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Today is my Twin’s 50th birthday, yet it is I who have been gifted with the most amazing present which I will TOTALLY put down as a sign from the Universe!!

Earlier today, an old friend from Paris messaged me out of the blue, hoping to find the contact details of someone who we used to work with. Since we hadn’t spoken in forever, I mentioned the fact that it’s X’s birthday, to which she replied that she actually still has “that picture” of us somewhere.

“That picture” she was referring to is one she took of Twin & I on an evening out in Paris in the early summer of 2002. It’s the only picture ever taken of us together. Since we met before the time of smart phones and digital cameras, this picture only ever existed on traditional film. I always believed that my friend had given me the only copy back in 2002 and so, after I ceremoniously burned it in my efforts to forget Twin had ever existed all those years ago, I did not think I would ever see it again.

I love the fact that she had a copy of the picture and kept it well hidden from me all these years – probably for my own good. 🙂

As for the picture – it’s a sweet pic that immediately puts a smile on my face. I was able to give my Twin both the picture and the below poem to make his special day.

This poem is not only for him, but for all the Twins, including myself, who sometimes struggle. Enjoy!


On this, your fiftieth birthday

I wish you Courage

To face the shadows

To go bravely, where your inner compass will lead.

I wish you Strength

To persist through the silence

To follow the Path, you always believed.


I wish you Growth

To evolve beyond the many faces

To continue, shedding layers of the old.

I wish you Flames

of pure alchemical Fire

To fuel the transformation into Gold.


I wish you Truth

To recognise the false aspects,

To fully awaken, the Believer within.

I wish you Restlessness

To keep you ever home-bound

To follow guidance, if only from Him.


I wish you Affection

Which seeks nothing but God’s pleasure

For which the secrets, are beyond our control.

I wish you Love

that depletes the darkness

and with its Light peers deep into the soul.


I wish you Sabr (Patience)

So that you may be reminded

That good things, come to those who wait.

I wish you Faith

And reassurance in his Timing,

For although He delays, He is never too late.


I wish you Surrender

And that deep inner knowing

As you step through this, another door.

I wish you Blessings,

And Angel kisses on your forehead

Every time it touches the floor.


I wish you Shade

On the Day of Judgement

When only True Love, home finds a way.

Maybe then, side by side,

under the Willows

We’ll share our stories – somewhere, someday…


Love, Jonna

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