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Dear Readers

I know that many of you are scouring the internet for reliable information on Twin Flames in order to better understand this journey – that’s how you found me, after all. Since I often get asked what other resources I recommend, I though it would be a good idea to post some Twin Flame & Spiritual resources that have helped me along my journey.

Here is my “Top 10”, in no particular order.

Note: I DO NOT get paid for these links! These are all my personal recommendations to you. If you are one of the people recommended here and would prefer me to remove your link, please contact me.



Bulgarian born Dio resides in Saint Charles, Illinois (USA). An illumined Twin Flame and prime example of an awakened divine masculine, he has been posting enlightening videos about soul relationships and spirituality since early 2016. Dio is also well known for his inspirational, soulful quotes and astrology reports.

I love Dio’s videos because he clearly understands both the masculine and feminine perspective. His process to becoming whole very much reminds me of my own – even though the details of his meeting with his Twin Flame are very different. More importantly, Dio is out there living his life openly as a Twin Flame – and rocking it!

You can find him on Youtube (here) and Facebook (here).




What can I say about this amazing lady! Patricia McNeilly is an illumined Blue Ray Twin Flame from Chicago, Illinois. Her informative Youtube videos address various aspects of the Twin Flame connection in a balanced, healthy way. Always in tune with the energies of the moment (eclipses, planet movements, cardinal crossings), she will have you shouting “Yes, yes!!” at the screen as it will be as if she’s speaking about your life.

Her Youtube Channel can be found here.

In addition to her free videos Patricia offers readings, videos and webinars to help people with Spiritual Awakenings,  Personal Empowerment, Growth,  and Spirit Guides for Real Living.




Lee & Sherry Patterson aka Lois & Clark are somewhat of a celebrity couple in the world of Twin Flames. They truly know the depths this journey will take you and the transformation that it will inspire, having been through it themselves. You can watch their story (all 26 videos of it!) on their Youtube channel – it’s raw, real and beautiful.

Since coming into Union Lee & Sherry founded Relationship Reinvented and became Certified Life and Relationship Coaches, now offering coaching in the form of the “Root Camp” program, as well as certification for those wishing to coach and help others. These two are set for world domination! 🙂

Their Youtube Channel (click here) contains dozens of fantastic videos on the Twin Flame process, and relationships in general.

Their website http://relationshipreinvented.com/ also has an amazing blog and many resources for the Twin Flame seeking answers. They also run two Facebook groups (just search Relationship Reinvented), one of them specifically for the twin flame audience. The groups are closed groups so you can post in confidence.



Mel and Nicole are a Twin Flame couple who have been in Union for two decades. Mel’s Youtube videos on the Twin flame process are the bomb! He won’t sugarcoat things for you – he says them as they are and although you may not like it, deep inside you will know it’s the truth.

You can watch their Youtube trailer and visit their Channel here.

Mel & Nicole offer a variety of services, including Relationship Counseling for Soulmates and mentoring & teaching for twin flames, sensitives & empaths.




I could not omit Rumi, one of the greatest Spiritual masters and mystical poets of all time. Mevlana Jalalludin Mohammad, the Persian Sufi Sage and Poet, was born in Balkh on the 30th September, 1207. Rumi’s life changed in his late thirties when he met the wandering and wild holy man by the name of Shams. In Rumi’s own words, his meeting with Shams transformed him from a bookish, sober scholar to an impassioned seeker of truth and love.

Rumi and Shams only stayed together for a short time, but the impact of their meeting left an everlasting impression on Rumi and his work. After Shams disappeared, Rumi fell into a deep state of grief and out of that pain poured nearly 70,000 verses of poetry.

The universal appeal and light of Rumi’s teachings continue to illuminate the hearts and minds of people all around the world, as they have been for the past seven centuries.



Cassady Cayne is a natural intuitive and channel of spirit with an academic background in psychology and history. She has spent years researching the Twin flame dynamic and is at the reunion stage of her journey.

Cassady writes beautifully about Twin flames and has a lot of free resources for those needing assistance, as well as some really good blog posts, such as this one about physical reunion.




Ralph Smart describes himself as a Psychologist, Life Coach, Author, Counselor, Criminologist, Alchemist, Educator, Researcher, VFX Artist, Cinematographer & Infinite Being. I would like to add that he is also a wonderful specimen of an awakened divine masculine. 🙂

He often refers to soul relationships (particularly Twin flames) as “water relationships” (as opposed to “Coca Cola relationships”) and he is spot on in their description every time. This video of his must be one of the best ones I’ve ever seen and I would recommend it to everyone: How to Recognize Your Twin Flame (10 Secret Signs).

Ralph’s Youtube channel is full of fantastic videos that will support your spiritual growth, no matter where you are on your journey.




Abraham-Hicks is one of the powerful influences in recent thinking about the Law of Attraction, where we as human beings stand in the larger universe, and the power of our thoughts and feelings as co-creators in everything we experience in life.

Here are just two videos (out of dozens) that I love: Uncheatable Uponable and Twin flame is just alignment and attraction.

Their Youtube channel can be found here, however please note there are also numerous other Youtube channels sharing videos (audit extracts) of workshops ran by Abraham and Esther Hicks, such as this one.


Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, author of “Whatever Arises, Love That“, and a highly-attuned empathic intuitive healer who, along with meditation guide and sound healer (and his muse!) Julie Dittmar, travels the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt has a different view on the difference between a Twin Flame and a Soul mate, however do not let this stop you from listening to his enlightening and heart-centered videos. Matt truly is an angelic, and you cannot help but be elevated in love when you listen to him. Find him here.




Last but not least, Liora was a true Twin Flame and mystic – a spiritual teacher with the voice and message to match that of the angels. Unfortunately Liora passed away suddenly in 2016, however spiritually she will always be with us. Her Youtube channel Lioraharmonics is full of the most uplifting, divinely inspired messages about love and the Twin Flame connection, such as this one How will I know my Twin Flame? Angel Message.


There are so many other wonderful Twin flame resources out there, such as the Soul Alchemist Ulf Haukenes (Norwegian Twin Flame & Divine Masculine extraordinaire), Lindy Cowling (check out her Youtube Channel), the lifework of Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, etc., just to mention a few.

As with everything, take only what resonates. And remember, the best resource for your Twin Flame journey is your own soul. Learn to listen to it, trust it and follow it.

Let your Soul guide you.

Blessings to each & every one of you.

Love, Jonna


3 thoughts on “Top 10 helpful Spiritual Resources

  1. I downloaded a few of Mel and Nicole’s videos today after reading this list of recommendations, and unfortunately, Mel’s words did not resonate at all 😦

    But this in itself was a useful lesson to me. I often have trouble trusting and fully following my own intuitive guidance, no matter how wonderful and deeply right it feels, so this was a lovely exercise for me in listening to my own soul first and foremost.

    I look forward to trying out some of the other resources on this list (I have already visited Cassady Cayne’s site), but your blog is still my favourite. Absolutely love your writing! Will be releasing my own twin flame blog posts soon. x


  2. Sandra Strausbaugh says:

    I love Mel. He’s a little advanced and yes, he doesn’t sugar coat. I think Elle Hari, who was mentored by Liora is good too. She’s very plain and simple and I have found relief from her teaching. With her what you see is what you get. There are a few I would definitely not recommend but to each his own.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. doucejonna says:

      Thanks for the comment Sandra. It was while back I wrote this list and I guess I too have evolved – perhaps an update is needed.. 🙂 I was not familiar with Elle Hari but will definitely check her out now that you mentioned her. Stay blessed x


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