Mirror of my soul – Stories of you, me, the world and eternity

When our search for The One leads us Home

What is it about you that touches me so deep inside,
Connects me to this inner knowing, never leaves my side.
Finds its way to inner spaces no one’s ever been,
Knows me inside out, finds Truth in me never seen.

Nothing can be changed, there’s nothing to decide,
No escape, no change of heart, no anyplace to hide.
There is nothing to say, no nothing I can do,
To explain why my world stands still when I am with you.

There is no logic, no reason, I fail to understand,
how you hold me like a flower in the palm of your hand.
Touching, nurturing, slowly you let me unfold,
For always, for eternity, my heart is sold.

Maybe it’s the way you hold me, I feel the warmth of the sun
Maybe it’s the way you smile, I come all undone.
Maybe it’s the resonance of your voice, I need not ask why
with the way you touched my soul, I could touch the sky.

You look into my eyes and I feel my soul open wide
In the shadow of fear I can no longer hide,
All the love, the passion, the longing break free
Now nothing can take you away from me.

You make me want to believe in all my dreams,
To forsake the solid ground, I believe so it seems
That this is my chance to live and love and show
that our faith will lead love where it has to go.

I lose track of time and space, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care,
My soul has spoken, forever my love, with you I will share,
For in your eyes, my past, present, future ‘til I die,
They pass in an instant, in the blink of an eye.

My mind is made up, I have no choice, it’s where I want to be.
For how could I resist when every part of you is home to me.
Sparks fly and the flame of creation dances around you,
I am whole, I am complete now that I have found you.

I recognize your eyes, your voice, your hands, but not your face.
This remembrance so deep makes my heart and soul race.
For even when I try, my heart and soul will not let me erase
My eternal promise to find you in this new time and place.

My heart pounds in remembrance of the heights our love reached.
There’s a memory burned into my soul of a promise we beseeched.
I am drawing the memory to my senses to see
this yearning for oneness that lingers in me.

For in every single moment, in every breath I take,
In each and every heartbeat and the love that we make,
This is the way it was, is, and always will be,
The feeling of you resonates deep within me.

You gave me wings when I wanted to fly,
You were by my side when I reached the sky.
You took me as I am, not who I was dressed up to be,
Even through your tears you let me go, you set me free.

A thousand dreams but I still believe
You will catch me if I fall
I’ll swallow my pride and I’ll be alive
If my beloved, you hear my call

You fingers speak the language of my body so clear,
I am secure, warm, content when you hold me near.
With my tongue, my lips, my body, my fingers, my hand
I know your every curve, every contour like my native land.

In the gentle caress of your nose against my nose,
Without words we greet each other, you pull me close.
Your breath in the curve of my neck sends shivers up my spine
Tell me would I even exist if you were not mine.

I yearn for you, I miss you, you are all I desire,
You turn me upside down, you set my inner core on fire.
The passion, the love, the desire, shamelessly grow,
expanding to heights, to dimensions only we know.

Let’s make love, my dearest, we’ll set the planets in motion,
for only you can move through me like the waves in the ocean.
I cannot get enough of you, but can we carry on much longer,
with every cell trembling with desire my love only gets stronger.

This primal creative force, moving through us, burning still,
Our souls intertwine, to become one, and we will,
For all eternity, seal our love with a kiss,
in this magical field, it holds such bliss.

With the glow of your love you take my breath away
Laying in your arms there is nothing I can say
Yet I still do not know what you would do
If you knew how I am in love with you.

My love, we have nothing to lose, but everything to gain,
I look at you and I wonder if I’d ever come down again,
If you chose to love me and I let myself go,
If you feed the fire with all the passion you can show.

My world is a better place because of you,
Let the promises of many lifetimes be realise and true.
With my love I will lift you and carry you to paradise,
I will show you the Heaven I have found in your eyes.

Never wonder how I feel as years go by,
You don’t have to ask me and I need not reply.
Know that the way to my soul, is the way to you,
and if we live this love, all our dreams will come true.

Written in May 2006

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