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A fellow twin sister soul wrote this… So beautifully exactly what I want to say to my one true love.. There in the vast field of possibilities exist a thousand worlds that we could be a part of – together…

4 thoughts on “Vast Field

  1. rich says:

    All this is
    is the work of the devil.


    1. doucejonna says:

      What makes you say this? For all I know you are the devil yourself? We are talking about unconditional love, spiritual divine connections and God here.. May the light find you too!


  2. rich says:

    My twin has never spoken or if she has will not tell me she is causing my feelings. So Im in hell with my self, family , state ect.


    1. doucejonna says:

      Dear rich, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment. I am sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time with your twin flame connection. The silences are often deafening and the personal hell that they take us to.. trust me, I know all too well. I can only tell you that it will get better, however you need to let go of thinking that your twin flame is doing anything “to you”, including causing your feelings.. Only you are responsible for what you are feeling. Honor yourself and your path – the pain is trying to teach you something. Are you being open and honest with your twin about your side of the experience? If you are, well done. Then leave the ball in her camp. That’s all you can do. Wishing you all the best on your path, hoping you will feel more positive about the journey soon xx


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