New Post by MamaFoo!

My jaw dropped when I came across MamaFoo’s blog post! “We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks…” I gasped as I read her beautiful words, since this song, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler, has always been part of my twin flame journey. In fact, the lyrics have as much haunted me as they have uplifted me the past 13 year. Just like MamaFoo, my twin flame also gave me this song… It became “our song”.
God and Goddess truly are in music – and one of the ways in which me and my twin have always shared and communicated through space and time is music. In addition to this, we have often spoken and written to each other in lyrics, hidden (more or less) in our conversations or emails. This has allowed us to communicate feelings, fears and thoughts without coming straight out and saying things that circumstances or our own fears of rejection would not allow – confessions of love bubbling just under the surface…
The message of the song as so beautifully described by MamaFoo is exactly the message twin flames consciously and unconsciously have been telling each other for a long time now: “you are not alone.. turn around bright eyes, open your mind.. unleash your consciousness.. leave the old ways behind and see your loving self who carries the female or male energy of you being there. With open arms.”
Take some time to listen to this beautiful song:
Love to all, doucejonna

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