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Alone? Recently Awakened? New to Twin Flames? Experiencing a Kundalini awakening?

I know what it feels like when you are really stressed out, anxious and just plain confused about your twin flame situation. In my 16 years on this path I have seen and experienced it all, including a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 2005.

Since 2014 I have been blessed to be able to assist many beautiful souls through this blog. Unfortunately due to time constraints I cannot get to all the emails I receive… And I know some of the most urgent & pressing ones are being missed.

For this reason (and initially as a temporary offering) I will be offering emergency readings and coaching via EMAIL ONLY.

When you purchase one of the below readings, you will receive a personalized, thorough response to your question/ problem. I will include any messages that Spirit brings through for you. This will be especially beneficial to you if you already find resonance with my writings – my advice and personal message to you will reach the deeper layers of your soul and being.

After payment, please email me on mirrorofmysoulblog@gmail.com with your question/dilemma/story. To be able to provide you with an in-depth analysis and the best possible advice, feel free to include as much of your story as you wish, including any pictures of you & your twin (optional).

All Emergency readings will be responded to within 48 hours, all other requests within 5 working days, although I will strive to come back to you as soon as possible.

For each of the readings, Please see below for a list of services currently on offer.

Twin Flame Emergency Reading – 48 HOUR RESPONSE  £44

Are you in a twin flame crisis that requires quick attention? Do you need a quick response or second opinion about your twin flame situation but have nowhere to turn?

Twin flame Emergency reading – 48 hours

Twin Flame Emergency Reading – 48 HOUR RESPONSE – – This reading is for people who need quick advice and practical steps to get through their twin flame situation or conflict. These are ideal for major freak out moments, meltdowns, your lowest of low days, impending run ins with your twin flame, when your friends don’t understand what you are going through, when you are too embarrassed to share with others, etc. After payment, please email me on mirrorofmysoulblog@gmail.com with your question. Your response will arrive within 48 hours.


Twin Flame Email Coaching –  £55


Twin Flame Email Coaching

Twin Flame Email Coaching – 60 minutes of my time added up - - - Twin flame coaching is ideal when your questions are important but not a pressing emergency and you are able to wait for response for a couple of days. I will strive to respond ASAP but promise to get back to you within five days. There will be more time to exchange emails back & forth regarding your problem/ question/ dilemma. May include chat on Messenger as agreed.


Kundalini Awakening Email Support –  £55

A full blown Kundalini awakening can be an overwhelming experience that can happen to anyone. I offer guidance on a one on one basis to help you adjust to this demanding process. Many things can occur on your journey as you dissolve your old self, and build your new Spiritual Being. Dark night of the soul, loss of family and friends, divorce, health concerns, mental (in)stability, new psychic phenomenon, and more. I am here to offer support, guidance, and counseling on your Kundalini Awakening Path to help you become stable, and move you into your Divinity. Let me help you connect with your inner wisdom, raise your vibrations, release old patterns, and move forward with confidence, ease, and grace.

Kundalini Awakening Email Support

Kundalini Awakening Email Support - 60 minutes of my time added up.



Disclaimer: I am neither a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist. Always consult a physician about any symptoms you may be experiencing. As with all guidance received it is important to remember to follow your own inner guidance and sense of what is right for you above all else. I ask that all guidance received through me be filtered through your own heart knowing and only acted upon if you agree and feel it is right for you. By ordering any of the services and products I offer, you are doing so in full acceptance that you are responsible for any choices or actions you then undertake as a result of what guidance comes through for you, as are you also responsible for any healing process instigated by either my products, a session with me or further healing work you decide to do. In doing so you also agree I am not responsible for said choices or actions or any subsequent consequences thereof.



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