Puzzle Fundraiser for Ramona


One of the pitfalls of the Twin flame journey is focusing too much on what the other is or isn’t doing or saying. Often is leads to an unhealthy obsession that takes our focus away from the important lessons and blessings of this journey; namely unconditional love, humility and surrender through service.

On my own journey I have found that using the love that I feel for my Twin flame to serve and bring joy to others has been the single most rewarding thing to come out of being on the Twin flame path. Blogging for me is an act of service – and so is mothering my three children. Another way I have found that allows me to directly serve and positively impact the life of others is through adoption advocacy of children with special needs, especially Down’s Syndrome.

Throughout the years I’ve had the pleasure of supporting several families on their adoption journeys and as many of you may remember, last Christmas the readers of Mirror of my Soul raised an amazing $665 towards the adoption of “Evan”, a four year old orphan with Down’s Syndrome from Armenia. Evan, who was renamed “Edgar”, is now a beloved son and brother living with his new family in the United States.

I recently signed up to support a new family, Billy and Catrina Nowrey, a deaf couple from New Jersey, on their adoption journey. After complications following the loss of three pregnancies (including twins) Billy and Catrina had to give up their dream of ever having biological children, however they are excited to have been matched through adoption with a 4-year old deaf girl called Ramona from China. If all goes well, Ramona will be home with them before the summer.

How you can help

As you may imagine, international adoption is not cheap. It will cost the Nowrey family $20,000+ to bring Ramona home. They have worked so hard to already pay a large chunk of the adoption fees and must still find $6000+ to cover the remaining costs.

I am very excited to announce that I will be running a PUZZLE FUNDRAISER to help bring Ramona home. The idea behind the fundraiser is simple: anyone wishing to “sponsor” a puzzle piece becomes a permanent part of her story – with every piece helping to bring Ramona closer to being reunited with her forever family.

Ramona puzzle2

Here’s how it works:

  1. I have customized a 500 piece puzzle for Ramona. Each piece will represent someone who donated to help bring Ramona home; a person who is forever part of her story.
  2. Each puzzle piece is a minimum donation of $10. You can choose to “sponsor” 1, 2, 3, or 10 pieces! There is no limit! It also means that if we sell all 500 pieces, and I pray that we do, that will raise around $5,000!!! That is huge! It will cover a very large portion of the remaining adoption fees and travel costs (full remaining amount is around $6,466).
  3. Once you have made a donation to Ramona’s adoption via secure payment (here), please let me know the amount you donated and which name you’d like to appear on the puzzle piece(s).
  4. I will write your name on the back of one of the puzzle pieces (or more if you buy more than 1!) and send you a picture.

Once the puzzle has been completed, the family will hang it in a double sided frame in Ramona’s bedroom. This will be a beautiful keepsake for mum, dad and Ramona to cherish forever! They will always be able to look back and be reminded of your generosity and investment in their family!


How to Donate:

  • Follow the link here and pay securely through PayPal
  • Alternatively, mail a check to Reece’s Rainbow (US only) with a note mentioning that the donation is for the Nowrey family: Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 277, Monrovia, MD 21770
  • Whichever way you do it, please remember to comment here or email me at mirrorofmysoulblog@gmail.com with the amount you donated and which name you’d like to appear on the puzzle piece (since I cannot see the donor details on the Reece’s Rainbow site).

I will be updating the blog regularly with the progress of the puzzle!

100% of donations received will go directly to Ramona’s adoption – and for those of you in the US, your donations are tax deductible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything that YOU are able to contribute…Even if you cannot donate, please pray for Ramona and share this post and the Nowrey family profile (http://reecesrainbow.org/102300/sponsornowrey) on Facebook and Twitter and help get other people to join in their journey. Your love, prayers and support mean more than you will ever know!

Every child deserves a loving home and a family – and we can (and will!) make a difference for this one!

Love, Jonna  xx



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  1. Virginie says:

    Is aquarius the sign of Jonna? 😊


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