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When our search for The One leads us Home

Right this moment, there is a trumpet sound in the skies calling all true twin flames into union. Many, including me & my twin, are hearing the call from God to return to consciousness, to each other, to “home”. This call comes with the reactivation of the cosmic magnets which first drew the twin flames to each other, often across long distances and regardless of personal circumstances. It does not matter how long we have been separated from our twin flame; truly we are being awakened from this dream of duality, and the belief of separation that our mind holds onto. For many twin flames, especially the masculine ones, suddenly the whole idea of a twin flame reunion no longer feels like a delusion, but rather something within reach firmly grounded in this reality.

There is an amazing opportunity for those hearing this call to come into sacred union in this time of planetary ascension. Both twins must reach a certain level of spiritual and emotional maturity for this and there is a lot of assistance available to us at this time. The universe is promising us miracles if we are able to demonstrate our new vibration, i.e. the free-flowing divine, unconditional love anchored in the twin flame consciousness. This is what all of us in surrender are striving for, and while our unions may still be “work in progress”, many twin couples are finding that they are already united as ONE in all the ways that matter; and that the physical reunion is merely a natural and inevitable consequence of our deeper energetic and vibrational alignment with each other and with the divine plan; and therefore it is by making changes on the inside that we change what is being seen on the outside.

This phase of the journey requires stamina and patience. As twin flames, it is fully within our gift to create the energetic and vibrational resonance needed to reach the higher vibration of illumination, where we not only know exactly what is required of us but also HOW to get into union with our twin, if such is our desire. A whole world of opportunity opens up to us as we become like Neo in Matrix when he finally believes that he is the One and learns that he is in control of his own reality. In the same way the cheat codes are there for each twin flame coupling to stop the endless cycle of push and pull, the triggering and the unbalanced dynamic of running & chasing, and ultimately create the life that both twins always knew was theirs to claim. Many are finding the urge to align with their destiny and their position within the divine plan, taking full accountability for their part of the twin flame reunion; and in the process holding that space for the other to do the same.


The twin flame reunion is a gradual and mostly internal process, and one of the prerequisites is that the twin flame couple enters into the reunion fully conscious; and this is certainly a new experience for many of us. What is happening is truly a CONSCIOUS coming together of twin flame couples, which is every bit as magical and awe-inspiring as the initial bonding. Whereas the initial bubble phase provided an intense but temporary energy flow from the cosmos, this energy is now free-flowing and deeply anchored within us, and we are better able to handle its intensity.

When we first catch sight of the endless possibilities of our union within reach, this comes with full awareness of what must be brought forth by BOTH twins in order to successfully navigate this part of the journey. Firstly, both must let go of the very notion of “getting there” at all, and instead surrender deeper into the synchronistic flow of Divine timing for ALL outcomes. Both twins must be willing to seek to fulfil their divine mandate, as well as taking full accountability for their own actions, thoughts and behaviors. Both must then take action individually and together to restore balance within the twin flame dynamic and the stronger cosmic energies, always outwardly extending love to each other. This requires both self-mastery and discernment – and it is amazing to see so many twins finding their feet and riding this wave.10425015_791153830963613_27418826067607161_n

On the flipside, way too many twins still fall into the (ego) trap of believing that the person holding back their union is their twin. They believe that they have done all their internal work and healing and are now ready to reunite, except for one huge hick-up: their stubborn ass twin simply won’t “get it” and is avoiding them, pursuing other relationships, priorities etc. If only they did get it, then reunion would happen instantly. However, no twin ever came into reunion (or anywhere near it) without becoming fully aware and accountable for their own share in creating the imbalance both within themselves and within the greater whole of the union. Therefore thinking that your twin is the reason that you are not united is the VERY REASON you are not.

For all true twin flames, now is the time to step up and call ourselves into greater accountability in relation to our twin flame connection and union. Many of us now understand that to attract our divine masculine counterpart twin flame, we must step into our full power as the divine feminine. We are being assisted with this, as the call has gone out to the divine masculine to RISE IN LOVE and to leave the old ways behind by surrendering to the eternal flame of transformation – and many twins, including my own, have responded to this call. As our masculine counterparts balance their internal energies, connecting with and balancing their feminine aspect, many will come forward with a renewed confidence in the divine plan. This then allows the divine feminine to soften back into our true feminine power, bringing about balance within the greater One, thus bringing about union.

All this takes time to filter down, so be patient and allow your twin the time to come into balance within himself. If my own union is anything to go by, your twin will be feeling and experiencing the EXACT same changes and energies, in perfect sync with you, even when no information is being shared. In the meantime, stay surrendered in the higher vibration and allow God to do the rest. There truly is an opportunity to create and witness miracles. Truly dear souls, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.


22 thoughts on “The call to return into consciousness and what this means for your Twin Flame reunion

  1. Reblogged this on sparkingEvolution and commented:
    What a gift it is to receive the sweet nectar of truth. This message captures the precise energetics of me right now as the feminine in my Union. I am embodying and emanating the words: KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW and it is sparking such magick in my being and in the connection with my Beloved. Holy, holy are these days. For they are precious. May blessings continue to descend on the Twins for we have been called forth to do a great work.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you so much sparkingEvolution for the reblog! You are one of the few Twin flame blogs that I follow and fully resonate with and it is nice to know the feeling is mutual 🙂 Your words are so true, so full of light – THANK YOU! Blessings to you and your union.


      1. [bowing in gratitude] It has been a long, arduous journey and it makes my heart SING to know that all the hard learning has benefit to others. I am a fierce champion of Twins and NOTHING makes me happier!

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  2. Thank you for this Soul nourishment today. Everything you say, and how you say it, is encoded with Pure Light. You speak of absolute TRUTH.

    “… your twin will be feeling and experiencing the EXACT same changes and energies, in perfect sync with you, even when no information is being shared.”

    In our personal insecurity or without the confirmations of shared information, it is easy to doubt your sanity, your Twin, or the Union itself.

    Twins: this is the clarion call to come forth in certainty and power of KNOWING. Think about it: you are a One-Soul. It MUST be, then, that your Twin is experiencing ‘EXACT same changes and energies.’ Why? To serve the Union. It’s that simple.

    There are Divine supports being unleashed right now so every Union has everything it needs to flourish. Receive all the gifts accessible to you right now. IT IS HAPPENING! Enjoy.

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    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear sparkingEvolution, YESSSSSSSS!!! We are definitely singing the same song you & me! I am always excited to see what you will write next! “There are Divine supports being unleashed right now so every Union has everything it needs to flourish. Receive all the gifts accessible to you right now” LOVE IT!!! Thank you for your comment!


  3. Lubov1111 says:

    How can I reunite with my twin? He started seeing someone last summer and she moved into his place last October? They are after affectionate with one another telling each other they love each other? I guess I will be one those twins left out.

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    1. 44synergy says:

      Welcome to the beginning of your journey 🙂 So much info out there on this now, but once you begin to listen to what is inside (what you Know), you won’t even need it, (and yet it has all helped me). Weird trick is this–Do not look to this person for the answers. Do not look to them for anything at all. They will never be able to give you anything you cannot give yourself (true and real mirror effect)! It can’t ever be less than coming home to God… so you they and you will always hold the wisdom somehow (which you don’t yet comprehend) that you must be apart until you no longer need each other at all. I know it is strange, but the circumstances in this time-space don’t really mean a lot. Imagine if you had a twin sibling. When they got married, would it change your twin connection and love in any way? I know it isn’t exactly like that, but… it may help. These other relationships may be needed for us to grow in all the ways we need to grow. Be glad they are in another relationship, perhaps even. They are doing their work. Allow it to Be, and do your work. It’s an inner journey, but I know I read all this crap at the beginning of my journey and thought it all sounded like meaningless fluff. We all just have to go through it, I guess, when we reach that point in our spiritual path.

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      1. doucejonna says:

        This is so very true and I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂 This from my post “Power of Surrender as a Catalyst for Twin Flame Reunion”: “The cosmic and divine laws that govern the connection to our twin flame are very much the same than those which guide our connection to God. These laws do not allow the twins to manipulate or interfere with each other’s choices; or to give each other the answers – even if they wanted to, their higher self will stop them from doing so. It is never meant to be our twin who is going to help us make sense of the connection or the love. We are not meant to give each other the answers our hearts already know. We are only meant to search within, to get to know ourselves and our own truth, to fully connect with the divine guidance in our hearts, which in turn will lead us Home to our Twin flame. Once we position ourselves correctly with regards to God, only then will the clouds dissipate and reveal the sun that has been hidden from us all this time”.


    2. doucejonna says:

      Thank you Lubov1111 for taking time to read & comment on my blog. I do really appreciate the comments I get on my blog despite the delay in my replies. Aaah, the elusive reunion with the twin flame… The purpose of the twin flame is to drive you within, so that you may get to know and love YOUR SELF fully first. Without this, the union can and will never work, because you will constantly be exposed to everything about yourself that you haven’t faced yet. Therefore the way to reunite with your twin is to become fully you; speaking and living your truth in a loving and transparent matter. It is hard to put a timeline on how long this takes – and i also believe divine timing plays a role. I have married and built a family with someone other than my twin flame who has also been married to another person and pursued other relationships. There were/are all important parts of who we are and the lessons we had to learn before any union between us was possible. Honor your twin flame’s path, only he can travel it, and work on your own spiritual and emotional growth. Sooner or later you will both be at a place of consciousness and awareness of your connection where you will both want to reconnect. Wishing you all the best on your path.


    3. kelly says:

      he’s not with you because you’re not ready..do your own work.


  4. 44synergy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how what seemed like a literal curse your entire life can be looked back on and realized as the absolute most divine gift a soul could ever hope to recieve? And, I say this at a point where (as stated above), the “confirmations of shared information” that we all cherish are very few and far between, but after decades, you can look back and see it has always been the same energetically. Simply amazing.

    I had a dream once of what I could best describe as another dimention or “back home.” My twin and I were in some sort of ceremony. I being a bit behind (as always) was rushing to explain, “I didn’t realize this then or have any clue you were experiencing these things.” He just looked at me, and I saw that this entire life was but a moment, and we both shared that moment, both sides of the experience, simultaneously. We had completed that… mission. I don’t know, but I finally remembered it was all like some game, and of course we had always been one, and we smiled. No big deal. Kinda like, “Yes, you got kind of caught up in that monopoly game, but it’s back in the box now.”


    1. doucejonna says:

      Thank you 44Synergy for taking time to comment on my blog. I am glad you resonated with it and I do love your comment 🙂 Yes truly with growth and the passing time we learn to see the connection with new eyes and with an appreciation for all it brings – good and “bad”. I also have memories of “back home” and one of the things meeting my twin all those years ago ignited in me was the yearning to “go home” (something he strongly resonated with back then). I can resonate with your dream as well and I actually wrote my poem “Love is not a game…” (blogged here: https://mirror-of-my-soul.com/2014/11/28/love-is-not-a-game-2/) 9 years ago after such revelation. You should check it out! Thank you for commenting again and blessings to you on your path!! LOve & light xx


  5. atwinonamission says:

    Hey Beautiful Soul!!

    Firstly, your blog has been such a great source of insight for me on this incredible journey and so well written! I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul, you have helped me so much! 🙂

    I recently hit surrender, this is day 8 and it literally knocked me sideways! My twin followed me yesterday – so in line with the shifting in sync as you put it. It was so interesting as I let God take over, first the void and detachment came, then two days later the inner peace happiness and bliss and knowing that I have all I need and all desire completely vanished! I was lost for a little bit and a bit freaked out if I am honest lol . There were two incredible days after my 6th day of voidyness when twinnies idea of love (romantic ego based) for me seemed to have doubled in intensity and I was literally flooded with it so strongly to the point I could not breathe. I would send him healing and as soon as he felt it the feelings would come flooding in and take over. It was really nice actually to know he could feel me connecting with reiki and seichem energies. We shared some amazing telepathy time and then just like that, he hit the void too! I could feel his ego trying to battle God at one point fighting the detachment and I felt so sad. I sent him loads and loads of healing and reassurance and then turned back to myself to try and work out what on earth was going on. I felt seriously confused and a little frightened because I have never done this before. Later in the day, his first day of surrender (I only feel its a part surrender though for some reason as he has been fighting it still) after hours of scouring the net for information to work out if this was normal and what was going to happen next, I was washing up and I had THE EPIPHANY about what was actually happening and then BAM just like that, the void or block was lifted and suddenly my feelings came back but this time with the detachment still in tact. Now I am starting to feel True Love without all that ego crap and its even more profound than I thought it would be! Now is the time for it to grow and bloom. I feel he is going to have the epiphany soon too, I am excited for him! I wonder if anyone actually gets stuck in the void because from my experience, the minute I GOT IT it vanished. It’s like a test of the soul? I know the void is GOD taking over and putting ego in it’s place because all that romantic stuff is all ego based right? I can’t believe how fast this has happened too 10 months start to surrender – it’s been quite a ride. I’d be very interested to hear if others, who have hit surrender, have experienced the same thing or if it’s just me weirding out! HA!

    So much love and love to you all, you are all brave soldiers and we will all be one again 🙂 I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. atwinonamission says:

      We already are one but you know what I mean 😉 hahaha xxxxx


    2. Bryan D says:

      I have felt this. I remember meeting her and still seeing her as a distraction from God – and saying to myself I need to ignore. Then just not being able to and finally running away which hurt her then she ran from me which hurt me (!) and in my own pain and suffering not just from my own ego (which caused me to run away) but also the self defeat that came in from seeing her running from me (and learning other things) – it really killed me. I then began searching far and near for wisdom – falling and getting up over and over and finally seeing this thing called Twin Flames.

      I have learned so much in these past few months – just like you mention! – And it has been an amazing inner journey and still continues to BE! – I think about her all the time now but almost ‘magically’ it is for the most part from a very peaceful place – a place that seems higher than ‘this world’ – No more crying for hours for fears and losses and failures and self pity. Well i hope no more of that haha 🙂 – but seriously – Im glad you shared what you did – it feels so good to know others have and are going through this. We are truly blessed by Spirit – I hope to surrender more and more and in that way herself and i can meet again. That feeling of Oneness is so soothing even if she is not in my presence physically. I worry for her and love her and send positive energy. But just like you – its magical how SO MUCH PAIN can seem to ‘disappear’ in a moment once a certain understanding comes of the Spirit. I am so grateful to this website and ALL who speak of Twin flames.


  6. Em says:

    Hi, really enjoyed these articles, thank you. I recently reconnected with my twin flame. It was unexpected for the both of us and yet despite this we just new we had found our other half. And we knew that we had known eachother forever. There was an immediate feeling of deep love, respect, familiarity and safety. We had these amazing insights about eachother, things no one else could ever have known. From then until now we have truly wanted nothing from eachother except for the other to be truly happy, whatever that means. Both of us have huge reponsibilities and circumstances that make it almost impossible to physically be together though we both keep trying and the huge distance between us makes this even harder. We desperately want to be together physically, though we are connected in every other way and we have tried everything we can to make this reunion happen. Yet we keep being denied. We are left desperately needing eachother and he especially finds this distance absolutely torturous. Yet we are still content with what we have. The difficulty is that he is physically wasting away and is in fact on deaths door right now. Of course this makes me desperately sad. However, it has allowed me to do a lot of internal work and though physically and mentally depleted in almost every way, he is also doing the same. I felt my heart was breaking at the thought of losing him after we just found eachother again. However, as he said that is impossible as I am part of his very existence, the other half of his soul. Whether in life or death we love and respect eachother endlessly and we are always deeply connected energetically and spiritually. We know one day whether in this paradigm or another we will also be physically together once again. When the time is right. Of course I never can give up on the idea that we still can overcome all the obstacles we now face, including his impending death and that we can be together in every way in this lifetime too. However, I know that regardless of what happens, I will be ok because he is always with me and I am just so grateful and happy to not only know that but to also have the joy of feeling that deep inside my very being.


  7. Nichole says:

    Thank you so much for this information:)
    There is so many different views for the twin flame unions. Your articles articulate authenticity and truth and I resonate with it. Thank you for following your inner guidance and not giving up! This journey can be a hard row to hoe at times but coming here and reading the information has given me instant relief and deeper clarity!
    Again thanks 🙂
    Much love


  8. dawn says:

    Our minds can play tricks on us. if this person. truly. loved u he/ she wouldn’t. run sorry i don’t buy this twin flame thing. ppl who r truly. in love both of them don’t run. my mom married. my dad now think about it they stayed. married for 50 yrs until his death. if my dad or mom did not truly. love each other than one of them would of ignored. the other they were meant to be togeather. serious ly ppl. when i say this I’m not bein mean i just don’t buy it. its a delusions take two ppl. it don’t work. even a very spirital ppl if they don’t love the other person. they will not be with them. plain &simple its commom sense.


  9. dawn says:

    Sorry i just don’t buy into this t/f thing it doesn’t say anything in the bible about it. my mom&dad was married for 50yrs. until his death. now common sense. ppl. they did not hav to chade the other around. they fell in love were meant to be 2geather. plain &simple. u could take the most spiritual person on this earth if that person who were spiriual did not truly love the other person. than it would not happen. sorry but this is a delusions. our minds can play tricks on us. ppl just want to hold on to something of that person. move on get out there meet other ppl. don’t let this delusions keep u from lovin someone eles or ur be alone the rest of ur life. common sense. thinkin


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