Twitter.
      Love, Jonna


  2. @awakening says:

    My birthdate is 8691 and by tf birthdate is


    1. Is there such a thing? I’m curious.. Maybe Jonna can help me understand too?
      What’s a TF birthdate? and how can @awakening’s birthdate be centuries old?


    2. mercurialvalkyrie says:

      What does that even mean? A TF birthdate?
      Perhaps Jonna will get around to explaining!


  3. doucejonna says:

    Hi Joanna, Mercurialvalkyrie, I guess @awakening means she was born 8th June 1991 so not that old.. In fact younger than me lol 🙂 I am not a specialist in numerology and although I know spirit communicates with us through dates and numbers (as well as many other ways) I don’t know about “TF birthdates” as such.. But I do know that many twin flame experts will say that there is often a strange synchronicity involving the birthdate of one or both twins, such as the birthday of one twin being the same or very close to the birth date of a family member, or even a previous soulmate. There can be also be many other interesting synchronistic connections between other important dates or numbers within each twins life – and I did find this to be true for me too. For example I met my twin on the same date I had met my karmic soul mate exactly 5 years prior. I ended up ditching our night to celebrate our 5th anniversary for a last minute call asking me to pull an extra evening shift at work – and met my twin at work that night. 🙂 Love & blessings to you both, ❤️ muawh!! Jonna xxx


  4. doucejonna says:

    Or of course if she is American then the 6th August lol


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